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10,000 ManiacsA Campfire Song2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsCherry Tree1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsCity Of Angels1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsDon't Talk1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsDust Bowl2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsEat For Two1989Producer
10,000 ManiacsGun Shy1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsHateful Hate2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsHeadstrong2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsHey Jack Kerouac1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsJubilee2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsLike The Weather1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsMy Sister Rose1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsPeace Train1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsPlease Forgive Us2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsPoison In The Well2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsThe Big Parade2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsThe Lion's Share2013Producer
10,000 ManiacsThe Painted Desert1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsTrouble Me1989Producer
10,000 ManiacsVerdi Cries1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsWhat's The Matter Here?1987Producer
10,000 ManiacsYou Happy Puppet2013Producer
10,000 Maniacs & Michael StipeA Campfire Song1987Producer
Amanda MarshallBrand New Beau2001Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallColleen (I Saw Him First)2001Producer
Amanda MarshallDizzy2001Producer
Amanda MarshallDouble Agent2001Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallEverybody's Got A Story2001Producer
Amanda MarshallInside The Tornado2001Producer
Amanda MarshallLove Is My Witness2001Producer
Amanda MarshallMarry Me2001Producer
Amanda MarshallRed Magic Marker2001Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallSunday Morning After2001Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallThe Gypsy2001Producer
Amanda MarshallThe Voice Inside2001Music/Lyrics
Andrew GoldAngel Woman1976Producer
Andrew GoldDo Wah Diddy1976Producer
Andrew GoldFirefly1976Producer
Andrew GoldGo Back Home Again1976Producer
Andrew GoldHope You Feel Good1976Producer
Andrew GoldLearning The Game1976Producer
Andrew GoldLonely Boy1976Producer
Andrew GoldMust Be Crazy1976Producer
Andrew GoldOne Of Them Is Me1976Producer
Andrew GoldPassing Thing1976Producer
Andrew GoldStay1976Producer
Anna VissiAfter You2000Producer
Anna VissiKick The Habit2000Producer
Anna VissiNo More The Fool2000Producer
Aselin DebisonDriftwood2002Producer
Aselin DebisonGetting Dark Again2002Producer
Aselin DebisonLove So Rare2002Producer
Aselin DebisonMedley: Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World2002Producer
Aselin DebisonMoonlight Shadow2002Producer
Aselin DebisonOnce In Every Life2002Producer
Aselin DebisonOut Of The Woods2002Producer
Aselin DebisonRise Again2002Producer
Aselin DebisonSome Days2002Producer
Aselin DebisonSweet Is The Melody2002Producer
Aselin DebisonThe Dance You Choose2002Producer
Aselin DebisonThe Gift2002Producer
Aselin DebisonThe Island2002Producer
Aselin DebisonTo Say Goodbye To You2002Producer
Billy JoelHey Girl1997Producer
Billy JoelTo Make You Feel My Love1997Producer
Bonnie Raitt(Goin') Wild For You Baby1979Producer
Bonnie Raitt(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend1979Producer
Bonnie RaittBye Bye Baby1979Producer
Bonnie RaittI Thank You1979Producer
Bonnie RaittSleep's Dark And Silent Gate1979Producer
Bonnie RaittStandin' By The Same Old Love1979Producer
Bonnie RaittThe Boy Can't Help It1979Producer
Bonnie RaittThe Glow1979Producer
Bonnie RaittYour Good Thing (Is About To End)1979Producer
Bonnie RaittYou're Gonna Get What's Coming1979Producer
Brian WilsonListen To Me2011Producer
Chantal KreviazukActions Without Love1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukBeliever1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukBoot1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukCo-Dependent1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukDisagree1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukDon't Be Good1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGod Made Me1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGrace1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGreen Apples1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukHands1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukImaginary Friend1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukLeaving On A Jet Plane1998Producer
