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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Jim Bowen
Al MartinoCanta libre1972Producer
Al MartinoTake Me Back1972Producer
Andy WilliamsAfter All This Time1991Producer
Andy WilliamsHere And Now1991Producer
Andy WilliamsIf I Had Only Known1991Producer
Andy WilliamsIf I Had You1991Producer
Andy WilliamsIf I Were You1991Producer
Andy WilliamsLast Chance1991Producer
Andy WilliamsOne Track Memory1991Producer
Andy WilliamsShip In A Bottle1991Producer
Andy WilliamsStill Under The Weather1991Producer
Andy WilliamsTill Then1991Producer
Barbara MandrellFeed The Fire1990Producer
Barbara MandrellI'd Rather Be Used (Than Not Needed At All)1990Producer
Barbara MandrellI'll Leave Something Good Behind1990Producer
Barbara MandrellMen And Trains1990Producer
Barbara MandrellMore Fun Than The Law Allows1990Producer
Barbara MandrellStraight And Narrow1990Producer
Barbara MandrellToo Soon To Tell1990Producer
Barbara MandrellWe Can't Go Back1990Producer
Barbara MandrellWhere Are The Pieces Of My Heart1990Producer
Barbara MandrellYou Gave It To Me1990Producer
Barney KesselDiamonds1963Producer
Barney KesselTV Commercials1963Producer
Becky ClarkParty Doll1962Music/Lyrics
Bellamy BrothersA Little Naive1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersBig Love1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersDoin' It The Hard Way1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersEverybody's Somebody's Darlin'1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersFeelin' The Feelin'1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersFor All The Wrong Reasons1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersGet Into Reggae Cowboy1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersGet Your Priorities In Line1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersGoin' Sane1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersI Love Her Mind1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersI'd Lie To You For Your Love (And That's The Truth)1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersI'll Help You Hurt Him1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersI'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersJeannie Rae1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersLazy Eyes1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersOld Hippie1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersRebels Without A Clue1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersRedneck Girl1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersSeason Of The Wind1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersStayin' In Love1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersStrong Weakness1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersThe Andy Griffith Show1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersThe Courthouse1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersThe Fountain Of Middle Age1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersThe Single Man And His Wife1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersThis Time1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersUntil The Money's Gone1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersWe Can Handle It1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersWe're Just A Little Ole Country Band1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersWheels1985Producer
Bellamy BrothersWhen The Music Meant Everything1988Producer
Bellamy BrothersWhen We All Get To Heaven1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersWhen We Were Boys1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersYou Make Love So Easy1982Producer
Bellamy BrothersYou're My Favorite Waste Of Time1985Producer
Bert KaempfertTime To Dream1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraBlueberry Hill1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraChildren Of Peace1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraEverybody Loves Somebody1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraI Remember Loving You1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraI Will Never Stop Loving You1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraLove Me Tender1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraNight Train1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraNightcap1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraRebel Rouser1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraTime To Love1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraWho's Sorry Now1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraYou Turned My World Around1973Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Big Mama ThorntonSing Out For Jesus1971Producer
Billy DeanCowboy Band1994Producer
Billy DeanI Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye1994Producer
Billy DeanIndian Head Penny1994Producer
Billy DeanLove & Bide1994Producer
Billy DeanMen Will Be Boys1994Producer
Billy DeanMisery And Gin1994Producer
Billy DeanPay Attention1994Producer
Billy DeanWish You Were Here1994Producer
Bing CrosbyBoth Sides Now1968Producer
Bing CrosbyHey Jude1968Producer
Bing CrosbyIt's All In The Game1968Producer
Bing CrosbyJust For Tonight1968Producer
Bing CrosbyLittle Green Apples1968Producer
Bing CrosbyLivin' On Lovin'1968Producer
Bing CrosbyLonely Street1968Producer
Bing CrosbyMore And More1968Producer
Bing CrosbyThe Straight Life1968Producer
Bing CrosbyThose Were The Days1968Producer
Bobby DoyleThe Girl Done Got It Together1971Producer
Bobby VintonEvery Day Of My Life1971Producer
Bobby VintonYou Can Do It To Me Anytime1971Producer
Brook BentonThe Glory Of Love1967Producer
Brook BentonWeakness In A Man1967Producer
Buddy GrecoGirl Talk1968Producer
Buddy GrecoThis Is Your Life1968Producer
Buddy KnoxA Lover's Question1965Producer
Buddy KnoxA White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)1966Producer
Buddy KnoxMary Lou1957Music/Lyrics
Buddy KnoxThat Don't Do Me No Good1966Producer
Buddy KnoxYou Said Good-Bye1965Producer
Buddy Knox With The OrchidsI'm Stickin' With You1956Music/Lyrics
(Jim Bowen)
Buddy Knox With The OrchidsParty Doll1956Music/Lyrics
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm OrchidsMy Baby's Gone1957Music/Lyrics
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm OrchidsSwingin' Daddy1957Music/Lyrics
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm OrchidsWhenever I'm Lonely1958Music/Lyrics
Caesar & CleoDo You Want To Dance1964Producer
Caesar & CleoLet The Good Times Roll1964Producer
Caesar & CleoLove Is Strange1964Producer
Cat Mother And The All Night NewsboysGood Old Rock 'N' Roll1969Music/Lyrics
Chris SpeddingMary Lou1986Music/Lyrics
Cleve FrancisHeartaches On Parade1993Producer
Cleve FrancisI Was Losing You1993Producer
Cleve FrancisI Won't Let You Walk Away1993Producer
Cleve FrancisIf You'll Stop Hurting Me1993Producer
Cleve FrancisOne More Last Chance1993Producer
Cleve FrancisRun Like The Wind1993Producer
Cleve FrancisWalkin'1993Producer
Cleve FrancisWhen Will It Be Love1993Producer
Cleve FrancisYou Can't Call It Love1993Producer
Cleve FrancisYour Love Stays With Me1993Producer
Connie StevensAll Of My Life1966Producer
Connie StevensDon't You Want To Love Me1965Producer
Connie StevensIn My Room1965Producer
Connie StevensIn The Deep Of Night1965Producer
Connie StevensLost In Wonderland1965Producer
Connie StevensNow That You've Gone1965Producer
Connie StevensSimple Girl1972Producer
Connie StevensSomething Beautiful1965Producer
Connie StevensTake Me Back To Roses And To Rainbows1972Producer
Connie StevensThat's All I Want From You1966Producer
Conway TwittyThe Boy Next Door1982Producer
Conway TwittyThe Clown1982Producer
Conway TwittyThe Rose1982Producer
Conway TwittyThree Times A Lady Producer
Crystal GayleBaby, What About You1982Producer
Crystal GayleCage The Songbird1983Producer
Crystal GayleCome Back (When You Can Stay Forever)1983Producer
Crystal GayleComing To The Dance1985Producer
Crystal GayleEverything I Own1982Producer
Crystal GayleGod Bless The Child1985Producer
Crystal GayleI Don't Wanna Lose Your Love1983Producer
Crystal GayleLove Does That To Fools1985Producer
Crystal GayleMe Against The Night1983Producer
Crystal GayleOn Our Way To Love1983Producer
Crystal GayleSomeone Like You1985Producer
Crystal GayleTake Me Home1983Producer
Crystal GayleThe Sound Of Goodbye1983Producer
Crystal GayleTill I Gain Control Again1982Producer
Crystal GayleTonight, Tonight1985Producer
Crystal GayleTouch And Go1985Producer
Crystal GayleTurning Away1983Producer
Crystal GayleVictim Or A Fool1983Producer
Crystal GayleYou Made A Fool Of Me1983Producer
Danny DenverImage Of Love1962Producer
Danny DenverYou're My Girl1962Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinBouquet Of Roses1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinCandy Kisses1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinCorrine Corrina1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinFrom Lover To Loser1964Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinI'm Gonna Change Everything1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinJust A Little Lovin'1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinMy Sugar's Gone1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinRockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair)1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinSecond Hand Rose (Second Hand Heart)1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinTake Good Care Of Her1963Producer
Dean "Tex" MartinThe Middle Of The Night Is My Cryin' Time1963Producer
Dean Martin(Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In1966Producer
Dean Martin(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You1965Producer
Dean MartinA Little Voice1964Producer
Dean MartinA Marshmallow World1966Producer
Dean MartinA Million And One1965Producer
