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Al StewartElvaston Place1970Producer
Al StewartThe News From Spain1970Producer
Angie GoldLove's Fool1981Producer
AudienceAin't The Man You Need1972Producer
AudienceBarracuda Dan1972Producer
AudienceBuy Me An Island1972Producer
AudienceElixir Of Youth1972Producer
AudienceEye To Eye1971Producer
AudienceGrief And Disbelief1972Producer
AudienceHard Cruel World1972Producer
AudienceHula Girl1972Producer
AudienceI Had A Dream1971Producer
AudienceI Put A Spell On You1971Producer
AudienceIn Accord1972Producer
AudienceIndian Summer1971Producer
AudienceParty Games1972Producer
AudienceSeven Sore Bruises1972Producer
AudienceStand By The Door1972Producer
AudienceThe House On The Hill1971Producer
AudienceThunder And Lightnin'1972Producer
AudienceTrombone Gulch1972Producer
AudienceYou're Not Smilin'1971Producer
BagatelleAlways On My Mind1981Producer
BagatelleLove Is The Reason1981Producer
BakerlooBig Bear Ffolly1969Producer
BakerlooBring It On Home1969Producer
BakerlooDrivin' Bachwards1969Producer
BakerlooGang Bang1969Producer
BakerlooLast Blues1969Producer
BakerlooOnce Upon A Time1969Producer
BakerlooThis Worried Feeling1969Producer
Barbara DicksonI Don't Believe In Miracles1984Producer
Barbara DicksonThe Crying Game1984Producer
Billy ConnollyIrish Heartbeat1990Producer
Billy ConnollyUnder Pressure1990Producer
Bonnie BiancoOne Day Lover1988Producer
Bonnie BiancoWhen The Price Is Your Love1988Producer
Bonzo Dog Band11 Mustachioed Daughters1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandAli Baba's Camel1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandBeautiful Zelda1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandBy A Waterfall1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandCan Blue Men Sing The Whites?1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandDr Jazz1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandHello Mabel1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandHumanoid Boogie1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandHunting Tigers Out In "Indiah"1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandKama Sutra1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandLaughing Blues1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandMr Apollo1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandMy Pink Half Of The Drainpipe1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandPostcard1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandRhinocratic Oaths1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandRockaliser Baby1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandShirt1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandThe Monster Mash1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandTrouser Press1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandTubas In The Moonlight1969Producer
Bonzo Dog BandWe Are Normal1968Producer
Chris ReaBecause Of You1978Producer
Chris ReaBows And Bangles1978Producer
Chris ReaCenotaph / Letter From Amsterdam1979Producer
Chris ReaCleveland Calling1979Producer
Chris ReaDance! (Don't Think)1979Producer
Chris ReaDancing With Charlie1978Producer
Chris ReaDeltics1979Producer
Chris ReaDiamonds1979Producer
Chris ReaDon't Want Your Best Friend1979Producer
Chris ReaFires Of Spring1978Producer
Chris ReaFool (If You Think It's Over)1978Music/Lyrics
Chris ReaJust One Of Those Days1978Producer
Chris ReaMidnight Love1978Producer
Chris ReaNo Qualification1979Producer
Chris ReaRaincoat And A Rose1979Producer
Chris ReaSeabird1979Producer
Chris ReaShe Gave It Away1979Producer
Chris ReaStanding In Your Doorway1978Producer
Chris ReaThe Closer You Get1978Producer
Chris ReaThe Things Lovers Should Do1979Producer
Chris ReaThree Angels1978Producer
Chris ReaTwisted Wheel1979Producer
Chris ReaWhatever Happened To Benny Santini?1978Producer
