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Deacon BlueCircus Lights1989Producer
Deacon BlueFergus Sings The Blues1989Producer
Deacon BlueLove And Regret1989Producer
Deacon BlueOne Hundred Things1989Producer
Deacon BlueQueen Of The New Year1989Producer
Deacon BlueReal Gone Kid1988Producer
Deacon BlueSad Loved Girl1989Producer
Deacon BlueThe World Is Lit By Lightning1989Producer
Deacon BlueThis Changing Light1989Producer
Deacon BlueWages Day1989Producer
Deacon BlueYour Constant Heart1989Producer
EuropeansClimb The Wall1984Producer
Jesus JonesDon't Believe It1993Producer
Jesus JonesFrom Love To War1993Producer
Jesus JonesGet A Good Thing1993Producer
Jesus JonesIdiot Stare1993Producer
Jesus JonesMagazine1993Producer
Jesus JonesSpiral1993Producer
Jesus JonesThe Devil You Know1993Producer
Jesus JonesThe Right Decision1993Producer
Jesus JonesTongue Tied1993Producer
Jesus JonesYellow Brown1993Producer
Jesus JonesYour Crusade1993Producer
Jesus JonesZeroes And Ones1993Producer
Julian CopeTrampolene1987Producer
Kim ChurchillBackwards Head2015Producer
Kim ChurchillCanopy2015Music/Lyrics
Kim ChurchillDon't Leave Your Life Too Long2015Music/Lyrics
Kim ChurchillDying Sun #72015Producer
Kim ChurchillFear The Fire2015Producer
Kim ChurchillOnly Time Can Take You On2015Producer
Kim ChurchillRage2015Music/Lyrics
Kim ChurchillSingle Spark2015Producer
Kim ChurchillSome Days The Rain May Fall2015Producer
Kim ChurchillWindow To The Sky2015Producer
Kim ChurchillYou Are Lost2015Producer
Matthew Good21st Century Living2003Producer
Matthew GoodA Long Way Down2003Producer
Matthew GoodAlert Status Red2004Producer
Matthew GoodAll You Sons And Daughters 2015Producer
Matthew GoodApparitions2005Producer
Matthew GoodArmy Of Lions 2015Producer
Matthew GoodAvalanche2003Producer
Matthew GoodBlue Skies Over Bad Lands2004Producer
Matthew GoodBright End Of Nowhere2003Producer
Matthew GoodBuffalo Seven2004Producer
Matthew GoodCold Water 2015Producer
Matthew GoodDouble Life2003Producer
Matthew GoodEmpty Road2004Producer
Matthew GoodEverything Is Automatic2005Producer
Matthew GoodEx-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra2004Producer
Matthew GoodExtraordinary Fades2011Producer
Matthew GoodGirls In Black 2015Producer
Matthew GoodHarridan 2015Producer
Matthew GoodHello Time Bomb2005Producer
Matthew GoodHopeless2004Producer
Matthew GoodHouse Of Smoke & Mirrors2003Producer
Matthew GoodHow It Goes2011Producer
Matthew GoodIn A Place Of Lesser Men2011Producer
Matthew GoodIn A World Called Catastrophe2003Producer
Matthew GoodIn Love With A Bad Idea2004Producer
Matthew GoodIndestructible2005Producer
Matthew GoodIt's Been A While Since I Was Your Man2004Producer
Matthew GoodKid Down The Well 2015Producer
Matthew GoodLights Of Endangered Species2011Producer
Matthew GoodLittle Terror2004Producer
Matthew GoodLoad Me Up2005Producer
Matthew GoodLos Alamos 2015Producer
Matthew GoodLullaby For The New World Order2003Producer
Matthew GoodMoment 2015Producer
Matthew GoodNear Fantastica2003Producer
Matthew GoodNo Liars 2015Producer
Matthew GoodNon Populus2011Producer
Matthew GoodNorth American For Life2004Producer
Matthew GoodPledge Of Allegiance2003Producer
Matthew GoodPoor Man's Grey2004Producer