Dean MartinA Perfect Mountain1971Producer
Dean MartinA Place In The Shade1967Producer
Dean MartinAlmost Like Being In Love1973Producer
Dean MartinAlways Together1964Producer
Dean MartinAmor mio1973Producer
Dean MartinApril Again1968Producer
Dean MartinAt Sundown1973Producer
Dean MartinBaby Won't You Please Come Home1964Producer
Dean MartinBaby-O1962Producer
Dean MartinBlue Christmas1966Producer
Dean MartinBlue Memories1972Producer
Dean MartinBlue Moon1964Producer
Dean MartinBorn To Lose1965Producer
Dean MartinBumming Around1965Producer
Dean MartinBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Producer
Dean MartinClinging Vine1964Producer
Dean MartinCome Running Back1966Producer
Dean MartinCrying Time1969Producer
Dean MartinDetour1965Producer
Dean MartinDetroit City1970Producer
Dean MartinDo You Believe This Town1969Producer
Dean MartinDon't Give Up On Me1983Producer
Dean MartinDon't Let The Blues Make You Bad1966Producer
Dean MartinDown Home1965Producer
Dean MartinDrinking Champagne1983Producer
Dean MartinDrowning In My Tears1968Producer
Dean MartinEmpty Saddles In The Old Corral1966Producer
Dean MartinEvery Minute, Every Hour1964Producer
Dean MartinEverybody But Me1965Producer
Dean MartinEverybody Loves Somebody1964Producer
Dean MartinEverybody Loves Somebody [Original Version]1964Producer
Dean MartinFools Rush In1964Producer
Dean MartinFor Once In My Life1971Producer
Dean MartinFor The Good Times1970Producer
Dean MartinFree To Carry On1973Producer
Dean MartinGentle On My Mind1968Producer
Dean MartinGeorgia Sunshine1970Producer
Dean MartinGet On With Your Livin'1973Producer
Dean MartinGimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?1964Producer
Dean MartinGrazie, Prego, Scusi1964Producer
Dean MartinGuess Who1972Producer
Dean MartinHammer And Nails1965Producer
Dean MartinHands Across The Table1964Producer
Dean MartinHangin' Around1983Producer
Dean MartinHave A Heart1965Producer
Dean MartinHeart Over Mind1970Producer
Dean MartinHere Comes My Baby1965Producer
Dean MartinHere We Go Again1970Producer
Dean MartinHe's Got You1967Producer
Dean MartinHome1966Producer
Dean MartinHoney1968Producer
Dean MartinHouston1965Producer
Dean MartinI Can Give You What You Want Now1972Producer
Dean MartinI Can't Help Remembering You1967Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinI Cried For You1978Producer
Dean MartinI Don't Know What I'm Doing1972Producer
Dean MartinI Don't Know Why (I Just Do)1957Producer
Dean MartinI Don't Think You Love Me1965Producer
Dean MartinI Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am1969Producer
Dean MartinI Will1965Producer
Dean MartinI Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now1973Producer
Dean MartinIf I Ever Get Back To Georgia1967Producer
Dean MartinIf I Had You1966Producer
Dean MartinIf You Ever Get Around To Loving Me1969Producer
Dean MartinIf You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)1966Producer
Dean MartinIf You Were The Only Girl In The World1964Producer
Dean MartinI'll Be Home For Christmas1966Producer
Dean MartinI'll Be Seeing You1965Producer
Dean MartinI'll Buy That Dream1964Producer
Dean MartinI'll Hold You In My Heart1965Producer
Dean MartinI'm Confessin' (That I Love You)1964Producer
Dean MartinI'm Forever Blowing Bubbles1973Producer
Dean MartinI'm Living In Two Worlds1966Producer
Dean MartinI'm Not The Marrying Kind1966Producer
Dean MartinI'm Sitting On Top Of The World1973Producer
Dean MartinIn Love Up To My Heart1983Producer
Dean MartinIn The Chapel In The Moonlight1964Producer
Dean MartinIn The Misty Moonlight1964Producer
Dean MartinInvisible Tears1971Producer
Dean MartinIt Just Happened That Way1966Producer
Dean MartinIt Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'1970Producer
Dean MartinIt's A Good Day1973Producer
Dean MartinIt's Magic1978Producer
Dean MartinIt's The Talk Of The Town1966Producer
Dean MartinJingle Bells1966Producer
Dean MartinJust Close Your Eyes1962Producer
Dean MartinJust Friends1966Producer
Dean MartinJust The Other Side Of Nowhere1971Producer
Dean MartinKing Of The Road1965Producer
Dean MartinKiss The World Goodbye1972Producer
Dean MartinLa Giostra (Merry-Go-Round)1964Producer
Dean MartinLay Some Happiness On Me1967Producer
Dean MartinLittle Green Apples1969Producer
Dean MartinLittle Lovely One1965Producer
Dean MartinLittle Ole Wine Drinker, Me1967Producer
Dean MartinLove Put A Song In My Heart1983Producer
Dean MartinLove Thy Neighbor1978Producer
Dean MartinLove, Love, Love1965Producer
Dean MartinMake It Rain1969Producer
Dean MartinMake The World Go Away1970Producer
Dean MartinMarry Me1971Producer
Dean MartinMy Heart Is An Open Book1965Producer
Dean MartinMy Melancholy Baby1964Producer
Dean MartinMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You1965Producer
Dean MartinMy Woman, My Woman, My Wife1970Producer
Dean MartinNobody But A Fool (Would Love You)1966Producer
Dean MartinNobody's Baby Again1966Producer
Dean MartinNot Enough Indians1968Producer
Dean MartinOld Bones1983Producer
Dean MartinOld Yellow Line1965Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinOn The Sunny Side Of The Street1966Producer
Dean MartinOnce A Day1970Producer
Dean MartinOne Cup Of Happiness (And One Piece Of Mind)1969Producer
Dean MartinOne Lonely Boy1966Producer
Dean MartinParty Dolls And Wine1972Producer
Dean MartinPride1967Producer
Dean MartinRainbows Are Back In Style1968Producer
Dean MartinRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head1971Producer
Dean MartinRaining In My Heart1971Producer
Dean MartinRamblin' Rose1973Producer
Dean MartinRed Roses For A Blue Lady1965Producer
Dean MartinRed Sails In The Sunset1966Producer
Dean MartinRelease Me1967Producer
Dean MartinSend Me Some Lovin'1965Producer
Dean MartinSend Me The Pillow You Dream On1965Producer
Dean MartinShades1966Producer
Dean MartinShe's A Little Bit Country1971Producer
Dean MartinShoulder To Shoulder1983Producer
Dean MartinSide By Side1966Producer
Dean MartinSiesta fiesta1964Producer
Dean MartinSilent Night1966Producer
Dean MartinSilver Bells1966Producer
Dean MartinSince I Met You Baby1983Producer
Dean MartinSmile1964Producer
Dean MartinSnap Your Fingers1965Producer
Dean MartinSo Long Baby1964Producer
Dean MartinSomewhere There's A Someone1965Producer
Dean MartinS'posin'1966Producer
Dean MartinSweet, Sweet Loveable You1967Producer
Dean MartinSweetheart1971Producer
Dean MartinTake Me1964Producer
Dean MartinTake These Chains From My Heart1964Producer
Dean MartinTerrible Tangled Web1966Producer
Dean MartinThat Old Clock On The Wall1965Producer
Dean MartinThat Old Gang Of Mine1978Producer
Dean MartinThat Old Time Feelin'1968Producer
Dean MartinThat's When I See The Blues (In Your Pretty Brown Eyes)1968Producer
Dean MartinThe Birds And The Bees1965Producer
Dean MartinThe Day You Came Along1978Producer
Dean MartinThe Door Is Still Open To My Heart1964Producer
Dean MartinThe First Thing Ev'ry Morning (And The Last Thing Ev'ry Night)1965Producer
Dean MartinThe Glory Of Love1966Producer
Dean MartinThe Green, Green Grass Of Home1967Producer
Dean MartinThe Last Round-Up1966Producer
Dean MartinThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1966Producer
Dean MartinThe Right Kind Of Woman1971Producer
Dean MartinThe Silencers1966Producer
Dean MartinThe Small Exception Of Me1972Producer
Dean MartinThe Sneaky Little Side Of Me1969Producer
Dean MartinThe Sun Is Shinin' (On Everybody But Me)1969Producer
Dean MartinThe Tips Of My Fingers1970Producer
Dean MartinThink About Me1967Producer
Dean MartinThirty More Miles To San Diego1967Producer
Dean MartinTie A Yellow Ribbon ('Round The Old Oak Tree)1973Producer
Dean MartinToday Is Not The Day1966Producer
Dean MartinTogether Again1970Producer
Dean MartinTurn The World Around1970Producer
Dean MartinTurn To Me1967Producer
Dean MartinTwilight On The Trail1978Producer
Dean MartinWalk On By1965Producer
Dean MartinWallpaper Roses1967Producer
Dean MartinWedding Bells1965Producer
Dean MartinWelcome To My Heart1968Producer
Dean MartinWelcome To My World1964Producer
Dean MartinWe'll Sing In The Sunshine1964Producer
Dean MartinWhat Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry1966Producer
Dean MartinWhat's Yesterday1971Producer
Dean MartinWhen The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along1973Producer
Dean MartinWhere The Blue And Lonely Go1969Producer
Dean MartinWithout A Word Of Warning1978Producer
Dean MartinYou Better Move On1973Producer
Dean MartinYou Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)1973Producer
Dean MartinYou'll Always Be The One I Love1964Producer
Dean MartinYour Other Love1964Producer
Dean MartinYou're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me1973Producer
Dean MartinYou're The Reason I'm In Love1965Producer
Dean MartinYou've Still Got A Place In My Heart1967Producer
Dean Martin with Conway TwittyMy First Country Song1983Producer
Dean Martin with Merle HaggardEverybody's Had The Blues1983Producer
Deana CarterBefore We Ever Heard Goodbye1995Producer
Deana CarterI've Loved Enough To Know1995Producer
Deana CarterLove Ain't Worth Making1996Producer
Delaney & BonnieYou Got To Believe1971Producer
Dickey LeeParty Doll1965Music/Lyrics
Dino, Desi & BillyBlack Is Black1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyGot To Get You Into My Life1967Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyI Hope She's There Tonight1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyIf You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyJosephine1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyLook Out Girls (Here We Come)1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyPretty Flamingo1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyShe's So Far Out, She's In1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillySince You Broke My Heart1964Producer
