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Blue ZoneBe The Sugar1987Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneFeel It From The Inside1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneGreedy Love1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneHer Seedy Life1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneOn Fire1987Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneOne Kiss1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZonePerfect Crime1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneSugar Tree1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneThinking About His Baby1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneWe Will Cry1988Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneWithout A Word To Say1988Music/Lyrics
ColdcutMy Telephone1989Music/Lyrics
Coldcut feat. Lisa StansfieldPeople Hold On1989Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickFriends Can Be Lovers1993Music/Lyrics
Far East Movement feat. Flo Rida + Sidney SamsonChange Your Life2012Music/Lyrics
Iggy Azalea feat. QuavoSavior2018Music/Lyrics
Kate RyanAll Around The World2018Music/Lyrics
Lil' LoveLittle Love2005Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stansfield8-3-12001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldA Little More Love1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldAffection1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldAll Around The World1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldAll Woman1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldBe Mine1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldBillionaire2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldBoyfriend2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldButterflies2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldCandy2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldCan't Dance2013Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldCarry On2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldChange1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldComing Up For Air2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldConversation2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldDeeper2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldDesire2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldDidn't I2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldDon't Cry For Me1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldDon't Leave Now I'm In Love2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldEverything2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldEverything Will Get Better1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldFace Up2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldFirst Joy1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldFootsteps1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldGonna Try It Anyway1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldGoodbye1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldGot Me Missing You1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldHe Touches Me2005Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldHercules2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldHole In My Heart2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldHonest1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldHow Could You?2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldI Give You Everything1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldI Will Be Waiting1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldI'm Coming To Get You2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldIn All The Right Places1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldIt's Got To Be Real1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldI've Got Something Better2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldJust Can't Help Myself2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLay Me Down1990Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLet's Just Call It Love2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLittle Bit Of Heaven1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLive Together1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLove Can2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLove Of My Life2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldLove Without A Name2005Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldMake Love To Ya1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldMarvellous & Mine1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldMighty Love1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldMy Apple Heart1990Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldNever Ever2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldNever Gonna Fall1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldNever Set Me Free1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldPicket Fence2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldPoison1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldReal Love1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSet Your Loving Free1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldShe's Always There1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSincerity1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSing It1990Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSo Be It2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSo Natural1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSomeday (I'm Coming Back)1992Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSomething's Happenin'1990Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSomewhere In Time1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSoul Deep1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldStupid Heart2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSuzanne1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSweet Memories1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldSymptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldTake My Heart2005Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldTenderly1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Crown2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Line1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Love In Me1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Moment2005Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Rain2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Real Thing1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Very Thought Of You1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThe Way You Want It1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldThis Is The Right Time1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldTime To Make You Mine1991Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldTurn Me On1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldTwisted2018Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWake Up Baby1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWhat Did I Do To You?1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWhen Are You Coming Back?1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWhen The Last Sun Goes Down2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWhenever You're Gone1992Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWhy2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWish It Could Always Be This Way1993Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldWish On Me2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldYou Can Do That2001Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldYou Can't Deny It1989Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stansfield & Barry WhiteAll Around The World1992Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stansfield & Dug WolfsohnThe Real Thing1997Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stansfield vs. The Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsPeople Hold On1996Music/Lyrics
Michèle TorrLà où fond la banquise1995Music/Lyrics
Puff Daddy & The Family feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & MaseBeen Around The World1997Music/Lyrics
Richard DarbyshireThis I Swear1993Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyAll Woman1996Music/Lyrics
Thomas AndersAll Around The World2006Music/Lyrics
Wolf!All Around The World1990Music/Lyrics
YasmineMooi zo1991Music/Lyrics

All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield)1989-11-2947
Change (Lisa Stansfield)1991-10-23136
All Woman (Lisa Stansfield)1992-03-04381
The Real Thing (Lisa Stansfield)1997-03-21492
Been Around The World (Puff Daddy & The Family feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)1997-10-312210
Take My Heart (Lisa Stansfield)175
Never Gonna Fall (Lisa Stansfield)94.78
Billionaire (Lisa Stansfield)134.69
Marvellous & Mine (Lisa Stansfield)64.67
The Moment (Lisa Stansfield)114.64
Never Ever (Lisa Stansfield)54.6
I Give You Everything (Lisa Stansfield)54.6
All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield & Barry White)184.56
Little Love (Lil' Love)94.56
Carry On (Lisa Stansfield)104.5
All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield)1634.46
Can't Dance (Lisa Stansfield)124.42
8-3-1 (Lisa Stansfield)124.42
The Real Thing (Lisa Stansfield)704.4
Whenever You're Gone (Lisa Stansfield)54.4
A Little More Love (Lisa Stansfield)114.36
I Will Be Waiting (Lisa Stansfield)64.33
This Is The Right Time (Lisa Stansfield)734.32
Time To Make You Mine (Lisa Stansfield)504.3
Make Love To Ya (Lisa Stansfield)74.29
All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield)1634.46
Change (Lisa Stansfield)964.19
This Is The Right Time (Lisa Stansfield)734.32
The Real Thing (Lisa Stansfield)704.4
Live Together (Lisa Stansfield)683.76
Time To Make You Mine (Lisa Stansfield)504.3
People Hold On (Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield)494.24
Someday (I'm Coming Back) (Lisa Stansfield)434.26
Been Around The World (Puff Daddy & The Family feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)362.72
All Woman (Lisa Stansfield)304.23
What Did I Do To You? (Lisa Stansfield)303.83
In All The Right Places (Lisa Stansfield)284.14
So Natural (Lisa Stansfield)284.04
Set Your Loving Free (Lisa Stansfield)264.08
Let's Just Call It Love (Lisa Stansfield)263.54
Little Bit Of Heaven (Lisa Stansfield)223.91
You Can't Deny It (Lisa Stansfield)204
He Touches Me (Lisa Stansfield)194.26
All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield & Barry White)184.56
People Hold On (Lisa Stansfield vs. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)183.22

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