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Andrea JürgensDie Liebe kommt1991Music/Lyrics
Andrea JürgensWenn ich nun geh'1986Music/Lyrics
Andrea JürgensWie am allerersten Tag1991Music/Lyrics
Andrea JürgensWir sehen uns wieder (Medley)2017Music/Lyrics
Andrea Jürgens & Robby TauberMi amor1984Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayAre You Still In Love With Me1987Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayGive Me Your Love1987Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayGotcha1986Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayHarmony1987Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayMy Life's A Dance1986Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayWho's Leaving Who1986Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayWithout You1987Music/Lyrics
Anne Murray & Doug MalloryPerfect Strangers1987Music/Lyrics
Arno Jehli & sein klingendes AkkordeonSanto Domingo2017Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersA Woman In Me1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersBanks Of The Ohio1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersBella Italia1987Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersGuantanamera1984Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersJim, Jeff & Johnny1985Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersOn The Beach Of Montego Bay1984Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersSanto Domingo1984Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersSummernight In Rome1985Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersTennessee Nights (Mama Chiquita)1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersThese Silver Wings (La Golondrina)1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersTo All The Survivors1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersYellow Rose Of Texas1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersYesterday's Love1986Music/Lyrics
Audrey Landers & Camilo SestoMi amor1984Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishForget Me Not1989Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishHeaven Is A 4 Letter Word1989Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishLife At The Top1991Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishPray For Rain1991Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishStraight To Your Heart1991Music/Lyrics
Bert HeerinkUit 't oog uit 't hart2000Music/Lyrics
Bill MuellerSeptember Love1985Music/Lyrics
Bill MuellerWhat Are You Waiting For1985Producer
Cheap TrickMighty Wings1986Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghShe Must Have Known2002Music/Lyrics
ChristoffIch hab mich auf den ersten Blick verliebt2014Music/Lyrics
ChristoffM'n beste vriend2014Music/Lyrics
ContrabandIntimate Outrage1991Music/Lyrics
ContrabandKiss By Kiss1991Music/Lyrics
Dan LucasBy The Riverside1994Music/Lyrics
Dan LucasWhere Would I Be1994Music/Lyrics
David CassidyTreat Me Like You Used To1992Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffAre You Still In Love With Me1991Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffCasablanca1991Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffFlying On The Wings Of Tenderness1989Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffFoolish Lullaby1992Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffIn Stereo1991Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffLady1989Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffLet's Dance Tonight1990Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffRoom In Your Heart1991Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffSeptember Love1990Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffTorero - Te quiero1989Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffWho's Leaving Who1991Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffYesterday's Love1989Music/Lyrics
Don DokkenMirror Mirror1990Music/Lyrics
Ednita NazarioRoom Enough1991Music/Lyrics
EmmanuelUna nueva vida1990Music/Lyrics
EngelbertBella Italia1988Music/Lyrics
EngelbertFollow My Heartbeat1985Music/Lyrics
EngelbertGoodbye Maria1986Music/Lyrics
EngelbertI Love You1987Music/Lyrics
EngelbertLove Life1985Music/Lyrics
EngelbertMy Heart1986Music/Lyrics
EngelbertPortofino (Remix)1992Music/Lyrics
EngelbertThe Spanish Night Is Over1986Music/Lyrics
EngelbertTokyo Tears1988Music/Lyrics
EngelbertTorero (She Brings Him Spanish Roses)1986Music/Lyrics
EngelbertUnder The Man In The Moon1987Music/Lyrics
Engelbert with The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraHearts In The Dark1992Music/Lyrics
Engelbert with The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraOnly Love1992Music/Lyrics
