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Amii StewartDusty Road1984Producer
Amii StewartI Still Believe1988Producer
Amii StewartIt's Fantasy1987Producer
Amii StewartYou Are In My System1988Producer
BarbTell Me Why1983Producer
BlancmangeI Can See It1986Producer
CarolaWhen I Close My Eyes1990Producer
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleGiapponesi e americani1979Producer
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleIo, tu, noi1979Producer
Dekka DanseDrowning By The Hour1984Producer
Dekka DanseImmagnetized1984Producer
DollarAnyone Who's Anyone1982Producer
DollarDangerous Blondes1982Producer
DollarDon't Change Your Life1980Producer
DollarGive Me Some Kinda Magic1982Producer
DollarGuessing Games1982Producer
DollarHeartbeat (Love Me Slowly)1980Producer
DollarI Got Your Wrong Number1982Producer
DollarLove At First Sight1980Producer
DollarLove Me Slowly1981Music/Lyrics
DollarNo Man's Land1980Producer
DollarPink And Blue1982Producer
DollarSecond Time Around1982Producer
DollarTakin' A Chance On You1980Producer
DollarYou Made Me Love You1982Producer
DollarYou Take My Breath Away1980Producer
DollarYoung Love1980Producer
Heaven 17..(And That's No Lie)1984Producer
Heaven 17Chase Runner1984Producer
Heaven 17Come Live With Me1983Producer
Heaven 17Counterforce 21984Producer
Heaven 17Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry1983Producer
Heaven 17Five Minutes To Midnight1984Producer
Heaven 17Flamedown1984Producer
Heaven 17Key To The World1983Producer
Heaven 17Lady Ice And Mr. Hex1983Producer
Heaven 17Let Me Go!1982Producer
Heaven 17Reputation1984Producer
Heaven 17Shame Is On The Rocks1984Producer
Heaven 17Skin1984Producer
Heaven 17Sunset Now1984Producer
Heaven 17Temptation1983Producer
Heaven 17Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix]1992Producer
Heaven 17The Best Kept Secret1983Producer
Heaven 17The Fuse1984Producer
Heaven 17The Skin I'm In1984Producer
Heaven 17This Is Mine1984Producer
Heaven 17We Live So Fast1983Producer
Heaven 17Who'll Stop The Rain1983Producer
Howard DevotoCold Imagination1983Producer
Howard DevotoI Admire You1983Producer
Howard DevotoOut Of Shape With Me1983Producer
Howard DevotoRainy Season1983Producer
Howard DevotoSeeing Is Believing1983Producer
Howard DevotoSome Will Pay (For What Others Pay To Avoid)1983Producer
Howard DevotoTaking Over Heaven1983Producer
Howard DevotoTopless1983Producer
Howard DevotoWaiting For A Train1983Producer
Howard DevotoWay Out Of Shape1983Producer
Jimmy RuffinThat's When My Loving Begins1985Producer
Jimmy RuffinThe Backstabbers1985Producer
Jimmy RuffinThere Will Never Be Another You1985Producer
LandscapeGotham City1979Producer
LandscapeNeddy Sindrum1980Producer
LandscapeSonja Henie1980Producer
LandscapeThe Mechanical Bride1980Producer
Lucio BattistiChe vita ha fatto1986Producer
Lucio BattistiDon Giovanni1986Producer
Lucio BattistiE giÓ1982Producer
Lucio BattistiEquivoci amici1986Producer
Lucio BattistiFatti un pianto1986Producer
Lucio BattistiHi-Fi1982Producer
Lucio BattistiIl Diluvio1986Producer
Lucio BattistiIl doppio del gioco1986Producer
Lucio BattistiLa tua felicitÓ1982Producer
Lucio BattistiLe cose che pensano1986Producer
Lucio BattistiMadre pennuta1986Producer
Lucio BattistiMistero1982Producer
Lucio BattistiNon sei pi¨1982Producer
Lucio BattistiRegistrazione1982Producer
Lucio BattistiRilassati Ŕ ascolta1982Producer
Lucio BattistiScrivi il tuo nome1982Producer
Lucio BattistiSlow Motion1982Producer
Lucio BattistiStraniero1982Producer
Lucio BattistiUna montagna1982Producer
Lucio BattistiWindsurf, Windsurf1982Producer
Lucio DallaCinema1993Producer
