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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Diane Eve Warren
112Your Letter1998Music/Lyrics
5 StarStrong As Steel1987Music/Lyrics
98°Was It Something I Didn't Say1998Music/Lyrics
AaliyahThe One I Gave My Heart To1997Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleCan't Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song)1995Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleDon't Take Away My Heaven1993Music/Lyrics
Ace Of BaseDon't Turn Around1993Music/Lyrics
Ace Of BaseInto The Night Of Blue1998Music/Lyrics
Adelaide FerreiraCançăo da chuva1998Music/Lyrics
AerosmithAnimal Crackers1998Music/Lyrics
AerosmithI Don't Want To Miss A Thing1998Music/Lyrics
AerosmithWe All Fall Down2012Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogAre You Gonna Throw It All Away1987Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogIf You Need Somebody Tonight1987Music/Lyrics
AinhoaBusco seńales divinas2003Music/Lyrics
Air SupplyLonely Is The Night1986Music/Lyrics
Air SupplyMy Heart's With You1986Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCareless Heart2013Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDon't Turn Around1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDon't You Love Me Anymore2012Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Albert HammondGive A Little Love2016Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Albert HammondI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love2012Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Albert HammondNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThrough The Storm1989Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Bonnie TylerNothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now2010Music/Lyrics
Alesha DixonDo You Know The Way It Feels2008Music/Lyrics
AlexiaSe te ne vai cosě2004Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBed Of Nails1989Music/Lyrics
Ana GonzalezHeil mir mein Herz1997Music/Lyrics
AnastaciaLate Last Night2002Music/Lyrics
Andrea JürgensWenn ich bleibe1984Music/Lyrics
Andrew WhiteI'm Only Wounded1990Music/Lyrics
Angela & The RudeLook Away1990Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerAny Other Fool1990Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerSpanish Guitar2001Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerWat gebeurt er1998Music/Lyrics
Annalisa MinettiSe tu mi ami1998Music/Lyrics
Another LevelFrom The Heart1999Music/Lyrics
Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith of ShinedownNot Strong Enough2010Music/Lyrics
Aretha & EltonThrough The Storm1989Music/Lyrics
Aretha & WhitneyIt Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be1989Music/Lyrics
Ashley TisdaleDelete You2009Music/Lyrics
Ashley TisdaleLove Me For Me2007Music/Lyrics
AswadDon't Turn Around1987Music/Lyrics
AswadGive A Little Love1988Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersHeartbreak Survivor1985Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersIf You Loved Me1985Music/Lyrics
Babyface & Lisa StansfieldDream Away1993Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishThe Time Alone With You1991Music/Lyrics
Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile1989Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandHeart Don't Change My Mind1984Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWe're Not Makin' Love Anymore1989Music/Lyrics
Basshunter feat. StuntI Will Learn To Love Again2009Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak1987Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleWorld Without You1987Music/Lyrics
Ben MillsI Don't Wanna Miss A Thing2007Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerEvery Road Leads Back To You1991Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerMoonlight Dancing1990Music/Lyrics
BeyoncéI Was Here2011Music/Lyrics
Bianca RyanI Wish That2006Music/Lyrics
Big MountainI Would Find A Way1994Music/Lyrics
Billy Ray CyrusYou Can't Lose Me2007Music/Lyrics
Bon JoviDoes Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?2014Music/Lyrics
Bon JoviWild Is The Wind1988Music/Lyrics
Bon Jovi feat. Richie SamboraIf I Can't Have Your Love1998Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerCareless Heart1991Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerDon't Turn Around1988Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerSave Me1991Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerSave Up All Your Tears1988Music/Lyrics
BoyzoneI'll Never Not Need You1999Music/Lyrics
BrandyHave You Ever?1998Music/Lyrics
Brenda K. StarrWhat If1991Music/Lyrics
Britney SpearsWhen Your Eyes Say It2000Music/Lyrics