Davey JohnstoneA Lark In The Morning With Mrs. McLeod1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneA Lovely Day1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneAfter The Dance1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneBeautiful One1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneIsland1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneJanine1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneKeep Right On1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneOur Dear Friend1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneSmiling Face1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneThe Boatman1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneWalking Out1973Producer
Davey JohnstoneYou Are - I Am1973Producer
David BowieRagazzo solo, ragazza sola1970Producer
David BowieSpace Oddity1969Producer
David BowieWild Eyed Boy From Freecloud1969Producer
Elkie BrooksCan't Go On1982Producer
Elkie BrooksDance Away1980Producer
Elkie BrooksDon't Cry Out Loud1978Producer
Elkie BrooksDon't Stop1982Producer
Elkie BrooksFool If You Think It's Over1981Producer
Elkie BrooksForbidden Territory1983Producer
Elkie BrooksGasoline Alley1982Producer
Elkie BrooksGivin' It Up For Your Love1981Producer
Elkie BrooksGiving You Hope1982Producer
Elkie BrooksGoing Back1982Producer
Elkie BrooksGot To Be A Winner1978Producer
Elkie BrooksI Just Can't Go On1982Producer
Elkie BrooksIf You Leave Me Now1981Producer
Elkie BrooksLoving Arms1982Producer
Elkie BrooksMoney1982Producer
Elkie BrooksNights In White Satin1982Producer
Elkie BrooksNothing In This World1982Producer
Elkie BrooksOur Love1982Producer
Elkie BrooksPaint Your Pretty Picture1980Producer
Elkie BrooksSuperstar1981Producer
Elkie BrooksToo Busy Thinking About My Baby1980Producer
Elkie BrooksToo Much Between Us1982Producer
Elkie BrooksWarm And Tender Love1981Producer
Elkie BrooksWill You Write Me A Song1982Producer
ElsaBats toi1990Producer
ElsaFaudrait pas croire1990Producer
ElsaJe s'rai lÓ1990Producer
ElsaJe viens vers toi1990Producer
ElsaL'amour sur le fil1990Producer
ElsaOn verra bien demain1990Producer
ElsaPleure doucement1990Producer
ElsaPour qui tu cours1990Producer
ElsaQu'est ce que ša peut lui faire?1990Producer
ElsaRien que pour ša1990Producer
ElsaUn enfant qui s'en va1990Producer
Elton John(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket1975Producer
Elton JohnAll The Girls Love Alice1973Producer
Elton JohnAll The Nasties1971Producer
Elton JohnAmoreena1970Producer
Elton JohnAmy1972Producer
Elton JohnAngeline1986Producer
Elton JohnBad Side Of The Moon1970Producer
Elton JohnBallad Of A Well-Known Gun1970Producer
Elton JohnBennie And The Jets1973Producer
Elton JohnBetter Off Dead1975Producer
Elton JohnBetween Seventeen And Twenty1976Producer
Elton JohnBilly Bones And The White Bird1975Producer
Elton JohnBite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!)1976Producer
Elton JohnBitter Fingers1975Producer
Elton JohnBlues For My Baby And Me1972Producer
Elton JohnBoogie Pilgrim1976Producer
Elton JohnBorder Song1970Producer
Elton JohnBurn Down The Mission1970Producer
Elton JohnCage The Songbird1976Producer
Elton JohnCan I Put You On1971Producer
Elton JohnCandle In The Wind1973Producer
Elton JohnCandy By The Pound1985Producer
Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975Producer
Elton JohnChameleon1976Producer
Elton JohnCold Highway1974Producer
Elton JohnCome Down In Time1970Producer
Elton JohnCountry Comfort1970Producer
Elton JohnCrazy Water1976Producer
Elton JohnCrocodile Rock1972Producer
Elton JohnCry To Heaven1985Producer
Elton JohnCurtains1975Producer
Elton JohnDan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)1975Producer
Elton JohnDaniel1972Producer
Elton JohnDirty Little Girl1973Producer
Elton JohnDixie Lily1974Producer
Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1974Producer
Elton JohnDon't Trust That Woman1986Producer
Elton JohnElderberry Wine1972Producer
Elton JohnFeed Me1975Producer
Elton JohnFirst Episode At Hienton1970Producer
Elton JohnFour Moods1971Producer
Elton JohnFriends1971Producer
Elton JohnFuneral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)1973Producer
Elton JohnGo It Alone1986Producer
Elton JohnGoodbye1971Producer
Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973Producer
