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Amaryllis UitterlindenAmoureux solitaires2014Producer
Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Brabançonne CastBla bla bla2014Producer
Amaryllis Uitterlinden, David Cantens, Brabançonne CastZiede gij mij gere2014Producer
Arthur Dupont, Marc Weiss, Erika SainteLaisse moi seul2014Producer
Bert Verbeke & Ann Van den Broeck als Lee & Cindy C.Ik kies jou2015Producer
Brabançonne CastEnsemble2014Producer
Brabançonne CastGoeiemorgen, morgen / Du vélo sans les mains2014Producer
Brabançonne CastWinkelmeisjesmedley2014Producer
Brabançonne Windband o.l.v. Steve WillaertBlue Jazz2014Music/Lyrics
Brabançonne Windband o.l.v. Steve WillaertVlaamse harmoniemedley2014Producer
Brabançonne Windband o.l.v. Steve WillaertWaalse harmoniemedley2014Producer
CappaertDictionary Of Youth2018Producer
CappaertEmotional Complexity2018Producer
CappaertIn Between The Right And The Wrong2018Producer
CappaertLet's Depend On Us2018Producer
CappaertPerfect Imperfection2018Producer
CappaertShaken Or Stirred2018Producer
CappaertThe Last One2018Producer
CappaertThe Orange Sunset2018Producer
CappaertThrough A Keyhole2018Producer
CappaertWarrior Of The Good2018Producer
CappaertWhen The Lights Are Low2018Producer
ChristoffZij wacht op haar prins2016Music/Lyrics
Cliff RillyDe noorderwind2015Music/Lyrics
David Cantens, Amaryllis UitterlindenVerloren hart verloren droom2014Producer
Eimear QuinnStille waters2001Music/Lyrics
Eimear Quinn & Will TuraDe zee1996Music/Lyrics
FrimoutDe regels van het spel2013Producer
FrimoutDe sprong2016Producer
FrimoutFlits me terug2017Producer
FrimoutHet huis waar ik woon2016Producer
FrimoutIk weet dat er meer is2017Producer
FrimoutIk zie je graag2018Producer
FrimoutMooie meisjes2017Producer
FrimoutNummer twee2013Producer
FrimoutSterren zien2017Producer
FrimoutToffer dan tof2015Producer
FrimoutVolwassen word ik nooit2014Producer
Gene ThomasHoop doet leven [2015]2015Music/Lyrics
Gene ThomasWees van mij2004Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsHerfstekind2000Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsTweeduizend jaar2000Music/Lyrics
Laura Lynn100.000 vragen2016Producer
Laura LynnAdio, adio, adio2016Producer
Laura LynnAlles heeft ritme2016Producer
Laura LynnDe eerste keer2016Producer
Laura LynnHet is een nacht2016Producer
Laura LynnIk heb je lief2016Producer
Laura LynnIk trek het me niet aan2018Producer
Laura LynnJe ogen hebben geen geheimen meer2016Producer
Laura LynnLaat je hart slaan2018Producer
Laura LynnM'n dromen achterna2016Producer
Laura LynnRechtop in de wind2016Producer
Laura LynnSchaduw2016Producer
Laura LynnVreemde vogels2016Producer
Laura Lynn & Guillaume Devos100000 vragen2016Producer
Laura Lynn & Kürt RogiersDokter Bernard2016Producer
Malcolm RobertsThe Wonder Of Man1992Music/Lyrics
NataliaAll That Remains2016Music/Lyrics
NataliaAlright OK, You Win2004Producer
NataliaAmerican Honey2016Music/Lyrics
NataliaAnyone Out There2016Producer
NataliaBack For More2004Producer
NataliaBeautiful Now2003Producer
NataliaDe roos2004Producer
NataliaDo You Wanna Funk2003Producer
NataliaEvery Single Day2004Producer
NataliaFeels So Good2004Music/Lyrics
NataliaFor Once In My Life2003Producer
NataliaFragile Not Broken2004Producer
NataliaGet Back2004Producer
NataliaHigher Than The Sun2004Producer
NataliaI Want You Back2003Producer
NataliaIn My Blood2016Producer
NataliaI've Only Begun To Fight2003Producer
NataliaJulie In The Meantime2016Producer
NataliaLast Night On Earth2016Producer
NataliaLeaving With A Bang2016Producer
NataliaNever Knew Love2003Producer