Chantal KreviazukSurrounded1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukWayne1997Producer
CherBaby I'm Yours1990Producer
CherCould've Been You1991Producer
CherFires Of Eden1991Producer
CherHeart Of Stone1989Producer
CherLove On A Rooftop1989Producer
CherOh No Not My Baby1992Producer
CherOne Small Step1991Producer
CherThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)1990Producer
CherWhen Love Calls Your Name1991Producer
Cher & Peter CeteraAfter All1989Producer
Cher, Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry with Eric ClaptonLove Can Build A Bridge1995Producer
Chris IsaakCrying Waiting Hoping2011Producer
Cobra StarshipPeggy Sue2011Producer
Dan FogelbergDon't Lose Heart1997Producer
David SanbornThe Water Is Wide1995Producer
Diana RossA Mother's Love1993Producer
Diana RossAlways And Forever2006Producer
Diana RossBattlefield1991Producer
Diana RossDid You Ever Wonder Why?1993Producer
Diana RossI Love You (That's All That Really Matters)2006Producer
Diana RossI Want You2006Producer
Diana RossI Will2006Producer
Diana RossIf We Hold On Together1988Producer
Diana RossLovely Day2006Producer
Diana RossMore Today Than Yesterday2006Producer
Diana RossOne Shining Moment1991Producer
Diana RossOnly You2006Producer
Diana RossRemember2006Producer
Diana RossThat's Why I Call You My Friend1992Producer
Diana RossThe Look Of Love2006Producer
Diana RossThis Magic Moment2006Producer
Diana RossTo Be Loved2006Producer
Diana RossWhat About Love2006Producer
Diana RossWhen You Dream1992Music/Lyrics
Diana RossWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me1991Producer
Diana RossYou And I1991Producer
Diana RossYou Are So Beautiful2006Producer
Diana Ross feat. Brian MayCrazy Little Thing Called Love2006Producer
Dick ScottAlles will ich kaufen1966Music/Lyrics
Dixie ChicksYou Can't Hurry Love1999Producer
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisMy Blue Tears1978Producer
Ed SheeranCandle In The Wind2014Producer
Edie Brickell and The GaddaboutsFor The Time Being2013Producer
Edie Brickell and The GaddaboutsGo Where The Love Is2013Producer
Eric IdleRaining In My Heart2011Producer
Fall Out BoySaturday Night's Alright For Fighting2014Producer
Gidea ParkBeach Boys Gold Part II1982Music/Lyrics
Hans ZimmerBlackbeard2011Producer
Hans ZimmerEnd Credits [Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides]2011Producer
Hans ZimmerGuilty Of Being Innocent Of Being Jack Sparrow2011Producer
Hans ZimmerMermaids2011Producer
Hans ZimmerMutiny2011Producer
Hans ZimmerOn Stranger Tides2011Producer
HeartStrong, Strong Wind1998Producer
Hunter HayesGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2014Producer
Imelda MayI'm Lookin' For Someone To Love2011Producer
Imelda MayYour Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)2014Producer
Jackson BrowneTrue Love Ways2011Producer
James TaylorAin't No Song1974Producer
James TaylorAnother Grey Morning1977Producer
James TaylorAnywhere Like Heaven1970Producer
James TaylorBack On The Street1972Producer
James TaylorBartender's Blues1977Producer
James TaylorBelieve It Or Not1981Producer
James TaylorBlossom1970Producer
James TaylorBrighten Your Night With My Day1968Producer
James TaylorBrother Trucker1979Producer
James TaylorBSUR1979Producer
James TaylorCarolina In My Mind1968Producer
James TaylorChanson Francaise1979Producer
James TaylorChili Dog1972Producer
James TaylorCircle 'Round The Sun1968Producer
James TaylorCompany Man1979Producer
James TaylorCountry Road1970Producer
James TaylorDance1972Producer
James TaylorDay Tripper1979Producer
James TaylorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1972Producer
James TaylorDon't Talk Now1968Producer
James TaylorFading Away1974Producer
James TaylorFanfare1972Producer
James TaylorFire And Rain1969Producer
James TaylorFool For You1972Producer
James TaylorHandy Man1977Producer
James TaylorHard Times1981Producer
James TaylorHello Old Friend1974Producer
James TaylorHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox1971Producer
James TaylorHighway Song1971Producer
James TaylorHoney Don't Leave L.A.1977Producer
James TaylorHour That The Morning Comes1981Producer
James TaylorHymn1972Producer
James TaylorI Was Only Telling A Lie1977Producer