Elton JohnGrey Seal1970Producer
Elton JohnGrimsby1974Producer
Elton JohnGrow Some Funk Of Your Own1975Producer
Elton JohnGypsy Heart1986Producer
Elton JohnHard Luck Story1975Producer
Elton JohnHarmony1973Producer
Elton JohnHave Mercy On The Criminal1972Producer
Elton JohnHercules1972Producer
Elton JohnHigh Flying Bird1972Producer
Elton JohnHo, Ho, Ho (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)1973Producer
Elton JohnHoliday Inn1971Producer
Elton JohnHoney Roll1971Producer
Elton JohnHonky Cat1972Producer
Elton JohnHonky Tonk Women1970Producer
Elton JohnHoop Of Fire1986Producer
Elton JohnHouse Of Cards1975Producer
Elton JohnI Fall Apart1986Producer
Elton JohnI Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)1975Producer
Elton JohnI Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day In The Country)1971Producer
Elton JohnI Need You To Turn To1970Producer
Elton JohnI Think I'm Going To Kill Myself1972Producer
Elton JohnIdol1976Producer
Elton JohnIf There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?)1976Producer
Elton JohnI'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol1972Producer
Elton JohnIndian Sunset1971Producer
Elton JohnInto The Old Man's Shoes1970Producer
Elton JohnIsland Girl1975Producer
Elton JohnIt's Me That You Need1969Producer
Elton JohnI've Seen That Movie Too1973Producer
Elton JohnI've Seen The Saucers1974Producer
Elton JohnJack Rabbit1970Producer
Elton JohnJamaica Jerk-off1973Producer
Elton JohnJust Like Strange Rain1969Producer
Elton JohnLady Samantha1968Producer
Elton JohnLeather Jackets1986Producer
Elton JohnLevon1971Producer
Elton JohnLove Song1970Producer
Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Producer
Elton JohnMadman Across The Water1971Producer
Elton JohnMedley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)1975Producer
Elton JohnMellow1972Producer
Elton JohnMemory Of Love1986Producer
Elton JohnMichelle's Song1971Producer
Elton JohnMidnight Creeper1972Producer
Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters1972Producer
Elton JohnMy Baby Left Me / Get Back1970Producer
Elton JohnMy Father's Gun1970Producer
Elton JohnNikita1985Producer
Elton JohnNo Shoe Strings On Louise1970Producer
Elton JohnOne Day At A Time1974Producer
Elton JohnOne Horse Town1976Producer
Elton JohnOut Of The Blue1976Producer
Elton JohnParis1986Producer
Elton JohnPinball Wizard1975Producer
Elton JohnPinky1974Producer
Elton JohnRazor Face1971Producer
Elton JohnRock And Roll Madonna1970Producer
Elton JohnRocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time)1972Producer
Elton JohnRotten Peaches1971Producer
Elton JohnRoy Rogers1973Producer
Elton JohnSalvation1972Producer
Elton JohnSatellite1985Producer
Elton JohnSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting1973Producer
Elton JohnScrew You (Young Man's Blues)1973Producer
Elton JohnSeasons1971Producer
Elton JohnShoot Down The Moon1985Producer
Elton JohnShoulder Holster1976Producer
Elton JohnSick City1974Producer
Elton JohnSixty Years On1970Producer
Elton JohnSkyline Pigeon1969Producer
Elton JohnSlave1972Producer
Elton JohnSocial Disease1973Producer
Elton JohnSolar Prestige A Gammon1974Producer
Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life Tonight1975Producer
Elton JohnSomeone's Final Song1976Producer
Elton JohnSon Of Your Father1970Producer
Elton JohnSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1976Producer
Elton JohnSoul Glove1985Producer
Elton JohnStep Into Christmas1973Producer
Elton JohnStinker1974Producer
Elton JohnStreet Kids1975Producer
Elton JohnSusie (Dramas)1972Producer
Elton JohnSweet Painted Lady1973Producer
Elton JohnTake Me To The Pilot1969Producer
Elton JohnTalking Old Soldiers1970Producer
Elton JohnTeacher I Need You1972Producer
Elton JohnTell Me What The Papers Say1985Producer
Elton JohnTell Me When The Whistle Blows1975Producer
Elton JohnTexan Love Song1972Producer
Elton JohnThe Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)1973Producer
Elton JohnThe Bitch Is Back1974Producer
Elton JohnThe Cage1970Producer
Elton JohnThe Greatest Discovery1970Producer
