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Sweden Top 40 Music Charts


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1994Bring It Home1978Producer
1994Don't Break It Up1979Producer
1994Hit The Hard Way1978Music/Lyrics
1994Keep Ravin' On1979Producer
1994Nerves Of Steel1979Producer
1994Once Again1978Producer
1994Our Time Will Come1979Producer
1994Please Stand By...1979Producer
1994Radio Zone1978Music/Lyrics
1994Read Up1978Music/Lyrics
1994Shoot To Kill1978Producer
1994Sing To Me1978Music/Lyrics
1994So Bad1979Producer
1994Stop This Heartache1979Producer
1994Wait For Me1979Producer
1994Wild In The Streets1979Producer
AerosmithAdam's Apple1975Producer
AerosmithAnother Last Goodbye2012Producer
AerosmithBack Back Train2004Producer
AerosmithBack In The Saddle1976Producer
AerosmithBig Ten-Inch Record1975Producer
AerosmithBitch's Brew1982Producer
AerosmithBolivian Ragamuffin1982Producer
AerosmithBright Light Fright1976Producer
AerosmithChip Away The Stone1978Producer
AerosmithCome Together1978Producer
AerosmithCritical Mass1977Music/Lyrics
AerosmithCry Me A River1982Producer
AerosmithDraw The Line1976Producer
AerosmithEyesight To The Blind2004Producer
AerosmithFreedom Fighter2012Producer
AerosmithGet it Up1977Producer
AerosmithGet The Lead Out1976Producer
AerosmithHome Tonight1976Producer
AerosmithI Wanna Know Why1977Producer
AerosmithI'm Ready2004Producer
AerosmithJesus Is On The Main Line2004Producer
AerosmithJig Is Up1982Producer
AerosmithJoanie's Butterfly1982Music/Lyrics
AerosmithKings And Queens1977Music/Lyrics
AerosmithLast Child1976Producer
AerosmithLegendary Child2012Producer
AerosmithLick And A Promise1976Producer
AerosmithLightning Strikes1982Producer
AerosmithLord Of The Thighs1974Producer
AerosmithLover Alot2012Producer
AerosmithLuv XXX2012Producer
AerosmithMilk Cow Blues1977Producer
AerosmithNever Loved A Girl2004Producer
AerosmithNo More No More1975Producer
AerosmithNobody's Fault1976Producer
AerosmithOasis In The Night2012Producer
AerosmithOh Yeah2012Producer
AerosmithOut Go The Lights2012Producer
AerosmithPandora's Box1974Producer
AerosmithPrelude To Joanie1982Producer
AerosmithPush Comes To Shove1982Producer
AerosmithRats In The Cellar1976Producer
AerosmithRoad Runner2004Producer
AerosmithRock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)1982Music/Lyrics
AerosmithRound And Round1975Producer
AerosmithSame Old Song And Dance1974Producer
AerosmithSeasons Of Wither1974Producer
AerosmithShame, Shame, Shame2004Producer
AerosmithSick As A Dog1976Producer
AerosmithSight For Sore Eyes1977Music/Lyrics
AerosmithStreet Jesus2012Producer
AerosmithSweet Emotion1975Producer
AerosmithSweet Emotion '911991Producer
AerosmithTell Me2012Producer
AerosmithThe Grind2004Producer
AerosmithThe Hand That Feeds1977Music/Lyrics
AerosmithThe Train Kept A-Rollin'1974Producer
AerosmithToys In The Attic1975Producer
AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'1974Producer
AerosmithUncle Salty1975Producer
AerosmithUp On The Mountain2012Producer
AerosmithWalk This Way1975Producer
AerosmithWe All Fall Down2012Producer
AerosmithWoman Of The World1974Producer
AerosmithYou Gotta Move2004Producer
AerosmithYou See Me Crying1975Producer
Alice CooperBig Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)1973Producer
Alice CooperCrazy Little Child1973Producer
Alice CooperHard Hearted Alice1973Producer
Alice CooperMan With The Golden Gun1973Producer
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love1973Producer
Alice CooperNever Been Sold Before1973Producer
Alice CooperTeenage Lament '741973Producer
Alice CooperWoman Machine1973Producer
Alice CooperWorking Up A Sweat1973Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Follow Me1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]It's Over1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Long Time Away1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]New York City1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Silver And Gold1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Things I'd Like To Do Again1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Think Think1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Waiting Place1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]Wayside1975Producer
Artful Dodger [US]You Know It's Alright1975Producer
