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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Angus Kahn, Gus Khan, Gustave "Gus" Kahn
"Ziegfeld Girl" OrchestraEnd Titles Music/Lyrics
"Ziegfeld Girl" OrchestraOverture Music/Lyrics
"Ziegfeld Girl" OrchestraYou Music/Lyrics
"Ziegfeld Girl" OrchestraYou Never Looked So Beautiful Before Music/Lyrics
Al Donahue & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1939Music/Lyrics
Al HirtDream A Little Dream Of Me1968Music/Lyrics
Al HirtI'll See You In My Dreams1968Music/Lyrics
Al HirtSalute To Satchmo1975Music/Lyrics
Al HirtToot Toot Tootsie Goodbye1957Music/Lyrics
Al Hirt & Ann-MargretMy Baby Just Cares For Me1964Music/Lyrics
Al JolsonCarolina In The Morning1947Music/Lyrics
Al JolsonLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1929Music/Lyrics
Al JolsonToot Toot Tootsie1922Music/Lyrics
Al Jolson & Bing CrosbyThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1947Music/Lyrics
Al Jolson with Isham Jones OrchestraThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1924Music/Lyrics
Alain Chabat, Gérard Darmon & Philippe ChanyLa Carioca1993Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganAin't We Got Fun1958Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearMy Baby Just Cares For Me2006Music/Lyrics
Amanda PalmerMakin' Whoopee2011Music/Lyrics
Amy GrantMy Buddy1996Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsIt Had To Be You1965Music/Lyrics
Anita HarrisDream A Little Dream Of Me1968Music/Lyrics
Annette Hanshaw(The One I Love) Just Can't Be Bothered With Me1930Music/Lyrics
Annette HanshawGuilty1931Music/Lyrics
Annette HanshawHe's The Last Word1927Music/Lyrics
Annette HanshawIf You See Sally1927Music/Lyrics
Annette Hanshaw And Her Sizzlin' SyncopatorsReady For The River1928Music/Lyrics
Arielle DombasleDream A Little Dream Of Me2006Music/Lyrics
Arielle DombasleTenias que ser tu2006Music/Lyrics
Arlo GuthrieUkulele Lady1972Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelYou Stepped Out Of A Dream2006Music/Lyrics
Art TatumChlo-e1938Music/Lyrics
Art TatumI'll Never Be The Same1955Music/Lyrics
Art TatumI'll See You In My Dreams1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumIt Had To Be You1944Music/Lyrics
Art TatumLiza1935Music/Lyrics
Art TatumLove Me Or Leave Me1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumMakin' Whoopee1953Music/Lyrics
Arthur PrysockI'm Through With Love1962Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawCarioca1939Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawI'll Never Be The Same1945Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1938Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra feat. Mel Tormé and his Mel-TonesGuilty1946Music/Lyrics
B.B. King & Diane SchuurIt Had To Be You1994Music/Lyrics
Barbara BennisIt Had To Be You1963Music/Lyrics
Barbara SchönebergerSag es mir in deinem Traum2007Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandIt Had To Be You1964Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandMy Buddy / How About Me (Medley)1974Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with Michael BubléIt Had To Be You2014Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow with Mama CassDream A Little Dream Of Me2014Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanChlo-e (Song Of The Swamp)1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanClouds1935Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanI Never Knew1938Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanIt Had To Be You1939Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanJosephine1952Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanLiza1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanLove Me Or Leave Me1934Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanNobody's Sweetheart1936Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanOn The Alamo1941Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanThe Hour Of Parting1940Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanWhy Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me1934Music/Lyrics
Bert KaempfertSan Francisco1974Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraI'll See You In My Dreams1962Music/Lyrics
Betty Grable feat. Alfred Newman & ChorusPretty Baby1997Music/Lyrics
Betty Grable feat. Goldwyn Girls & Male ChorusCowboy Number1997Music/Lyrics
Betty Grable feat. June Haver / Alfred NewmanWe Have Been Around/Carolina In The Morning1997Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonIt Had To Be You1944Music/Lyrics
Big Sit CatletI Never Knew1945Music/Lyrics
Bill Charlap TrioThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else2017Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayGuilty1946Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayIt Had To Be You1955Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayLove Me Or Leave Me1941Music/Lyrics
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraWho Wants Love?1937Music/Lyrics
Billy BurtonWhile The Years Go Drifting By1926Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineGuilty1962Music/Lyrics