James TaylorI Will Follow1981Producer
James TaylorI Will Not Lie For You1979Producer
James TaylorIf I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight1977Producer
James TaylorIs That The Way You Look1979Producer
James TaylorIsn't It Nice To Be Home Again1971Producer
James TaylorJig1972Producer
James TaylorJohnnie Comes Back1979Producer
James TaylorKnocking 'Round The Zoo1968Producer
James TaylorLet It All Fall Down1974Producer
James TaylorLet Me Ride1971Producer
James TaylorLittle David1972Producer
James TaylorLo And Behold1970Producer
James TaylorLondon Town1981Producer
James TaylorLong Ago And Far Away1971Producer
James TaylorLooking For Love On Broadway1977Producer
James TaylorLove Has Brought Me Around1971Producer
James TaylorMachine Gun Kelly1971Producer
James TaylorMe And My Guitar1974Producer
James TaylorMescalito1972Producer
James TaylorMigration1974Producer
James TaylorMillworker1979Producer
James TaylorMud Slide Slim1971Producer
James TaylorNew Tune1972Producer
James TaylorNight Owl1968Producer
James TaylorNobody But You1972Producer
James TaylorOh, Baby Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me1970Producer
James TaylorOh, Susannah1970Producer
James TaylorOne Man Parade1972Producer
James TaylorOne Morning In May1972Producer
James TaylorOnly For Me1981Producer
James TaylorPlaces In My Past1971Producer
James TaylorRainy Day Man1968Producer
James TaylorRiding On A Railroad1971Producer
James TaylorRock 'N' Roll Is Music Now1974Producer
James TaylorSecret O' Life1977Producer
James TaylorSleep Come Free Me1979Producer
James TaylorSoldiers1971Producer
James TaylorSomeone1972Producer
James TaylorSomething In The Way She Moves1968Producer
James TaylorSomething's Wrong1968Producer
James TaylorStand And Fight1981Producer
James TaylorSteamroller1970Producer
James TaylorSugar Trade1981Producer
James TaylorSuite For 20G1970Producer
James TaylorSummer's Here1981Producer
James TaylorSunny Skies1970Producer
James TaylorSunshine, Sunshine1968Producer
James TaylorSweet Baby James1969Producer
James TaylorTaking It In1968Producer
James TaylorTerry Nova1977Producer
James TaylorThat Lonesome Road1981Producer
James TaylorThe Blues Is Just A Bad Dream1968Producer
James TaylorThe Promised Land1974Producer
James TaylorThere We Are1977Producer
James TaylorTraffic Jam1977Producer
James TaylorUp On The Roof1979Producer
James TaylorWoh, Don't You Know1972Producer
James TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes1971Producer
James TaylorYour Smiling Face1977Producer
James TaylorYou've Got A Friend1971Producer
James Taylor & J.D. SoutherHer Town Too1981Producer
Jane MonheitBill2004Producer
Jane MonheitDancing In The Dark2004Producer
Jane MonheitDo I Love You?2004Producer
Jane MonheitEmbraceable You2004Producer
Jane MonheitHoneysuckle Rose2004Producer
Jane MonheitI Should Care2004Producer
Jane MonheitIn The Still Of The Night2004Producer
Jane MonheitLove Me Or Leave Me2004Producer
Jane MonheitOver The Rainbow2002Producer
Jane MonheitTaking A Chance On Love2004Producer
Jane MonheitToo Late Now2004Producer
Jane MonheitWhy Can't You Behave?2004Producer
Jane Monheit feat. Michael BubléI Won't Dance2004Producer
Jeff LynneWords Of Love2011Producer
John David SoutherBaby Come Home1976Producer
John David SoutherBanging My Head Against The Moon1976Producer
John David SoutherBlack Rose1976Producer
John David SoutherDoors Swing Open1976Producer
John David SoutherFaithless Love1976Producer
John David SoutherIf You Have Crying Eyes1976Producer
John David SoutherMidnight Prowl1976Producer
John David SoutherSilver Blue1976Producer
John David SoutherSimple Man, Simple Dream1976Producer
John David SoutherYour Turn Now1976Producer
John GrantSweet Painted Lady2014Producer
John StewartAll American Girl1970Producer
John StewartBack In Pomona1970Producer
John StewartBelly Full Of Tennessee1970Producer
John StewartBig Joe1970Producer
John StewartClack, Clack1970Producer
John StewartEarth Rider1969Producer
John StewartFriend Of Jesus1970Producer
John StewartGolden Rollin' Belly1970Producer
John StewartGreat White Cathedrals1970Producer
John StewartHero From The War1970Producer
John StewartJulie, Judy, Angel Rain1970Producer
John StewartMarshall Wind1970Producer
John StewartOldest Living Son1970Producer
John StewartWillard1970Producer
Julia Fordham(Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways1991Producer
Kate TaylorBallad Of A Well Known Gun1970Producer
Kate TaylorBe That Way1970Producer