Dino, Desi & BillySunny Afternoon1966Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyTurn Down Day1967Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyWe Know1964Producer
Dino, Desi & BillyWithout Hurtin' Some1967Producer
Don Ellis And The Royal DukesParty Doll1961Music/Lyrics
Donnie BrooksCan't Help Lovin' You1964Producer
Donnie BrooksGirl Machine1964Producer
Donnie BrooksGone1964Producer
Donnie BrooksPickin' Up The Pieces1964Producer
Dorsey And Johnny BurnetteHey Sue1963Producer
Dorsey Burnette4 For Texas1963Producer
Dorsey BurnetteOne Of The Lonely1963Producer
Dorsey BurnetteWhere's The Girl?1963Producer
Duane EddyFreight Train1969Producer
Duane EddyPut A Little Love In Your Heart1969Producer
Duane MurrayGod Created Woman1976Producer
Duane MurrayTwo Days Of Highway From Home1976Producer
Eddie RabbittB-B-Burnin' 'Up With Love1984Producer
Eddie RabbittBig Brown Eyes1984Producer
Eddie RabbittCould've Been Somebody Else1984Producer
Eddie RabbittDial That Telephone1984Producer
Eddie RabbittEvery Night I Fall In Love With You1984Producer
Eddie RabbittGo To Sleep, Big Bertha1984Producer
Eddie RabbittOver There1984Producer
Eddie RabbittShe's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye1984Producer
Eddie RabbittThe Best Year Of My Life1984Producer
Eddie RabbittWarning Sign1984Producer
Ernie Freeman and Gene PageAnniversary Song1966Producer
Ernie Freeman and Gene PageLord, You Made The Night Too Long1966Producer
Ernie Freeman and Gene PageLovey Kravezit1966Producer
Ernie Freeman and Gene PageThe Silencers1966Producer
Ethel and The Shameless HussiesOne Nite Stan1988Producer
Ethel and The Shameless HussiesSmokin' In Bed1988Producer
Eve [US 1970s]So Tired1971Producer
FabianBreak Down And Cry1962Music/Lyrics
FoxfireDreaming Won't Take Me That Far1980Producer
FoxfireI Can See Forever Loving You1980Producer
Frank SinatraAnytime At All1965Producer
Frank SinatraAvailable1964Producer
Frank SinatraBorn Free1967Producer
Frank SinatraCome Blow Your Horn1963Producer
Frank SinatraDear Heart1964Producer
Frank SinatraDon't Sleep In The Subway1967Producer
Frank SinatraDrinking Again1967Producer
Frank SinatraForget Domani1965Producer
Frank SinatraGive Her Love1966Producer
Frank SinatraI Will Wait For You1966Producer
Frank SinatraLove Isn't Just For The Young1963Producer
Frank SinatraPass Me By1964Producer
Frank SinatraSand And Sea1966Producer
Frank SinatraSoftly As I Leave You1964Producer
Frank SinatraSomewhere In Your Heart1964Producer
Frank SinatraSomewhere My Love1966Producer
Frank SinatraStrangers In The Night1966Producer
Frank SinatraTell Her (You Love Her Each Day)1957Producer
Frank SinatraThat's Life1966Producer
Frank SinatraThe Impossible Dream (The Quest)1966Producer
Frank SinatraThe Look Of Love1962Producer
Frank SinatraThe World We Knew (Over And Over)1967Producer
Frank SinatraThen Suddenly Love1964Producer
Frank SinatraThis Is My Love1967Producer
Frank SinatraThis Is My Song1967Producer
Frank SinatraThis Town1967Producer
Frank SinatraWhat Now My Love1966Producer
Frank SinatraWhen Somebody Loves You1965Producer
Frank SinatraWinchester Cathedral1966Producer
Frank SinatraYou Are There1967Producer
Frank SinatraYou Turned My World Around1974Producer
Frank SinatraYou're Gonna Hear From Me1966Producer
Frankie AvalonBut I Do1968Producer
Frankie AvalonDancing On The Stars1968Producer
Frankie AvalonDon't You Do It1968Producer
Frankie AvalonFor Your Love1969Producer
Frankie AvalonIt's Over1968Producer
Frankie AvalonThe Star1969Producer
Frankie AvalonWhy Don't They Understand1969Producer
Frankie AvalonWoman Cryin'1969Producer
Frankie LaineDammit Isn't God's Last Name1969Producer
Frankie LaineFresh Out Of Tears1969Producer
Fritz KellerDying By Degrees Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Fritz KellerWoman Don't Try To Sing My Song Producer
(Jim Bowen)
Gail DaviesHearts In The Wind1988Producer
Gail DaviesI Will Rise And Shine Again1988Producer
Gail DaviesMeet Me Halfway1989Producer
Gail DaviesWaiting Here For You1989Producer
Gail Martin(How Could I Love Anyone) After Loving You1967Producer
Gail MartinI Wish That Everett Dirksen Was All Mine1967Producer
Gail MartinLess Of Me1966Producer
Gail MartinLet's Not Take The Lovin' Out Of Love1967Producer
Gail MartinRose Of Washington Square1966Producer
Gail MartinTheme From "The Sand Pebbles" (And We Were Lovers)1967Producer
Gary PuckettLife Has It's Little Ups And Downs1971Producer
George StraitAce In The Hole1989Producer
George StraitAll My Ex's Live In Texas1987Producer
George StraitAll Of Me (Loves All Of You)1992Producer
George StraitAm I Blue1987Producer
George StraitAngel, Angelina1989Producer
George StraitAny Old Time1984Producer
George StraitAnything You Can Spare1991Producer
George StraitAway In A Manger1986Producer
George StraitBaby Blue1988Producer
George StraitBaby's Gotten Good At Goodbye1989Producer
George StraitBack To Bein' Me1988Producer
George StraitBeyond The Blue Neon1989Producer
George StraitBigger Man Than Me1988Producer
George StraitBlue Is Not A Word1985Producer
George StraitCow Town1986Producer
George StraitDance Time In Texas1985Producer
George StraitDeep Water1986Producer
George StraitDoes Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind1984Producer
George StraitDon't Mind If I Do1988Producer
George StraitDrinking Champagne1990Producer
George StraitFamous Last Words Of A Fool1988Producer
George StraitFaults And All1992Producer
George StraitFor Christ's Sake, It's Christmas1986Producer
George StraitFrosty The Snowman1986Producer
George StraitGone As A Girl Can Get1992Producer
George StraitHaven't You Heard1985Producer
George StraitHeaven Must Be Wondering Where You Are1990Producer
George StraitHer Only Bad Habit Is Me1991Producer
George StraitHere We Go Again1992Producer
George StraitHolding My Own1992Producer
George StraitHollywood Squares1989Producer
George StraitHome In San Antone1991Producer
George StraitHot Burning Flames1987Producer
George StraitIf I Know Me1991Producer
George StraitIf You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')1988Producer
George StraitI'm All Behind You Now1987Producer
George StraitI'm Never Gonna Let You Go1986Producer
George StraitIn Too Deep1985Producer
George StraitIs It Already Time1991Producer
George StraitIs It That Time Again1988Producer
George StraitIt Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You1986Producer
George StraitIt's Alright With Me1992Producer
George StraitIt's Too Late Now1988Producer
George StraitI've Come To Expect It From You1990Producer
George StraitI've Convinced Everybody But Me1991Producer
George StraitI've Seen That Look On Me (A Thousand Times)1985Producer
George StraitLast Time The First Time1985Producer
George StraitLeavin's Been Comin' (For A Long, Long Time)1989Producer
George StraitLefty's Gone1985Producer
George StraitLet's Get Down To It1988Producer
George StraitLonesome Rodeo Cowboy1990Producer
George StraitLove Without End, Amen1990Producer
George StraitLovesick Blues1991Producer
George StraitMerry Christmas Strait To You1986Producer
George StraitMilk Cow Blues1991Producer
George StraitMy Heart Won't Wander Very Far From You1987Producer
George StraitMy Old Flame Is Burnin' Another Honky Tonk Down1986Producer
George StraitNobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her1986Producer
George StraitOcean Front Property1987Producer
George StraitOh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby1989Producer
George StraitOvernight Success1989Producer
George StraitRhythm Of The Road1986Producer
George StraitSanta Claus Is Coming To Town1986Producer
George StraitSecond Chances1987Producer
George StraitShe Loves Me (She Don't Love You)1990Producer
George StraitSo Much Like My Dad1992Producer
George StraitSomeone Had To Teach You1990Producer
George StraitSomeone's Walkin' Around Upstairs1987Producer
George StraitStranger In My Arms1990Producer
George StraitStranger Things Have Happened1986Producer
George StraitThe Chair1985Producer
George StraitThe Chill Of An Early Fall1991Producer
George StraitThe Cowboy Rides Away1984Producer
George StraitThere's A New Kid In Town1986Producer
George StraitToo Much Of Too Little1989Producer
George StraitTrains Make Me Lonesome1992Producer
George StraitUnder These Conditions1988Producer
George StraitWe're Supposed To Do That Now And Then1990Producer
George StraitWhat A Merry Christmas This Could Be1986Producer
George StraitWhat's Going On In Your World1989Producer
George StraitWhen It's Christmas Time In Texas1986Producer
George StraitWhen You're A Man On Your Own1990Producer
George StraitWhite Christmas1986Producer
George StraitWhy'd You Go And Break My Heart1986Producer
George StraitWinter Wonderland1986Producer
George StraitWithout You Here1987Producer
George StraitWonderland Of Love1992Producer
George StraitYou Can't Buy Your Way Out Of The Blues1987Producer
George StraitYou Know Me Better Than That1991Producer
George StraitYou Still Get To Me1986Producer
George StraitYou Sure Got This Ol' Redneck Feelin' Blue1985Producer
George StraitYou're Right I'm Wrong1992Producer
George StraitYou're Something Special To Me1985Producer
Glen CampbellA Beautiful Love Song1974Producer
Glen CampbellAbout The Ocean1974Producer
Glen CampbellAdoration1974Producer
Glen CampbellAll My Tomorrows1972Producer
Glen CampbellAlmost Alright Again1988Producer
Glen CampbellAmazing Grace1973Producer
Glen CampbellArkansas1969Producer
Glen CampbellBeautiful Love Song1973Producer
Glen CampbellBonaparte's Retreat1974Producer
Glen CampbellBrand New Eyes1988Producer
Glen CampbellBring Back My Yesterday1973Producer
Glen CampbellCheatin' Is1990Producer
Glen CampbellCold, Cold Heart1973Producer
Glen CampbellFor Sure, For Certain, Forever, For Always1987Producer
Glen CampbellGive Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling1973Producer
Glen CampbellHalf As Much1973Producer
Glen CampbellHealing Hands Of Time1990Producer
Glen CampbellHeart Of The Matter1988Producer
Glen CampbellHonestly Love1973Producer
