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After The FireLaser Love1979Producer
After The FireLife In The City1979Producer
After The FireLike The Power Of A Jet1979Producer
After The FireTake Me Higher1979Producer
After The FireTime To Think1979Producer
After The FireTimestar1979Producer
AlessiGimme Some Lovin'1979Music/Lyrics
Bay City RollersLove Me Like I Love You1976Producer
Bay City RollersMama Li1976Producer
Booker T. & The M.G.'sGimme Some Lovin'2003Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyGimme Some Lovin'1968Music/Lyrics
CloutGimme Some Loving1979Music/Lyrics
Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline1977Producer
Dire StraitsIn The Gallery1978Producer
Dire StraitsLions1978Producer
Dire StraitsSetting Me Up1978Producer
Dire StraitsSix Blade Knife1978Producer
Dire StraitsSouthbound Again1978Producer
Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing1977Producer
Dire StraitsWater Of Love1978Producer
Dire StraitsWild West End1977Producer
Disco Rock MachineGimme Some Lovin'1979Music/Lyrics
Don & The GoodtimesGimme Some Lovin'1967Music/Lyrics
Fritz & GeorgeGimme Some Lovin1987Music/Lyrics
Fun FunGimme Some Loving1987Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteGimme Some Lovin'1986Music/Lyrics
InsidersGimme Some Lovin'1988Music/Lyrics
Kevin AyersBallad Of Mr. Snake1976Producer
Kevin AyersBlue1976Producer
Kevin AyersEveryone Knows The Song1976Producer
Kevin AyersFalling In Love Again1976Producer
Kevin AyersHelp Me1976Producer
Kevin AyersLove's Gonna Turn You Round1976Producer
Kevin AyersMr. Cool1976Producer
Kevin AyersStar1976Producer
Kevin AyersThe Owl1976Producer
Kevin AyersYes I Do1976Producer
KongasGimme Some Lovin'1977Music/Lyrics
KrokusGimme Some Lovin'2017Music/Lyrics
LemarGimme Some Lovin'2015Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanGet Ready / Gimme Some Lovin'2011Music/Lyrics
MorningstarGimme Some Lovin'1979Music/Lyrics
Nirvana [UK]I Believe In Magic1967Producer
Nirvana [UK]Rainbow Chaser1968Producer
Nirvana [UK]Tiny Goddess1967Producer
Olivia Newton-JohnGimme Some Lovin'1978Music/Lyrics
Phillip Goodhand-TaitAirborne1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitAngeltown1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitAre You Alone1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitDon't Treat Your Lover Like A Thief1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitI Want To Winter With You1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitIf We Ever Meet Again1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitJust A Dream1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitParade1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitPrivate Lives1977Producer
Phillip Goodhand-TaitThe Lady Lives In England1977Producer
Ronnie JonesGimme Some Lovin'1992Music/Lyrics
Roots 66Gimme Some Lovin'2005Music/Lyrics
RubiconGimme Some Loving1979Music/Lyrics
Ryan ShawGimme Some Lovin'2012Music/Lyrics
Sergio & The LadiesGimme Some Lovin'2002Music/Lyrics
SparksAlabamy Right1974Producer
SparksAmateur Hour1974Producer
SparksAt Home, At Work, At Play1974Producer
SparksBon Voyage1974Producer
SparksDon't Leave Me Alone With Her1974Producer
SparksFalling In Love With Myself1974Producer
SparksGet In The Swing1975Producer
SparksHasta Manana Monsieur1974Producer
SparksHere In Heaven1974Producer
SparksIn My Family1974Producer
SparksLost And Found1974Producer
SparksMarry Me1974Producer
SparksNever Turn Your Back On Mother Earth1974Producer
SparksSomething For The Girl With Everything1974Producer
SparksTalent Is An Asset1974Producer
SparksThank God It's Not Christmas1974Producer
SparksThanks But No Thanks1974Producer
SparksThis Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us1974Producer
SparksWho Don't Like Kids1974Producer
SpiritGimme Some Lovin'1996Music/Lyrics
Steve WinwoodGimme Some Lovin2005Music/Lyrics
Sutherland BrothersAnnie1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersBig Brother1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersHallelujah1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersI Was In Chains1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersLady Like You1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersLong Long Day1971Producer
Sutherland BrothersMedium Wave1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersMidnight Avenue1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersSleeping Dog1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersSunny Street, W141972Producer
Sutherland BrothersThe Pie1971Producer
Sutherland BrothersWars Of The Roses1972Producer
