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Al CaseyLonely Surfer1963Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterDie Liebe trägt uns himmelhoch1998Music/Lyrics
Anna-Carina Woitschack & Stefan MrossDie Liebe trägt uns himmelhoch2020Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisTi amo / Put Your Love In Me / Needles And Pins1978Music/Lyrics
Billy Gibbons And The BFG'sYou're What's Happenin', Baby2015Music/Lyrics
Bob LindCheryl's Goin' Home1966Producer
Bob LindCounting1966Producer
Bob LindDale Anne1966Producer
Bob LindDrifter's Sunrise1966Producer
Bob LindElusive Butterfly1965Producer
Bob LindI Can't Walk Roads Of Anger1966Producer
Bob LindIt Wasn't Just The Morning1966Producer
Bob LindMister Zero1966Producer
Bob LindThe World Is Just A "B" Movie1966Producer
Bob LindTruly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)1966Producer
Bob LindUnlock The Door1966Producer
Bob LindYou Should Have Seen It1966Producer
Bobby VeeBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Please Help Me I'm Falling / Nadine / Ruby Baby / Needles And Pins1964Music/Lyrics
Buffalo SpringfieldA Child's Claim To Fame1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldBluebird1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldBroken Arrow1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldEverydays1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldExpecting To Fly1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldGood Time Boy1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldHung Upside Down1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldMr. Soul1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldRock'n'Roll Woman1967Producer
Buffalo SpringfieldSad Memory1967Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieBells1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieHelpless1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieI'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again1968Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMoratorium1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNow You've Been Gone For A Long Time1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieRollin' Mill Man1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieShe Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSmack Water Jack1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSoldier Blue1970Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSong Of The French Partisan1970Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSweet September Morning1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieThe Surfer1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieUp Where We Belong1996Music/Lyrics
Captain BeefheartHard Workin' Man1978Music/Lyrics
CherNeedles And Pins1965Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanNeedles And Pins2000Music/Lyrics
Cliff Rilly & Ingrid ServaesUp Where We Belong1999Music/Lyrics
Crazy HorseBeggars Day1971Producer
Crazy HorseCarolay1971Music/Lyrics
Crazy HorseCrow Jane Lady1971Music/Lyrics
Crazy HorseDance, Dance, Dance1971Producer
Crazy HorseDirty, Dirty1971Producer
Crazy HorseDowntown1971Producer
Crazy HorseGone Dead Train1971Music/Lyrics
Crazy HorseI Don't Want To Talk About It1971Producer
Crazy HorseI'll Get By1971Producer
Crazy HorseLook At All The Things1971Producer
Crazy HorseNobody1971Producer
Dan BlackSymphonies2009Music/Lyrics
Dan The Banjo ManI Got You Dan1975Music/Lyrics
Del ShannonNeedles And Pins1965Music/Lyrics
Don & The GoodtimesAnd It's So Good1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesGimme Some Lovin'1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesGood Day Sunshine1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesI Could Be So Good To You1967Music/Lyrics
Don & The GoodtimesI Could Never Be1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesMy Color Song1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesSweet, Sweet, Mama1967Music/Lyrics
Don & The GoodtimesThe Music Box1967Producer
Don & The GoodtimesWith A Girl Like You1967Producer
Eddie HodgesLove Minus Zero1965Producer
Eddie HodgesThe Water Is Over My Head1965Producer
Elaine PaigeUp Where We Belong1984Music/Lyrics
Fleur [DE]Träumer auf der Flucht1983Music/Lyrics
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysNeedles And Pins1965Music/Lyrics
GermsLions Share1980Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourDiscovering Japan1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourDon't Get Excited1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourLocal Girls1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourLove Gets You twisted1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourNobody Hurts You1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourPassion Is No Ordinary Word1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourProtection1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourSaturday Nite Is Dead1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourWaiting For The UFO's1979Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourYou Can't Be Too Strong1979Producer
Guildo Horn & die Orthopädischen StrümpfeDas schönste Lied kennt Guildo Horn1997Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DLa nuit n'en finit plus2010Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DLa nuit n'en finit plus [2018]2018Music/Lyrics
Hans Vermeulen & Sandra ReemerDe mooiste droom is vogelvrij1998Music/Lyrics