Kate TaylorCountry Comfort1970Producer
Kate TaylorDo I Still Figure In Your Life1970Producer
Kate TaylorHandbags And Gladrags1970Producer
Kate TaylorHome Again1970Producer
Kate TaylorJesus Is Just Alright1970Producer
Kate TaylorLook At Granny Run, Run1970Producer
Kate TaylorSweet Honesty1970Producer
Kate TaylorWhere You Lead1971Producer
Kate TaylorWhite Lightning1970Producer
Kate TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes1970Producer
Kenny LogginsFor The First Time1996Producer
Linda RonstadtAdios1989Producer
Linda RonstadtAlison1978Producer
Linda RonstadtAll That You Dream1978Producer
Linda RonstadtAlma adentro1992Producer
Linda RonstadtBack In The USA1978Producer
Linda RonstadtBandit & A Heartbreaker1999Producer
Linda RonstadtBlowing Away1978Producer
Linda RonstadtBlue Bayou1977Producer
Linda RonstadtBorder Town1978Producer
Linda RonstadtCan't We Be Friends1984Producer
Linda RonstadtCarmelita1977Producer
Linda RonstadtCorrido de cananea1987Producer
Linda RonstadtCost Of Love1980Producer
Linda RonstadtCrazy1976Producer
Linda RonstadtCry Like A Rainstorm1989Producer
Linda RonstadtCuando me querías tú?1992Producer
Linda RonstadtDespojos1992Producer
Linda RonstadtDon't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)1993Producer
Linda RonstadtDos arbolitos1987Producer
Linda RonstadtDown So Low1976Producer
Linda RonstadtEasy For You To Say1982Producer
Linda RonstadtEl sol que tú eres1987Producer
Linda RonstadtEn mi soledad1992Producer
Linda RonstadtEntre abismos1992Producer
Linda RonstadtFaithless Love1974Producer
Linda RonstadtFalling In Love Again1984Producer
Linda RonstadtFalling Star1978Producer
Linda RonstadtFrenesí1992Producer
Linda RonstadtGainesville1999Producer
Linda RonstadtGet Closer1982Producer
Linda RonstadtGirls Talk1980Producer
Linda RonstadtGive One Heart1976Producer
Linda RonstadtGoodbye My Friend1989Producer
Linda RonstadtHasten Down The Wind1976Producer
Linda RonstadtHay unos ojos1987Producer
Linda RonstadtHeart Like A Wheel1974Producer
Linda RonstadtHeartbeats Accelerating1993Producer
Linda RonstadtHeat Wave1975Producer
Linda RonstadtHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox1975Producer
Linda RonstadtHow Do I Make You1979Producer
Linda RonstadtHurt So Bad1980Producer
Linda RonstadtI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1974Producer
Linda RonstadtI Can't Let Go1980Producer
Linda RonstadtI Keep It Hid1989Producer
Linda RonstadtI Knew You When1982Producer
Linda RonstadtI Love You For Sentimental Reasons1986Producer
Linda RonstadtI Will Always Love You1975Producer
Linda RonstadtIf He's Ever Near1976Producer
Linda RonstadtI'm A Fool To Want You1984Producer
Linda RonstadtIt Doesn't Matter Anymore1974Producer
Linda RonstadtIt Never Entered My Mind1984Producer
Linda RonstadtIt's So Easy1977Producer
Linda RonstadtJust One Look1978Producer
Linda RonstadtJustine1980Producer
Linda RonstadtKeep Me From Blowing Away1974Producer
Linda RonstadtLa barca de guaymas1987Producer
Linda RonstadtLa calandria1987Producer
Linda RonstadtLa charreada1987Producer
Linda RonstadtLa cigarra1987Producer
Linda RonstadtLies1982Producer
Linda RonstadtLo siento mi vida1976Producer
Linda RonstadtLook Out For My Love1980Producer
Linda RonstadtLos laureles1987Producer
Linda RonstadtLose Again1976Producer
Linda RonstadtLove Is A Rose1975Producer
Linda RonstadtLove Me Tender1978Producer
Linda RonstadtLush Life1984Producer
Linda RonstadtMad Love1980Producer
Linda RonstadtMany Rivers To Cross1975Producer
Linda RonstadtMaybe I'm Right1977Producer
Linda RonstadtMean To Me1984Producer
Linda RonstadtMentira Salome1992Producer
Linda RonstadtMohammed's Radio1978Producer
Linda RonstadtMr. Radio1982Producer
Linda RonstadtMy Hero1999Producer
Linda RonstadtMy Old Flame1984Producer
Linda RonstadtOld Paint1977Producer
Linda RonstadtOoh Baby Baby1978Producer
Linda RonstadtParty Girl1980Producer
Linda RonstadtPeople Gonna Talk1982Producer
Linda RonstadtPerfidia1992Producer
Linda RonstadtPiel canela1992Producer
Linda RonstadtPiensa en mí1992Producer
Linda RonstadtPoor Poor Pitiful Me1977Producer
Linda RonstadtPoor Wandering One1999Producer
Linda RonstadtPor un amor1987Producer
Linda RonstadtPrisoner In Disguise1975Producer
Linda RonstadtQuiéreme mucho1992Producer
Linda RonstadtRambler Gambler1979Producer
Linda RonstadtRivers Of Babylon1976Producer
Linda RonstadtRogaciano el huapanguero1987Producer
Linda RonstadtRoll Um Easy1975Producer
Linda RonstadtRuler Of My Heart1998Producer
Linda RonstadtSandman's Coming1999Producer