Billy Murray & Aileen StanleyIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Billy Murray & Aileen StanleyNobody's Sweetheart1924Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnJosephine1957Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnMy Isle Of Golden Dreams1959Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnThe Waltz You Saved For Me1955Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyAlong The Way To Waikiki1957Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyDay Dreaming1941Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyDream A Little Dream Of Me1957Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyI Never Knew1953Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyI'll See You In My Dreams1947Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyI'm Thru With Love1931Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyIt Had To Be You1953Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyLove Me Or Leave Me1951Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyMemories1949Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyMy Buddy1941Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyNow That You're Gone1931Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyOn The Alamo1957Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyThe Waltz You Saved For Me1947Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Dick McIntire And His Harmony HawaiiansMy Isle Of Golden Dreams1939Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Isham Jones' OrchestraLazy Day1932Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraPretty Baby1947Music/Lyrics
Blind GuardianDream A Little Dream Of Me2007Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraI'll Never Be the Same2013Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraSympathy1940Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby's Bob CatsCoquette1938Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby's Bob CatsSpain1940Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanIt Had To Be You2016Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinIt Had To Be You1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinMy Buddy1962Music/Lyrics
Brazilian Turunas OrchestraCarioca Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeePretty Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeToot Toot Tootsie Goodbye1959Music/Lyrics
Bria SkonbergMy Baby Just Cares For Me2017Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonLove Me Or Leave Me1959Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonYou Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine1959Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerryLove Me Or Leave Me1999Music/Lyrics
Bud PowellAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1950Music/Lyrics
Bud ShankI Never Knew1960Music/Lyrics
Buddy ClarkIt Had To Be You1947Music/Lyrics
Buddy Clark & Doris DayThat Certain Party1948Music/Lyrics
Cab Calloway And His OrchestraNobody's Sweetheart1931Music/Lyrics
Caetano VelosoCarioca (The Carioca)2004Music/Lyrics
Cal Tjader QuintetLove Me Or Leave Me1959Music/Lyrics
Cal Tjader Sextet & Stan GetzMy Buddy1958Music/Lyrics
California RamblersIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Camp GaloreYes Sir, That's My Baby / Hollywood Premiere1976Music/Lyrics
Captain SensibleNobody's Sweetheart1982Music/Lyrics
Catherine FalgayracLes yeux ouverts2010Music/Lyrics
Chapel ClubSurfacing2011Music/Lyrics
Charles McPhersonIt Had To Be You1975Music/Lyrics
Charles PasiLove Me Or Leave Me2017Music/Lyrics
Charles Winninger & Al SheanMr. Gallagher And Mr. Shean Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsI Never Knew1971Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsJosephine1965Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1957Music/Lyrics
Chet Atkins and Hank SnowMy Isle Of Golden Dreams1964Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerI'm Through With Love1954Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerMy Buddy1956Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerWhile My Lady Sleeps1995Music/Lyrics
ChicagoDream A Little Dream Of Me1995Music/Lyrics
Chicago & JadeDream A Little Dream Of Me1995Music/Lyrics
Chick Bullock & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1941Music/Lyrics
Chick Webb And His OrchestraLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1938Music/Lyrics
Christina PerriDream A Little Dream Of Me2019Music/Lyrics
Christopher BarkerDream A Little Dream Of Me1993Music/Lyrics
Clarence Williams' Blue FiveSanta Claus Blues1925Music/Lyrics
Clarence Williams' TrioSanta Claus Blues1925Music/Lyrics
Claudius Alzner Und Seine SolistenIf You Know Susie, Like I Know Susie / Longer Awhile / Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Goodbye Music/Lyrics
Cliff EdwardsIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Cliff JacksonIt Had To Be You1944Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardLove Me Or Leave Me2010Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI'll See You In My Dreams1961Music/Lyrics
Coleman HawkinsCarioca1952Music/Lyrics
Colin ThackeryDream A Little Dream Of Me2019Music/Lyrics
Connie BoswellNobody's Sweetheart1940Music/Lyrics
Connie BoswellYou're All I Need1935Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisMy Buddy1963Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisYou Tell Me Your Dream1961Music/Lyrics
Count BasieI Never Knew1939Music/Lyrics
Count BasieIt Had To Be You1958Music/Lyrics
Count BasieLove Me Or Leave Me1952Music/Lyrics
Cristina [FR]Quand je rêve c'est de toi1968Music/Lyrics
Cy ColemanChloe1975Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperMy Baby Just Cares For Me2003Music/Lyrics
