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Arch EnemyAces High2002Producer
Arch EnemyBehind The Smile2002Producer
Arch EnemyBlood On Your Hands2007Producer
Arch EnemyBurning Angel2002Producer
Arch EnemyBury Me An Angel1996Producer
Arch EnemyCosmic Retribution1996Producer
Arch EnemyDamnation's Way2002Producer
Arch EnemyDark Insanity1996Producer
Arch EnemyDark Of The Sun1998Producer
Arch EnemyDead Bury Their Dead2002Producer
Arch EnemyDemoniality1996Producer
Arch EnemyDiva Satanica2002Producer
Arch EnemyEnemy Within2002Producer
Arch EnemyEureka1996Producer
Arch EnemyFields Of Desolation1996Producer
Arch EnemyHeart Of Darkness2002Producer
Arch EnemyHydra2002Producer
Arch EnemyI Will Live Again2007Producer
Arch EnemyIdolatress1996Producer
Arch EnemyIn This Shallow Grave2007Producer
Arch EnemyIntermezzo liberté2007Producer
Arch EnemyLament Of A Mortal Soul2002Producer
Arch EnemyLet The Killing Begin1998Producer
Arch EnemyLosing Faith2013Producer
Arch EnemyNight Falls Fast2007Producer
Arch EnemyRavenous2002Producer
Arch EnemyRevolution Begins2007Producer
Arch EnemyRise Of The Tyrant2007Producer
Arch EnemySavage Messiah2002Producer
Arch EnemyScream Of Anger2002Producer
Arch EnemyShadows And Dust2002Producer
Arch EnemySnow Bound2002Producer
Arch EnemyStarbreaker2002Producer
Arch EnemyThe Book Of Heavy Metal2011Music/Lyrics
Arch EnemyThe Day You Died2007Producer
Arch EnemyThe First Deadly Sin2002Producer
Arch EnemyThe Great Darkness2007Producer
Arch EnemyThe Ides Of March2013Producer
Arch EnemyThe Last Enemy2007Producer
Arch EnemyTime Capsule1996Producer
Arch EnemyTransmigration Macabre1996Producer
Arch EnemyVox Stellarum1998Music/Lyrics
Arch EnemyVultures2007Producer
Arch EnemyWeb Of Lies2002Producer
ArchitectsA Match Made In Heaven2016Producer
ArchitectsAll Love Is Lost2016Producer
ArchitectsFrom The Wilderness2016Producer
ArchitectsGone With The Wind2016Producer
ArchitectsMemento mori2016Producer
ArchitectsPhantom Fear2016Producer
ArchitectsThe Empty Hourglass2016Producer
At The Skylines143 Princess2012Producer
At The SkylinesChapter 72012Producer
At The SkylinesClear Eyes, Full Hearts2012Producer
At The SkylinesForgiveness (Release)2012Producer
At The SkylinesHush2012Producer
At The SkylinesIt's Cherried2012Producer
At The SkylinesLet's Burn This2012Producer
At The SkylinesShady Dreamin' (Tension)2012Producer
At The SkylinesThe Amazing Atom2012Producer
At The SkylinesTurbulence2012Producer
Bring Me The HorizonAlligator Blood2010Producer
Bring Me The HorizonDeath Breath2008Producer
Bring Me The HorizonIt Was Written In Blood2008Producer
Bring Me The HorizonNo Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors2008Producer
Bring Me The HorizonThe Sadness Will Never End2008Producer
Darkest HourMarching To The Killing Rhythm2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Right2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirAllegiance2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirAllehelgens død i helveds rike2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirArchitecture Of A Genocidal Nature2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirBlessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirBlood Hunger Doctrine2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirCataclysm Children2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirEradication Instincts Defined2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirFear And Wonder2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirFor The World To Dictate Our Death2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirHeavenly Perverse2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirHybrid Stigmata - The Apostasy2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirIndoctrination2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirKings Of The Carnival Creation2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirLepers Among Us2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirPerfection Or Vanity2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirProgenies Of The Great Apocalypse2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirPuritania2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirSympozium2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Chosen Legacy2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Conspiracy Unfolds2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Fallen Arises2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Foreshadowing Furnace2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Fundamental Alienation2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Invaluable Darkness2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Maelstrom Mephisto2001Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Sacrilegious Scorn2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Serpentine Offering2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirThe Sinister Awakening2007Producer