BlackrainBack In Town2016Producer
BlackrainBad Love Is Good2013Producer
BlackrainBlast Me Up2013Producer
BlackrainCryins Tonight2013Producer
BlackrainDancing On Fire2013Producer
BlackrainDeath By Stereo2013Producer
BlackrainEat You Alive2016Producer
BlackrainElectric Blue2016Producer
BlackrainFade To Black2016Producer
BlackrainFor Your Love2016Producer
BlackrainHo Hey Hey Hey Hey2013Producer
BlackrainKilling Me2016Producer
BlackrainMind Control2016Producer
BlackrainNobody But You2013Producer
BlackrainOne Last Prayer2016Producer
BlackrainPuppet On A String2016Producer
BlackrainRe-Evolution - New Generation2013Producer
BlackrainRock My Funeral2016Producer
BlackrainRun Tiger Run2016Producer
BlackrainTell Me2013Producer
BlackrainWild Wild Wild2013Producer
BlackrainWords Ain't Enough2016Producer
BlackrainYoung Blood2013Producer
BunburyCorre por la jungla2016Producer
Cheap TrickCover Girl1985Producer
Cheap TrickCry, Cry1977Producer
Cheap TrickDaddy Should Have Stayed In High School1977Producer
Cheap TrickElo Kiddies1977Producer
Cheap TrickHe's A Whore1977Producer
Cheap TrickHot Love1977Producer
Cheap TrickHow About You1985Producer
Cheap TrickLittle Sister1985Producer
Cheap TrickLove Comes1985Producer
Cheap TrickMandocello1977Producer
Cheap TrickOh, Candy1977Producer
Cheap TrickRock All Night1985Producer
Cheap TrickShe's Got Motion1985Producer
Cheap TrickSpeak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace1977Producer
Cheap TrickSpecial One2003Music/Lyrics
Cheap TrickStanding On The Edge1985Producer
Cheap TrickTaxman, Mr. Thief1977Producer
Cheap TrickThe Ballad Of T.V. Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy)1977Producer
Cheap TrickThis Time Around1985Producer
Cheap TrickTonight It's You1985Producer
Cheap TrickWild Wild Women1985Producer
Crowbar [1970s]All The Living Things1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Go For The Throat1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Kilroy1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Million Dollar Weekend1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Nothing Lasts Forever1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Rocky Mountain Tragedy1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Something Happened Yesterday1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]The Killing Time Trilogy (a. Killing Time / b. It Really Doesn't Matter / c. Hard On You / d. Killing Time - Reprise)1973Producer
Crowbar [1970s]Trumpet Rose1973Producer
Eric TroyerMirage1980Producer
Frankie Miller(I Can't) Breakaway1978Producer
Frankie MillerDouble Heart Trouble1977Producer
Frankie MillerGood Time Love1978Producer
Frankie MillerGoodnight Sweetheart1978Producer
Frankie MillerHave You Seen Me Lately, Joan1977Producer
Frankie MillerLove Is All Around1978Producer
Frankie MillerLove Waves1978Producer
Frankie MillerStubborn Kind Of Fellow1977Producer
Frankie MillerThe Train1978Producer
Frankie MillerYou'll Be In My Mind1978Music/Lyrics
Graham ParkerAnother Grey Area1982Producer
Graham ParkerBig Fat Zero1982Producer
Graham ParkerCan't Waste A Minute1982Producer
Graham ParkerCrying For Attention1982Producer
Graham ParkerDark Side Of The Bright Lights1982Producer
Graham ParkerFear Not1982Producer
Graham ParkerIt's All Worth Nothing Alone1982Producer
Graham ParkerNo More Excuses1982Producer
Graham ParkerTemporary Beauty1982Producer
Graham ParkerThankless Task1982Producer
Graham ParkerYou Hit The Spot1982Producer
HarlequinCan't Hold Back1980Producer
HarlequinCrime Of Passion1980Music/Lyrics
HarlequinHeaven (Dial 999)1980Producer
HarlequinIt's All Over Now1980Producer
HarlequinLove On The Rocks1980Producer
HarlequinMidnight Magic1980Producer
HarlequinSayin' Goodbye To The Boys1980Producer
HarlequinThinking Of You1980Producer
HarlequinWait For The Night1980Producer
John Lennon(Just Like) Starting Over1980Producer
John LennonBeautiful Boy (Darling Boy)1980Producer
John LennonCleanup Time1980Producer
John LennonDear Yoko1980Producer
John LennonI'm Losing You1980Producer
John LennonWatching The Wheels1980Producer
John LennonWoman1980Producer
Michael Monroe'782011Producer
Michael MonroeAll You Need2011Producer
Michael MonroeAnother Night In The Sun2011Producer
Michael MonroeBombs Away2011Music/Lyrics
Michael MonroeCenter Of Your Heart2011Producer
Michael MonroeGot Blood?2011Producer