Cyndi Lauper & Tony BennettMakin' Whoopee2003Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1956Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinCarolina In The Morning1955Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinDream A Little Dream Of Me1958Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinPretty Baby1957Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1966Music/Lyrics
Dean Martin & Jerry LewisThat Certain Party1948Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseI'll Never Be The Same1959Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseI'm Thru With Love1959Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1962Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallI'll See You In My Dreams2017Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallI'm Thru With Love1996Music/Lyrics
Dick Haymes & Helen ForrestIt Had To Be You1944Music/Lyrics
Dick Jurgens And His OrchestraJosephine1950Music/Lyrics
Dick Van DykeMy Baby Just Cares For Me1963Music/Lyrics
Die Viel-HarmonikerFoxtrott-Medley (Hallo, du süße Klingelfee / Die schöne Adrienne / Ich hab' das Fräulein Helen baden sehn / Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Good-Bye))1980Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreCarolina In The Morning1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreIt Had To Be You1960Music/Lyrics
(Gus Khan)
Dinah ShoreMy Buddy1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah Shore & Andre PrevinIt Had To Be You1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonCoquette1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI'm Thru With Love1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones And His OrchestraMakin' Whoopee1956Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtCoquette1946Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtI Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight1939Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtI'll See You In My Dreams1939Music/Lyrics
Django Reinhardt et Stephane GrappellyLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1965Music/Lyrics
Django Reinhart & Stéphane GrappelyIt Had To Be You1938Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanIt Had To Be You1989Music/Lyrics
Dooley WilsonMedley (It Had To Be You/Shine)1942Music/Lyrics
Doris DayAin't We Got Fun1953Music/Lyrics
Doris DayDream A Little Dream Of Me1957Music/Lyrics
Doris DayI Wish I Had A Girl1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayI'll See You In My Dreams1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayIt Had To Be You1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayLove Me Or Leave Me1955Music/Lyrics
Doris DayMakin' Whoopee1952Music/Lyrics
Doris DayMy Buddy1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayNobody's Sweetheart1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayPretty Baby1948Music/Lyrics
Doris DayThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1951Music/Lyrics
Doris DayWho Are We To Say (Obey Your Heart)1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1961Music/Lyrics
Doris DayYour Eyes Have Told Me So1953Music/Lyrics
Doris Day & Danny ThomasAin't We Got Fun1951Music/Lyrics
Doris Day & Danny ThomasMakin' Whoopee1951Music/Lyrics
Dorothy LamourIt Had To Be You1940Music/Lyrics
Dr. John feat. Ricky Lee JonesMakin' Whoopee1989Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonLiza1953Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His Famous OrchestraAll God's Chillun' Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His Famous OrchestraChloe (Song Of The Swamp)1940Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1964Music/Lyrics
Earl Hines & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1941Music/Lyrics
Eddie CalvertOne Night Of Love1956Music/Lyrics
Eddie CantorA Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine2000Music/Lyrics
Eddie CantorMakin' Whoopee!1929Music/Lyrics
Eddie CantorMy Baby Just Cares For Me1930Music/Lyrics
Eddie CantorWhen My Ship Comes In2000Music/Lyrics
Eddie CantorWhoopee1974Music/Lyrics
Eddie VedderDream A Little Dream2011Music/Lyrics
Edward WoodwardIt Had To Be You1971Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDeedle-De-Dum1940Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDream A Little Dream Of Me1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMakin' Whoopee1954Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOn Green Dolphin Street (Medley)1968Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1941Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe Silent Treatment1956Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Frank DeVol & His OrchestraMakin' Whoopee1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald and Eddie Heywood And His OrchestraGuilty1947Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald With Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraLove Me Or Leave Me1962Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseDream A Little Dream Of Me1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseLove Me Or Leave Me1952Music/Lyrics
Elton JohnBig Dipper1978Music/Lyrics
Emilia MitikuDream A Little Dream Of Me2016Music/Lyrics
EngelbertIt Had To Be You2005Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerI Never Knew1952Music/Lyrics
Esther PhillipsMakin' Whoopee1965Music/Lyrics
Etta JonesYes, Sir That's My Baby1960Music/Lyrics
Eva MattesDream A Little Dream Of Me2006Music/Lyrics
Fats DominoCoquette1958Music/Lyrics
Fats WallerLove Me Or Leave Me1966Music/Lyrics
Fats Waller & His RhythmLet's Sing Again1936Music/Lyrics