Dimmu BorgirUnorthodox Manifesto2003Producer
Dimmu BorgirVredesbyrd2003Producer
Dream Evil44 Riders2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilAntidote2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilBroken Wings2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilCreature Of The Night2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilDream Evil2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilHellride2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilHow To Start A War2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilSin City2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilSix Hundred And 662017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilThe Murdered Mind2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilToo Loud2017Music/Lyrics
Dream EvilWe Are Forever2017Music/Lyrics
HammerFallAt The End Of The Rainbow1998Producer
HammerFallBack To Back1998Producer
HammerFallChild Of The Damned1997Producer
HammerFallGlory To The Brave1997Producer
HammerFallHeeding The Call1998Producer
HammerFallI Believe1997Producer
HammerFallLegacy Of Kings1998Producer
HammerFallLet The Hammer Fall1998Producer
HammerFallRemember Yesterday1998Producer
HammerFallSteel Meets Steel1997Producer
HammerFallStone Cold1997Producer
HammerFallStronger Than All1998Producer
HammerFallThe Dragon Lies Bleeding1997Producer
HammerFallThe Fallen One1998Producer
HammerFallThe Metal Age1997Producer
HammerFallWarriors Of Faith1998Producer
I Killed The Prom QueenBrevity2014Producer
In Flames...As The Future Repeats Today2000Producer
In FlamesAcoustic Medley1996Producer
In FlamesAnother Day In Quicksand2000Producer
In FlamesArtifacts Of The Black Rain1996Producer
In FlamesBehind Space '991999Producer
In FlamesBrush The Dust Away2000Producer
In FlamesBullet Ride2000Producer
In FlamesClad In Shadows '991999Producer
In FlamesClay Man2000Producer
In FlamesCoerced Coexistence1999Producer
In FlamesColony1999Producer
In FlamesDead Eternity1996Producer
In FlamesDead God In Me1996Producer
In FlamesDecember Flower1996Producer
In FlamesDialogue With The Stars1997Producer
In FlamesEmbody The Invisible1999Producer
In FlamesEpisode 6661997Producer
In FlamesEverything Counts1997Producer
In FlamesFood For The Gods1997Producer
In FlamesGoliaths Disarm Their Davids1996Producer
In FlamesGraveland1996Producer
In FlamesGyroscope1996Producer
In FlamesInspid 20001999Producer
In FlamesJester Script Transfigured1997Producer
In FlamesJotun1997Producer
In FlamesLord Hypnos1996Producer
In FlamesMan Made God2008Producer
In FlamesMoonshield1996Producer
In FlamesMorphing Into Primal1997Producer
In FlamesOnly For The Weak2000Producer
In FlamesOrdinary Story1999Producer
In FlamesPallar anders visa1999Producer
In FlamesPinball Map2000Producer
In FlamesResin1999Producer
In FlamesSatellites And Astronauts2000Producer
In FlamesScorn1999Producer
In FlamesSquare Nothing2000Producer
In FlamesSuburban Me2000Producer
In FlamesSwim2000Producer
In FlamesThe Hive1997Producer
In FlamesThe Jester Race1996Producer
In FlamesThe Jester's Dance1996Producer
In FlamesThe New World1999Producer
In FlamesWayfaerer1996Producer
In FlamesWhoracle1997Producer
In FlamesWorlds Within The Margin1997Producer
In FlamesZombie Inc.1999Producer
MartyrdödAfter-War Scars2019Producer
MartyrdödBait And Switch2019Producer
MartyrdödCashless Society2019Producer
MartyrdödDen sista striden2019Producer
MartyrdödIn The Dead Of Night2019Producer
MartyrdödJudgement Day2019Producer
MartyrdödNästa Syrien2019Producer
MartyrdödSthlm Syndrom2019Producer
MartyrdödWar On Peace2019Producer
SoilworkA Predator's Portrait2001Producer
SoilworkAsylum Dance2001Producer
SoilworkBastard Chain2001Producer
SoilworkFinal Fatal Force2001Producer
SoilworkGrand Failure Anthem2001Producer
SoilworkLike The Average Stalker2001Producer
SoilworkNeurotica Rampage2001Producer
SoilworkStructure Divine2001Producer
SoilworkThe Analyst2001Producer