NataliaNever Never2003Producer
NataliaOrange Coloured Sky2003Producer
NataliaRid Of You2006Producer
NataliaRidin' By2004Producer
NataliaShe Brings The Rain2016Producer
NataliaSmoking Gun2015Producer
NataliaSome Things Are Meant To Be2004Producer
NataliaSure Thing2016Producer
NataliaThe Rose2003Producer
NataliaThis Is It2016Producer
NataliaThis Time2003Producer
NataliaToo Late2003Producer
NataliaWe're All Alone2003Producer
NataliaWe're Gonna Have A Party2004Producer
NataliaWhat Don't Kill You Makes You Stronger2004Producer
NataliaYou're Gonna Get There2004Producer
Natalia feat. Lara FabianRazorblade2016Producer
Natalia meets The Pointer SistersSisters Are Doing It For Themselves2005Producer
Paul MichielsAll Alone Am I2014Producer
Paul MichielsDesafinado2014Producer
Paul MichielsMore2014Producer
Paul MichielsSmile2014Producer
Paul MichielsSomewhere2014Producer
Paul MichielsSpanish Harlem2014Producer
Paul MichielsThe Way You Look Tonight2014Producer
Paul MichielsThis Guy's In Love With You2014Producer
Paul MichielsTwilight Time2014Producer
Paul MichielsYou Don't Know Me2014Producer
Paul Michiels & NataliaDowntown2014Producer
Severine DoréÉén moment2003Producer
Severine Doré & Kris De BruyneWildrozenpark2003Producer
UdoCœur de loup2010Producer
UdoDansen op U22010Producer
UdoGedachten aan jou2010Producer
UdoGeen leven zonder2010Producer
UdoGeen zomer zonder jou2010Producer
UdoIk hou van jou2010Producer
UdoIk word het niet gewoon2010Producer
UdoNoem me geen baby2010Producer
UdoSamen zijn2010Producer
UdoSi je te dis tout2010Producer
UdoTeruggaan in de tijd2010Producer
UdoVergeet ik nooit2010Producer
UdoVerloren hart, verloren droom2010Producer
UdoZielsveel van jou2015Producer
Wendy Van WantenHeaven1999Music/Lyrics
Will Tura17 dagen op zee1997Producer
Will TuraAlleen gaan1998Producer
Will TuraAlles1991Producer
Will TuraAlles [deutsch]1996Producer
Will TuraAls ik droom van jou2009Producer
Will TuraAls ik ooit voor jouw deur zou staan2016Producer
Will TuraAls je iets doet, doe het goed2016Producer
Will TuraAls je me roept2012Producer
Will TuraAls jij de klok terug kon draaien1991Producer
Will TuraAls jij zou gaan1991Producer
Will TuraAmigo2000Producer
Will TuraÄszirózsa1996Producer
Will TuraBide berri1996Producer
Will TuraBlijf bij mij2016Producer
Will TuraBloed, zweet en tranen1995Producer
Will TuraBoven de wolken1993Producer
Will TuraCada home1996Producer
Will TuraCasa branca1996Producer
Will TuraDag goeiedag2012Producer
Will TuraDarling2009Producer
Will TuraDe mooiste1997Producer
Will TuraDe vreugde van de winnaar1996Producer
Will TuraDe zappers1995Producer
Will TuraDe zomer boogie woogie1997Producer
Will TuraDu, hør mig nu1996Producer
Will TuraEen hart van goud1995Producer
Will TuraEen kleine diamant1991Producer
Will TuraEen leven zonder liefde1993Producer
Will TuraEen rare droom1997Producer
Will TuraEen vrouw zoals jij2012Producer
Will TuraEen zomernacht2009Producer
Will TuraEl viento otoñal1996Producer
Will TuraFans, fans, fans1991Producer
Will TuraGeef al je zorgen maar aan mij2000Music/Lyrics
Will TuraGeld1993Producer
Will TuraGitaarhymne2012Producer
Will TuraGitaarstory1991Producer
Will TuraHelena1992Producer
Will TuraHelp me1987Producer
Will TuraHemelsblauw1994Producer
Will TuraHoe zou het leven zijn zonder muziek1997Producer
Will TuraHoeveel pijn kan een hart verdragen1997Producer
Will TuraHoop doet leven1993Producer
Will TuraI love rock 'n roll2016Producer
Will TuraI natthimlens stjärnor1996Producer
Will TuraIk ben een zanger2012Producer
Will TuraIk heb je lief1997Producer