Elton JohnThe King Must Die1970Producer
Elton JohnThe Wide-Eyed And Laughing1976Producer
Elton JohnTheme From A Non-Existent TV Series1976Producer
Elton JohnThis Song Has No Title1973Producer
Elton JohnThis Town1985Producer
Elton JohnTicking1974Producer
Elton JohnTiny Dancer1971Producer
Elton JohnTonight1976Producer
Elton JohnToo Young1985Producer
Elton JohnTower Of Babel1975Producer
Elton JohnWe All Fall In Love Sometimes1975Producer
Elton JohnWhenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)1973Producer
Elton JohnWhere To Now St. Peter?1970Producer
Elton JohnWhere's The Shoorah?1976Producer
Elton JohnWrap Her Up1985Producer
Elton JohnWriting1975Producer
Elton JohnYour Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock'n Roll)1973Producer
Elton JohnYour Song1970Producer
Elton JohnYour Starter For1976Producer
Elton JohnYou're So Static1974Producer
Elton John & Cliff RichardSlow Rivers1986Producer
Elton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart1976Producer
Elton John & Kiki DeeSnow Queen1976Producer
Elton John & Millie JacksonAct Of War1985Producer
Elton John Band feat. John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals HornsI Saw Her Standing There1975Producer
Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony OrchestraYour Song1987Producer
Frank RyanBelieve1989Producer
Frank RyanI Know Your Heart1988Producer
Frank RyanOnly The Lonely1989Producer
Frank RyanRunaway1989Producer
Frank RyanSensational1989Producer
Frank RyanStanding In The Dark1989Producer
Frank RyanTears And The Damage They Do1989Producer
Frank RyanThe Greatest Adventure1989Producer
Frank RyanToo Hot1989Producer
Frank RyanWalking Down Sunset Street1989Producer
Frank RyanWatching The Tears1989Producer
Frank RyanYou You1988Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanBreak It To Me Gently1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanCan't Get Enough Of You1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanFor What It's Worth1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanHello It's Goodbye1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanHelp Is On The Way1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanI Love It But1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanI'm Not Getting Any Younger1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanOr So They Say1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanSo What1987Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanThe Niceness Of It All1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanThings That Go Bump In The Night1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanWhat's In A Kiss1980Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanWhy Pretend1980Producer
Jennifer RushCall My Name1987Producer
Joan ArmatradingAlice1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingAll The King's Gardens1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingChild Star1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingCity Girl1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingConversation1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingGave It A Try1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingHead Of The Table1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingIt Could Have Been Better1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingLonely Lady1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingMean Old Man1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingMister Remember Me1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingMy Family1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingSpend A Little Time1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingTogether In Words And Music1973Producer
Joan ArmatradingVisionary Mountains1972Producer
Joan ArmatradingWhatever's For Us1972Producer
John KongosCome On Down Jesus1972Producer
John KongosGold1972Producer
John KongosGreat White Lady1972Producer
John KongosI Would Have Had A Good Time1972Producer
John KongosJubilee Cloud1972Producer