GiantI'm A Believer1989Music/Lyrics
GiantPromise Land2009Music/Lyrics
GiantThrough My Eyes2010Music/Lyrics
Guy SwinnenMy Dearest Friend (Live)2015Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanWho's Leaving Who1988Music/Lyrics
HeartCruel Tears1990Music/Lyrics
Herrey'sEn liten bit av himlen1985Music/Lyrics
House Of LordsInside You1992Music/Lyrics
House Of LordsSpirit Of Love1992Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleMan On The House On The Hill1985Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleMaybe Tonight1985Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleTokyo Tears1985Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellDie Sonne geht auf1985Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellGolden Boy1987Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellKiss My Love Goodbye1988Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellMarokko1985Music/Lyrics
Jack's ProjectShy Shy Sugarman1986Music/Lyrics
John BerryCan't Get Enough2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryEternally2001Producer
John BerryEverybody Knows2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryHe Makes Me Want Her Again2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryHow Much Do You Love Me2001Producer
John BerryI Promise You2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryLet's Find Out2001Producer
John BerryLove Is For Giving1999Producer
John BerryLove Was Made For Us1999Producer
John BerryPower Windows1999Producer
John BerryRescued Me1999Producer
John BerryRivers In The Clouds1999Producer
John BerrySalvation1999Producer
John BerrySanctuary2001Producer
John BerrySettle For Everything2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryThe One You Love1999Producer
John BerryToday2001Music/Lyrics
John BerryUntil I'm Loving You1999Producer
John BerryWhere Would I Be1999Producer
John BerryYou Make Me Believe2001Producer
John BerryYou'll Be In My Heart1999Producer
John BerryYou're The Voice1999Producer
Julian LennonAnd She Cries1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonCold1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonCreo que voy a llorar1991Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonDay After Day1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonDon't Let Me Down1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonGood To Be Lonely1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonI Don't Wanna Know1998Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonSaltwater1991Music/Lyrics
KansasOne Man, One Heart1988Music/Lyrics
KoningHier in mijn hart2009Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganFoolish Lullaby1985Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganMaybe Tonight1985Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganSatisfaction1984Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganTenderness1985Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganWhen I'm With You1985Music/Lyrics
Leena VanamoHullut haaveet1985Music/Lyrics
Lila McCannCan You Hear Me1999Producer
Lila McCannCrush1999Producer
Lila McCannDown Came A Blackbird1997Music/Lyrics
Lila McCannGo Girl1999Producer
Lila McCannHit By Love1999Producer
Lila McCannI Reckon I Will1999Producer
Lila McCannI Will Be1999Producer
Lila McCannKiss Me Now1999Producer
Lila McCannRhymes With1999Producer
Lila McCannSomething In The Air1999Producer
Lila McCannWhen You Walked Into My Life1999Producer
Lila McCannWith You1999Producer
Lila McCannYippy Ky Yay1997Music/Lyrics
Lila McCannYou're Gone1999Producer
Lita FordBad Boy1990Music/Lyrics
Luis EnriqueDesesperado1988Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann's Earth BandTumbling Ball1996Music/Lyrics
Marco BakkerGoodbye My Love1987Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroBetter With A Broken Heart1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroCampbell River Road1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroDesert Bloom1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroDon't Leave Me In Love1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroGuardian Angel1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroIn Stereo1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroKiss The World Away1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroMaybe It's Time1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroMorocco1984Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroMy Devotion1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroMy Heart1984Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroOne For You, One For Me1985Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroRoom In Your Heart1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroSunset City1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroTenderness1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroThe Valley Of Love1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroUh Oh1986Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroValdez1997Music/Lyrics