Will TuraIk hoor je toe1995Producer
Will TuraIk wil die man zijn1991Producer
Will TuraIk zing alleen voor jou1987Music/Lyrics
Will TuraI'm Diggin' Jazz2009Producer
Will TuraIn de armen van een ander1990Producer
Will TuraIn de schaduw van de maan2012Producer
Will TuraIn de straat waar je woont2009Producer
Will TuraIn evenwicht2012Producer
Will TuraIndira1993Producer
Will TuraInspector Jones1993Producer
Will TuraIt's Good To See Somebody Happy2000Producer
Will TuraIt's Over Now1996Producer
Will TuraJaloersheid1997Producer
Will TuraJamaica1992Producer
Will TuraJij alleen1993Producer
Will Tura'k Hou van jazz1990Producer
Will TuraKlein geluk2016Producer
Will TuraKleine prinses2000Producer
Will TuraKom doe de line dance2000Producer
Will TuraKom terug, alles is vergeven1995Producer
Will TuraLa melodia1995Producer
Will TuraLaat de liefde niet voorbijgaan1996Producer
Will TuraLet There Be Love2009Producer
Will TuraLied voor Cecilia1995Producer
Will TuraLief, na zoveel jaar1997Producer
Will TuraLinda [czech]1996Producer
Will TuraLove Me Tonight1993Music/Lyrics
Will TuraMaria (Zo gaat dat altijd)2002Producer
Will TuraMarylin1993Producer
Will TuraMeisje met de bloemen1990Producer
Will TuraMet rock 'n roll in mijn hart1991Producer
Will TuraM'n verre Veurne1990Producer
Will TuraM'n zomerlief1988Music/Lyrics
Will TuraMoa ven toh1992Producer
Will TuraMy Way2009Producer
Will TuraNiemand doet mij zo goed2016Producer
Will TuraNiemand, niemand1992Producer
Will TuraNieuwe wegen liggen open1990Producer
Will TuraNobelprijs2007Producer
Will TuraNummer 12000Producer
Will TuraO ilios mou1996Producer
Will TuraOh, My Love1997Producer
Will TuraOm half zeven2000Producer
Will TuraOn The Street Where You Live2009Producer
Will TuraOns plaatje op de juke box1993Producer
Will TuraOnvergetelijk [2009]2009Producer
Will TuraOvergaan1983Producer
Will TuraQuando mi amor2000Producer
Will TuraReis naar de sterren2016Producer
Will TuraRijden op de ring rond Brussel1997Producer
Will TuraRoute 662016Producer
Will TuraSanta Maria de Guadaloupe1995Producer
Will TuraShine Down1996Producer
Will TuraSopra le nuvole1996Producer
Will TuraSorry2000Producer
Will TuraStardust2009Producer
Will TuraStorm en regen2009Producer
Will TuraStormy Weather2009Producer
Will TuraSummerwind2009Producer
Will Tura't Goed nieuws journaal1991Music/Lyrics
Will Tura't Is beter zo1991Producer
Will TuraThe Soul Of Nat King Cole2009Producer
Will TuraTu me manques à mourir1996Producer
Will TuraTussen jou en mij1994Producer
Will TuraUnforgettable2009Producer
Will TuraValentijn2016Producer
Will TuraValparaíso1990Producer
Will TuraVan een afstand1991Producer
Will TuraVan man tot man1995Producer
Will TuraVan wie ik hou2009Producer
Will TuraVergeet het niet2000Producer
Will TuraViva la vida2015Producer
Will TuraVlaanderen zingt Vlaanderen danst2006Producer
Will TuraVoor elk moment2012Producer
Will TuraVrede2012Producer
Will TuraWaar je ook maar bent2012Producer
Will TuraWaarom ging jij heen2000Producer
Will TuraWaarom sta je stil?2016Producer
Will TuraWare liefde2000Producer
Will TuraWat een vader geven kan2016Producer
Will TuraWat kan ik doen1993Producer
Will TuraWat vliegt de tijd1990Producer
Will TuraWeerklank2009Producer
Will TuraWhen I Fall In Love2009Producer
Will TuraWinter2012Producer
Will TuraZaterdagavond1995Producer
Will TuraZe wil een kind1997Producer
Will TuraZe wou de hele wereld zien1995Producer
Will TuraZeg nooit2012Producer
Will TuraZij dweept met Clouseau1990Producer
Will TuraZij wacht op haar prins1991Music/Lyrics
Will TuraZing zing2000Producer
Will TuraZoals die zomer van Tien Om Te Zien1991Producer