Bucks FizzGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
CamenRhythm Of The Night1997Music/Lyrics
CarmenI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2004Music/Lyrics
Carrie UnderwoodLessons Learned2005Music/Lyrics
Carrie UnderwoodSome Hearts2005Music/Lyrics
Carrie UnderwoodWhenever You Remember2005Music/Lyrics
Casey DonovanListen With Your Heart2004Music/Lyrics
Caught In The ActBaby Be There1997Music/Lyrics
Céline DionBecause You Loved Me1996Music/Lyrics
Céline DionI Love You, Goodbye1992Music/Lyrics
Céline DionI Want You To Need Me1999Music/Lyrics
Céline DionIf You Asked Me To1992Music/Lyrics
Céline DionLove Can Move Mountains1992Music/Lyrics
Céline DionLovin' Proof1993Music/Lyrics
Céline DionNext Plane Out1993Music/Lyrics
Céline DionNo Living Without Loving You1993Music/Lyrics
Céline DionNothing Broken But My Heart1992Music/Lyrics
Céline DionReal Emotion1993Music/Lyrics
Céline DionThese Are The Special Times1998Music/Lyrics
Céline DionUnfinished Songs2013Music/Lyrics
Céline DionWater From The Moon1992Music/Lyrics
Chaka KhanDon't Look At Me That Way1992Music/Lyrics
ChariceNote To God2009Music/Lyrics
Charles & EddieBe A Little Easy On Me1992Music/Lyrics
ChayanneMi primer amor1992Music/Lyrics
Cheap TrickGhost Town1988Music/Lyrics
Cheap TrickWherever Would I Be1990Music/Lyrics
CherBody To Body, Heart To Heart2001Music/Lyrics
CherDoes Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?1989Music/Lyrics
CherDon't Come Cryin' To Me1999Music/Lyrics
CherEmotional Fire1989Music/Lyrics
CherGive Our Love A Fightin' Chance1987Music/Lyrics
CherIf I Could Turn Back Time1989Music/Lyrics
CherJust Like Jesse James1989Music/Lyrics
CherLove And Understanding1991Music/Lyrics
CherLove On A Rooftop1989Music/Lyrics
CherSave Up All Your Tears1991Music/Lyrics
CherTakin' Back My Heart1993Music/Lyrics
CherWhen Lovers Become Strangers1991Music/Lyrics
CherWhen You Walk Away2001Music/Lyrics
CherYou Haven't Seen The Last Of Me2010Music/Lyrics
CherYou Wouldn't Know Love1989Music/Lyrics
ChicagoChasin' The Wind1991Music/Lyrics
ChicagoExplain It To My Heart1991Music/Lyrics
ChicagoI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love1988Music/Lyrics
ChicagoLook Away1988Music/Lyrics
Children Of BodomBed Of Nails2004Music/Lyrics
Chimčne BadiTellement beau2006Music/Lyrics
Chris Isaak & Trisha YearwoodBreaking Apart2009Music/Lyrics
Christian WunderlichWhy Goodbye2000Music/Lyrics
Christina AguileraI Turn To You1999Music/Lyrics
Christina AguileraPor siempre tu2000Music/Lyrics
Christina AguileraSomebody's Somebody1999Music/Lyrics
Christina AguileraThese Are Special Times2000Music/Lyrics
Christina PerriIf I Could Turn Back Time2014Music/Lyrics
Chynna PhillipsJust To Hear You Say That You Love Me1995Music/Lyrics
CiaraI Got You2015Music/Lyrics
Clay AikenBecause You Loved Me2006Music/Lyrics
Clay AikenWhen I See You Smile2006Music/Lyrics
CluelessI Don't Want To Miss A Thing1998Music/Lyrics
Color Me BaddLet's Start With Forever1993Music/Lyrics
CommodoresLightin' Up The Night1984Music/Lyrics
CoolioOoh La La1997Music/Lyrics
CosimaNow That You Can't Have Me2004Music/Lyrics
CosimaOne Night Without You2004Music/Lyrics
CosimaPainted On My Heart2004Music/Lyrics
CosimaWhat Kind Of World Would This World Be2004Music/Lyrics
CosimaWhat My Heart Says2004Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperI Don't Want To Be Your Friend1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperInsecurious1989Music/Lyrics
Dan LucasAim For The Heart1994Music/Lyrics
Daniel BedingfieldAll Your Attention2005Music/Lyrics
Daniel BedingfieldNothing Hurts Like Love2004Music/Lyrics
Dave WillettsTi amo1990Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffI Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your Heart1990Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffLonely Is The Night1989Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffSheltered Heart1989Music/Lyrics
David SoulCome To Me Music/Lyrics
DeBargeRhythm Of The Night1985Music/Lyrics
Deborah CoxCouldn't We1998Music/Lyrics
Deborah CoxMy First Night With You1995Music/Lyrics
Deborah CoxNever Gonna Break My Heart Again1995Music/Lyrics
Demi LovatoHeart By Heart2013Music/Lyrics
Desmond ChildI Don't Wanna Be Your Friend1991Music/Lyrics
Desmond ChildLove On A Rooftop1991Music/Lyrics
Desmond ChildYou're The Story Of My Life1991Music/Lyrics
DexysHow Do I Live2016Music/Lyrics
Diana RossHeart (Don't Change My Mind)1991Music/Lyrics
Diana RossLove Is All That Matters1999Music/Lyrics
Diana RossSomeone That You Loved Before1999Music/Lyrics
Dianne ReevesSky Islands1987Music/Lyrics
Die HappyI Am2005Music/Lyrics
DionAnd The Night Stood Still1989Music/Lyrics