Linda RonstadtShattered1989Producer
Linda RonstadtSilver Blue1975Producer
Linda RonstadtSimple Man, Simple Dream1977Producer
Linda RonstadtSkylark1984Producer
Linda RonstadtSo Right, So Wrong1989Producer
Linda RonstadtSomeone To Lay Down Beside Me1976Producer
Linda RonstadtSophisticated Lady1984Producer
Linda RonstadtSorrow Lives Here1977Producer
Linda RonstadtSorry Her Lot1999Producer
Linda RonstadtStill Within The Sound Of My Voice1989Producer
Linda RonstadtTalk To Me Of Mendocino1982Producer
Linda RonstadtTalking In The Dark1980Producer
Linda RonstadtTe quiero dijiste1992Producer
Linda RonstadtTell Him1982Producer
Linda RonstadtThat'll Be The Day1976Producer
Linda RonstadtThe Blacksmith1999Producer
Linda RonstadtThe Dark End Of The Street1974Producer
Linda RonstadtThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1982Producer
Linda RonstadtThe Tattler1976Producer
Linda RonstadtTracks Of My Tears1975Producer
Linda RonstadtTrouble Again1989Producer
Linda RonstadtTry Me Again1976Producer
Linda RonstadtTú sólo tú1987Producer
Linda RonstadtTumbling Dice1977Producer
Linda RonstadtVerdad amarga1992Producer
Linda RonstadtWhen I Fall In Love1984Producer
Linda RonstadtWhen I Grow Too Old To Dream1978Producer
Linda RonstadtWhen Will I Be Loved1974Producer
Linda RonstadtWhen Your Lover Has Gone1984Producer
Linda RonstadtWhite Rhythm And Blues1978Producer
Linda RonstadtWilling1974Producer
Linda RonstadtY ándale1987Producer
Linda RonstadtYou Can Close Your Eyes1974Producer
Linda RonstadtYou Tell Me That I'm Falling Down1975Producer
Linda RonstadtYou Took Advantage Of Me1984Producer
Linda RonstadtYou're No Good1974Producer
Linda Ronstadt & Dolly PartonI Never Will Marry1977Producer
Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisHonky Tonk Blues1974Producer
Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisThe Sweetest Gift1975Producer
Linda Ronstadt & J.D. SoutherHearts Against The Wind1980Producer
Linda Ronstadt & J.D. SoutherSometimes You Just Can't Win1977Producer
Linda Ronstadt & James IngramSomewhere Out There1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt & James TaylorI Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine1982Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraCrazy He Calls Me1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraGood-Bye1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraI Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraI've Got A Crush On You1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraLover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraWhat'll I Do1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraWhat's New1983Producer
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron NevilleAll My Life1989Producer
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron NevilleDon't Know Much1989Producer
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron NevilleI Need You1989Producer
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron NevilleWhen Something Is Wrong With My Baby1989Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraAm I Blue1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBewitched, Bothered & Bewildered1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBut Not For Me1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraI Get Along Without You Very Well1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLittle Girl Blue1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraMy Funny Valentine1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra'Round Midnight1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraStraighten Up And Fly Right1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraWhen You Wish Upon A Star1986Producer
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraYou Go To My Head1986Producer
Lyle LovettWell All Right2011Producer
Maria McKeeShow Me Heaven1990Producer
Miguel feat. WaleBennie And The Jets2014Producer
MorrisseyRedondo Beach2005Producer
Natalie MerchantLearning The Game2011Producer
Neil DiamondA Groovy Kind Of Love1993Producer
Neil DiamondA Mission Of Love2001Producer
Neil DiamondAngels We Have Heard On High1994Producer
Neil DiamondAt The Movies2001Producer
Neil DiamondAway In A Manger1994Producer
Neil DiamondBaby Let's Drive2001Producer
Neil DiamondCandlelight Carol1994Producer
Neil DiamondDeck The Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas1994Producer
Neil DiamondDo You Know The Way To San Jose?1993Producer