Will TuraZolang je nog in iets gelooft2012Music/Lyrics
Will TuraZorgeloze dagen1993Producer
Will Tura & Felice DamianoGordelen moet je doen1987Music/Lyrics
Will Tura & JodyHet staat in de sterren geschreven1990Producer
Will Tura & KamagurkaV.L.A.A.N.D.E.R.E.N.2006Producer
Will Tura & Kim ButtafuocoBeeld van jou2009Producer
Will Tura & Kim ButtafuocoThe More I See You2009Producer
Will Tura & Niki RomijnJouw dromen, mijn dromen1995Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraAlleen gaan2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraDe mooiste droom2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraEen man als ik2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraEenzaam zonder jou2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraGa nou2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraLiefde in mineur2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraMorgen gaat ze weg2002Music/Lyrics
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraNiemand weet nog waarom2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraParadijs2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraVoor haar2002Producer
Will Tura & The London Philharmonic OrchestraWie?2002Producer
Yannick BovyDas Lied von Nat King Cole2018Producer
Yannick BovyDoch dann warst Du da2018Producer
Yannick BovyEverytime We Say Goodbye2017Producer
Yannick BovyGood Times2017Producer
Yannick BovyIf Only For Christmas Time2017Producer
Yannick BovyIf You Leave Me Now2017Producer
Yannick BovyIt Ain't The Meat (It's The Motion)2017Producer
Yannick BovyKeine Sekunde2018Producer
Yannick BovyLet There Be Love2017Producer
Yannick BovyMakin' Whoopee2017Producer
Yannick BovyNever Let Her Slip Away2017Producer
Yannick BovyNice Work If You Can Get It2017Producer
Yannick BovyPaper Plane2017Producer
Yannick BovyThe Soul Of Nat King Cole2017Producer
Yannick BovyValentine2017Producer
Yannick BovyWhen You Need A Friend2017Producer
Yannick BovyWherever You Are2017Producer
Yannick Bovy & Matt DuskThe Soul Of Nat King Cole2018Producer
Yung MavuBlack Magic2017Music/Lyrics
De roos (Natalia)55.2
Boven de wolken (Will Tura)65.17
Risin' (Natalia)155.07
I've Only Begun To Fight (Natalia)255
This Time (Natalia)65
Figurant (Frimout)84.88
Anyone Out There (Natalia)54.8
Adio, adio, adio (Laura Lynn)54.8
I Want You Back (Natalia)174.71
Zielsveel van jou (Udo)84.62
Razorblade (Natalia)54.6
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (Natalia meets The Pointer Sisters)164.56
Het staat in de sterren geschreven (Will Tura & Jody)94.56
Some Things Are Meant To Be (Natalia)64.5
Higher Than The Sun (Natalia)134.46
Ridin' By (Natalia)74.43
The Rose (Natalia)74.43
Hoop doet leven (Will Tura)54.4
Smoking Gun (Natalia)134.38
Winter (Will Tura)84.38
I've Only Begun To Fight (Natalia)255
I Want You Back (Natalia)174.71
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (Natalia meets The Pointer Sisters)164.56
Risin' (Natalia)155.07
Higher Than The Sun (Natalia)134.46
Smoking Gun (Natalia)134.38
Fragile Not Broken (Natalia)134
Ik ben een zanger (Will Tura)113.36
Voorbij (Udo)103.8
Shelter (Natalia)103.8
Het staat in de sterren geschreven (Will Tura & Jody)94.56
Hemelsblauw (Will Tura)94.33
In My Blood (Natalia)94.22
Figurant (Frimout)84.88
Zielsveel van jou (Udo)84.62
Winter (Will Tura)84.38
Razorblade (Natalia feat. Lara Fabian)83.88
Downtown (Paul Michiels & Natalia)83.75
Maria (Zo gaat dat altijd) (Will Tura)83.75
This Guy's In Love With You (Paul Michiels)83.5

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