Dionne BromfieldWho Says You Can't Have It All2012Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickMuch Too Much1993Music/Lyrics
Don JohnsonOther People's Lives1989Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondPrivate Affair1990Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldLovin' Proof1995Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldWherever Would I Be1995Music/Lyrics
Dusty Springfield & Daryl HallWherever Would I Be1995Music/Lyrics
Edwin McCainI Could Not Ask For More1999Music/Lyrics
El DeBarge with DeBargeThe Heart Is Not So Smart1985Music/Lyrics
El SímboloNo llores más1998Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeHeart Don't Change My Mind1991Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeLove Can Do That1991Music/Lyrics
Elsie MoraďsRhythm Of The Night2005Music/Lyrics
En VogueToo Gone, Too Long1997Music/Lyrics
EngelbertI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2003Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonBlue Eyes Blue1999Music/Lyrics
ExposéI'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)1992Music/Lyrics
ExposéYour Baby Never Looked Good In Blue1989Music/Lyrics
Faith EvansLately I1998Music/Lyrics
Faith HillThere You'll Be2001Music/Lyrics
Faith Hill & Tim McGrawJust To Hear You Say That You Love Me1996Music/Lyrics
Fame Academy feat. Dorothee GelmarBecause You Loved Me2003Music/Lyrics
Gary BarlowMy Commitment1997Music/Lyrics
Gavin DeGrawYou Got Me2014Music/Lyrics
Gerard JolingWat ging er mis tussen ons1995Music/Lyrics
GiorgiaParlami d'amore1999Music/Lyrics
Glenn MedeirosHeart Don't Change My Mind1988Music/Lyrics
Glenn Medeiros & RiaLove Always Finds A Reason1989Music/Lyrics
Glenn Medeiros / ElsaUn roman d'amitié1988Music/Lyrics
Glenn Medeiros with ElsaLove Always Finds A Reason1988Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanChristmas Through Your Eyes1992Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDestiny1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanHeart With Your Name On It1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanI Know You Too Well1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanLanguage Of Love1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanLive For Loving You1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanReach1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanShow Me The Way Back To Your Heart1996Music/Lyrics
GordonLove Will Lead You Back1994Music/Lyrics
GordonWalk Away1994Music/Lyrics
HaddawayTell Me Where It Hurts1993Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestSecrets Of The Night1986Music/Lyrics
Hannah Arterton and Giulio BerrutiIf I Could Turn Back Time2014Music/Lyrics
Harry Gregson-WilliamsGoodbye2015Music/Lyrics
HeartCruel Nights1990Music/Lyrics
HeartI Didn't Want To Need You1989Music/Lyrics
HeartStrong, Strong Wind1998Music/Lyrics
HeartWho Will You Run To1987Music/Lyrics
Heinz WincklerI Don't Wanna Miss A Thing2004Music/Lyrics
Hi-Dr8Un-Break My Heart1997Music/Lyrics
Hilary DuffI Am2004Music/Lyrics
I QuattroI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2012Music/Lyrics
Il DivoRegresa a mi (Unbreak My Heart)2004Music/Lyrics
Il VoloI Bring You To My Senses2012Music/Lyrics
Il VoloLa luna hizo esto2011Music/Lyrics
Il VoloPainfully Beautiful2011Music/Lyrics
Il VoloQuesto amore2012Music/Lyrics
InessaTrue Believer2002Music/Lyrics
InnosenseA Hundred Oceans2000Music/Lyrics
InnosenseYou Didn't Have To Hurt Me2000Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerWenn du den Mond siehst2001Music/Lyrics
I've Got The BulletsI'm Only Wounded1988Music/Lyrics
Jade EwenIt's My Time2009Music/Lyrics
JakarandaCan't Stop My Heart From Loving You1998Music/Lyrics
JamaliCare Too Much2008Music/Lyrics
JamaliLove Me For Me2004Music/Lyrics
JamaliNo Known Cure2006Music/Lyrics
January feat. DJ CompanyWishing On The Same Star1997Music/Lyrics
Jennifer DayI Turn To You1999Music/Lyrics
Jennifer HudsonStill Here2011Music/Lyrics
Jennifer HudsonYou Pulled Me Through2008Music/Lyrics
Jennifer RushIn The Arms Of Love1995Music/Lyrics
Jennifer RushOut Of My Hands1995Music/Lyrics
Jennifer RushRemind My Heart1988Music/Lyrics
Jennifer RushTears In The Rain1995Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixI Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixIf You Keep Loving Me1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixLittle Bit Of Heaven1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixLonely Is The Night1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixOpen All Night1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixSheltered Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixState Of Our Affair1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixThe Sound Of A Breaking Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixThere Is A Love1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixTo Be Lovers1989Music/Lyrics
