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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Stuart Coleman
Alvin StardustGot A Little Heartache1985Producer
(Stuart Coleman)
Alvin StardustI Won't Run Away1984Producer
Alvin StardustSo Near To Christmas1984Producer
(Stuart Coleman)
Alvin StardustThe Clock On The Wall1985Producer
Billy FuryLove Or Money1982Producer
Billy FuryLove Sweet Love1982Producer
Cliff Richard & The Young Ones feat. Hank MarvinLiving Doll1986Producer
Nanci Griffith With The CricketsDo You Want To Be Loved1996Producer
Phil EverlyA Man And A Woman1982Producer
Phil EverlyBetter Than Now1975Producer
Phil EverlyI'll Mend Your Broken Heart1983Producer
Phil EverlyLouise1982Producer
Phil EverlyNever Gonna Dream Again1983Producer
Phil EverlyOh Baby Oh (You're The Star)1983Producer
Phil EverlySweet Pretender1983Producer
Phil EverlySweet Suzanne1982Producer
Phil EverlyWhen I'm Dead And Gone1983Producer
Phil Everly & Cliff RichardShe Means Nothing To Me1982Producer
Shakin' Stevens(Yeah) You're Evil1982Producer
Shakin' StevensBaby If We Touch1980Producer
Shakin' StevensBaby, You're A Child1980Producer
Shakin' StevensBlue Christmas1982Producer
Shakin' StevensBoppity Bop1982Producer
Shakin' StevensCome Back And Love Me1984Producer
Shakin' StevensCome See About Me1987Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't Be Late (Miss Kate)1982Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't Bug Me Baby1981Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't She Look Good1981Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't Tell Me We're Through1982Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't Tell Me Your Troubles1981Producer
Shakin' StevensDon't Turn Your Back1981Producer
Shakin' StevensGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982Producer
Shakin' StevensGreen Door1981Producer
Shakin' StevensHey Mae1980Producer
Shakin' StevensI'll Be Satisfied1982Producer
Shakin' StevensI'm For You1982Producer
Shakin' StevensI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter1981Producer
Shakin' StevensI'm Knockin'1981Producer
Shakin' StevensI'm Lookin'1981Producer
Shakin' StevensIt's Good For You (Baby)1983Producer
(Stuart Coleman)
Shakin' StevensIt's Raining1981Producer
Shakin' StevensLawdy Miss Clawdy1982Producer
Shakin' StevensLet Me Show You How1980Producer
Shakin' StevensLonely Blue Boy1981Producer
Shakin' StevensLove Me Tonight1983Producer
(Stuart Coleman)
Shakin' StevensMake It Right Tonight1980Producer
Shakin' StevensMake Me Know You're Mine1981Producer
Shakin' StevensMarie, Marie1980Producer
Shakin' StevensMona Lisa1981Producer
Shakin' StevensMove1981Producer
Shakin' StevensNobody1981Producer
Shakin' StevensOh Julie1981Producer
Shakin' StevensQue sera, sera1982Producer
Shakin' StevensRevenue Man1980Producer
Shakin' StevensSapphire1982Producer
Shakin' StevensShirley1982Producer
Shakin' StevensShooting Gallery1980Producer
Shakin' StevensSlippin' And Slidin'1981Producer
Shakin' StevensThinkin' Of You1982Producer
Shakin' StevensThis Ole House1980Producer
Shakin' StevensThis Time1981Producer
Shakin' StevensToo Too Much1982Producer
Shakin' StevensTwo Hearts Two Kisses1981Producer
Shakin' StevensVanessa1982Producer
Shakin' StevensYou And I Were Meant To Be1981Producer
Shakin' StevensYou Drive Me Crazy1980Producer
Shakin' StevensYou Never Talked About Me1982Producer
Shakin' StevensYour Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night1983Producer
(Stuart Coleman)
The Crickets(Get A Little) Closer1996Producer
The CricketsAs Good As Gone1996Producer
The CricketsBetty Sue's Still Breaking Jimmy Lee's Heart1996Producer