Neil DiamondDon't Be Cruel1993Producer
Neil DiamondDon't Look Down2001Producer
Neil DiamondDon't Make Me Over1993Producer
Neil DiamondElijah's Song2001Producer
Neil DiamondGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1992Producer
Neil DiamondHallelujah Chorus1994Producer
Neil DiamondHappy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen1993Producer
Neil DiamondHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1992Producer
Neil DiamondHark! The Herald Angels Sing1992Producer
Neil DiamondHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas1994Producer
Neil DiamondI (Who Have Nothing)1993Producer
Neil DiamondI Believe In Happy Endings2001Producer
Neil DiamondI Haven't Played This Song In Years2001Producer
Neil DiamondI'll Be Home For Christmas1994Producer
Neil DiamondJingle Bell Rock1992Producer
Neil DiamondJoy To The World1994Producer
Neil DiamondLeave A Little Room For God2001Producer
Neil DiamondLittle Drummer Boy1992Producer
Neil DiamondLove Potion Number Nine1993Producer
Neil DiamondMary's Little Boy Child1994Producer
Neil DiamondMidnight Dream2001Producer
Neil DiamondMorning Has Broken1992Producer
Neil DiamondMy Special Someone2001Producer
Neil DiamondO Come All Ye Faithful1994Producer
Neil DiamondO Come O Come Emmanuel / We Three Kings1992Producer
Neil DiamondO Holy Night1992Producer
Neil DiamondO Little Town Of Bethlehem1994Producer
Neil DiamondOne Hand, One Heart1991Producer
Neil DiamondRiver Deep - Mountain High1993Producer
Neil DiamondRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer1994Producer
Neil DiamondSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town1992Producer
Neil DiamondSave The Last Dance For Me1993Producer
Neil DiamondSilent Night1992Producer
Neil DiamondSilver Bells1992Producer
Neil DiamondSleigh Ride1994Producer
Neil DiamondSpanish Harlem1993Producer
Neil DiamondSweets For My Sweet1993Producer
Neil DiamondTen Lonely Guys1993Producer
Neil DiamondThe Christmas Song1992Producer
Neil DiamondThe First Noel1994Producer
Neil DiamondTurn Down The Lights2001Producer
Neil DiamondUp On The Roof1993Producer
Neil DiamondWhen You Miss Your Love1991Producer
Neil DiamondWhite Christmas1992Producer
Neil DiamondWill You Love Me Tomorrow1993Producer
Neil DiamondWinter Wonderland1994Producer
Neil DiamondYou Are The Best Part Of Me2001Producer
Neil Diamond with Dolly PartonYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'1993Producer
Neil Diamond with Mary's DanishDo Wah Diddy Diddy1993Producer
Olivia Newton-JohnI Want To Be Wanted1992Producer
Pat MonahanMaybe Baby2011Producer
Patrick StumpEveryday2011Producer
Paul JonesAnd The Sun Will Shine1968Producer
Paul JonesBaby Now That I Found You1969Producer
Paul JonesHomburg1969Producer
Paul JonesHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)1969Producer
Paul JonesTell It Like It Is1969Producer
Paul JonesThe Committee1969Producer
Paul JonesThe Dog Presides1968Producer
Paul JonesThe Float1969Producer
Paul JonesThe Weight1969Producer
Paul JonesWhen I Was Six Years Old1968Producer
Paul JonesYou Have No Idea1968Producer
Peter & Gordon'Cos You're A Star1968Producer
Peter & GordonDon't Pity Me1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonFreedom Is A Breakfast Food1968Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonGreener Days1967Producer
Peter & GordonHard Time, Rainy Day1969Producer
Peter & GordonHurtin' Is Lovin'1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonI Can Remember (Not Too Long Ago)1969Producer
Peter & GordonI Don't Care What They Say1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonI Feel Like Going Out1968Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonI Told You So1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonI Would Buy You Presents1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonIf I Were You1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonIf You Wish1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonLast Night I Woke1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonLeave Me Alone1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonLeave Me In The Rain1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonLove Me Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonMorning's Calling1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonNever Ever1967Producer
Peter & GordonPretty Mary1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonShe Needs Love1968Producer
Peter & GordonSippin' My Wine1968Producer