Jesse BrownI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2005Music/Lyrics
Jessica MauboyHave You Ever2007Music/Lyrics
Jessica MauboyInescapable2011Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonI Belong To Me2006Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonSweetest Sin2003Music/Lyrics
Jessie JSilver Lining (Crazy 'bout You)2012Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesLet's Make It Last All Night1990Music/Lyrics
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsDesire1988Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerDon't You Love Me Anymore1985Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerFeels Like Forever1991Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerWhat Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me1990Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerWhen The Night Comes1989Music/Lyrics
John WaiteDon't Lose Any Sleep1987Music/Lyrics
Johnny LoganHow Do I Live2001Music/Lyrics
Johnny LoganWhenever You Close Your Eyes1999Music/Lyrics
JoJoNote To God2006Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaA donde voy1994Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaA dónde voy1994Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaCiego de amor1994Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaEyes Of A Fool1994Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaWhere Do I Go From You1994Music/Lyrics
Jonathan PierceCommitment Of The Heart1995Music/Lyrics
Jonathan PierceI Turn To You1999Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoHeart Don't Change My Mind1989Music/Lyrics
Joseph WilliamsBecause You Loved Me2006Music/Lyrics
Joseph WilliamsI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2006Music/Lyrics
Joss StoneBruised But Not Broken2007Music/Lyrics
Judy CheeksWishing On The Same Star1995Music/Lyrics
Judy CheeksYou're The Story Of My Life1995Music/Lyrics
Justin BieberBorn To Be Somebody2011Music/Lyrics
Kane RobertsDoes Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?1991Music/Lyrics
Karel GottSvět je svět, ne ráj1992Music/Lyrics
Karen KamonGive A Little Love1987Music/Lyrics
Karlien van JaarsveldJust Like Jesse James2010Music/Lyrics
Katri Helena & Jari SillanpääVierellesi kaipaan2007Music/Lyrics
Kelly ClarksonSome Kind Of Miracle2003Music/Lyrics
Kenny G & Peabo BrysonBy The Time This Night Is Over1992Music/Lyrics
Keyshia ColeBetter Me2010Music/Lyrics
KISS(You Make Me) Rock Hard1988Music/Lyrics
KISSNothing Can Keep Me From You2001Music/Lyrics
KISSTurn On The Night1987Music/Lyrics
La BoucheSweet Little Persuader1998Music/Lyrics
LabrinthWhat We Leave Behind2015Music/Lyrics
Lady GagaTil It Happens To You2015Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganBreaking Out1984Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganHot Night1984Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganIf You Loved Me1982Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganI'm Not The Only One1983Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganMama1983Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganSatisfaction1984Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganSilent Partners1984Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganSolitaire1983Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganTi amo1984Music/Lyrics
Laurent CUnbreak My Heart2008Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesBut I Do Love You2000Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesCan't Fight The Moonlight2000Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesFeels Like Home1998Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesHow Do I Live1997Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesI Couldn't Do That To Me2016Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesPlease Remember2000Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesSoon2001Music/Lyrics
LeAnn RimesThe Right Kind Of Wrong2000Music/Lyrics
Lena KaAussi loin que tes ręves2002Music/Lyrics
Lena ValaitisIch lebe für den Augenblick2001Music/Lyrics
Lena ValaitisWenn ich bleibe1982Music/Lyrics
Leo RojasThere You'll Be2012Music/Lyrics
Leona LewisYou Knew Me When2015Music/Lyrics
Lin Yu ChunIt's My Time2010Music/Lyrics
Linda LewisDestination Love1983Music/Lyrics
Linda TeodosiuLove Is Like A Drug2009Music/Lyrics
Lionel RichieClosest Thing To Heaven1998Music/Lyrics
Lionel RichieI Hear Your Voice1998Music/Lyrics
Lisa StansfieldI Cried My Last Tear Last Night1997Music/Lyrics