Matthew GoodPut Out Your Lights2004Producer
Matthew GoodRico2005Producer
Matthew GoodSet Me On Fire2011Producer
Matthew GoodShallow's Low2011Producer
Matthew GoodSong For The Girl2003Producer
Matthew GoodStrange Days2013Producer
Matthew GoodThe Future Is X-Rated2013Producer
Matthew GoodTiger By The Tail 2015Producer
Matthew GoodWeapon2002Producer
Matthew GoodWe're So Heavy2004Producer
Matthew GoodWhat If I Can't See The Stars Mildred?2011Producer
Matthew GoodWhile We Were Hunting Rabbits2003Producer
Matthew GoodZero Orchestra2011Producer
Matthew Good BandA Boy And His Machine Gun1999Producer
Matthew Good BandAdvertising On Police Cars2001Producer
Matthew Good BandAnti-Pop2001Producer
Matthew Good BandApparitions1997Producer
Matthew Good BandCarmelina2001Producer
Matthew Good BandChange Of Season1997Producer
Matthew Good BandDeep Six1997Producer
Matthew Good BandEverything Is Automatic1997Producer
Matthew Good BandFailing The Rorschach Test1999Producer
Matthew Good BandGiant1999Producer
Matthew Good BandGoing All The Way1999Producer
Matthew Good BandHello Time Bomb1999Producer
Matthew Good BandI Miss New Wave1999Producer
Matthew Good BandI, The Throw Away2001Producer
Matthew Good BandIndestructible1997Producer
Matthew Good BandInvasion 11997Producer
Matthew Good BandJenni's Song1999Producer
Matthew Good BandLet's Get It On1999Producer
Matthew Good BandLoad Me Up1999Producer
Matthew Good BandLook Happy, It's The End Of The World1997Producer
Matthew Good BandMan Of Action2001Producer
Matthew Good BandMiddle Class Gangsters1997Producer
Matthew Good BandMy Out Of Style Is Coming Back1997Producer
Matthew Good BandPrime Time Deliverance1997Producer
Matthew Good BandRico1997Producer
Matthew Good BandRunning For Home1999Producer
Matthew Good BandSort Of A Protest Song2001Producer
Matthew Good BandStrange Days1999Producer
Matthew Good BandStrangest One Of All1997Producer
Matthew Good BandSuburbia1999Producer
Matthew Good BandThe Fall Of Man2001Producer
Matthew Good BandThe Future Is X-Rated1999Producer
Matthew Good BandThe Inescapable Us1997Producer
Matthew Good BandThe Rat Who Would Be King2001Producer
Matthew Good BandThe Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production2001Producer
Matthew Good BandTripoli2001Producer
Matthew Good BandTruffle Pigs2001Producer
Matthew Good BandUnder The Influence2001Producer
Matthew Good feat. Holly McNarlandCloudbusting2015Producer
Midnight OilAntarctica1990Producer
Midnight OilArctic World1986Producer
Midnight OilBedlam Bridge1990Producer
Midnight OilBeds Are Burning1987Producer
Midnight OilBeds Are Burning [Kintoris Mix]1987Producer
Midnight OilBeds Are Burning [Live]1992Producer
Midnight OilBlue Sky Mine1990Producer
Midnight OilBullroarer1986Producer
Midnight OilCemetery In My Mind1998Producer
Midnight OilComfortable Place On The Couch1998Producer
Midnight OilConcrete1998Producer
Midnight OilDreamworld1986Producer
Midnight OilDrop In The Ocean1998Producer
Midnight OilForgotten Years1990Producer
Midnight OilGolden Age2002Producer
Midnight OilGunbarrel Highway1987Producer
Midnight OilKing Of The Mountain1990Producer
Midnight OilLuritja Way2002Producer
Midnight OilMountains Of Burma1990Producer
Midnight OilOne Country1990Producer
Midnight OilPut Down That Weapon1986Producer
