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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Rick Jarrad
Carson & GaileBlack Dress1967Producer
Carson & GaileCab Driver1967Producer
Carson & GaileChapter One1967Producer
Carson & GaileCimarron1967Producer
Carson & GaileEvery Now And Then1967Producer
Carson & GaileKiss The Lips Of A Fool1967Producer
Carson & GaileOpen For Business As Usual1966Producer
Carson & GaileSan Antonio Rose1967Producer
Carson & GaileSomethin' Stupid1967Producer
Carson & GaileThis Is Gonna Hurt Me1967Producer
Carson & GaileTwilite Time In Tennessee1967Producer
Carson & GaileWild Side Of Life1967Producer
David CassidyBali Ha'I1973Producer
David CassidyCan't Go Home Again1973Producer
David CassidyDaydream1973Producer
David CassidyDaydreamer1973Producer
David CassidyFever1973Producer
David CassidyHold On Me1973Producer
David CassidyIt's Preying On My Mind1973Producer
David CassidyMae1973Producer
David CassidyOpening Theme1973Producer
David CassidySing Me1973Producer
David CassidySome Old Woman (There Is A Woman)1973Producer
David CassidySummer Days1973Producer
David CassidyThe Puppy Song1973Producer
Gaffney FreemanFrench Foreign Legion1980Producer
Gaffney FreemanWho In The World1980Producer
Jack JonesAll Cried Out1974Producer
Jack JonesAlone Too Long1974Producer
Jack JonesBelonging1977Producer
Jack JonesCajun Song1977Producer
Jack JonesDixie Chicken1977Producer
Jack JonesDo Me Wrong, But Do Me1974Producer
Jack JonesEmpty Hearts1977Producer
Jack JonesFools In Love1974Producer
Jack JonesGoodbye Old Buddies1977Producer
Jack JonesHarbour1974Producer
Jack JonesHere's To Love1974Producer
Jack JonesI Never Had It So Good1974Producer
Jack JonesIf I Only Had The Words (To Tell You)1977Producer
Jack JonesIt Didn't Come Easy1974Producer
Jack JonesPerfect Strangers1977Producer
Jack JonesSend In The Clowns1975Producer
Jack JonesThat's What Friends Are For1974Producer
Jack JonesThe Jealous Kind1977Producer
Jack Jones'Til I Can't Take It Anymore1974Producer
Jack JonesTraces Of A Long Forgotten Tune1977Producer
Jack JonesTry It Again1976Producer
Jack JonesWith One More Look At You1977Producer
Jack JonesWould You Say I Love You1974Producer
Jack JonesYesterday's News1976Producer
Jack JonesYou Make It Easy1976Producer
Jack JonesYou Need A Man1976Producer
Jefferson Airplane3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneCome Back Baby1967Producer
Jefferson AirplaneComin' Back To Me1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneD.C.B.A.-251966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneEmbryonic Journey1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneGo To Her1966Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
Jefferson AirplaneHow Do You Feel1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneIn The Morning1966Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
Jefferson AirplaneJ.P.P. McStep B. Blues1966Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
Jefferson AirplaneMy Best Friend1966Producer
Jefferson AirplanePlastic Fantastic Lover1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneShe Has Funny Cars1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneSomebody To Love1967Producer
Jefferson AirplaneToday1966Producer
Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit1967Producer
JigsawEvery Little Teardrop1978Producer
JigsawI Wanna Stay With You1978Producer
JigsawJourney Into Space1978Producer
JigsawRhumba Man1978Producer
JigsawShe Knows1978Producer
JigsawStill I Love You1978Producer
JigsawYou Can't Dance1978Producer
JosÚ Feliciano(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoA Day In The Life1985Producer
JosÚ FelicianoAlways Something There To Remind Me1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoAmor jÝbaro1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoAnd I Love Her1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoAnd The Sun Will Shine1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoBlackbird1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoCalifornia Dreamin'1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoChe sarÓ1971Producer
JosÚ FelicianoCuidado1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoDay Tripper1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoDestiny1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoDisco Flam1980Producer
JosÚ FelicianoDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoEl voh1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoFelicidade1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoFeliz Navidad1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoFireworks1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoFirst Of May1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoGirl (You'll Never Get Away From Me)1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoGuantanamera1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoHark! The Herald Angels Sing1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoHelp!1966Producer