Liz AbellaBecause You Loved Me2000Music/Lyrics
Liz AbellaHeart Don't Change My Mind2000Music/Lyrics
Lory BiancoLonely Is The Night1990Music/Lyrics
Lory BiancoLove Always Finds A Reason1990Music/Lyrics
Lou BegaDon't Turn Around2013Music/Lyrics
LouiseIn Walked Love1996Music/Lyrics
Luis FonsiDime cómo vuelvo a tener tu corazón2000Music/Lyrics
Luis MiguelAlguien como tú1990Music/Lyrics
Mandy & RandyNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now2003Music/Lyrics
Mandy MooreFrom Loving You2001Music/Lyrics
ManuelaWenn ich erst wieder Boden spür'1993Music/Lyrics
ManuelaWhen I'm Back On My Feet Again1993Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyAfter Tonight1999Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyCan't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)1999Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyThere For Me2001Music/Lyrics
Marina ReiSarň1998Music/Lyrics
Mario PelchatPleurs dans la pluie1993Music/Lyrics
Mario PelchatQuitte-moi1993Music/Lyrics
Mario PelchatRien changer1993Music/Lyrics
Mark ChesnuttI Don't Want To Miss A Thing1999Music/Lyrics
Martha DavisTell It To The Moon1988Music/Lyrics
Mary GriffinI Wanna Get Back With You2001Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeGive Me You1999Music/Lyrics
Mason TylerSave Up All Your Tears2014Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Maurice WhiteAlpha Dance1985Music/Lyrics
Maurice WhiteBelieve In Magic1985Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafCry Over Me2006Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafI'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)1995Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafNot A Dry Eye In The House1995Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafUnsaid2003Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafYou're Right, I Was Wrong2003Music/Lyrics
Meat Loaf & Patti RussoIf This Is The Last Kiss (Let's Make It Last All Night)1995Music/Lyrics
Meli'sa MorganDeeper Love1986Music/Lyrics
Melissa ManchesterThunder In The Night1985Music/Lyrics
Michael BallBecause You Loved Me1998Music/Lyrics
Michael BallI Don't Wanna Miss A Thing2006Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonA Time For Letting Go1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonCompletely1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonForever Isn't Long Enough1991Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonHow Can We Be Lovers1989Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonI'm Not Made Of Steel1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonIn The Arms Of Love1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonIt's Only My Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonLove Cuts Deep1989Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonLove Is The Power1996Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonNever Get Enough Of Your Love1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonNew Love1991Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonNow That I Found You1991Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonOnce In A Lifetime1994Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonSoul Of My Soul1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonThe One Thing1993Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonThis River1995Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonTime, Love And Tenderness1991Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonWalk Away1987Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonWhen I'm Back On My Feet Again1989Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonYou Wouldn't Know Love1989Music/Lyrics
Michael Bolton & Patti LaBelleWe're Not Makin' Love Anymore1991Music/Lyrics
Michael Bolton feat. Kenny GMissing You Now1991Music/Lyrics
Michael McDonaldTake It To Heart1990Music/Lyrics
Michael W. SmithI Will Be Here For You1992Music/Lyrics
Michaela [1990s]Weil ich Dich liebe1996Music/Lyrics
Mike BauhausGive A Little Love2006Music/Lyrics
Miki HowardNew Fire From An Old Flame1992Music/Lyrics
Milli VanilliBlame It On The Rain1989Music/Lyrics
Milly QuezadaPorque me amaste1997Music/Lyrics
MilowDon't Turn Around2017Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Mireille MathieuReste avec moi1997Music/Lyrics
Miss DominiqueJe vous dis merci2009Music/Lyrics
MonicaFor You I Will1996Music/Lyrics
Mónica NaranjoNo cambies nunca2001Music/Lyrics
MoniQue [ZA]If I Could Turn Back Time2010Music/Lyrics
MýaLittle Too Much, Little Too Late2003Music/Lyrics
'N SyncAre You Gonna Be There1999Music/Lyrics
'N Sync & Gloria EstefanMusic Of My Heart1999Music/Lyrics