Glen CampbellHouston (I'm Comin' To See You)1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Could Never Be Ashamed Of You1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Have You1987Producer
Glen CampbellI Keep It Hid1974Producer
Glen CampbellI Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Star)1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Remember You1987Producer
Glen CampbellI Take It On Home1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Want To Be With You Always1973Producer
Glen CampbellI Will Never Pass This Way Again1972Producer
Glen CampbellIf I Could Only Get My Hands On You Now1990Producer
Glen CampbellIf I Were Loving You1974Producer
Glen CampbellIf Not For You1973Producer
Glen CampbellIf These Walls Could Speak1988Producer
Glen CampbellI'm A One-Woman Man1987Producer
Glen CampbellI'm Gone This Time1990Producer
Glen CampbellI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1973Producer
Glen CampbellIn My Life1987Producer
Glen CampbellIt's A Sin When You Love Somebody1974Producer
Glen CampbellJesus On Your Mind1990Producer
Glen CampbellJust For What I Am1972Producer
Glen CampbellJust This One Time1974Producer
Glen CampbellLight Of A Clear Blue Morning1990Producer
Glen CampbellLight Years1988Producer
Glen CampbellLightning In A Bottle1988Producer
Glen CampbellLivin' In A House Full Of Love1990Producer
Glen CampbellLovelight1974Producer
Glen CampbellLovesick Blues1974Producer
Glen CampbellMansion On The Hill1973Producer
Glen CampbellMore Than Enough1988Producer
Glen CampbellMy Cricket1972Producer
Glen CampbellNext To You1990Producer
Glen CampbellNo Love At All1974Producer
Glen CampbellNothin' Better Than A Pretty Woman1961Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellOcean In His Eyes1974Producer
Glen CampbellOn A Good Night1990Producer
Glen CampbellOn This Road1973Producer
Glen CampbellOnce A Day1990Producer
Glen CampbellOne Last Time1972Producer
Glen CampbellOur Movie1988Producer
Glen CampbellRight Down To The Memories1990Producer
Glen CampbellRoll Me Easy1974Producer
Glen CampbellRunning Scared1972Producer
Glen CampbellSaturday Night1988Producer
Glen CampbellShe Thinks I Still Care1972Producer
Glen CampbellShe's Gone, Gone, Gone1989Producer
Glen CampbellShow Me The Way To Go1988Producer
Glen CampbellSold American1973Producer
Glen CampbellSomebody's Doin' Me Right1990Producer
Glen CampbellSomebody's Leavin'1990Producer
Glen CampbellSomeday Soon1973Producer
Glen CampbellSomeone To Give My Love To1972Producer
Glen CampbellStill Within The Sound Of My Voice1987Producer
Glen CampbellSweet Fantasy1972Producer
Glen CampbellTake These Chains From My Heart1973Producer
Glen CampbellThe Last Thing On My Mind1972Producer
Glen CampbellThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress1974Producer
Glen CampbellTied To The Tracks1990Producer
Glen CampbellToo Many Mornings1974Producer
Glen CampbellUnconditional Love1990Producer
Glen CampbellWalkin' In The Sun1990Producer
Glen CampbellWe Will1990Producer
Glen CampbellWedding Bells1973Producer
Glen CampbellWishing Now1974Producer
Glen CampbellYesterday When I Was Young1974Producer
Glen CampbellYou Might As Well Smile1974Producer
Glen CampbellYou Win Again1973Producer
Glen CampbellYour Cheatin' Heart1973Producer
Glen CampbellYou're The One1973Producer
Glen Campbell & Emmylou HarrisYou Are1987Producer
Glen Campbell & Lacy J. DaltonWoodcarver1990Producer
Glen Campbell & Steve WarinerArkansas1987Producer
Glen Campbell & Steve WarinerThe Hand That Rocks The Cradle1987Producer
Glen Campbell & Steve WarinerYou Will Not Lose1990Producer
Glen Campbell & Willie NelsonLeaving's Not The Only Way To Go1987Producer
Guy MitchellForeign Love Affair1966Producer
Guy MitchellIf I Had My Life To Live Over1966Producer
Guy MitchellRun To The Door1966Producer
Guy MitchellThe Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me1966Producer
Hank Williams Jr.A Country Boy Can Survive1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.A Whole Lot Of Hank1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Ain't Makin' No Headlines (Here Without You)1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Ain't Misbehavin'1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Ain't Much More1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.All In Alabama1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Attitude Adjustment1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Blue Jean Blues1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Country Relaxin'1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Dinosaur1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Dixie On My Mind1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Family Tradition1979Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Footlights1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Give A Damn1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Here I Am Fallin' Again1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.High And Pressurized1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Honky Tonkin'1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I Can't Change My Tune1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I Got A Right To Be Wrong1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I Really Like Girls1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.If You Don't Like Hank Williams1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.If You Wanna Get To Heaven1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I'm For Love1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.In The Arms Of Cocaine1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.It Just Don't Get It No More1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I've Been Around1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I've Been Down1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.I've Got Rights1990Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Kaw-Liga1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Knoxville Courthouse Blues1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.La Grange1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Lawyers, Guns And Money1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Leave Them Boys Alone1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Made In The Shade1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Major Moves1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Man Of Steel1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Midnight Rider1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Move It On Over1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Mr. Lincoln1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.New Orleans1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Now I Know How George Feels1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.O.D.'d In Denver1979Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Old Habits1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Orange Blossom Special1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Outlaw's Reward1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Paying On Time1979Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Promises1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Queen Of My Heart1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Ramblin' Man1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.She Had Me1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Something To Believe In1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Tennessee River1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Texas Women1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Air That I Breathe1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The American Dream1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The American Way1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Blues Man1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Blues Medley1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Coalition To Ban Coalitions1990Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Girl On The Front Row At Fort Worth1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Homecoming Queen1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The Nashville Scene1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.The South's Gonna Rattle Again1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.This Ain't Dallas1985Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Twodot Montana1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Video Blues1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Weatherman1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound1979Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Whiskey On Ice1982Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Wild And Blue1984Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Woman On The Run1983Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Women I've Never Had1978Producer
Hank Williams Jr.Won't It Be Nice1980Producer
Hank Williams Jr.You Can't Find Many Kissers1981Producer
Hank Williams Jr. with Leon RedboneLovesick Blues1983Producer
Ivo RobićGeh' nicht vorbei1967Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheBaja1963Producer
Jack NitzscheZapata1964Producer
James DarrenA Little Bit Of Heaven1968Producer
James DarrenEach And Every Part Of Me1968Producer
Jerry ReedWelcome To Nevada1971Producer