Spiritual BeggarsAngel Of Betrayal2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsBad Karma1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsBlessed2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsBorn To Die2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsBroken Morning1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsCosmic Romance1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsDying Every Day2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsElusive2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsEscaping The Fools2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsEuphoria1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsHomage To The Betrayed1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsIn My Blood2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsInner Strength2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsInside Charmer1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsLack Of Prozac1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsLeft Brain Ambassadors2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsMantra2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsMonster Astronauts1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsMushroom Tea Girl1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsNo One Heard2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsOn Dark Rivers2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsOne Man Army2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsPer aspera ad astra2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSad Queen Boogie1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSalt In Your Wounds2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSave Your Soul2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSedated2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSend Me A Smile1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSleeping With One Eye Open2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsSuperbossanova1998Producer
Spiritual BeggarsThe Goddess2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsThrough The Halls2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsThrowing Your Life Away2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsTreading Water2005Producer
Spiritual BeggarsUntil The Morning2000Producer
Spiritual BeggarsWonderful World2000Producer
StrikerAll For One2014Producer
StrikerAll I Want2014Producer
StrikerBad Decisions2014Producer
StrikerCity Of Gold2014Producer
StrikerFuck Volcanoes2014Producer
StrikerMind Control2014Producer
StrikerRise Up2014Producer
StrikerRoll With The Punches2014Producer
StrikerSecond Attack2014Producer
StrikerStart Again2014Producer
StrikerTake By Time2014Producer
StrikerTwo Minutes To Midnight2014Producer
StrikerWatching You2014Producer
The UnguidedBlodbad2014Producer
The UnguidedCarnal Genesis2014Producer
The UnguidedDefector DCXVI2014Producer
The UnguidedEnforce2014Producer
The UnguidedEye Of The Thylacine2014Producer
The UnguidedGranted2014Producer
The UnguidedInception2014Producer
The UnguidedOblivion2014Producer
The UnguidedOnly Human2014Producer
The UnguidedSingularity2014Producer
The UnguidedUnguided Entity2014Producer
The UnguidedWhen All The Seraphim Cry2014Producer
The Unguided feat. Hansi KürschDeathwalker2014Producer
Steel Meets Steel (HammerFall)75.43
The Metal Age (HammerFall)75.29
Let The Hammer Fall (HammerFall)105.2
At The End Of The Rainbow (HammerFall)115.18
Heeding The Call (HammerFall)175.18
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (HammerFall)85.12
Only For The Weak (In Flames)275.07
Glory To The Brave (HammerFall)255.04
Hammerfall (HammerFall)115
The Fallen One (HammerFall)134.92
Ordinary Story (In Flames)94.89
I Believe (HammerFall)74.86
The Day You Died (Arch Enemy)64.83
Child Of The Damned (HammerFall)74.71
Revolution Begins (Arch Enemy)64.67
Ravenous (Arch Enemy)64.67
Burning Angel (Arch Enemy)74.57
The Serpentine Offering (Dimmu Borgir)134.46
Puritania (Dimmu Borgir)54.2
The Sacrilegious Scorn (Dimmu Borgir)63.5
Only For The Weak (In Flames)275.07
Glory To The Brave (HammerFall)255.04
Heeding The Call (HammerFall)175.18
The Fallen One (HammerFall)134.92
The Serpentine Offering (Dimmu Borgir)134.46
At The End Of The Rainbow (HammerFall)115.18
Hammerfall (HammerFall)115
Let The Hammer Fall (HammerFall)105.2
Ordinary Story (In Flames)94.89
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (HammerFall)85.12
Steel Meets Steel (HammerFall)75.43
The Metal Age (HammerFall)75.29
I Believe (HammerFall)74.86
Child Of The Damned (HammerFall)74.71
Burning Angel (Arch Enemy)74.57
The Day You Died (Arch Enemy)64.83
Ravenous (Arch Enemy)64.67
Revolution Begins (Arch Enemy)64.67
The Sacrilegious Scorn (Dimmu Borgir)63.5
Puritania (Dimmu Borgir)54.2

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