JosÚ FelicianoHere, There And Everywhere1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoHey Jude1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoHey! Baby1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoHitchcock Railway1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoI Feel Fine1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoI Only Want To Say1971Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoIf You Have A Heart1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoI'll Be Your Baby Tonight1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoI'm Comin' Home Again1980Producer
JosÚ FelicianoIn My Life1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoI've Gotta Get A Message To You1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoJingle Bells1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoJust A Little Bit Of Rain1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLady Madonna1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLet It Be1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLet's Find Each Other Tonight1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLight My Fire1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLittle Red Rooster1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoLonely Teardrops1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoMalague˝a1971Producer
JosÚ FelicianoManhÓ de carneval1965Producer
JosÚ FelicianoMarley Purt Drive1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoMary's Boy Child1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoMiss Otis Regrets1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoMy World Is Empty Without You1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoNena Na Na1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoNo Dogs Allowed1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoNorwegian Wood1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoOld Turkey Buzzard1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoOnce There Was A Love1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoOne Night1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoPegao1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoPlay Me1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoPoint Of View1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoRain1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoRomance In The Night1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoSamba de Orfeu1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoSatisfaction (I Can't Get No)1966Producer
JosÚ FelicianoShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoShe's A Woman1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoShe's Too Good To Me1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoSilent Night1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoSleep Late, My Lady Friend1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoSo Into You1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoStar Spangled Banner1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoSunny1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoSusie-Q1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoTaking It All In Stride1983Producer
JosÚ FelicianoThe Cherry Tree Carol1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoThe Christmas Song1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoThe First Noel1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoThe Last Thing On My Mind1968Producer
JosÚ FelicianoThe Little Drummer Boy1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoThe Sad Gypsy1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoThe Windmills Of Your Mind1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoThere's No One About1971Producer
JosÚ FelicianoVuelo del fuego1984Music/Lyrics
JosÚ FelicianoWatch It With My Heart1971Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoWe Three Kings Of Orient Are1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoWhite Christmas1970Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
JosÚ FelicianoWichita Lineman1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoYesterday1970Producer
JosÚ FelicianoYounger Generation1969Producer
JosÚ FelicianoYou've Got A Lot Of Style1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
Michael McDonaldA Good Old Time Love Song1982Producer
Michael McDonaldBilly1982Producer
Michael McDonaldDear Me1982Producer
Michael McDonaldDrivin' Wheel1982Producer