Fletcher Henderson And His OrchestraLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1934Music/Lyrics
Fletcher Henderson's OrchestraI'll See You In My Dreams1925Music/Lyrics
Florence WelchMy Baby Just Cares For Me2009Music/Lyrics
Frank RosolinoIt Had To Be You1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Never Knew1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI'll Never Be The Same1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraIt Had To Be You1979Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI've Had My Moments1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLove Me Or Leave Me1953Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMakin' Whoopee1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMy Baby Just Cares For Me1966Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSwingin' Down The Lane1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraYes Sir, That's My Baby1966Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers / Tommy Dorsey And His OrchestraThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1940Music/Lyrics
Frankie LaineMy Ohio Home1954Music/Lyrics
Franklyn BaurSometime1925Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireFlying Down To Rio1933Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireMusic Makes Me1933Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThe Carioca1953Music/Lyrics
Fred BertelmannGuilty1959Music/Lyrics
Gary PaxtonIt Had To Be You1963Music/Lyrics
Gene AustinBut I Do, You Know I Do1926Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Gene AustinFor My Sweetheart1926Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Gene AustinYes Sir, That's My Baby1925Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
George MichaelMy Baby Just Cares For Me1999Music/Lyrics
Georgia Gibbs And Bob CrosbyDream A Little Dream Of Me1950Music/Lyrics
Gerry Mulligan & Chet BakerLove Me Or Leave Me1953Music/Lyrics
Gil VenturaI Had To Be You1974Music/Lyrics
Ginger RogersMusic Makes Me1933Music/Lyrics
Glenn FreyMy Buddy2012Music/Lyrics
Grace [AU]Love Me Or Leave Me2015Music/Lyrics
Gus ClarkIt Had To Be You Music/Lyrics
Guy LombardoBeloved1928Music/Lyrics
Guy LombardoCoquette1928Music/Lyrics
Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansI'll Never Be The Same1932Music/Lyrics
Hal KempWith All My Heart2000Music/Lyrics
Hank JonesIt Had To Be You1956Music/Lyrics
Harold AshbyCoquette1991Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.It Had To Be You1989Music/Lyrics
Henry ArlandCarioca1967Music/Lyrics
Henry Busse And His OrchestraI'm Thru With Love1931Music/Lyrics
Henry Busse OrchestraIt Had To Be You1937Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDream A Little Dream Of Me1969Music/Lyrics
Herb AlpertYou Stepped Out Of A Dream2017Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann QuartetLittle Orphan Annie1955Music/Lyrics
Hot OwlsCrazy Rhythm1975Music/Lyrics
Ibernice MacBean feat. Paul MichielsMakin' Whoopee2013Music/Lyrics
Irving KaufmanUkulele Lady1925Music/Lyrics
Isham JonesIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Isham Jones & Ray Miller OrchestraI'll See You In My Dreams1925Music/Lyrics
Isham Jones & Ray Miller OrchestraWhy Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me1925Music/Lyrics
Isham Jones And His OrchestraA Little Street Where Old Friends Meet1932Music/Lyrics
Isham Jones And His OrchestraThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1923Music/Lyrics
Ivie Anderson And Her Boys From DixieAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Ivy QuainooDream A Little Dream Of Me2012Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraFootloose And Fancy Free1935Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraGuilty1931Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraLittle Old Church In The Valley1931Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraLove Me Or Leave Me1929Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraMakin' Whoopee1929Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraSweetheart Darlin'1933Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraWho's That Knocking At The Door?1928Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesCarioca1960Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1967Music/Lyrics
Jack Shilkret's OrchestraCharley, My Boy1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Jackie DavisSleapy Head1956Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonToot, Toot Tootsie Goodbye1961Music/Lyrics
Jacques DievalIt Had To Be You1945Music/Lyrics
James BookerYes Sir, That's My Baby2013Music/Lyrics
James LastDu, du, du / Blue Moon / Makin' Whoopee1965Music/Lyrics
James LastLove Me Or Leave Me1968Music/Lyrics
Jan und KjeldYes Sir, That's My Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Jane MonheitLove Me Or Leave Me2004Music/Lyrics
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley ReinhartMy Baby Just Cares For Me2018Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisToot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye1981Music/Lyrics
Jerry WallaceSwingin' Down The Lane1960Music/Lyrics
Jimmie Lunceford & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmie RowlesI'll Never Be The Same1977Music/Lyrics