Helena LemkovitchLa nuit n'en finit plus1980Music/Lyrics
Isabella BondNeedles And Pins1964Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheAct Of Love1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheAll I Have To Do Is Dream1984Producer
Jack NitzscheAloha Los Pescadores1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheBalls1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheBlue Collar [Main Theme and End Title]1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheBus Ride To Paradise1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheCharmaine1975Producer
Jack NitzscheClosing Theme "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheCoke Machine1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheCruising1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheDefine Love1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheDo You Have Somebody1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheEasy Listening1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheF.B.I. (Main Theme)1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheHarry Flowers1970Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheHere Come The Helicopters1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheHoneymoon1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheI Gave You A Baby1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheJenny Shot1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheLast Dance1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheLifting Ship1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheLove Theme1985Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheMain Theme from "An Officer And A Gentleman"1982Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheMedication Valse1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheMorning Military1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheOne Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheParty1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzschePickup Truck1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzschePlay The Game1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheQuittin' Time (Main Theme)1978Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheRoad Block1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheStarman Leaves (End Title)1984Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheThe Last Race2007Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheThe Lonely Surfer1963Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheThe Morning After Love Theme1982Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheThe Plot Thickens1985Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheTrolling1975Music/Lyrics
Jack NitzscheWhat's It Like Up There1984Music/Lyrics
Jackie DeShannonBe Good Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Jackie DeShannonNeedles And Pins1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie DeShannonShould I Cry?1994Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnySwing The 60s1991Music/Lyrics
Joanna CarlinNeedles And Pins1976Music/Lyrics
Joe Cocker & Jennifer WarnesUp Where We Belong1982Music/Lyrics
John HiattSpy Boy1980Producer
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandNeedles And Pins1976Music/Lyrics
Juice Newton & Glen CampbellUp Where We Belong2010Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner, Chor und OrchesterSo You Win Again / Dreams / Needles And Pins1977Music/Lyrics
Lee RitenourLove Theme from "An Officer And A Gentleman"1982Music/Lyrics
Lee Towers & Anita MeyerUp Where We Belong1986Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreBaby That's Me1965Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreIt's All In The Game1994Producer
Lesley GoreLet It Be Me1994Producer
Lesley GoreLove Look Away1994Producer
Lesley GoreSunshine And Lollipops1994Producer
Lesley GoreWhen Sunny Gets Blue1994Producer
Lou ChristieIf My Car Could Only Talk1966Producer
Lou ChristieSong Of Lita1966Producer
Love And TearsNeedles And Pins1972Music/Lyrics
Lukas & PriceBettler & Prinz2010Music/Lyrics
Madelynn Von RitzWhen I Close My Eyes I See Blood1980Producer
Merry ClaytonIt's In His Kiss1963Producer
Michelle PhillipsAching Kind1977Producer
Michelle PhillipsLady Of Fantasy1977Producer
Mick JaggerNatural Magic1970Music/Lyrics
Mike CliffordBefore I Loved Her1965Producer
Mike CliffordShirl Girl1965Producer
Mink DeVille'A' Train Lady1978Producer
Mink DeVilleCadillac Walk1977Producer
Mink DeVilleCan't Do Without It1977Producer
Mink DeVilleConfidence To Kill1978Producer
Mink DeVilleDesperate Days1978Producer
Mink DeVilleEasy Slider1978Producer
Mink DeVilleEnd Of The Line1981Producer
Mink DeVilleGuardian Angel1978Producer
Mink DeVilleGunslinger1977Producer
Mink DeVilleHelp Me To Make It1981Producer
Mink DeVilleI Broke That Promise1978Producer
Mink DeVilleJust Give Me One Good Reason1981Producer
Mink DeVilleJust Your Friends1978Music/Lyrics
Mink DeVilleLittle Girl1977Producer
Mink DeVilleLove And Emotion1980Producer
Mink DeVilleMaybe Tomorrow1981Producer
Mink DeVilleMazurka1979Producer
Mink DeVilleMixed Up, Shook Up Girl1977Producer
Mink DeVilleOne Way Street1977Producer
Mink DeVilleParty Girls1977Producer
Mink DeVilleRolene1978Producer
Mink DeVilleShe Was Made In Heaven1981Producer
Mink DeVilleShe's So Tough1977Producer
Mink DeVilleSo In Love Are We1980Producer
Mink DeVilleSoul Twist1978Producer