Peter & GordonSoft As The Dawn1964Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonStart Trying Someone Else1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonStranger With A Black Dove1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonTears Don't Stop1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonThe Magic Story Of The Park Keeper And His Fairy Godmother1968Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonThe Quest For the Holy Grail1968Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonThe Town I Live In1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonUncle Hartington1968Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonWhen The Black Of Your Eyes Turns To Grey1965Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonWrong From The Start1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonYou've Had Better Times1968Producer
Peter AsherLove Always Comes As A Surprise2012Music/Lyrics
Peter BlakeleyYou Never Heard It From Me1990Producer
Raul MaloAngel Flying Too Close To The Ground2006Producer
Raul MaloAt Last2006Producer
Raul MaloFeels Like Home2006Producer
Raul MaloFor You2006Producer
Raul MaloGames That Lovers Play2006Producer
Raul MaloRemember2006Producer
Raul MaloRun To Me2006Producer
Raul MaloSecret Heart2006Producer
Raul MaloSo Sad2006Producer
Raul MaloTomorrow Night2006Producer
Raul MaloYou're Only Lonely2006Producer
Raul Malo with Martina McBrideFeels Like Home2006Producer
REO SpeedwagonJust For You1999Producer
Ringo StarrGolden Blunders1992Producer
Ringo StarrThink It Over2011Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaSouth Of Heaven's Chanting Mermaids2011Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.11:112012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Diablo rojo2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Hanuman2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Ixtapa2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Juan loco2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Logos2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Master Maqui2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Santo Domingo2012Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.Tamacun2012Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellAlways Will2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellAnother Round2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellHeart Of The Dreamer2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellHeartbreaker2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellI Had A Vision2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellI Have You2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellI'm By Your Side2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellMine All Mine2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellMy Baby2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellSo Familiar2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellWay Back In The Day2015Producer
Steve Martin & Edie BrickellWon't Go Back2015Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellFighter2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellFriend Of Mine2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellGet Along Stray Dog2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellKing Of Boys2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellLove Has Come For You2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellRemember Me This Way2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellSarah Jane And The Iron Mountain Baby2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellShawnee2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellSiamese Cat2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellSun's Gonna Shine2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellWhen You Get To Asheville2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellWho You Gonna Take?2013Producer
Steve Martin / Edie BrickellYes She Did2013Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersAll Night Long2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersAlways Will2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersAngeline The Barista2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersBad Night2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersCanadian Girl2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersCaroline2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersGirl From River Run2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersNights In The Lab2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersOffice Supplies2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersOn The Water2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersPromontory Point2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersSanta Fe2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersSo Familiar2017Producer