Jimmie RowlesMy Buddy1977Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesMy Baby Just Cares For Me2009Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His Original "Dorseyland" Jazz BandCharley, My Boy1950Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnyRoaring Twenties1990Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraSometime1950Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraWhere Are You1954Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanIt Had To Be You2007Music/Lyrics
John Lewis & Bill PerkinsLove Me Or Leave Me1956Music/Lyrics
John TravoltaIt Had To Be You1976Music/Lyrics
Johnnie RayNobody's Sweetheart1954Music/Lyrics
Johnny GuarnieriNobody's Sweetheart1946Music/Lyrics
Johnny Kidd & The PiratesYes Sir, That's My Baby1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1957Music/Lyrics
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Emeli SandéLove Me Or Leave Me2014Music/Lyrics
(Gus Khan)
Judy GarlandAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandCarolina In The Morning1955Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandI'm Always Chasing Rainbows1940Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusMinnie From Trinidad Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusYou Gotta Pull Strings Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusYou Never Looked So Beautiful Before Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusZiegfeld Girls Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & Charles WinningerLaugh? I Thought I'd Split My Sides Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland, Tony Martin & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusWe Must Have Music (Out Take) Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI'll See You In My Dreams1968Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonIt Had To Be You1957Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonMakin' Whoopee1959Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1960Music/Lyrics
Kay StarrI Had To Be You1962Music/Lyrics
Kay Thompson And Her OrchestraIt Had To Be You1937Music/Lyrics
Keith JarrettI'm Through With Love1999Music/Lyrics
Ken DoddThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1966Music/Lyrics
Ken GriffinIt Had To Be You1951Music/Lyrics
Kenny GIt Had To Be You2006Music/Lyrics
KoKoKidsSchliess mich ein in deinen Traum1992Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellYes Sir, That's My Baby1967Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1970Music/Lyrics
Laura FygiDream A Little Dream Of Me1991Music/Lyrics
Lee HazlewoodIt Had To Be You1999Music/Lyrics
Lee HazlewoodMakin' Whoopee1999Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneLove Me Or Leave Me1955Music/Lyrics
Lena Horne with Lennie Hayton & His OrchestraLove Me Or Leave Me1955Music/Lyrics
Lena ZavaroniI'll See You In My Dreams1982Music/Lyrics
Les Paul & Mary FordJosephine1953Music/Lyrics
Les Paul & Mary FordThe Carioca1960Music/Lyrics
Lionel HamptonMy Buddy1940Music/Lyrics
Lorez AlexandriaI'm Through With Love1964Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongDream A Little Dream Of Me2011Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongMakin' Whoopee1957Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald / Sy Oliver & His OrchestraDream A Little Dream Of Me1950Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraIndian Cradle Song1930Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong / Oscar PetersonI'll Never Be The Same1959Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And Gordon Jenkins And His Chorus And OrchestraChlo-e (Song Of The Swamp)1952Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraI Never Knew1942Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraThanks A Million1936Music/Lyrics
Louis PrimaThat Certain Party1948Music/Lyrics
LyambikoLove Me Or Leave Me2004Music/Lyrics
LyambikoMy Baby Just Cares For Me2007Music/Lyrics
MaliaMy Baby Just Cares For Me2012Music/Lyrics
Manuel & His Music Of The MountainsThe Carioca1967Music/Lyrics
Marilyn MonroeI'm Thru With Love1959Music/Lyrics
Marion HarrisCarolina In The Morning1923Music/Lyrics
Marion HarrisIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Mark Knopfler & Chet AtkinsI'll See You In My Dreams1990Music/Lyrics
Mark MurphyI'm Through With Love2005Music/Lyrics
Marti WebbIt Had To Be You1985Music/Lyrics
Martial SolalAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1963Music/Lyrics
Martin LechnerMy Baby Just Cares For Me2016Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsIt Had To Be You1962Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsMy Isle Of Golden Dreams1957Music/Lyrics
Mary Lou Williams TrioCarioca1954Music/Lyrics
Mary O'Brian & Dion O'BrianRagtime Selection2000Music/Lyrics
Mary RoosSchliess mich ein in deinen Traum1978Music/Lyrics
Mary WellsIt Had To Be You1964Music/Lyrics
Mary WellsMy Baby Just Cares For Me1964Music/Lyrics
Matt Monro with Malcolm Lockyer And His OrchestraThe One I Love1956Music/Lyrics
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterAll God's Children2008Music/Lyrics
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterDream A Little Dream Of Me2008Music/Lyrics
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterLove Song Of Tahiti2010Music/Lyrics
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterTomorrow Is Another Day2010Music/Lyrics
McKinney's Cotton PickersDo You Believe In Love At Sight?1931Music/Lyrics
MelanieYes Sir, That's My Baby1974Music/Lyrics
Merle Haggard And The StrangersThe Waltz You Saved For Me1976Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléDream A Little Dream Of Me2005Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléMy Baby Just Cares For Me2016Music/Lyrics