The CricketsGoin' Out Lovin'1996Producer
The CricketsI Gotta Pass1996Producer
The CricketsI Had A Dream1996Producer
The CricketsLetter Of Love1996Producer
The CricketsNo Kidding1996Producer
The CricketsPicture This1996Producer
The CricketsPlaying By The Rules1996Producer
The CricketsSay It Isn't So1996Producer
The CricketsThe Best In Me1996Producer
The CricketsToo Much Monday Morning1996Producer
The D.O.TDon't Look At The Road2013Music/Lyrics
(Stuart Coleman)
The D.O.THow We All Lie2013Music/Lyrics
(Stuart Coleman)
The InmatesBetty Lou1981Producer
The InmatesBroken Hearted1982Producer
The InmatesLong Distance Man1982Producer
The InmatesMe And The Boys1981Producer
The InmatesOn The Beat1982Producer
The InmatesRemember I've Been Good To You1982Producer
The InmatesSend Some Of Your Loving (My Way)1982Producer
The InmatesShe's Gone Rockin'1982Producer
The InmatesSomething About You1982Producer
The InmatesThree Little Sisters1982Producer
The InmatesUnhappy Boy1982Producer
The InmatesWho's Foolin' Who1982Producer
The InmatesYeah, Yeah, Yeah1982Producer
The InmatesYou Can Bet (A Broken Heart)1982Producer
The Jets [UK]Blue Skies1983Producer
The Jets [UK]Hideaway1981Producer
The Jets [UK]I'm Just A Score1982Producer
The Jets [UK]Love Makes The World Go Round1982Producer
The Jets [UK]Tonight Will Be Alright1983Producer
The Jets [UK]Yes Tonight Josephine1981Producer
The ShadowsOn A Night Like This1984Producer
The Young Ones(All The Little Flowers Are) Happy1986Music/Lyrics

You Drive Me Crazy (Shakin' Stevens)1981-10-2396
Oh Julie (Shakin' Stevens)1982-02-23110
Shirley (Shakin' Stevens)1982-05-0436
Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Shakin' Stevens)1982-08-31192
Living Doll (Cliff Richard & The Young Ones feat. Hank Marvin)1986-04-3085
Hey Mae (Shakin' Stevens)55
Baby, You're A Child (Shakin' Stevens)84.75
So Near To Christmas (Alvin Stardust)154.67
You Never Talked About Me (Shakin' Stevens)54.6
Mona Lisa (Shakin' Stevens)134.54
I Won't Run Away (Alvin Stardust)124.5
This Time (Shakin' Stevens)64.5
You Drive Me Crazy (Shakin' Stevens)1354.36
Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Shakin' Stevens)694.35
Let Me Show You How (Shakin' Stevens)64.33
Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (Shakin' Stevens)64.33
Shirley (Shakin' Stevens)744.31
I'm Knockin' (Shakin' Stevens)104.3
Shooting Gallery (Shakin' Stevens)74.29
She Means Nothing To Me (Phil Everly & Cliff Richard)324.25
I'm For You (Shakin' Stevens)84.25
I'm Lookin' (Shakin' Stevens)54.2
I'll Be Satisfied (Shakin' Stevens)384.11
Marie, Marie (Shakin' Stevens)804.09
Oh Julie (Shakin' Stevens)1324.07
You Drive Me Crazy (Shakin' Stevens)1354.36
Oh Julie (Shakin' Stevens)1324.07
This Ole House (Shakin' Stevens)1044.06
Green Door (Shakin' Stevens)924.01
Marie, Marie (Shakin' Stevens)804.09
Shirley (Shakin' Stevens)744.31
Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Shakin' Stevens)694.35
Living Doll (Cliff Richard & The Young Ones feat. Hank Marvin)493.65
It's Raining (Shakin' Stevens)433.86
I'll Be Satisfied (Shakin' Stevens)384.11
She Means Nothing To Me (Phil Everly & Cliff Richard)324.25
So Near To Christmas (Alvin Stardust)154.67
Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night (Shakin' Stevens)143.64
Louise (Phil Everly)143.57
Mona Lisa (Shakin' Stevens)134.54
I Won't Run Away (Alvin Stardust)124.5
Blue Christmas (Shakin' Stevens)113.09
I'm Knockin' (Shakin' Stevens)104.3
Baby, You're A Child (Shakin' Stevens)84.75
I'm For You (Shakin' Stevens)84.25

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