John KongosLift Me From The Ground1972Producer
John KongosShamarack1972Producer
John KongosTomorrow I'll Go1969Producer
John KongosTry To Touch Just One1972Producer
John MilesBack To The Magic1983Producer
John MilesCarrie1983Producer
John MilesClose Eyes And Count To Ten1983Producer
John MilesHeart Of Stone1983Producer
John MilesHome1983Producer
John MilesI'll Never Do It Again1983Producer
John MilesIt Wasn't Love At All1983Producer
John MilesReady To Spread Your Wings1983Producer
John MilesSong For You1983Producer
John MilesTake Me To My Heaven1983Producer
John MilesThat's Rock 'N' Roll1983Producer
John MilesThe Right To Sing1983Producer
Johnny BristolHold On To Love1981Producer
Johnny BristolLoving And Free1981Producer
Johnny BristolTake Me Down1981Producer
Kenny EverettCaptain Kremmen1977Producer
Kenny EverettDestribution1977Producer
Kiki DeeChicago1977Producer
Kiss PatrolMidnight In Moscow1980Producer
LindisfarneAngels At Eleven1978Producer
LindisfarneBrand New Day1978Producer
LindisfarneGet Wise1978Producer
LindisfarneJuke Box Gypsy1978Producer
LindisfarneKings Cross Blues1978Producer
LindisfarneMake Me Want To Stay1978Producer
LindisfarneMarshall Riley's Army1978Producer
LindisfarneOnly Alone1978Producer
LindisfarneRun For Home1978Producer
LindisfarneStick Together1978Producer
LindisfarneWarm Feeling1978Producer
LindisfarneYou And Me1978Producer
LocomotiveA Day In Shining Armour1970Producer
LocomotiveComing Down / Love Song For The Dead Che1970Producer
LocomotiveI'm Never Gonna Let You Go1969Producer
LocomotiveLay Me Down Gently1970Producer
LocomotiveMr. Armageddan1969Producer
LocomotiveNever Set Me Free1968Producer
LocomotiveNobody Asked You To Come1970Producer
LocomotiveNow Is The End - The End Is When1970Producer
LocomotiveRudi's In Love1968Producer
LocomotiveThe Loves Of Augustus Abbey1970Producer
LocomotiveThere's Got To Be A Way1969Producer
LocomotiveTimes Of Light And Darkness1970Producer
LocomotiveYou Must Be Joking1969Producer
Magna CartaAirport Song1970Producer
Magna CartaBeyond The Isle Of Skye1971Producer
Magna CartaCountry Jam1971Producer
Magna CartaDown Along Up1971Producer
Magna CartaElizabethan1970Producer
Magna CartaGive Me No Goodbye1970Producer
Magna CartaGoin' My Way (Road Song)1970Producer
Magna CartaGood Morning Sun1971Producer
Magna CartaHome Groan1971Producer
Magna CartaIsle Of Skye1971Producer
Magna CartaParliament Hill1971Producer
Magna CartaRing Of Stones1970Producer
Magna CartaScarecrow1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: I. Prologue1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: II. Winter Song1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: III. Spring Poem1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: IV. Spring Song1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: IX. Winter Song1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: V. Summer Poem1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: VI. Summer Song1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: VII. Autumn Song1970Producer
Magna CartaSeasons: VIII. Epilogue1970Producer
Magna CartaSponge1971Producer
Magna CartaSunday On The River1971Producer
Magna CartaThe Bridge At Knaresborough Town1971Producer
Magna CartaTime For The Leaving1971Producer
Magna CartaWayfaring1971Producer
Magna CartaWhite Snow Dove1971Producer
Marsha HuntHot Rod Poppa1969Producer
Michael ChapmanA Scholarly Man1969Producer
Michael ChapmanAll In All1971Producer
Michael ChapmanAmong The Trees1970Producer
Michael ChapmanAn Old Man Remembers1970Producer
Michael ChapmanAndru's Easy Rider1969Producer
Michael ChapmanBack On Your Own Again1971Producer
Michael ChapmanFennario1971Producer
Michael ChapmanFirst Lady Song1970Producer
Michael ChapmanFishbeard Sunset1970Producer
Michael ChapmanGoodbye To Monday Night1969Producer
Michael ChapmanIn The Valley1970Producer
Michael ChapmanIndian Queens1969Producer
Michael ChapmanIt Didn't Work Out1969Producer
Michael ChapmanKodak Ghosts1969Producer
Michael ChapmanLady On The Rocks / Song For September1970Producer
Michael ChapmanLandships1970Producer