Michelle PfeifferMakin' Whoopee1989Music/Lyrics
Mike BerryMemories1981Music/Lyrics
Mills BrothersWhen You Come To The End Of The Day1958Music/Lyrics
MinaI'll See You In My Dreams2002Music/Lyrics
Mr. "X"That Certain Party1925Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriLove Me Or Leave Me1962Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeA Little Street Where Old Friends Meet1953Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeCoquette1965Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeDream A Little Dream Of Me1947Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1955Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeMy Baby Just Cares For Me2002Music/Lyrics
Nelson RiddleIt Had To Be You1974Music/Lyrics
Nicola ConteA Time For Spring2004Music/Lyrics
NilssonIt Had To Be You1973Music/Lyrics
NilssonIt Had To Be You / I'd Rather Be Dead2006Music/Lyrics
NilssonMakin' Whoopee!1973Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneLove Me Or Leave Me1958Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneMy Baby Just Cares For Me1957Music/Lyrics
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & DjangoPortugal1975Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnLove Me Or Leave Me2004Music/Lyrics
Olivia RuizMy Baby Just Cares For Me2014Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Die Perdidos und das Enzo-TrioLiza1966Music/Lyrics
Ozzie Nelson And His OrchestraDream A Little Dream Of Me1931Music/Lyrics
Palast Orchester mit seinem Sänger Max RaabeAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm2002Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneI'll See You In My Dreams1961Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneMy Baby Just Cares For Me1959Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeI'm Through With Love2006Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeMy Buddy2006Music/Lyrics
Patti PageIt Had To Be You1959Music/Lyrics
Paul DesmondThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1963Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneyCoquette1999Music/Lyrics
Paul WestonThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1956Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraAfter The Rain1922Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraCollette1927Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraCoquette1928Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraEliza1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraIda - I Do1925Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraI'll See You In My Dreams1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraLittle Old Clock On The Mantel1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraNo More Worryin'1926Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraSpain1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraTell Me, Dreamy Eyes1924Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1924Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeCharley My Boy1958Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeLove Me Or Leave Me1956Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeMakin' Whopee1967Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1961Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard Big BandYes Sir, That's My Baby2010Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard OrchestraMy Baby Just Cares For Me2006Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard Orchestra / Pino GaspariniYes Sir, That's My Baby2002Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraLiza1973Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraI'll See You In My Dreams1956Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraOne Night Of Love1950Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoIt Had To Be You1958Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoLove Me Or Leave Me1952Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoSwingin' Down The Lane1957Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoWhen You Come To The End Of The Day1958Music/Lyrics
Peter Petrel & Berry SarluisMakin' Whoopee1979Music/Lyrics
Peter Sellers & Sophia LorenUkelele Lady1960Music/Lyrics
Pia Zadora & The London Philharmonic OrchestraIt Had To Be You1985Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenI'm Thru With Love1957Music/Lyrics
Polo HoferJupi jupi2009Music/Lyrics
Putte Wickman / John Lewis / Red MitchellYou Stepped Out Of A Dream2008Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneMakin' Whoopee!2012Music/Lyrics
Raffaella CarràLola1973Music/Lyrics
Raul RoulienOrchids In The Mnoolight Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesIt Had To Be You1959Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesMakin' Whoopee1964Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1966Music/Lyrics
Ray Noble And His OrchestraCarolina In The Morning1940Music/Lyrics
Ray Noble And His OrchestraWhile My Lady Sleeps1941Music/Lyrics
Ray Noble And His OrchestraWith All My Heart1935Music/Lyrics
Red Nichols And His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1930Music/Lyrics
Red Onion Jazz BabiesSanta Claus Blues1925Music/Lyrics
Renee OlsteadAin't We Got Fun2009Music/Lyrics
Renee OlsteadMy Baby Just Cares For Me2009Music/Lyrics
Renée ZellwegerSan Francisco2019Music/Lyrics
Ricky NelsonYes Sir, That's My Baby1960Music/Lyrics
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraEnd Titles "Flying Down To Rio" Music/Lyrics