NádineDon't Let The Kiss2007Music/Lyrics
NádineNeed To Be Next To You2007Music/Lyrics
NádinePlease (Dreams)2007Music/Lyrics
NádineYou Already Did2007Music/Lyrics
Namie AmuroWishing On The Same Star2002Music/Lyrics
Natalie LamentSag' nicht Goodbye zu unseren Träumen2017Music/Lyrics
Natasha BedingfieldStill Here2007Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondDon't Turn Around1991Music/Lyrics
Nica & JoeI Don't Want To Miss A Thing2012Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
Nica & JoeThere You'll Be2012Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
No MercyDon't Make Me Live Without You1996Music/Lyrics
No MercyTu amor1998Music/Lyrics
No MercyWhen I Die1996Music/Lyrics
Oleta AdamsThe Day I Stop Loving You1993Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnDeeper Than A River1992Music/Lyrics
O-TownBaby I Would2001Music/Lyrics
O-TownYou Can't Lose Me2002Music/Lyrics
OvergroundNever An Easy Way2004Music/Lyrics
Paloma FaithLeave While I'm Not Looking2014Music/Lyrics
Paloma FaithOnly Love Can Hurt Like This2014Music/Lyrics
Paloma FaithThe Crazy Ones2015Music/Lyrics
Paloma San BasilioLibérame1999Music/Lyrics
Paloma San BasilioLuna del mar1994Music/Lyrics
Patric ScottBruised But Not Broken2015Music/Lyrics
Patric ScottStill Here2015Music/Lyrics
Patric ScottUnfair2017Music/Lyrics
Patric Scott with EvelynThese Are The Special Times2015Music/Lyrics
Patric Scott with Kristina LoveNote To God2015Music/Lyrics
Patricia KaasQuand j'ai peur de tout1997Music/Lyrics
Patricia KaasSans toi1997Music/Lyrics
Patrizio BuanneWhy Did You Have To Be?2009Music/Lyrics
Patti AustinAny Other Fool1989Music/Lyrics
Patti AustinIf This Time Is The Last Time1999Music/Lyrics
Patti AustinI've Got My Heart Set On You1984Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleCall Me Gone2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleIf I Was A River2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleIf You Asked Me To1989Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleI'll Still Love You More2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleLove Will Lead You Back2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleMake Tonight Beautiful2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleTell Me Where It Hurts2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleTime Will2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleToo Many Tears, Too Many Times2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleWe're Not Makin' Love Anymore1991Producer
Patti LaBelleWhen A Woman Loves2000Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleWhy Do We Hurt Each Other2000Music/Lyrics
Paul MichielsUnspoken Love1998Music/Lyrics
Pet Shop BoysNumb2006Music/Lyrics
Petra Schwerdt & Dirk ZöllnerNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1988Music/Lyrics
Pointer SistersPower Of Persuasion1988Music/Lyrics
PreciousI Count The Minutes2000Music/Lyrics
Raquel RodoUn-Break My Heart2009Music/Lyrics
Rascal FlattsCompass2014Music/Lyrics
RattGivin' Yourself Away1990Music/Lyrics
RBDI Wanna Be the Rain2006Music/Lyrics
RBDRebels snippet2006Music/Lyrics
RBDTu amor2006Music/Lyrics
Reba McEntireI'll Be1999Music/Lyrics
Reba McEntireWhat If1997Music/Lyrics
Reigan DerryOnly Love Can Hurt Like This Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerBlue Eyes Blue1999Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerHere In My Heart1994Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerWhy Goodbye1994Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerYou're The Story Of My Life1996Music/Lyrics
Rene Froger & Bobbie EakesHow Do I Live1998Music/Lyrics
Renée Fleming with Gregory PorterCentral Park Serenade2014Music/Lyrics
Reo SpeedwagonCan't Lie To My Heart1990Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanUn-Break My Heart1998Music/Lyrics
Richie SamboraRosie1991Music/Lyrics
Ricky MartinI Count The Minutes1999Music/Lyrics
Ricky MartinStop Time Tonight2005Music/Lyrics
Ricky MartinThe Touch2000Music/Lyrics
Ricky MartinYou Stay With Me1999Music/Lyrics
RihannaMusic Of The Sun2005Music/Lyrics
Ringo StarrIn A Heartbeat1992Music/Lyrics
Roberta Flack & Maxi PriestSet The Night To Music1991Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckA Heart For You1989Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckCan't Get You Out Of My Heart1994Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckDon't Lose Any Sleep1989Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckSave Up All Your Tears1989Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckTears In The Rain1989Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckWhenever You Close Your Eyes1994Music/Lyrics