Lucio DallaDomenica1993Producer
Lucio DallaDon't Touch Me1993Producer
Lucio DallaErosip1993Producer
Lucio DallaHenna1993Producer
Lucio DallaLatin Lover1993Producer
Lucio DallaLiberi1993Producer
Lucio DallaMerdman1993Producer
Lucio DallaTreno1993Producer
Lucio Dalla / ToscaRispondimi1993Producer
Miguel BosÚAlfonsina y el mar1998Producer
Miguel BosÚCausas y azares1998Producer
Miguel BosÚEl amor despuÚs del amor1998Producer
Miguel BosÚHacer por hacer1999Producer
Miguel BosÚLa belleza1998Producer
Miguel BosÚLa mer1998Producer
Miguel BosÚMentira SalomÚ / Palmera1998Producer
Miguel BosÚMuro1998Producer
Miguel BosÚNe me quitte pas1998Producer
Miguel BosÚSˇlo pienso en ti1998Producer
Miguel BosÚUn vestido y un amor1998Producer
Miguel BosÚUsted abusˇ1998Producer
Miguel BosÚ & Ana TorrojaCorazones2007Producer
Nona HendricksSnakes Alive1979Producer
Nona HendricksWe Can Go1979Producer
Rosario Di BellaDifficile amarsi1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaFelice1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaIl mare nella nave1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaLa casa del pazzo1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaL'amore1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaLiberi1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaMe stesso1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaPiccole grandi cose1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaSto pensando a te1995Producer
Rosario Di BellaTi aspetto1995Producer
Sanne [DK]Feel It Within1990Producer
Sanne [DK]If You Could See1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Mountain1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Only Reason1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Roxanne1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Think Of Me1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Wait Until Tomorrow1990Producer
Sanne [DK]What Did You Do1990Producer
Sanne [DK]Without Love1990Producer
TanH C-h-iRhythm1986Producer
The Big Sound AuthorityA Bad Town1985Producer
Tina Turner19841984Producer
Tina TurnerLet's Stay Together1983Producer
We Live So Fast (Heaven 17)114.73
This Is Mine (Heaven 17)194.68
Key To The World (Heaven 17)54.6
Come Live With Me (Heaven 17)284.57
Who'll Stop The Rain (Heaven 17)74.57
1984 (Tina Turner)224.5
The Best Kept Secret (Heaven 17)54.4
Temptation (Heaven 17)1214.38
Let's Stay Together (Tina Turner)1044.33
Let Me Go! (Heaven 17)474.26
..(And That's No Lie) (Heaven 17)54.2
Lady Ice And Mr. Hex (Heaven 17)54.2
Sunset Now (Heaven 17)154.07
Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Heaven 17)204.05
It's Fantasy (Amii Stewart)74
Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix] (Heaven 17)233.87
I Can See It (Blancmange)63.83
Give Me Some Kinda Magic (Dollar)93.67
Takin' A Chance On You (Dollar)63.33
Temptation (Heaven 17)1214.38
Let's Stay Together (Tina Turner)1044.33
Let Me Go! (Heaven 17)474.26
Come Live With Me (Heaven 17)284.57
Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix] (Heaven 17)233.87
1984 (Tina Turner)224.5
Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Heaven 17)204.05
This Is Mine (Heaven 17)194.68
Sunset Now (Heaven 17)154.07
We Live So Fast (Heaven 17)114.73
Give Me Some Kinda Magic (Dollar)93.67
Who'll Stop The Rain (Heaven 17)74.57
It's Fantasy (Amii Stewart)74
I Can See It (Blancmange)63.83
Takin' A Chance On You (Dollar)63.33
Key To The World (Heaven 17)54.6
The Best Kept Secret (Heaven 17)54.4
..(And That's No Lie) (Heaven 17)54.2
Lady Ice And Mr. Hex (Heaven 17)54.2

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