Rob HoekeYes Sir That's My Baby1979Music/Lyrics
Robbie Williams feat. Lily AllenDream A Little Dream2013Music/Lyrics
Robert GouletYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1962Music/Lyrics
Robert PalmerRiptide1985Music/Lyrics
Roberta PeckMakin' Whoopee!1967Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartIt Had To Be You2002Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartLove Me Or Leave Me2010Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart with Elton JohnMakin' Whoopee2005Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelDream A Little Dream Of Me1968Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonI'm Thru With Love1964Music/Lyrics
Roy Haynes And Quincy JonesLiza1955Music/Lyrics
Russ ColumboGuilty1931Music/Lyrics
Russo And Fiorito's Oriole OrchestraSweet Southern Breeze1926Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Ruth EttingBeloved1928Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingDancing In The Moonlight1933Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingGuilty1931Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingI'll Never Be The Same1932Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingI'm Bringing A Red, Red Rose1929Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingJust A Bird's Eye View (Of My Old Kentucky Home)1926Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingLet's Talk About My Sweetie1926Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingLove Me Or Leave Me1928Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingSing Me A Baby Song1927Music/Lyrics
Ry CooderChloe1976Music/Lyrics
Sam Lanin & His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Love Me Or Leave Me1955Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1961Music/Lyrics
Seger EllisWhere The Shy Little Violets Grow1929Music/Lyrics
Seger Ellis & His OrchestraBeloved1928Music/Lyrics
Seija SimolaNääthän unta puolestain1980Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else1993Music/Lyrics
Sheridan Morley & Michael LawMakin' Whoopee2003Music/Lyrics
Sheridan Morley & Michael LawMy Baby Just Cares For Me2003Music/Lyrics
Shirley Horn with Branford MarsalisIt Had To Be You1991Music/Lyrics
Shirley Horn with Gary BartzMakin' Whoopee1993Music/Lyrics
Sidney Bechet & His FeetwarmersIt Had To Be You1950Music/Lyrics
Sing-Along-A-MaxBye Bye Blues / I'll See You In My Dreams / It's Time To Say Goodbye / Goodnight Sweetheart1971Music/Lyrics
Sing-Along-A-MaxIt Had To Be You / I'll Get By / I'll String Along With You / I'll Be Seeing You1972Music/Lyrics
Sissel KyrkjebøDream A Little Dream Of Me1992Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1957Music/Lyrics
Sophie TuckerThe One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)1924Music/Lyrics
Spike Jones And His City SlickersChloe1945Music/Lyrics
Spike Jones And His City SlickersI Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight1949Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzOn The Alamo1964Music/Lyrics
Stan RidgwayMy Baby Just Cares For Me1998Music/Lyrics
Stéphane Grappelli And His MusiciansI Never Knew1942Music/Lyrics
Steve TyrellIt Had To Be You2001Music/Lyrics
Steve TyrellThe One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else2006Music/Lyrics
Steven Smith & FatherToot, Toot, Tootsie1972Music/Lyrics
Susan BarrettIt Had To Be You1967Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanLes yeux ouverts2007Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanNostalgia1969Music/Lyrics
Tab HunterMy Baby Just Cares For Me1958Music/Lyrics
TacoTaco's Charleston (Medley)1984Music/Lyrics
TacoThanks A Million1982Music/Lyrics
Ted Black & His OrchestraIt's A Long Time Between Kisses1931Music/Lyrics
Ted Weems And His OrchestraA Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine1930Music/Lyrics
Ted Weems And His OrchestraMy Baby Just Cares For Me1930Music/Lyrics
Ted Weems And His OrchestraNothin' On My Mind (But The Moonlight, The Starlight And You)1928Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraI'll Never Be The Same1937Music/Lyrics
The 4 SeasonsYes Sir, That's My Baby1962Music/Lyrics
The 50 Guitars Of Tommy GarrettCarioca1967Music/Lyrics
The AmbassadorsIt Had To Be You1924Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersCarioca1947Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersCharley My Boy1949Music/Lyrics
The BachelorsI'll See You In My Dreams1963Music/Lyrics
The Beautiful SouthDream A Little Dream1995Music/Lyrics
The Beautiful SouthLes yeux ouverts1995Music/Lyrics
The Ben Webster QuintetMakin' Whoopee1957Music/Lyrics
The Benson Orchestra Of ChicagoBimini Bay1921Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
The Charleston KidsYes Sir, That's My Baby1973Music/Lyrics
The Eddie Higgins TrioMakin' Whoopee1965Music/Lyrics
The Eddy Davis Trio feat. Conal FowkesI'll See You In My Dreams2010Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersChlo-E1961Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsDream A Little Dream1998Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersThe Waltz You Saved For Me1957Music/Lyrics
The Four LadsIt Had To Be You1956Music/Lyrics
The Goofus Five & Their OrchestraReady For The River1928Music/Lyrics
The Harlem RamblersMakin' Whoopie1974Music/Lyrics
The Herbie Mann NonetYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1960Music/Lyrics
The Hi-Lo'sMy Baby Just Cares For Me1955Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioI'm Throu With Love1946Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioMakin' Whoopee1947Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioYes Sir That's My Baby1949Music/Lyrics