Jim WeatherlyAll That Keeps Me Going1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyBetween His Goodbye And My Hello1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyCalifornia Memory1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyComing Apart1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyEverything Reminds Me Of You1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyFiner Things In Life1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyHigh On Love1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyHow'd We Ever Get This Way1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyIf I Could Just Find My Way1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyIf That's All Our Love Means To You1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyI'll Still Love You1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyIt Must Be Love This Time1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyIt Must Have Been The Rain1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyJesus Is My Kind Of People1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyLeavin' Dallas1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyLeavin' On The Morning Train1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyLike A First Time Thing1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyLike Old Times Again1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyLiving Every Man's Dream1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyLove Finds Its Own Way1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyLove Has Made A Woman Out Of You1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyLoving You Is Just An Old Habit1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyMidnight Plane To Houston1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyMississippi Song1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyMy First Day Without Her1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyNeither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Good-Bye)1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyOld Muddy1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyOle Kentucky Moon1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyOnce In A Lifetime Thing1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyRebel Keeps On Rollin'1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyRoses And Love Songs1974Producer
Jim WeatherlySeeing You Again1973Producer
Jim WeatherlySometime In Early August1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyThe Closest Thing To Love1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyThe Need To Be1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyThe Prince, The Cowboy And Me1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyTo A Gentler Time1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyToo Many Movies1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyUntil Your Ship Comes In1972Producer
Jim WeatherlyWhat's One More Time1975Producer
Jim WeatherlyWhere Do I Put Her Memory1974Producer
Jim WeatherlyWhere Peaceful Waters Flow1973Producer
Jim WeatherlyYou Are A Song1974Producer
Jimmie RodgersA Good Woman Likes To Drink With The Boys1977Producer
Jimmie RodgersEverybody Needs Love1977Producer
Jimmy BowenLove Theme1971Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm OrchidsI'm Stickin' With You1957Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BuffettRagtop Day1984Producer
Jimmy WalkerWhere Do We Go From Here1971Producer
Joey CooperI'm A Fool1962Producer
Joey CooperThis Heart Of Mine1962Producer
Johnny And Dorsey BurnetteIt Don't Take Much1963Producer
Johnny LeeSay When1983Producer
Johnny Lee & Lane BrodyThe Yellow Rose1983Producer
Johnny RiversDouble C - Cinnamon Cinder1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonBallad Of A Well Known Gun1972Producer
Johnny TillotsonHey Girl1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonI Don't Believe In If Anymore1970Producer
Johnny TillotsonJoy To The World1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonKansas City, Kansas1970Producer
Johnny TillotsonMy Girl1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonOnly The Lonely1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonRaining In My Heart1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonRemember When1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonTears On My Pillow1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonToday I Started Loving You Again1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonWe've Got To Get Ourselves Together1969Producer
Johnny TillotsonWhat Am I Living For1969Producer
Karen WymanMy First Night Alone Without You1972Producer
Karen WymanSomething Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight)1972Producer
Keely SmithCrazy1965Producer
Keely SmithSomethin' Wonderful Happened1965Music/Lyrics
Keely SmithYou're Breaking My Heart1965Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionA Stranger In My Place1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionAll God's Lonely Children1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionAlways Leaving, Always Gone1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionCamptown Ladies1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionFor The Good Times1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionGirl Get Ahold Of Yourself1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionGood Lady Of Toronto1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionHeed The Call1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionIt's A Crazy Afternoon1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionJust Remember You're My Sunshine1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionLay It Down1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionListen To The Music1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionMission Of San Nohero1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionMy Washington Woman1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionNew Design1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionPoem For My Little Lady1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionShe Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionShine On Ruby Mountain1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSomeone Who Cares1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSomething's Burning1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSunshine1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSunshine Joe1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionTake My Hand1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionTell It All Brother1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionThen I Miss You1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionTulsa Turnaround1968Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionTwo Little Boys1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionWhat Am I Gonna Do1971Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionWhere Does Rosie Go1968Producer
Kieran KaneYou're The Best1981Producer
Kim & DaveNobody Knows1971Producer
Kim CarnesBlood From The Bandit1988Producer
Kim CarnesBrass & Batons1988Producer
Kim CarnesCrazy In Love1988Producer
Kim CarnesCrimes Of The Heart1988Producer
Kim CarnesDo You Wanna Dance1971Producer
Kim CarnesEverything Has Got To Be Free1971Producer
Kim CarnesFantastic Fire Of Love1988Producer
Kim CarnesFell In Love With A Poet1971Producer
Kim CarnesHeartbreak Radio1988Producer
Kim CarnesI Won't Call You Back1971Producer
Kim CarnesIf You Don't Want My Love1988Producer
Kim CarnesIt Takes Time1971Producer
Kim CarnesJust To Spend Tonight With You1988Producer
Kim CarnesOne More River To Cross1971Producer
Kim CarnesRest On Me1971Producer
Kim CarnesSpeed Of The Sound Of Loneliness1988Producer
Kim CarnesSweet Love Song To My Soul1971Producer
Kim CarnesTo Love1971Producer
Kim CarnesTo Love Somebody1971Producer
Kim CarnesWillie And The Hand Jive1988Producer
Kim CarnesYou Can Do It To Me Anytime1971Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersAin't Love A Kick In The Heart1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersAngel Loose In Houston1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersGonna Have To Cross The Line1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersIf This Isn't Love1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersJust Might Catch My Dreams1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersSomeone's Number One1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersThe Big Time Again1990Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersThe Prodigal Son1990Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin Brothers#1 Heartache Place1989Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersCountry Girl Heart1990Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersGo Or Stay1989Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersHealin' Stream1989Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersI Might Be What You're Looking For1989Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersIf Love Won't Heal You Lady1989Producer
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersNeedless To Say1989Producer
Lee GreenwoodAs If I Didn't Know1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodDo That To Me One More Time1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodI Still Believe1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodIf There's Any Justice1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodI'll Be Lovin' You1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodI'll Still Be Lovin' You1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodI'm Here To Love You1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodLet's Make The Most Of Love1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodLola's Love1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodMountain Right1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodMy Lover's Eyes1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodRuby1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodSilver Dollar1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodSomebody Stop Me (Before I Love Again)1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodSomebody's Leaving1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodSomeone1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodTennessee Waltz1988Producer