Sutherland BrothersWhere In The World1972Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverBad Loser1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverBeat Of The Street1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverBluesy World1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverBone Dry1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverChampion The Underdog1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverChange The Wind1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverDevil, Are You Satisfied1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverDon't Mess Up1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverDream Kid1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverFlying Down To Rio1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverHave You Had A Vision1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverHi Life Music1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverI Hear Thunder1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverLast Boy Over The Moon1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverLifeboat1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverLiving In Love1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverMaker1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverNot Fade Away1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverReal Love1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverRock And Roll Show1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverRollin' Away / Rocky Road / Saved By The Angel1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverSaviour In The Rain1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverSeagull / Lonely Love1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverSilver Sister1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverSpace Hymn1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverWhere Do We Go Wrong1973Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverWorld In Action1974Producer
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverYou And Me1973Producer
Sylvie VartanDonne-moi ton amour1967Music/Lyrics
Terry ReidGimme Some Lovin'1990Music/Lyrics
The Blues BrothersGimme Some Lovin'1980Music/Lyrics
The DodgersDon't Know What You're Doing1976Producer
The DodgersDon't Let Me Be Wrong1976Producer
The DodgersDown1976Producer
The DodgersGet To You1977Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesChicago Boxcar (Boston Back)1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesConvent Girls1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesMirror Star1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesMugs Game1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesOh Cheryl1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesSuicide Bridge1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesThird Rate Romance1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesTit Photographer's Blues1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesTopless GoGo1978Producer
The Fabulous PoodlesToytown People1978Producer
The Kursaal FlyersEverything But A Heartbeat1977Producer
The Kursaal FlyersGirlfriend Kinda Guy1977Producer
The Kursaal FlyersGirls That Don't Exist1977Producer
The Kursaal FlyersRevolver1977Producer
The Kursaal FlyersTelevision Generation1977Producer
The Kursaal FlyersThe Sky's Falling In On Our Love1977Producer
The Nashville TeensKeep On Running / Somebody Help Me / Gimme Some Loving1982Music/Lyrics
The OutsidersGimme Some Lovin'1967Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupBack Into My Life Again1966Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupGimme Some Loving1966Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupGoodbye Stevie1965Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupHey Darling1967Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupHigh Time Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupStevie's Blues1966Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupStevie's Groove1967Music/Lyrics
The Sutherland Brothers BandSailing1972Producer
The Sutherland Brothers BandWho's Crying Now1972Producer
The VibratorsGimme Some Lovin'1980Music/Lyrics
ThunderGimme Some Lovin'1990Music/Lyrics
TrafficGimme Some Lovin'1971Music/Lyrics
Trevor ReidGimme Some Lovin'1990Music/Lyrics
Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)2385.21
Equator (Sparks)55.2
Down To The Waterline (Dire Straits)585.07
Setting Me Up (Dire Straits)315.03
At Home, At Work, At Play (Sparks)95
Here In Heaven (Sparks)65
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (Sparks)924.97
Amateur Hour (Sparks)384.92
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Sparks)184.89
Reinforcements (Sparks)94.89
Thank God It's Not Christmas (Sparks)74.86
Gimme Some Loving (The Spencer Davis Group)694.86
Wild West End (Dire Straits)334.82
Lions (Dire Straits)284.75
In The Gallery (Dire Straits)314.74
Water Of Love (Dire Straits)524.73
Gimme Some Lovin' (Thunder)114.73
Rainbow Chaser (Nirvana [UK])134.69
Falling In Love With Myself (Sparks)64.67
Six Blade Knife (Dire Straits)324.66
Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)2385.21
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (Sparks)924.97
Gimme Some Loving (The Spencer Davis Group)694.86
Down To The Waterline (Dire Straits)585.07
Water Of Love (Dire Straits)524.73
Love Me Like I Love You (Bay City Rollers)413.8
Amateur Hour (Sparks)384.92
Gimme Some Lovin' (The Blues Brothers)364.64
Southbound Again (Dire Straits)344.65
Wild West End (Dire Straits)334.82
Six Blade Knife (Dire Straits)324.66
Setting Me Up (Dire Straits)315.03
In The Gallery (Dire Straits)314.74
Lions (Dire Straits)284.75
Something For The Girl With Everything (Sparks)273.67
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Sparks)184.89
Sailing (The Sutherland Brothers Band)174.24
Gimme Some Loving (Fun Fun)153.33
Rainbow Chaser (Nirvana [UK])134.69
Gimme Some Lovin' (Terry Reid)134.38

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