Ronan KeatingIf I Don't Tell You Now2000Music/Lyrics
Ronnie SpectorLove On A Rooftop1987Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonCareless Heart1988Music/Lyrics
Russell WatsonPray For The Love2004Music/Lyrics
Russell WatsonWhere My Heart Will Take Me2001Music/Lyrics
Sakis RouvasTha érthi i stigmí2002Music/Lyrics
Salim SeghersMet een beetje liefde2016Music/Lyrics
Samantha JadeStep Up2006Music/Lyrics
Samantha MumbaDon't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty)2001Music/Lyrics
Same DifferenceNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now2008Music/Lyrics
Sammy & PetraRitme van jouw hart2014Music/Lyrics
Sandy Kandau feat. René FrogerMake It Real1994Music/Lyrics
Sara EvansI Could Not Ask For More2000Music/Lyrics
Sara EvansNeed To Be Next To You2003Music/Lyrics
Sarah Brightman & Alessandro SafinaSarai quě2008Music/Lyrics
Sarah ConnorI Wanna Touch U There2002Music/Lyrics
Sarah ConnorI Want Some Of That2003Music/Lyrics
Saskia & SergeWat moet ik doen1998Music/Lyrics
Scorpions & Berliner PhilharmonikerHere In My Heart2000Music/Lyrics
Sean KingstonWrap U Around Me2009Music/Lyrics
Semino RossiHeil mir mein Herz2011Music/Lyrics
(Diane Eve Warren)
ShaniceSaving Forever For You1993Music/Lyrics
Shari BelafonteGive A Little Love1989Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonYou've Learned To Live Without Me1995Music/Lyrics
Shontelle feat. AkonStuck With Each Other2009Music/Lyrics
Simone KopmajerHow Do I Live2010Music/Lyrics
SmokieAnd The Night Stood Still1998Music/Lyrics
Snoop Lion feat. IzaThe Good Good2013Music/Lyrics
Sofia KällgrenOm du frĺgar mig1992Music/Lyrics
Sofie & So FourMotown Music1995Music/Lyrics
Sophia RosenI Count The Minutes1998Music/Lyrics
Stacie OrricoI Promise2003Music/Lyrics
StarshipDon't Lose Any Sleep1990Music/Lyrics
StarshipNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1987Music/Lyrics
StarshipSet The Night To Music1987Music/Lyrics
Stefanie HeinzmannBest Thing You Ever Did2008Music/Lyrics
Stephanie MillsJust You1985Music/Lyrics
Steve LukatherLonely Beat Of My Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Steven TylerAnimal Crackers1998Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsOne Love To Live1982Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsState Of Our Affair1983Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsWhen Love Goes Right1982Music/Lyrics
SugababesToo Lost In You2003Music/Lyrics
SunstormEmotional Fire2012Music/Lyrics
SunstormYou Wouldn't Know Love2012Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsOnly Love1991Music/Lyrics
Take 65 Minutes With God2016Music/Lyrics
Tata YoungFor You I Will2006Music/Lyrics
Tata YoungI Want Some Of That2006Music/Lyrics
Taylor DayneI Could Be Good For You1993Music/Lyrics
Taylor DayneI'll Be Your Shelter1989Music/Lyrics
Taylor DayneLove Will Lead You Back1989Music/Lyrics
Taylor DayneThere Is No Heart That Won't Heal1998Music/Lyrics
Taylor DayneYou Can't Fight Fate1989Music/Lyrics
Taylor Dayne & Keith WashingtonThe Door To Your Heart1993Music/Lyrics
Taylor HicksPlaces I've Been2006Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsDon't Turn Around1990Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsI'm Only Wounded1988Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine1988Music/Lyrics
The JacksonsPrivate Affair1989Music/Lyrics
The Pussycat DollsHow Many Times, How Many Lies2005Music/Lyrics
The Real Milli VanilliHard As Hell1991Music/Lyrics
The Real Milli VanilliNice 'N Easy1991Music/Lyrics
The Real Milli VanilliTell Me Where It Hurts1991Music/Lyrics
The Real Milli VanilliWhen I Die1991Music/Lyrics
The SaturdaysYou Don't Have The Right2013Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1990Music/Lyrics
The WantedRocket2011Music/Lyrics
TiffanyHere In My Heart1990Music/Lyrics
Tina ArenaIf I Was A River1998Music/Lyrics
Tina ArenaStrong As Steel1990Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerDon't Turn Around1986Music/Lyrics
TLCCome On Down1999Music/Lyrics
Tom GrennanI Might2018Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesCouldn't Say Goodbye1991Music/Lyrics
Tom Jones feat. Tori AmosI Wanna Get Back With You1994Music/Lyrics
Tommy PageWhenever You Close Your Eyes1991Music/Lyrics
Tommy PageYou Are My Heaven1991Music/Lyrics
Tommy Shane SteinerTell Me Where It Hurts2002Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonI'm Still Breathing2000Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonSpanish Guitar2000Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonUn-Break My Heart1996Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonUn-Break My Heart (Spanish Version)1996Music/Lyrics
Tony HadleyJust The Thought Of You1992Music/Lyrics