Lee GreenwoodTouch And Go Crazy1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodWe Could Have Been1987Producer
Lee GreenwoodYou Can't Fall In Love When You're Cryin'1988Producer
Lee HazlewoodA Taste Of You1979Producer
Lee HazlewoodCome Spend The Morning1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodDolly Parton's Guitar1977Producer
Lee HazlewoodFeathers1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodHeaven Is My Woman's Love1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodKari1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodNancy And Me1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodPerformer1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodPoet, Fool Or Bum1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodThink I'm Coming Down1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodThose Were The Days (Martha)1973Producer
Lee HazlewoodWind, Sky, Sea And Sand1973Producer
Leroy Van DykeParty Doll1962Music/Lyrics
(Jim Bowen)
Leslie UggamsFly Me To The Moon1969Producer
Leslie UggamsHe Can Do It1970Producer
Leslie UggamsHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands1961Producer
Leslie UggamsHome1969Producer
Leslie UggamsIn The Ghetto1969Producer
Leslie UggamsJust To Satisfy You1969Producer
Leslie UggamsPopi1969Producer
Leslie UggamsPut A Little Love In Your Heart1969Producer
Leslie UggamsSave The Country1969Producer
Leslie UggamsShe'll Have To Go1969Producer
Leslie UggamsSomeone Is Standing Outside1969Producer
Leslie UggamsThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1969Producer
Leslie UggamsTime To Get It Together1969Producer
Leslie UggamsWalk Him Up The Stairs1970Producer
Lieutenant Buddy Knox With The Rhythm OrchidsRock Your Little Baby To Sleep1957Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisHe Isn't My Affair Anymore1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisIsn't That What You Told Her1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisL.A. To The Moon1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisLove Happens1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisThe Boy Back Home1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisThere's Something 'bout Loving You1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisTonight She's Climbing The Walls1992Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisYears After You1992Music/Lyrics
LindisfarneParty Doll1987Music/Lyrics
Mac Davis(I Make The Living) You Make The Living Wortwhile1986Producer
Mac DavisAfter The Lights Go Down Low1986Producer
Mac DavisBottom Line Blues1986Producer
Mac DavisClosest I Ever Came1970Producer
Mac DavisDaddy's Little Man1970Producer
Mac DavisHalf And Half (Song For Sarah)1970Producer
Mac DavisHambone1970Producer
Mac DavisHello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham1970Producer
Mac DavisHome1970Producer
Mac DavisI Need A Hug1986Producer
Mac DavisIn The Ghetto1970Producer
Mac DavisIt Ain't Cool To Crazy About You1986Producer
Mac DavisLast Dance At The Old Texas Moon1986Producer
Mac DavisLooking At You1986Producer
Mac DavisMemories1970Producer
Mac DavisNaughty Girl1972Producer
Mac DavisOde To A City Girl (Whose Name Has Has Been Crossed Out Of My Book)1986Producer
Mac DavisOnce You Get Used To It1970Producer
Mac DavisSomewhere In America1986Producer
Mac DavisUncle Boogar Red And Byrdie Nelle1970Producer
Mac DavisWhoever Finds This, I Love You1970Producer
Mac DavisYou're Good For Me1970Producer
ManuelaIf I Give My Heart To You1970Producer
ManuelaIt Takes A Lot Of Tenderness1970Producer
Maxine WeldonLooking For The Answer1973Producer
Maxine WeldonMaggie's Farm1973Producer
Mel TillisAin't No California1978Producer
Mel TillisBurning Memories1977Producer
Mel TillisGolden Nugget Gambling Casino1977Producer
Mel TillisHere's Lookin' At You1980Producer
Mel TillisI Believe In You1978Producer
Mel TillisShe Don't Trust You Daddy1978Producer
Mel TillisWhat Comes Natural To A Fool1978Producer
Mel TillisWhat Did I Promise Her Last Night1977Producer
Mel TillisWoman You Should In Movies1977Producer
Mel Tillis & Nancy SinatraAfter The Lovin'1981Producer
Mel Tillis & Nancy SinatraTexas Cowboy Night1981Producer
Merle HaggardBack To The Barrooms Again1980Producer
Merle HaggardI Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink1980Producer
Nancy & Frank SinatraSomethin' Stupid1967Producer
Nancy SinatraAin't No Sunshine1973Producer
Nancy SinatraKind Of A Woman1972Producer
Nancy SinatraMachine Gun Kelly2006Producer
Nancy SinatraSugar Me1973Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDon't Underestimate Love1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI Fought The Law1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLittle Angel1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLosing You1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMama Tried1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMother Of The Bride1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandNot Fade Away1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandOne Good Love1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Dream1992Producer
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWhat'll You Do About Me1992Producer
Noel HarrisonA Whiter Shade Of Pale1967Producer
Noel HarrisonAnother Virgin Spring1970Producer
Noel HarrisonDress Rehearsal Rag1968Producer
Noel HarrisonGo Ask Your Man1967Producer
Noel HarrisonHighway In The Wind1968Producer
Noel HarrisonI Shall Remember1968Producer
Noel HarrisonIn Your Childhood1968Producer
Noel HarrisonJust Like A Woman1967Producer
Noel HarrisonLeitch On The Beach1968Producer
Noel HarrisonLet's Not1968Producer
Noel HarrisonLife Is A Dream1967Producer
Noel HarrisonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1967Producer
Noel HarrisonMrs. Williams' Rose1967Producer
Noel HarrisonMuseum1967Producer
Noel HarrisonPeople In The Rain1967Producer
Noel HarrisonRing Around The Rosie Rag1968Producer
Noel HarrisonSanta Monica Pier1968Producer
Noel HarrisonShow Me The Way To Go Home1968Producer
Noel HarrisonSign Of The Queen1967Producer
Noel HarrisonSo Long, Marianne1968Producer
Noel HarrisonStrawberry Fields Forever1967Producer
Noel HarrisonSuzanne1967Producer
Noel HarrisonThe Same Thing Has Happened To You1968Producer
Noel HarrisonThe Windmills Of Your Mind1968Producer
Noel HarrisonTin Wedding1970Producer
Noel HarrisonWhen I'm 641967Producer
Noel HarrisonWoman1967Producer
Paul KuhnI Can't Help Remembering You2003Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausRock Peter! Rock1992Music/Lyrics
Peters & LeeBaby Don't Get Hooked On Me1976Producer
Peters & LeeButterfly1976Producer
Peters & LeeHere We Go Again1976Producer
Peters & LeeHi-Lili, Hi-Lo1976Producer
Peters & LeeI'd Love You To Want Me1976Producer
Peters & LeeLove Will Keep Us Together1976Producer
Peters & LeeSave Me (Feel Myself A-Fallin')1976Producer
Peters & LeeSomething Stupid1976Producer
Peters & LeeThe Only Couple On The Floor1976Producer
Peters & LeeThe Serenade That We Played1976Producer
Peters & LeeTrue Love Ways1976Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiA Street Man Named Desire1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiAin't Got No Idea1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiAll That Your Eyes See1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiDon't Quit Your Day Job1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiFighting For You1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiGeorgia Peaches1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiHonky Tonk Highway1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiI Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiJust For You1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiMississippi Homegrown1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiMy Kinda Woman1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiMystery Ship1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiNashville Nights / Redneck Blues1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiRoom At The Bottom1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiSome Things Never Change1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiThe Hard Side Of Love1992Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiThe Storm1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiThis Ain't The Denver I Remember1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiTil I'm Holding You Again1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiToo Much1991Producer
Pirates Of The MississippiUncommon Man1991Producer
Ral DonnerBeyond The Heartbreak (But Still In Love)1963Producer
Ral DonnerRun Little Linda1963Producer
Ray PetersonLove Rules The World1969Producer
Ray PetersonTogether1969Producer
Reba McEntireA Christmas Letter1987Producer
Reba McEntireA New Love1989Producer
Reba McEntireAm I The Only One Who Cares1989Producer
Reba McEntireCathy's Clown1989Producer
Reba McEntireDo Right By Me1988Producer
Reba McEntireDon't Forget Your Way Home1985Producer
Reba McEntireDon't Touch Me There1986Producer
Reba McEntireEverytime You Touch Her1988Producer
Reba McEntireHappy Birthday Jesus (I'll Open This One For You)1987Producer
Reba McEntireHave I Got A Deal For You1985Producer
Reba McEntireI Can't Stop Now1986Producer
Reba McEntireI Don't Need Nothin' You Ain't Got1985Producer
Reba McEntireI Don't Want To Be Alone1987Producer
Reba McEntireI Don't Want To Mention Any Names1987Producer
Reba McEntireI Heard Her Cryin'1986Producer
Reba McEntireI Know How He Feels1988Producer
Reba McEntireIf You Only Knew1986Producer
Reba McEntireI'll Be Home For Christmas1987Producer
Reba McEntireI'll Believe It When I Feel It1986Producer
Reba McEntireI'm In Love All Over1985Producer