Michael McDonaldI Think I Love You Again1982Producer
Michael McDonaldIt Don't Matter Now1982Producer
Michael McDonaldLord I Felt1982Producer
Michael McDonaldMelodic1982Producer
Michael McDonaldMidnight Rider1982Producer
Michael McDonaldWhen I'm Home1982Producer
Michael McDonaldWhere Men Don't Care1982Producer
NilssonAngie's Suite1968Producer
NilssonAs I Wander Lonely1995Producer
NilssonBorn In Grenada1965Producer
NilssonCuddly Toy1967Producer
NilssonDaddy's Song1967Producer
NilssonDo You Believe1966Producer
NilssonDon't Leave Me1967Producer
NilssonEverybody's Talkin'1967Producer
NilssonGarbage Can Ballet1968Producer
NilssonGood Old Desk1968Producer
NilssonGood Times1965Producer
NilssonGoodnight Mr. Banks / Let's Get The Hardware / Murder In The Carwash1968Producer
NilssonGrowin' Up1966Producer
NilssonI Said Goodbye To Me1967Producer
NilssonI Will Take You There1968Producer
NilssonI'm Gonna Lose My Mind1964Producer
NilssonImpossible/Green Bay Packers March1968Producer
NilssonIt's Been So Long1967Producer
NilssonLittle Cowboy1967Producer
NilssonMan Wasn't Meant To Fly1968Producer
NilssonMarchin' Down Broadway1969Producer
NilssonMiss Butter's Lament1968Producer
NilssonMournin' Glory Story1969Producer
NilssonMourning Glory1968Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
NilssonMr. Richland's Favorite Song1967Producer
NilssonMr. Tinker1967Producer
NilssonOpen Your Window1969Producer
(Rick Jarrad)
NilssonRiver Deep - Mountain High1967Producer
NilssonShe Sang Hymns Out Of Tune1967Producer
NilssonShe Wandered Through The Garden Fence2013Producer
NilssonShe's Just Laughing At Me2013Producer
NilssonShe's Leaving Home1967Producer
NilssonShe's Yours1966Producer
NilssonSister Marie1967Producer
NilssonSixteen Tons1964Producer
NilssonSleep Late, My Lady Friend1967Producer
NilssonSo You Think You've Got Troubles1966Producer
NilssonTen Little Indians1967Producer
NilssonThe Cast And Crew1968Producer
NilssonThe Family2013Producer
NilssonThe Tree1968Producer
NilssonThe Wailing Of The Willow1967Producer
NilssonThere Will Never Be1967Producer
NilssonTony's Trip1968Producer
NilssonWithout Her1967Producer
NilssonYou Are Here2013Producer
NilssonYou Can't Do That1967Producer
NilssonYou Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me)1965Producer
Nilsson & Carol ChanningsSkidoo / Goodnight Mr. Banks1968Producer
Nilsson & The New Salvation SingersThe Path That Leads To Trouble1965Producer
Rick MosesBaby You Move Me1979Producer
The Fault LineDid You Hear About The End Of The World1969Producer
The Fault LineHigh Coin1969Producer
The Loading ZoneThe Bells1968Producer
Tom SnowChange In Luck1975Producer
Tom SnowEverybody Lives Everybody Dies1975Producer
Tom SnowGet Up And Live It1975Producer
Tom SnowGood Beginning1975Producer
Tom SnowLovers Holiday1975Producer
Tom SnowRhinestones To Rubies1975Producer
Tom SnowSign Of Affection1975Producer
Tom SnowStreet Noise1975Producer
Tom SnowTaking It All In Stride1975Producer
Tom SnowYou1975Producer

Feliz Navidad (JosÚ Feliciano)2007-12-27544
Once There Was A Love (JosÚ Feliciano)65.5
In My Life (JosÚ Feliciano)75.43
And I Love Her (JosÚ Feliciano)55.4
So Into You (JosÚ Feliciano)85.38
Cuidado (JosÚ Feliciano)85.38
First Of May (JosÚ Feliciano)65.33
Day Tripper (JosÚ Feliciano)65.33
A Day In The Life (JosÚ Feliciano)75.29
Jingle Bells (JosÚ Feliciano)55.2
Norwegian Wood (JosÚ Feliciano)85.12
Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane)1265.1
Hey Jude (JosÚ Feliciano)115.09
Malague˝a (JosÚ Feliciano)115.09
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (JosÚ Feliciano)85
Lonely Teardrops (JosÚ Feliciano)75
Yesterday (JosÚ Feliciano)75
Let It Be (JosÚ Feliciano)75
Taking It All In Stride (JosÚ Feliciano)55
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (JosÚ Feliciano)55
Little Red Rooster (JosÚ Feliciano)55
Feliz Navidad (JosÚ Feliciano)1534.37
Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane)1265.1
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)1254.97
Everybody's Talkin' (Nilsson)894.99
Light My Fire (JosÚ Feliciano)534.66
Che sarÓ (JosÚ Feliciano)524.79
California Dreamin' (JosÚ Feliciano)284.68
Rain (JosÚ Feliciano)264.92
Comin' Back To Me (Jefferson Airplane)254.56
The Windmills Of Your Mind (JosÚ Feliciano)224.5
My Best Friend (Jefferson Airplane)224.18
Plastic Fantastic Lover (Jefferson Airplane)224.05
Today (Jefferson Airplane)204.8
Daydreamer (David Cassidy)204.4
She Has Funny Cars (Jefferson Airplane)204.4
Let's Find Each Other Tonight (JosÚ Feliciano)194.84
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (Jefferson Airplane)194.16
Somethin' Stupid (Carson & Gaile)193.89
Destiny (JosÚ Feliciano)184.67
Susie-Q (JosÚ Feliciano)174.65

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