Mark SpiroWinds Of Change1985Music/Lyrics
Marlene RicciA Woman In Me (Some Get The Silver, Some Get The Stone)1985Music/Lyrics
Marlene RicciRomeo1985Music/Lyrics
Marlene RicciYour Love Broke Through1984Music/Lyrics
Marlene RicciYou're Changing My Life1984Music/Lyrics
Mr. BigAin't Seen Love Like That1993Music/Lyrics
Ochsenknecht1000 Miles1994Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtBetter With A Broken Heart1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtCruel Tears1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtFantasy Town1994Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtHolding You1994Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtIf I Had A Wish1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtI'll Be There1994Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtMid-Western Sky1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtOne Man, One Heart1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtSafe Inside (My Love)1992Music/Lyrics
OchsenknechtStill In Love1994Music/Lyrics
Parrish & ToppanoLight In The Darkness1987Music/Lyrics
Parrish & ToppanoSong In My Heart1988Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaHit-Medley (Freedom For The World / Someday / It Hurts To See You Cry)2005Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaIt Hurts To See You Cry1987Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaSomeday1987Music/Lyrics
Paul Anka & Céline DionIt's Hard To Say Goodbye1991Music/Lyrics
Pia ZadoraFollow My Heartbeat1983Music/Lyrics
Pia ZadoraLet's Dance Tonight1984Music/Lyrics
Pia ZadoraLittle Bit Of Heaven1983Music/Lyrics
Pia ZadoraReal Love1984Music/Lyrics
Pollyanna ZybachSanto Domingo2016Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonHalf Way1990Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoGoodbye Maria1986Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoTorero (er bringt ihr spanische Rosen)1986Music/Lyrics
Richard GriecoWaiting For A Sky To Fall1996Music/Lyrics
Roberto BlancoSonnenaufgang in Athen1987Music/Lyrics
Robin ZanderWalkin' Shoes1993Music/Lyrics
RouvenI Remember1987Music/Lyrics
RouvenI'm On Fire1988Music/Lyrics
RouvenTogether (Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness)1986Music/Lyrics
Shane MinorA Girl Like That1999Music/Lyrics
Shane MinorChange Your Mind1999Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsThe One That You Love1987Music/Lyrics
The Blaze [1980s]Siam Jan1982Music/Lyrics
TMFCalifornia Cadillac1984Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieHit Mix1997Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieSeptember Love1990Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieTorero1991Music/Lyrics
Ville LeinonenTyydytys2017Music/Lyrics
Mighty Wings (Cheap Trick)415.22
Forget Me Not (Bad English)105
You're Changing My Life (Marlene Ricci)65
Straight To Your Heart (Bad English)134.92
Torero (Tony Christie)84.75
Saltwater (Julian Lennon)834.67
I'm A Believer (Giant)94.67
I Don't Wanna Know (Julian Lennon)114.64
Satisfaction (Laura Branigan)414.59
September Love (Tony Christie)94.56
Hit Mix (Tony Christie)64.5
Who's Leaving Who (Hazell Dean)954.46
Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word (Bad English)94.44
Day After Day (Julian Lennon)154.4
Die Sonne geht auf (Isabel Varell)94.33
I Love You (Engelbert)64.33
Jim, Jeff & Johnny (Audrey Landers)144.29
Saltwater (Frida)74.29
Little Bit Of Heaven (Pia Zadora)624.27
Maybe Tonight (Laura Branigan)244.25
Who's Leaving Who (Hazell Dean)954.46
Saltwater (Julian Lennon)834.67
Let's Dance Tonight (Pia Zadora)824.09
Little Bit Of Heaven (Pia Zadora)624.27
Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness (David Hasselhoff)513.96
The Spanish Night Is Over (Engelbert)423.38
Mighty Wings (Cheap Trick)415.22
Satisfaction (Laura Branigan)414.59
Let's Dance Tonight (David Hasselhoff)313.87
Mi amor (Audrey Landers & Camilo Sesto)273.26
Maybe Tonight (Laura Branigan)244.25
Summernight In Rome (Audrey Landers)243.71
Torero - Te quiero (David Hasselhoff)203.5
Torero (She Brings Him Spanish Roses) (Engelbert)193.53
September Love (David Hasselhoff)193.37
Shy Shy Sugarman (Jack's Project)174.12
Yesterday's Love (David Hasselhoff)173.71
Mi amor (Andrea Jürgens & Robby Tauber)163.62
Day After Day (Julian Lennon)154.4
Sonnenaufgang in Athen (Roberto Blanco)153.73

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