Trisha YearwoodHow Do I Live1997Music/Lyrics
Trisha YearwoodI'll Still Love You More1998Music/Lyrics
Trisha YearwoodYou're Where I Belong2000Music/Lyrics
Trude HerrNä, ich dunn et jetz nit mieh1987Music/Lyrics
Umberto Tozzi & AnastaciaTi amo2017Music/Lyrics
Uncle KrackerRescue2004Music/Lyrics
US5One Night With You2006Music/Lyrics
Ute FreudenbergJenseits der Nacht2000Music/Lyrics
Vaya Con DiosWhat If?1995Music/Lyrics
Ville LeinonenTyydytys2017Music/Lyrics
VixenIt Wouldn't Be Love1990Music/Lyrics
WeezerUnbreak My Heart2010Music/Lyrics
WestlifeHave You Ever2007Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonI Bow Out1998Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonI Didn't Know My Own Strength2009Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonI Learned From The Best1998Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonYou Were Loved1996Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonYou'll Never Stand Alone1998Music/Lyrics
Whitney Houston & Enrique IglesiasCould I Have This Kiss Forever1999Music/Lyrics
WynonnaMaking My Way Music/Lyrics
XscapeThe Arms Of The One Who Loves You1998Music/Lyrics
YahirSi te veo llegar2009Music/Lyrics
Young DivasLove Will Lead You Back2007Music/Lyrics
Young Romance OrchestraI Don't Wanna Miss A Thing2001Music/Lyrics
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
Zsolt Homonnay & Lilla PolyákTalán a csókunk tart örökké2009Music/Lyrics

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)1987-04-0828
Look Away (Chicago)1989-02-08152
Save Up All Your Tears (Robin Beck)1989-05-17172
Blame It On The Rain (Milli Vanilli)1989-08-0968
If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)1989-11-01117
Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper)1990-01-10182
How Can We Be Lovers (Michael Bolton)1990-05-23102
I Didn't Want To Need You (Heart)1990-07-04151
Love And Understanding (Cher)1991-07-31294
Time, Love And Tenderness (Michael Bolton)1991-07-31273
Don't Turn Around (Ace Of Base)1994-03-251113
I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) (Meat Loaf)1995-10-27911
Reach (Gloria Estefan)1996-06-211911
Because You Loved Me (Céline Dion)1996-07-192419
Un-Break My Heart (Toni Braxton)1996-10-25135
Ooh La La (Coolio)1997-10-10395
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)1998-07-31226
Have You Ever? (Brandy)1999-02-18573
From The Heart (Another Level)1999-07-152511
I Learned From The Best (Whitney Houston)1999-11-252312
I Turn To You (Christina Aguilera)2000-05-11475
I Want You To Need Me (Céline Dion)2000-08-10255
Could I Have This Kiss Forever (Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias)2000-09-14219
Spanish Guitar (Toni Braxton)2000-10-05492
Can't Fight The Moonlight (LeAnn Rimes)2000-12-21122
There You'll Be (Faith Hill)2001-07-12131
Too Lost In You (Sugababes)2004-04-30305
It's My Time (Jade Ewen)2009-05-22342
Rosie (Richie Sambora)55.6
Don't Lose Any Sleep (John Waite)55.2
You're The Story Of My Life (Judy Cheeks)55.2
Note To God (Charice)65.17
If I Can't Have Your Love (Bon Jovi feat. Richie Sambora)75.14
Nothing Broken But My Heart (Céline Dion)95.11
Just Like Jesse James (Cher)975
Til It Happens To You (Lady Gaga)315
Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? (Cher)195
Perfection (Cher)125
Emotional Fire (Cher)105
Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? (Kane Roberts)75
The Time Alone With You (Bad English)75
Water From The Moon (Céline Dion)75
Every Road Leads Back To You (Bette Midler)55
If You Need Somebody Tonight (Agnetha Fältskog)244.96
Save Up All Your Tears (Cher)614.93
Save Up All Your Tears (Robin Beck)574.93
Wild Is The Wind (Bon Jovi)304.9
Next Plane Out (Céline Dion)274.89
Un-Break My Heart (Toni Braxton)2574.62
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)2554.63
Can't Fight The Moonlight (LeAnn Rimes)2504.5
Too Lost In You (Sugababes)1914.51
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)1854.77
Because You Loved Me (Céline Dion)1724.47
If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)1704.88
Could I Have This Kiss Forever (Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias)1574.06
Don't Turn Around (Ace Of Base)1514.03
There You'll Be (Faith Hill)1484.55
How Do I Live (LeAnn Rimes)1414.77
When I Die (No Mercy)1313.93
I Turn To You (Christina Aguilera)1214.14
Rhythm Of The Night (DeBarge)1164.58
It's My Time (Jade Ewen)1073.4
I Get Weak (Belinda Carlisle)1044.63
Don't You Love Me Anymore (Joe Cocker)1014.86
Love And Understanding (Cher)1014.85
Just Like Jesse James (Cher)975
I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) (Meat Loaf)964.61

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