Reba McEntireIt Always Rains On Saturday1989Producer
Reba McEntireI've Seen Better Days1986Producer
Reba McEntireI've Still Got The Love We Made1987Producer
Reba McEntireJust Across The Rio Grande1987Producer
Reba McEntireLet The Music Lift You Up1986Producer
Reba McEntireLittle Girl1989Producer
Reba McEntireLookin' For A New Love Story1986Producer
Reba McEntireLove Will Find Its Way To You1987Producer
Reba McEntireMy Mind Is On You1986Producer
Reba McEntireNew Fool At An Old Game1988Producer
Reba McEntireNo Such Thing1986Producer
Reba McEntireO Holy Night1987Producer
Reba McEntireOne Thin Dime1986Producer
Reba McEntireOnly In My Mind1985Producer
Reba McEntireRed Roses (Won't Work Now)1985Producer
Reba McEntireRespect1988Producer
Reba McEntireSay The Word1989Producer
Reba McEntireShe's Single Again1985Producer
Reba McEntireShe's The One Loving You Now1985Producer
Reba McEntireSilent Night1987Producer
Reba McEntireSilly Me1988Producer
Reba McEntireSo, So, So Long1988Producer
Reba McEntireSomebody Up There Likes Me1989Producer
Reba McEntireSomeone Else1987Producer
Reba McEntireSunday Kind Of Love1988Producer
Reba McEntireTake Me Back1986Producer
Reba McEntireThe Christmas Guest1987Producer
Reba McEntireThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)1987Producer
Reba McEntireThe Girl Who Has Everything1987Producer
Reba McEntireThe Great Divide1985Producer
Reba McEntireThe Last One To Know1987Producer
Reba McEntireThe Stars1987Producer
Reba McEntire'Til Love Comes Again1989Producer
Reba McEntireTill It Snows In Mexico1986Producer
Reba McEntireTo Make That Same Mistake Again1986Producer
Reba McEntireWhat You Gonna Do About Me1987Producer
Reba McEntireWhite Christmas1987Producer
Reba McEntireWhose Heartache Is This Anyway1985Producer
Reba McEntireWhy Not Tonight1986Producer
Reba McEntireWish I Were Only Lonely1988Producer
Reba McEntireYou Can Take The Wings Off Me1986Producer
Reba McEntireYou Must Really Love Me1989Producer
Reba McEntireYou're The One I Dream About1988Producer
Ricky JamesParty Doll1957Music/Lyrics
Roger MillerHand For The Hog1985Producer
Roger MillerRiver In The Rain1985Producer
Roger WhittakerA Little Love (Can Go A Long Way)1990Producer
Roger WhittakerBut She Loves Me1989Producer
Roger WhittakerEarly Morning Memories1990Producer
Roger WhittakerGood Old Love1990Producer
Roger WhittakerI Have You1990Producer
Roger WhittakerI'd Fall In Love Tonight1989Producer
Roger WhittakerJust Across The Rio Grande1989Producer
Roger WhittakerKeep On Chasing Rainbows1989Producer
Roger WhittakerOne Song1990Producer
Roger WhittakerTake Away My Pain1990Producer
Roger WhittakerThe Only Real Hero1990Producer
Roger WhittakerYou Deserve The Best1990Producer
Ronnie Dove and The BeltonesParty Doll1961Music/Lyrics
(Jim Bowen)
Roy BrownI'm Sticking With You1957Music/Lyrics
Sami JoChangin'1975Producer
Sami JoEvery Man Wants Another Man's Woman1975Producer
Sami JoIf I Could Just Find My Way1975Producer
Sami JoJust Enough To Make Me Stay1975Producer
Sami JoOnce In A Lifetime Thing1975Producer
Sami JoStorms Of Troubled Times1975Producer
Sami JoThe Closest Thing To Love1975Producer
Sami JoYou Turn Me Around1975Producer
Sami JoYou're A Part Of Me1975Producer
Sami JoYou're My Home1975Producer
Sammi SmithI've Seen Better Days1977Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.(Love Is) The Tender Trap1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.A Lot Of Livin' To Do1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Ain't I1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.And When I Die1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Another Spring1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.As Long As She Needs Me1963Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Back In Your Own Back Yard1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Bein' Natural Bein' Me1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Blame It On My Youth1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Break My Mind1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Bye Bye Blackbird1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Can't We Be Friends1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Chicago1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Climb Ev'ry Mountain1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Don't Blame The Children1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Falling In Love With Love1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.For Once In My Life1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Have A Little Talk With Myself1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Here I'll Stay1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Hi-Heel Sneakers1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Am Over 25 (But You Can Trust Me)1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Have But One Life To Live1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Have Dreamed1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Want To Be Happy1971Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.If I Loved You1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.If My Friends Could See Me Now1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.If You Want This Love Of Mine1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I'll Begin Again1971Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I'm A Brass Band1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I'm A Fool To Want You1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I'm Glad There Is You1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I'm Gonna Live Till I Die1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.In My Own Lifetime1971Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.In The Ghetto1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.In This Crowded World1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I've Got You Under My Skin1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.I've Gotta Be Me1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Let There Be Love1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Let's Keep Swinging1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Lonely Weekends1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Lost In The Stars1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Lush Life1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.More Than One Way1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.My Personal Property1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.My Romance1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.My Way1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.One For My Baby (And One For The Road)1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Out Of This World1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.She Believes In Me1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Somebody1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Something's Coming1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Song From Two For The Seesaw (A Second Chance)1963Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Soon1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Spinning Wheel1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Step Out Of That Dream1963Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Sweet Beginning1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Sweet November1968Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Take It From One Who Knows1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Take My Hand1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.That Great Come-And-Get-It Day1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Birth Of The Blues1955Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Goin's Great1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Impossible Dream (The Quest)1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Lady Is A Tramp1960Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.There Is Nothin' Like A Dame1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.There Was A Tavern In The Town1963Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.This Guy's In Love With You1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.This Is My Life1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Thou Swell1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Time To Ride1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Too Close For Comfort1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Two Ladies In The Shade Of The Banana Tree1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.We Kiss In A Shadow1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.What Became Of Me1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.What Kind Of Fool Am I1961Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Where Or When1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Wichita Lineman1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Willoughby Grove1972Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.With A Song In My Heart1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Without A Song1962Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.You'd Better Sit Down Kids1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.Your' Nobody Till Somebody Loves You1967Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.You've Made Me So Very Happy1970Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaEvery Time We Say Goodbye1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaHere's That Rainy Day1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaI'm Always Chasing Rainbows1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaJoey, Joey, Joey1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaSpeak Love1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaThe Folks Who Lives On The Hill1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaThe Shadow Of Your Smile1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaTwo Different Worlds1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaWe'll Be Together Again1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaWhere Is Love1966Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr. with The Mike Curb CongregationThe Candy Man1971Producer