Michael ChapmanLast Lady Song1970Producer
Michael ChapmanMarch Rain1970Producer
Michael ChapmanMozart Lives Upstairs1969Producer
Michael ChapmanNaked Ladies And Electric Ragtime1969Producer
Michael ChapmanNight Drive1971Producer
Michael ChapmanNo Song To Sing1969Producer
Michael ChapmanNo-One Left To Care1969Producer
Michael ChapmanNot So Much A Garden1969Producer
Michael ChapmanOne Time Thing1969Producer
Michael ChapmanPolar Bear Fandango1971Producer
Michael ChapmanPostcards Of Scarborough1969Producer
Michael ChapmanRabbit Hill1969Producer
Michael ChapmanRainmaker1969Producer
Michael ChapmanShe Came In Like The "6.15" And Made A Hole In The Wall1970Producer
Michael ChapmanShuffleboat River Farewell1971Producer
Michael ChapmanSmall Stones1969Producer
Michael ChapmanSoulful Lady1970Producer
Michael ChapmanStranger In The Room1970Producer
Michael ChapmanSunday Morning1969Producer
Michael ChapmanThank You P.K. 19441969Producer
Michael ChapmanThe Aviator1970Producer
Michael ChapmanThe First Leaf Of Autumn1971Producer
Michael ChapmanTime Enough To Spare1971Producer
Michael ChapmanTrinkets And Rings1970Producer
Michael ChapmanWrecked Again1971Producer
Michael ChapmanYou Say1969Producer
Nigel OlssonOnly One Woman1974Producer
Ola & JanglersBird Bird1968Producer
Ola & JanglersFarewell My Love1968Producer
Ola & JanglersHear Me1968Producer
Ola & JanglersHold On To What You See1968Producer
Ola & JanglersI Want You1968Producer
Ola & JanglersLet's Dance1968Producer
Ola & JanglersLittle Green Apples1968Producer
Ola & JanglersOh What A Lovely Day1968Producer
Ola & JanglersPut Your Little Hands Together1968Producer
Ola & JanglersStag-O-Lee1968Producer
Ola & JanglersTracks Of My Tears1968Producer
Ola & JanglersWhat A Way To Die1968Producer
Ralph McTellAll Things Change1969Producer
Ralph McTellAre You Receiving Me1967Producer
Ralph McTellBlind Blake's Rag1967Producer
Ralph McTellBlues In More Than 12 Bars1969Producer
Ralph McTellBright And Beautiful Things1968Producer
Ralph McTellChalkdust1971Producer
Ralph McTellClaudia1971Producer
Ralph McTellClown1969Producer
Ralph McTellDaddy's Here1968Producer
Ralph McTellEight Frames A Second1967Producer
Ralph McTellEngland1981Producer
Ralph McTellEngland 19141968Producer
Ralph McTellFactory Girl1969Producer
Ralph McTellFairground1968Producer
Ralph McTellFather Forgive Them1969Producer
Ralph McTellFirst And Last Man1971Producer
Ralph McTellGenesis I Verse 201971Producer
Ralph McTellGirl On A Bicycle1969Producer
Ralph McTellGranny Takes A Trip1967Producer
Ralph McTellHesitation Blues1967Producer
Ralph McTellI'm Sorry I Must Leave1967Producer
Ralph McTellIn Some Way I Loved You1971Producer
Ralph McTellI've Thought About It1969Producer
Ralph McTellKew Gardens1969Producer
Ralph McTellKind Hearted Woman Blues1968Producer
Ralph McTellLast Train And Ride1968Producer
Ralph McTellLay Your Money Down1971Producer
Ralph McTellLouise1967Producer
Ralph McTellMichael In The Garden1969Producer
Ralph McTellMorning Dew1967Producer
Ralph McTellMrs. Adams Angels1968Producer
Ralph McTellMy Baby Keeps Staying Out All Night Long1968Producer
Ralph McTellNanna's Song1967Producer
Ralph McTellOld Brown Dog1971Producer
Ralph McTellPick Up Gun1971Producer
Ralph McTellRizraklaru1968Producer
Ralph McTellSilver Birch And Weeping Willow1969Producer
Ralph McTellSleeptime Dew1967Producer
Ralph McTellSpiral Staircase1968Producer
Ralph McTellStreets Of London1968Producer
Ralph McTellSummer Come Along1969Producer
Ralph McTellTerminus1968Producer
Ralph McTellThe Ballad Od Dancing Doreen1971Producer
Ralph McTellThe Ferryman1971Producer
Ralph McTellThe Mermaid And The Seagull1967Producer
Ralph McTellToo Tight1967Producer
Ralph McTellWait Until The Snow1968Producer
Ralph McTellWilloughby's Farm1967Producer
Ralph McTellWino And The Mouse1968Producer
Ralph McTellYou Well Meaning Brought Me Here1971Producer
Santa Barbera Machine HeadAlbert1968Music/Lyrics
Santa Barbera Machine HeadPorcupine Juice1968Music/Lyrics
Santa Barbera Machine HeadRubber Monkey1968Music/Lyrics
SolutionA Song For You1976Producer
SolutionBlack Pearl (Part 1)1975Producer