The King Cole Trio & Woody HermanMy Baby Just Cares For Me1949Music/Lyrics
The LettermenI'll See You In My Dreams1963Music/Lyrics
The Louis Armstrong ConnectionIndian Cradle Song1990Music/Lyrics
The Mamas & The PapasDream A Little Dream Of Me1968Music/Lyrics
The Mills BrothersNobody's Sweetheart1931Music/Lyrics
The Mills BrothersSmall Town Girl1954Music/Lyrics
The Moonlight SerenadersSometime1925Music/Lyrics
The OvertonesIt Had To Be You2013Music/Lyrics
The Palm Beach Band BoysJosephine1967Music/Lyrics
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraDream A Little Dream Of Me1976Music/Lyrics
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraNobody's Sweetheart1982Music/Lyrics
The PearlsI'll See You In My Dreams1976Music/Lyrics
The Percy Faith StringsOrchids In The Moonlight1962Music/Lyrics
The PlattersOrchids In The Moonlight1961Music/Lyrics
The Southern SerenadersAlone At Last1925Music/Lyrics
The Tommy Dorsey Orch. Starring Warren CovingtonMy Baby Just Cares For Me1958Music/Lyrics
The Wayne Shorter Quartet feat. Danilo Perez / John Patitucci / Brian BladeFlying Down To Rio2013Music/Lyrics
Thelonious MonkLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1956Music/Lyrics
Thomas DutroncI'll See You In My Dreams2015Music/Lyrics
(Angus Kahn)
Till BrönnerI'm Through With Love2010Music/Lyrics
Tim FischerDream A Little Dream Of Me1994Music/Lyrics
Tiny TimToot-Toot-Tootsie1968Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettA Little Street Where Old Friends Meet1989Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm1998Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI'm Thru With Love1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Baby Just Cares For Me1955Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettToot, Toot, Tootsie!1961Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Carrie UnderwoodIt Had To Be You2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & k.d. langDream A Little Dream Of Me2002Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ray Conniff And His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1957Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioIt Had To Be You1964Music/Lyrics
Tony MartinYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1941Music/Lyrics
Tony Martin & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusCaribbean Love Song Music/Lyrics
Tony Martin & "Ziegfeld Girl" ChorusYou Stepped Out Of A Dream Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansOn The Alamo1955Music/Lyrics
Tuxedo JunctionToot Toot Tootsie Goodbye1979Music/Lyrics
UsherMy Baby Just Cares For Me2015Music/Lyrics
Val DoonicanDream A Little Dream1969Music/Lyrics
Valaida Snow With Billy Mason And His OrchestraIt Had To Be You1935Music/Lyrics
Van MorrisonMakin' Whoopee2017Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnIt Had To Be You1974Music/Lyrics
Waring's PennsylvaniansSomeone To Love1926Music/Lyrics
(Gustave "Gus" Kahn)
Wayne NewtonToot, Toot, Tootsie!1963Music/Lyrics
White Sox Jazz BandNobody's Sweetheart2009Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah JonesMakin' Whoopee2011Music/Lyrics
Yannick BovyMakin' Whoopee2017Music/Lyrics
I'll See You In My Dreams (Django Reinhardt)75.29
Carolina In The Morning (Al Jolson)65.17
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (The Mamas & The Papas)1245.1
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra)114.82
Makin' Whoopee (Louis Armstrong)54.8
It Had To Be You (Frank Sinatra)54.6
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald / Sy Oliver & His Orchestra)124.58
Love Me Or Leave Me (Doris Day)74.57
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Doris Day)74.57
Dream A Little Dream (The Beautiful South)344.5
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Nina Simone)1004.44
I'll See You In My Dreams (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)74.43
Makin' Whoopee (Dr. John feat. Ricky Lee Jones)74.43
Big Dipper (Elton John)104.4
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Judy Garland)54.4
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Laura Fygi)54.4
Les yeux ouverts (The Beautiful South)54.4
Coquette (Paul McCartney)94.33
It Had To Be You (Barbra Streisand with Michael Bublé)114.27
I'm Thru With Love (Marilyn Monroe)114.27
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (The Mamas & The Papas)1245.1
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Nina Simone)1004.44
Dream A Little Dream (The Beautiful South)344.5
Dream A Little Dream (Robbie Williams feat. Lily Allen)324.22
Riptide (Robert Palmer)243.67
Love Me Or Leave Me (Nina Simone)184.22
Goofus (Carpenters)133.62
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald / Sy Oliver & His Orchestra)124.58
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra)114.82
I'm Thru With Love (Marilyn Monroe)114.27
It Had To Be You (Barbra Streisand with Michael Bublé)114.27
Dream A Little Dream (Eddie Vedder)113.09
Big Dipper (Elton John)104.4
Coquette (Paul McCartney)94.33
My Baby Just Cares For Me (George Michael)94.22
Guilty (Russ Columbo)93.89
Sag es mir in deinem Traum (Barbara Schöneberger)93.56
Makin' Whoopee (Cyndi Lauper & Tony Bennett)93.33
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Cyndi Lauper)93.11
It Had To Be You (Rod Stewart)84.12

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