Segarini & BishopDear Jesus God1971Producer
Segarini & BishopOver Me1971Producer
Sonny & CherBaby Don't Go1964Producer
Sonny & CherDo You Want To Dance1966Producer
Sonny & CherLet The Good Times Roll1966Producer
Sonny & CherLove Is Strange1964Producer
Steve LawrenceParty Doll1957Music/Lyrics
Suzy BoggussAces1991Producer
Suzy BoggussAs If I Didn't Know1990Producer
Suzy BoggussBlue Days1990Producer
Suzy BoggussBurning Down1990Producer
Suzy BoggussCold Day In July1992Producer
Suzy BoggussDiamonds And Tears1993Producer
Suzy BoggussDon't Wanna1992Producer
Suzy BoggussDrive South1992Producer
Suzy BoggussEat At Joe's1992Producer
Suzy BoggussFear Of Flying1990Producer
Suzy BoggussFriend Of Mine1990Producer
Suzy BoggussHeartache1992Producer
Suzy BoggussHey Cinderella1993Producer
Suzy BoggussHow Come You Go To Her1992Producer
Suzy BoggussI Keep Comin' Back To You1993Producer
Suzy BoggussIn The Day1992Producer
Suzy BoggussJust Like The Weather1993Producer
Suzy BoggussLet Goodbye Hurt1991Producer
Suzy BoggussLetting Go1991Producer
Suzy BoggussLove Goes Without Saying1992Producer
Suzy BoggussLovin' A Hurricane1992Producer
Suzy BoggussMoment Of Truth1990Producer
Suzy BoggussMusic On The Wind1991Producer
Suzy BoggussMy Side Of The Story1990Producer
Suzy BoggussNo Green Eyes1993Producer
Suzy BoggussOther Side Of The Hill1992Producer
Suzy BoggussOutbound Plane1991Producer
Suzy BoggussPart Of Me1991Producer
Suzy BoggussSave Yourself1991Producer
Suzy BoggussSomeday Soon1991Producer
Suzy BoggussSouvenirs1993Producer
Suzy BoggussStill Hold On1991Producer
Suzy BoggussUnder The Gun1990Producer
Suzy BoggussWild Horses1990Producer
Suzy BoggussYellow River Road1991Producer
Suzy BoggussYou Never Will1993Producer
Suzy BoggussYou Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger1993Producer
Suzy BoggussYou'd Be The One1993Producer
Suzy Bogguss & Billy DeanSomething Up My Sleeve1993Producer
Suzy Bogguss with Dan SealsAll Things Made New Again1990Producer
Terry WilliamsBaby Without You1969Producer
Terry WilliamsI'm Gonna Sing You A Sad Song Susie1970Producer
Terry WilliamsMemories Of Tomorrow1970Producer
Terry WilliamsSave Your Big Tears For The Movies1969Producer
Terry WilliamsWhen The Baby In My Lady Gets Blue1970Producer
The BlossomsGood Good Lovin'1965Producer
The BlossomsThat's When The Tears Start1965Producer
The CheckersBlue Saturday1961Producer
The CheckersCascade1961Music/Lyrics
The Doug Dillard ExperienceRunaway Country1971Producer
The First EditionGood Time Liberator1969Producer
The First EditionI Believe In Music1971Producer
The First EditionOnce Again She's All Alone1969Producer
The Fontane SistersI'm Stickin' With You1957Music/Lyrics
The Gatlin BrothersBoogie And Beethoven1990Producer
The J.B. PickersFreedom Of Expression1971Music/Lyrics
The J.B. PickersSuper Soul Theme1971Music/Lyrics
The Jets [UK]Party Doll1984Music/Lyrics
The ManhattansThe Way We Were / Memories1979Music/Lyrics
The Oak Ridge BoysA Little More Coal On The Fire1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysAll I Need1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysCome By Here1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysDon't Turn Around1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysHear My Heart Beat1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysLove Without Mercy1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysNew Way Out1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysOne Love, One You1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysTime In1987Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysTrue Heart1987Producer
The Sugar BearsAll Of My Life1971Producer
The Sugar BearsAnyone Buy You1971Producer
The Sugar BearsFeather Balloon1971Producer
The Sugar BearsHappiness Train1971Producer
The Sugar BearsIt's A Good Day1971Producer
The Sugar BearsKinda Friendly Things1971Producer
The Sugar BearsLove You've Been A Long Time Coming1971Producer
The Sugar BearsPut Some Love Into It1972Producer
The Sugar BearsRight On1971Producer
The Sugar BearsSome Kind Of A Summer1972Producer
The Sugar BearsSomeone Like You1971Producer
The Sugar BearsThe Two Of Us Together1971Producer
The Sugar BearsYou Are The One1971Producer
The VenturesNight Train1960Music/Lyrics
(Jim Bowen)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandIf You Want This Love1967Producer
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandSmell Of Incense1968Producer
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandUnfree Child1968Producer
Tompall & The Glaser BrothersFeelin' The Weight Of My Chain1981Producer
Tompall & The Glaser BrothersLovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)1981Producer
Tompall & The Glaser BrothersUnited We Fall1981Producer
Tompall GlaserDrinking Them Beers1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserDuncan And Brady1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserEasy On My Mind1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserHow I Love Them Old Songs1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserIt Never Crossed My Mind1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserMy Mother Was A Lady1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserOn Second Thought1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserThe Bad Times1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserThe Wonder Of It All1977Music/Lyrics
Tompall GlaserWhat Are We Doing1977Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsA Love Song (I Can Sing Anymore)1987Producer
Waylon JenningsBaker Street1987Producer
Waylon JenningsBetween Fathers And Sons1987Producer
Waylon JenningsChevy Van1987Producer
Waylon JenningsCrying Don't Even Come Close1987Producer
Waylon JenningsDeep In The West1987Producer
Waylon JenningsDefying Gravity (Executioner's Song)1987Producer
Waylon JenningsFallin' Out1987Producer
Waylon JenningsG.I. Joe1988Producer
Waylon JenningsGrapes On The Vine1988Producer
Waylon JenningsHey Willie1988Producer
Waylon JenningsHow Much Is It Worth To Live In L.A.1988Producer
Waylon JenningsI Can't Help The Way I Don't Feel About You1987Producer
Waylon JenningsIf Ole Hank Could Only See Us Now1987Producer
Waylon JenningsI'm Living Proof (There's Life After You)1987Producer
Waylon JenningsIt Goes With The Territory1988Producer
Waylon JenningsI've Got Me A Woman1986Producer
Waylon JenningsLittlefield1987Producer
Waylon JenningsPrologue1987Producer
Waylon JenningsRose In Paradise1987Producer
Waylon JenningsRough And Rowdy Days1987Producer
Waylon JenningsShadows Of A Distant Friend1986Producer
Waylon JenningsSuddenly Single1986Producer
Waylon JenningsThat Dog Won't Hunt1986Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Crown Prince1987Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Devil's Right Hand1986Producer
Waylon JenningsThey Ain't Got 'Em All1986Producer
Waylon JenningsTrouble Man1988Producer
Waylon JenningsTurn It All Around1987Producer
Waylon JenningsWhat You'll Do When I'm Gone1986Producer
Waylon JenningsWhere Do We Go From Here1987Producer
Waylon JenningsWhere Does Love Go1986Producer
Waylon JenningsWhich Way Do I Go (Now That I'm Gone)1988Producer
Waylon JenningsWill The Wolf Survive1986Producer
Waylon JenningsWoman I Hate It1988Producer
Waylon JenningsWorking Without A Net1986Producer
Waylon JenningsYou Deserve The Stars In My Crown1987Producer
Waylon JenningsYou Put The Soul In The Song1988Producer
Waylon JenningsYou Went Out With Rock And Roll1987Producer
Waylon JenningsYou'll Never Take The Texas Out Of Me1987Producer
Waylon JenningsYoyos, Bozos, Bimbos And Heroes1988Producer
In The Ghetto (Mac Davis)65.17
Strangers In The Night (Frank Sinatra)1295.16
Blood From The Bandit (Kim Carnes)75.14
Somethin' Stupid (Nancy & Frank Sinatra)1585.12
Everybody Loves Somebody (Dean Martin)895.07
King Of The Road (Dean Martin)165
Lay Some Happiness On Me (Dean Martin)75
The Impossible Dream (The Quest) (Frank Sinatra)65
Nobody's Baby Again (Dean Martin)65
The Birds And The Bees (Dean Martin)154.93
The Windmills Of Your Mind (Noel Harrison)284.93
The World We Knew (Over And Over) (Frank Sinatra)264.92
Aces (Suzy Bogguss)84.88
(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You (Dean Martin)84.88
(Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In (Dean Martin)74.86
Somewhere There's A Someone (Dean Martin)134.85
Crazy In Love (Kim Carnes)104.8
Brass & Batons (Kim Carnes)54.8
Heartbreak Radio (Kim Carnes)54.8
If You Don't Want My Love (Kim Carnes)54.8
Somethin' Stupid (Nancy & Frank Sinatra)1585.12
Strangers In The Night (Frank Sinatra)1295.16
Everybody Loves Somebody (Dean Martin)895.07
That's Life (Frank Sinatra)554.6
The Candy Man (Sammy Davis, Jr. with The Mike Curb Congregation)494.71
Party Doll (Buddy Knox With The Orchids)354.2
Baby Don't Go (Sonny & Cher)294.41
The Windmills Of Your Mind (Noel Harrison)284.93
The World We Knew (Over And Over) (Frank Sinatra)264.92
Gentle On My Mind (Dean Martin)244.79
Something's Burning (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition)233.91
The Door Is Still Open To My Heart (Dean Martin)214.19
Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (Dean Martin)214
Houston (Dean Martin)204.65
Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me (Dean Martin)184.61
In The Chapel In The Moonlight (Dean Martin)184.33
Redneck Girl (Bellamy Brothers)183.83
Old Hippie (Bellamy Brothers)174.24
King Of The Road (Dean Martin)165
What Now My Love (Frank Sinatra)164.06

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