SolutionBlack Pearl (Part 2)1975Producer
SolutionEmpty Faces1977Producer
SolutionFree Inside1977Producer
SolutionFrench Melodie1977Producer
SolutionGive Some More1977Producer
SolutionLast Detail (Part 1)1975Producer
SolutionLast Detail (Part 2)1975Producer
SolutionSonic Sea1977Producer
SolutionThird Line (Part 1)1975Producer
SolutionThird Line (Part 2)1975Producer
Sounds NiceLove At First Sight1969Producer
Sounds NiceLove You Too1969Producer
Spring [UK]A World Full Of Whispers1994Producer
Spring [UK]Boats1971Producer
Spring [UK]Fool's Gold1994Producer
Spring [UK]Gazing1971Producer
Spring [UK]Golden Fleece1971Producer
Spring [UK]Grail1971Producer
Spring [UK]Hendre Mews1994Producer
Spring [UK]Inside Out1971Producer
Spring [UK]Shipwrecked Soldier1971Producer
Spring [UK]Song To Absent Friends (The Island)1971Producer
Spring [UK]The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)1971Producer
Steeleye SpanBarnet Fair1980Producer
Steeleye SpanGone To America1980Producer
Steeleye SpanLet Her Go Down1980Producer
Steeleye SpanLongbone1980Producer
Steeleye SpanMarigold / Harvest Home1980Producer
Steeleye SpanMy Love1980Producer
Steeleye SpanSails Of Silver1980Producer
Steeleye SpanSenior Service1980Producer
Steeleye SpanTell Me Why1980Producer
Steeleye SpanWhere Are They Now1980Producer
Stephen BishopSleeping With Girls1989Music/Lyrics
StrawbsAll The Little Ladies1969Producer
StrawbsOh, How She Changed1969Producer
StrawbsOr Am I Dreaming1969Producer
StrawbsPieces Of 79 And 151969Producer
StrawbsPoor Jimmy Wilson1968Producer
StrawbsTell Me What You See In Me1969Producer
StrawbsThat Which Once Was Mine1969Producer
StrawbsThe Battle1969Producer
StrawbsThe Man Who Called Himself Jesus1968Producer
StrawbsWhere Am I / I'll Show You Where To Sleep1969Producer
StrawbsWhere Is This Dream Of Your Youth1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyArmchair Theatre1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyFeel How So Cool The Wind1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyMaybe My Mind (With Egg)1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyNothing Will Come Of Nothing1969Producer
Tea & SymphonySometime1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyTerror In My Soul1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyThe Come On1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyTravellin' Shoes1969Producer
Tea & SymphonyWinter1969Producer
Telly SavalasI Don't Want To Know1972Producer
Telly SavalasI Shall Be Released1972Producer
Telly SavalasI Walk The Line1972Producer
Telly SavalasLook Around You1972Producer
Telly SavalasLooking Back At Thirty1972Producer
Telly SavalasPromises To Keep1972Producer
Telly SavalasSunday Morning Comin' Down1972Producer
Telly SavalasThe Last Time I Saw Her1972Producer
Telly SavalasTry To Remember1972Producer
Telly SavalasWe All End Up The Same1972Producer
Telly SavalasWe Both Knew (It Was Over)1972Producer
Telly SavalasYesterday When I Was Young1972Producer
Ten Years AfterAdventures Of A Young Organ1967Producer
Ten Years AfterDon't Want You Woman1967Producer
Ten Years AfterFeel It For Me1967Producer
Ten Years AfterHelp Me1967Producer
Ten Years AfterI Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes1967Producer
Ten Years AfterI Want To Know1967Producer
Ten Years AfterLosing The Dogs1967Music/Lyrics
Ten Years AfterLove Until I Die1967Producer
Ten Years AfterSpoonful1967Producer
The Beach BoysCrocodile Rock1991Producer
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah BandCanyons Of Your Mind1968Producer
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah BandI'm The Urban Spaceman1968Producer
The Elton John BandPhiladelphia Freedom1975Producer
The Kiki Dee BandDo It Right1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandHeart And Soul1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandHow Glad I Am1975Producer
The Kiki Dee BandI've Got The Music In Me1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandLittle Frozen One1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandOut Of My Head1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandPeter1975Producer