Michael MonroeLater Won't Wait2011Producer
Michael MonroeModern Day Miracle2011Producer
Michael MonroeRight To Be Wrong2011Producer
Michael MonroeSleepin' With My TV On2011Producer
Michael MonroeSuperpowered Superfly2011Producer
Michael MonroeTrick Of The Wrist2011Producer
Michael MonroeYou're Next2011Producer
Michael Monroe feat. Lemmy KilmisterDebauchery As A Fine Art2011Producer
Michael Monroe feat. Lucinda WilliamsGone Baby Gone2011Producer
MontroseCrazy For You1976Producer
MontroseJump On It1976Producer
MontroseLet's Go1976Producer
MontroseMusic Man1976Producer
MontroseRich Man1976Producer
MontroseWhat Are You Waitin' For?1976Producer
MoxyAnother Time Another Place1977Producer
MoxyAre You Ready1977Producer
MoxyCause There's Another1976Producer
MoxyChange In My Life1976Producer
MoxyI'll Set You On Fire1977Producer
MoxyMidnight Flight1976Producer
MoxyNothin' Comes Easy1977Producer
MoxyOne More Heartbreak1976Producer
MoxyRidin' High1977Producer
MoxyRock Baby1977Producer
MoxySlippin' Out1976Producer
MoxySweet Reputation (Symphony For Margaret)1977Producer
MoxyTake It Or Leave It1976Producer
MoxyThrough The Storm1976Producer
MoxyTryin' Just For You1976Producer
MoxyWet Suit1976Producer
MoxyYoung Legs1977Producer
New York DollsDance Like A Monkey2006Producer
Patti Smith GroupAbyssinia1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupAin't It Strange1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupAsk The Angels1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupChicklets1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupDistant Fingers1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupPissing In A River1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupPoppies1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupPumping (My Heart)1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupRadio Ethiopia1976Producer
Patti Smith GroupTime Is On My Side1977Producer
Rick DerringerDon't Stop Loving Me1977Producer
Rick DerringerDrivin' Sideways1977Producer
Rick DerringerI Didn't Ask To Be Born1977Producer
Rick DerringerKeep On Makin' Love1977Producer
Rick DerringerLet's Make It1977Producer
Rick DerringerOne Eyed Jack1977Producer
Rick DerringerSittin' By The Pool1977Producer
Rick DerringerSweet Evil1977Producer
Run DMCWalk This Way1986Producer
Sha Na Na(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet1974Producer
Sha Na NaBad Boy1974Producer
Sha Na NaCircles Of Love1975Producer
Sha Na NaDon't You Just Know It1974Producer
Sha Na NaDreams Come True1974Producer
Sha Na NaEasier Said Than Done1974Producer
Sha Na NaHot Sox1974Producer
Sha Na NaMaybe I'm Old-Fashioned1974Producer
Sha Na NaSh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)1973Producer
Sha Na NaStroll All Night1974Producer
Sha Na NaToo Chubby To Boogie1974Producer
Sha Na NaYou Talk Too Much1974Producer
Slash's SnakepitAin't Life Grand2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitBack To The Moment2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitBeen There Lately2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitJust Like Anything2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitLandslide2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitLife's Sweet Drug2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitMean Bone2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitSerial Killer2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitShine2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitSpeed Parade2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitThe Alien2000Producer
Slash's SnakepitThe Truth2000Producer
Starz(Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be There1977Producer
Starz(She's Just A) Fallen Angel1976Producer
StarzAll Night Long1977Producer
StarzBoys In Action1976Producer
StarzCherry Baby1977Producer
StarzColiseum Rock1978Producer
StarzCool One1977Producer
StarzDetroit Girls1976Producer
StarzDon't Stop Now1978Producer
StarzDon't Think1977Producer
StarzGood Ale We Seek1977Producer
StarzHold On To the Night1977Producer
StarzIs That A Street Light Or The Moon1977Producer
StarzIt's A Riot1978Producer
StarzJohnny All Alone1977Producer
StarzLast Night I Wrote A Letter1978Producer
StarzLive Wire1976Producer
StarzMonkey Business1976Producer
StarzMy Sweet Child1978Producer