Mink DeVilleSpanish Stroll1977Producer
Mink DeVilleSteady Drivin' Man1978Producer
Mink DeVilleTeardrops Must Fall1981Producer
Mink DeVilleVenus On Avenue D.1977Producer
Mink DeVilleYou Better Move On1981Producer
Modern Folk QuintetNight Time Girl1966Producer
Modern Soul BandUp Where We Belong1984Music/Lyrics
NazarethGone Dead Train1977Music/Lyrics
Neil YoungA Man Needs A Maid1972Producer
Neil YoungI've Loved Her So Long1969Producer
Neil YoungString Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill1969Music/Lyrics
Neil YoungThe Old Laughing Lady1969Producer
Neil YoungThere's A World1972Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseWe Never Danced1987Producer
Orchester Tony AndersonNeedles And Pins1977Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyAngelica1966Producer
P.J. ProbyDon't Forget About Me1966Producer
P.J. ProbyI Can't Make It Alone1966Producer
P.J. ProbyI Wanna Thank You Baby1966Producer
P.J. ProbyIf I Ruled The World1965Producer
P.J. ProbyI'm Twenty Eight1966Producer
P.J. ProbyNiki Hoeky1966Producer
P.J. ProbyOut Of Time1966Producer
P.J. ProbyPeople That's Why1966Producer
P.J. ProbyReach Out I'll Be There1966Producer
P.J. ProbyShake Shake Shake1966Producer
P.J. ProbyThat's The Tune1966Producer
P.J. ProbyYou Make Me Feel Like Someone1966Producer
Paul Potts with Yvie BurnettUp Where We Belong2010Music/Lyrics
Peter NooneNeedles And Pins1996Music/Lyrics
Peter OrloffBettler und Prinz1977Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkLa nuit n'en finit plus1963Music/Lyrics
Phil CordellNeedles And Pins1977Music/Lyrics
RamonesNeedles & Pins1978Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisUp Where We Belong1982Music/Lyrics
Randy NewmanGone Dead Train1970Music/Lyrics
Randy NewmanLet's Burn Down The Cornfield1970Producer
Rick NelsonAlmost Saturday Night1981Producer
Rick NelsonBack To Schooldays1981Producer
Rick NelsonCall It What You Want1980Producer
Rick NelsonDo The Best You Can1981Producer
Rick NelsonDon't Look At Me1981Producer
Rick NelsonI Can't Take It No More1981Producer
Rick NelsonIf Hasn't Happened Yet1981Producer
Rick NelsonIt Hasn't Happened Yet1980Producer
Rick NelsonLittle Miss American Dream1981Producer
Rick NelsonThe Loser Babe Is You1981Producer
Rough TradeShakedown1980Producer
Ry CooderZeke, Jerry & Smokie1978Music/Lyrics
Sandra Kim & Frank GalanDe liefde neemt ons mee1997Music/Lyrics
SmokieNeedles And Pins1977Music/Lyrics
St GermainSure Thing2000Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Needles And Pins1978Music/Lyrics
The Barron KnightsCall Up The Groups1964Music/Lyrics
The CripplesHypnotize1980Producer
The CripplesLoneliness1980Producer
The Moments [Folk]Walk Right In1962Producer
The O'JaysThat's Enough1963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersMedley [Needles And Pins / Sweets For My Sweet / Sugar And Spice / Have You Ever Loved Somebody)1981Music/Lyrics
The SearchersNeedles And Pins1963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersNeedles And Pins [1988 Version]1988Music/Lyrics
The SearchersNeedles And Pins '721972Music/Lyrics
The SearchersTausend Nadelstiche1964Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsUp Where We Belong1983Music/Lyrics
The VenturesNeedles And Pins1969Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The 60's1981Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Part 21981Music/Lyrics
William OrbitHarry Flowers1993Music/Lyrics
Willy DeVilleHeat Of The Moment1980Producer
Willy DeVilleIt's So Easy1980Producer
Willy DeVillePullin' My String1980Producer

Up Where We Belong (Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes)1982-12-07313
Soldier Blue (Buffy Sainte-Marie)145.14
Up Where We Belong (Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes)2135.03
Guardian Angel (Mink DeVille)105
Hung Upside Down (Buffalo Springfield)75
Just Give Me One Good Reason (Mink DeVille)55
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl (Mink DeVille)164.88
Maybe Tomorrow (Mink DeVille)84.88
Spanish Stroll (Mink DeVille)594.85
Expecting To Fly (Buffalo Springfield)244.83
Love And Emotion (Mink DeVille)204.8
Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield)144.79
Needles And Pins (The Searchers)774.77
Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)164.75
A Man Needs A Maid (Neil Young)274.74
The Old Laughing Lady (Neil Young)134.69
Broken Arrow (Buffalo Springfield)104.6
Everydays (Buffalo Springfield)74.57
A Child's Claim To Fame (Buffalo Springfield)94.56
It's In His Kiss (Merry Clayton)94.56
Just Your Friends (Mink DeVille)154.53
Up Where We Belong (Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes)2135.03
Needles And Pins (Smokie)1284.19
Needles And Pins (The Searchers)774.77
Spanish Stroll (Mink DeVille)594.85
A Man Needs A Maid (Neil Young)274.74
Expecting To Fly (Buffalo Springfield)244.83
Needles & Pins (Ramones)244.42
Elusive Butterfly (Bob Lind)234.22
I Don't Want To Talk About It (Crazy Horse)224.5
Love And Emotion (Mink DeVille)204.8
There's A World (Neil Young)204.2
Needles And Pins (Jackie DeShannon)194.26
Gone Dead Train (Nazareth)174.53
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl (Mink DeVille)164.88
Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)164.75
Mazurka (Mink DeVille)164.06
Bettler und Prinz (Peter Orloff)162.88
Just Your Friends (Mink DeVille)154.53
Rock'n'Roll Woman (Buffalo Springfield)154.47
Sure Thing (St Germain)154.27

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