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon RangersStrangest Christmas Yet2017Producer
Stevie NicksNot Fade Away2011Producer
The Band PerryGrey Seal2014Producer
The Barron KnightsUnder New Management1966Music/Lyrics
The FrayTake Your Time2011Producer
The LettermenYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'1965Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersInspiration1974Music/Lyrics
The TurtlesWrong From The Start1969Music/Lyrics
The Williams BrothersPeople Are People1991Producer
Tina ArenaShow Me Heaven1994Producer
Tony Joe WhiteA Night In The Life Of A Swamp Fox1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteBlack Panther Swamps1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteCopper Kettle1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteFive Summers For Jimmy1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteI Just Walked Away1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteMy Kind Of Woman1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteThe Change1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteThe Daddy1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteThey Caught The Devil And Put Him In Jail In Eudora, Arkansas1970Producer
Tony Joe WhiteTraveling Bone1971Producer
Tony Joe WhiteVoodoo Village1971Producer
Vanity FareBeach Boys Medley: California Girls / Wouldn't It Be Nice / Little Deuce Coupe / Help Me Rhonda / God Only Knows1988Music/Lyrics
Warren ZevonCarmelita1976Producer
Warren ZevonExcitable Boy1977Producer
Warren ZevonHasten Down The Wind1976Producer
Warren ZevonMohammed's Radio1975Producer
Warren ZevonPoor Poor Pitiful Me1975Producer
Warren ZevonWerewolves Of London1977Producer
Zooey DeschanelIt's So Easy2011Producer

Somewhere Out There (Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram)1987-05-20152
Show Me Heaven (Maria McKee)1990-11-0727
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (Cher)1991-04-241011
Redondo Beach (Morrissey)2005-04-14333
I Believe In Happy Endings (Neil Diamond)75.29
The Dark End Of The Street (Linda Ronstadt)105.2
Faithless Love (Linda Ronstadt)85
Carmelita (Linda Ronstadt)85
Hasten Down The Wind (Linda Ronstadt)75
Lose Again (Linda Ronstadt)75
Goodbye My Friend (Linda Ronstadt)65
Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (Linda Ronstadt)65
Surrounded (Chantal Kreviazuk)55
Try Me Again (Linda Ronstadt)55
Kick The Habit (Anna Vissi)55
Show Me Heaven (Maria McKee)1594.92
When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Diana Ross)484.92
If We Hold On Together (Diana Ross)384.89
Mohammed's Radio (Linda Ronstadt)84.88
White Rhythm And Blues (Linda Ronstadt)84.88
Willing (Linda Ronstadt)84.88
You Can Close Your Eyes (Linda Ronstadt)84.88
Up On The Roof (James Taylor)154.87
My Funny Valentine (Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra)74.86
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (Cher)2264.49
Show Me Heaven (Maria McKee)1594.92
It's So Easy (Linda Ronstadt)1004.5
Don't Know Much (Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron Neville)954.79
Love Can Build A Bridge (Cher, Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry with Eric Clapton)773.99
Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon)654.29
Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt)614.26
Fire And Rain (James Taylor)534.68
Heart Of Stone (Cher)524.75
When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Diana Ross)484.92
You've Got A Friend (James Taylor)484.65
You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt)474.83
Lonely Boy (Andrew Gold)464.7
After All (Cher & Peter Cetera)464.57
Oh No Not My Baby (Cher)454.07
If We Hold On Together (Diana Ross)384.89
Somewhere Out There (Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram)374.68
All My Life (Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron Neville)354.43
When Will I Be Loved (Linda Ronstadt)324.81
That'll Be The Day (Linda Ronstadt)304.67

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