StarzNight Crawler1976Producer
StarzNo Regrets1978Producer
StarzNow I Can1976Producer
StarzOver And Over1976Producer
StarzPull The Plug1976Producer
StarzRock Six Times1977Producer
StarzSing It, Shout It1977Producer
StarzSo Young, So Bad1978Producer
StarzSubway Terror1977Producer
StarzTake Me1978Producer
StarzTear It Down1976Producer
StarzThird Time's The Charm1977Producer
StarzWaitin' On You1977Producer
StarzWhere Will It End1978Producer
StarzX-Ray Spex1977Producer
SupertrampAnd The Light1997Producer
SupertrampC'est What?1997Producer
SupertrampGet Your Act Together1997Producer
SupertrampGive Me A Chance1997Producer
SupertrampHelp Me Down That Road1997Producer
SupertrampIt's A Hard World1997Producer
SupertrampListen To Me Please1997Producer
SupertrampLive To Love You1997Producer
SupertrampSome Things Never Change1997Producer
SupertrampSooner Or Later1997Producer
SupertrampWhere There's A Will1997Producer
SupertrampYou Win, I Lose1997Producer
The Fontane SistersBilly Boy1959Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersThird Man Theme1959Music/Lyrics
The KnackAfrica1981Producer
The KnackAnother Lousy Day In Paradise1981Producer
The KnackArt War1981Producer
The KnackBoys Go Crazy1981Producer
The KnackJust Wait And See1981Producer
The KnackLil' Cals Big Mistake1981Producer
The KnackPay The Devil (Ooo Baby Ooo)1981Producer
The KnackRadiating Love1981Producer
The KnackShe Likes The Beat1981Producer
The KnackSoul Kissin'1981Producer
The KnackSweet Dreams1981Producer
The KnackWe Are Waiting1981Producer
Wayne NewtonOnly You1964Producer
Wayne NewtonToo Late To Meet (Once Upon A Time)1964Producer
Yoko OnoBeautiful Boys1980Producer
Yoko OnoEvery Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him1980Producer
Yoko OnoGive Me Something1980Producer
Yoko OnoHard Times Are Over1980Producer
Yoko OnoI'm Moving You1980Producer
Yoko OnoKiss Kiss Kiss1980Producer
Yoko OnoWalking On Thin Ice1981Producer
Yoko OnoYes, I'm Your Angel1980Producer
ZebraAs I Said Before1983Producer
ZebraBut No More1984Producer
ZebraDon't Walk Away1983Producer
ZebraDrive Me Crazy1984Producer
ZebraI Don't Care1984Producer
ZebraI Don't Like It1984Producer
ZebraLittle Things1984Producer
ZebraNo Tellin' Lies1984Producer
ZebraOne More Chance1983Producer
ZebraSlow Down1983Producer
ZebraTake Your Fingers From My Hair1983Producer
ZebraTakin' A Stance1984Producer
ZebraTell Me What You Want1983Producer
ZebraThe La La Song1983Producer
ZebraWait Until The Summer's Gone1984Producer
ZebraWhen You Get There1983Producer
ZebraWho's Behind The Door1983Producer

(Just Like) Starting Over (John Lennon)1980-11-1438
Woman (John Lennon)1981-02-27181
Walking On Thin Ice (Yoko Ono)1981-03-1365
Rats In The Cellar (Aerosmith)75.43
Woman (John Lennon)1875.2
Kings And Queens (Aerosmith)125.17
Sick As A Dog (Aerosmith)85
The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Aerosmith)65
Pumping (My Heart) (Patti Smith Group)55
Sweet Emotion '91 (Aerosmith)55
Road Runner (Aerosmith)134.92
Watching The Wheels (John Lennon)604.92
Shame, Shame, Shame (Aerosmith)124.92
Pissing In A River (Patti Smith Group)144.86
Poppies (Patti Smith Group)54.8
Lick And A Promise (Aerosmith)54.8
Adam's Apple (Aerosmith)54.8
And The Light (Supertramp)124.75
You See Me Crying (Aerosmith)84.75
(Just Like) Starting Over (John Lennon)1374.74
Walk This Way (Aerosmith)814.68
Ask The Angels (Patti Smith Group)64.67
Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith)204.65
Woman (John Lennon)1875.2
Walk This Way (Run DMC)1384.39
(Just Like) Starting Over (John Lennon)1374.74
Walk This Way (Aerosmith)814.68
Watching The Wheels (John Lennon)604.92
Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)544.39
You Win, I Lose (Supertramp)394.15
Come Together (Aerosmith)324.03
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (John Lennon)294.45
Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith)273.78
Last Child (Aerosmith)254
Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith)204.65
Walking On Thin Ice (Yoko Ono)184.06
Same Old Song And Dance (Aerosmith)164.62
I'm Losing You (John Lennon)164.19
Draw The Line (Aerosmith)163.81
Teenage Lament '74 (Alice Cooper)163.81
Listen To Me Please (Supertramp)154.53
Sooner Or Later (Supertramp)154.53
Tonight It's You (Cheap Trick)153.93

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