The Kiki Dee BandSomeone To Me1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandStep By Step1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandWater1974Producer
The Kiki Dee BandYou Need Help1974Producer
The SettlersAs Long As Theres Love1968Producer
The SettlersKeep Movin' On1969Producer
The SettlersLove Is More Than Words1969Producer
The SettlersPenny To My Name1968Producer
Thomas AndersFool If You Think It's Over1989Producer
Thomas AndersLove Of My Own1989Producer
Thomas AndersOn My Way1989Producer
Thomas AndersTrue Love [1989]1989Producer
Thomas AndersTurn On The Light1989Producer
TumbleweedThird Degree Burns1998Producer
Voyager4-2-4 Or 4-4-2?1979Producer
VoyagerAt The Lido1980Producer
VoyagerCaptain Remus1979Producer
VoyagerClever Girl1980Producer
VoyagerHalfway Hotel1979Producer
VoyagerI Love It1979Producer
VoyagerKeeping The Music Alive1980Producer
VoyagerMaybe Not Tonight1979Producer
VoyagerRonnie Regret1979Producer
VoyagerSing Out - Love Is Easy1980Producer
VoyagerStanding Still1979Producer
VoyagerStraight Actors1979Producer
VoyagerThe Grass1980Producer
VoyagerTime On our Side1980Producer
VoyagerTotal Amnesia1979Producer
VoyagerWhatever Happened To Cherry?1980Producer
VoyagerYou're Always The Last To Know1980Producer
XTCBooks Are Burning1992Producer
XTCDear Madam Barnum1992Producer
XTCHolly Up On Poppy1992Producer
XTCHumble Daisy1992Producer
XTCMy Bird Perfoms1992Producer
XTCThat Wave1992Producer
XTCThe Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead1992Producer
XTCThe Disappointed1992Producer
XTCThe Smartest Monkeys1992Producer
XTCThe Ugly Underneath1992Producer
XTCThen She Appeared1992Producer
XTCWar Dance1992Producer
XTCWrapped In Grey1992Producer

Island Girl (Elton John)1975-11-14163
Space Oddity (David Bowie)1975-11-27154
Grow Some Funk Of Your Own (Elton John)1976-05-11171
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John & Kiki Dee)1976-09-0739
Halfway Hotel (Voyager)1979-07-13181
Nikita (Elton John)1985-12-1376
Step Into Christmas (Elton John)2017-12-29673
Your Song (Elton John)2135.38
Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)1715.38
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)1655.27
Space Oddity (David Bowie)1635.23
It Could Have Been Better (Joan Armatrading)55.2
Honky Tonk Women (Elton John)65.17
The News From Spain (Al Stewart)75.14
Candle In The Wind (Elton John)1605.14
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) (Elton John)1475.05
I Need You To Turn To (Elton John)215.05
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John)1405.01
Ticking (Elton John)165
Don't Cry Out Loud (Elkie Brooks)115
Visionary Mountains (Joan Armatrading)85
Your Song (Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)85
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)2064.96
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)704.91
Help Me (Ten Years After)114.91
Tiny Dancer (Elton John)874.91
Skyline Pigeon (Elton John)204.9
Nikita (Elton John)2454.78
Your Song (Elton John)2135.38
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)2064.96
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John & Kiki Dee)2024.82
Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)1715.38
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)1655.27
Space Oddity (David Bowie)1635.23
Candle In The Wind (Elton John)1605.14
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) (Elton John)1475.05
Daniel (Elton John)1434.9
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John)1405.01
Tiny Dancer (Elton John)874.91
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John)874.84
Fool (If You Think It's Over) (Chris Rea)854.76
Bennie And The Jets (Elton John)834.39
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Elton John)794.77
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)704.91
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Elton John)704.1
Philadelphia Freedom (The Elton John Band)634.37
The Bitch Is Back (Elton John)634.24

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