Midnight OilRedneck Wonderland1998Producer
Midnight OilRiver Runs Red1990Producer
Midnight OilSafety Chain Blues1998Producer
Midnight OilSeeing Is Believing1998Producer
Midnight OilSell My Soul1986Producer
Midnight OilShakers And Movers1990Producer
Midnight OilSometimes1986Producer
Midnight OilStars Of Warburton1990Producer
Midnight OilThe Dead Heart1986Producer
Midnight OilWarakurna1986Producer
Midnight OilWhoah1986Producer
Paul YoungA Little Bit Of Love1990Producer
Paul YoungHeaven Can Wait1990Producer
Paul YoungRight About Now1990Producer
Paul YoungSoftly Whispering I Love You1990Producer
Paul YoungStop On By1990Producer
Paul YoungTogether1990Producer
RykkaThe Last Of Our Kind2016Music/Lyrics
The ApollinairesEnvy The Love1982Producer
The ApollinairesGive It Up1982Producer
The Big DishMiss America1990Producer
The Creatures [UK]All She Could Ask For1999Producer
The Creatures [UK]Say1999Producer
The House Of LoveThe Girl With The Loneliest Eyes1991Producer
The House Of LoveYou Don't Understand1992Producer
The TheAngels Of Deception1986Producer
The TheArmageddon Days Are Here (Again)1989Producer
The TheAugust & September1989Producer
The TheBeyond Love1989Producer
The TheGood Morning Beautiful1989Producer
The TheGravitate To Me1989Producer
The TheHeartland1986Producer
The TheInfected1986Producer
The TheKingdom Of Rain1989Producer
The TheOut Of The Blue1986Producer
The TheSlow Train To Dawn1986Producer
The TheSweet Bird Of Truth1986Producer
The TheThe Beat(en) Generation1989Producer
The TheThe Mercy Beat1986Producer
The TheThe Violence Of Truth1989Producer
The TheTwilight Of A Champion1986Producer

Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil)1988-08-24171
Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil)1915.17
Put Down That Weapon (Midnight Oil)304.9
Dreamworld (Midnight Oil)204.9
The Dead Heart (Midnight Oil)544.89
Bullroarer (Midnight Oil)154.87
Forgotten Years (Midnight Oil)274.78
Real Gone Kid (Deacon Blue)464.76
River Runs Red (Midnight Oil)164.69
Bedlam Bridge (Midnight Oil)164.62
Blue Sky Mine (Midnight Oil)674.6
The Beat(en) Generation (The The)194.58
Gunbarrel Highway (Midnight Oil)184.56
King Of The Mountain (Midnight Oil)224.5
Right About Now (Paul Young)64.5
Sweet Bird Of Truth (The The)64.5
The Right Decision (Jesus Jones)54.4
Mountains Of Burma (Midnight Oil)134.38
Arctic World (Midnight Oil)154.33
Warakurna (Midnight Oil)164.31
Infected (The The)134.31
Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil)1915.17
Blue Sky Mine (Midnight Oil)674.6
The Last Of Our Kind (Rykka)563.55
The Dead Heart (Midnight Oil)544.89
Real Gone Kid (Deacon Blue)464.76
Put Down That Weapon (Midnight Oil)304.9
Forgotten Years (Midnight Oil)274.78
Softly Whispering I Love You (Paul Young)274.22
King Of The Mountain (Midnight Oil)224.5
Dreamworld (Midnight Oil)204.9
Sometimes (Midnight Oil)204.25
The Beat(en) Generation (The The)194.58
Gunbarrel Highway (Midnight Oil)184.56
One Country (Midnight Oil)184.17
Sell My Soul (Midnight Oil)174.12
River Runs Red (Midnight Oil)164.69
Bedlam Bridge (Midnight Oil)164.62
Warakurna (Midnight Oil)164.31
Wages Day (Deacon Blue)164.06
Bullroarer (Midnight Oil)154.87

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