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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Dave Mackay, David McKay
10ccOld Mister Time1978Music/Lyrics
ArizonaDance If You Wanna Dance1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaDon't It Feel Good1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaDon't Let It Get You Down1977Producer
ArizonaGamblin' Man1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaGo Down Town1977Producer
ArizonaGot No Business (Bein' That Funky)1977Producer
ArizonaHave A Good Time1977Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaJohnny O.1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaLet Go Yer Lowdowns1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaLike Can Turn To Love1977Producer
ArizonaLove Take Over1977Producer
ArizonaLow Down Music1977Producer
ArizonaMary's Waltz1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaMusic Ship1977Producer
ArizonaOne More Night1977Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaPlay A Little Music1977Producer
ArizonaSo Hard Livin' Without You1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaStrugglin' Singers1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaSuite: Judy Blue Eyes1977Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaSweet Fantasy1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaTake It Slow1977Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaThink About The Other One1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaTomorrow's A Picture1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaTonight I Really Need A Friend1977Producer
(Dave Mackay)
ArizonaToo Late To Begin1976Producer
(Dave Mackay)
Babylone [BE]Qu'est-c'qu'on était bien tous les deux2012Music/Lyrics
Babylone [BE]What We Were Both Fine Together2012Music/Lyrics
Bill & BoydChulu Chululu1975Producer
Bill & BoydSlap Your Draughty Blue Jeans1975Producer
Bill And BoydChulu Chululu1975Producer
(David McKay)
Billy OceanCity Limit1980Music/Lyrics
Blue MinkAnother 'Without You' Day1973Producer
Blue MinkBy The Devil (I Was Tempted)1972Producer
Blue MinkCount Me In1971Producer
Blue MinkDaughter Of Someone1973Producer
Blue MinkDid You Get It1971Producer
Blue MinkEyeballs1974Producer
Blue MinkGet Up1974Producer
Blue MinkGod Only Knows1973Producer
Blue MinkHarlem1973Producer
Blue MinkHarmony1973Producer
Blue MinkI Wanna Be Around (With You)1974Producer
Blue MinkIt Just Goes To Show1972Producer
Blue MinkJohn Brown's Down1972Producer
Blue MinkLet Him Stay1974Producer
Blue MinkLoneliness1973Producer
Blue MinkLove And You And Me1972Producer
Blue MinkMind If I Stand And Watch You1974Producer
Blue MinkMorning Dew1971Producer
Blue MinkMorning Glory1974Producer
Blue MinkMouth1974Producer
Blue MinkNon Commercial Blues1974Producer
Blue MinkOne Smart Fellow1971Producer
Blue MinkQuackers1974Producer
Blue MinkRandy1973Producer
Blue MinkSong For Madeline1974Producer
Blue MinkStop Us1974Producer
Blue MinkSunday1971Producer
Blue MinkTalking Drum1974Producer
Blue MinkTogether1973Producer
Blue MinkWacky, Wacky, Wacky1972Producer
Blue MinkWarm Days, Warm Nights1972Producer
Blue MinkWatch Out1973Producer
Blue MinkWe Will Get By1972Producer
Blue MinkWhere Did They Go1973Producer
Blue MinkYesterday's Gone1974Producer
Blue MinkYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life1973Producer
Bonnie Tyler(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1978Producer
Bonnie TylerBaby Goodnight1978Producer
Bonnie TylerBaby I Remember You1976Producer
Bonnie TylerBlame Me1978Producer
Bonnie TylerDon't Stop The Music1978Producer
Bonnie TylerGive Me Your Love1976Producer
Bonnie TylerGot So Used To Loving You1977Producer
Bonnie TylerHere Am I1978Producer
Bonnie TylerHere's Monday1977Producer
Bonnie TylerHey Love (It's A Feelin')1978Producer
Bonnie TylerIf I Sing You A Love Song1978Producer
Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache1977Producer
Bonnie TylerIt's About Time1978Producer
Bonnie TylerLet The Show Begin1977Producer
Bonnie TylerLiving For The City1978Producer
Bonnie TylerLost In France1976Producer
Bonnie TylerLove Of A Rolling Stone1977Producer
Bonnie TylerLove Tangle1977Producer
Bonnie TylerMore Than A Lover1976Producer
Bonnie TylerPiece Of My Heart1977Producer
Bonnie TylerThe World Starts Tonight1977Producer
Bonnie TylerYesterday Dreams1978Producer
BusterBeautiful Child1976Producer
BusterBorn To Be Wild1977Producer
BusterBut If It Happens1977Producer
BusterCertain Kind Of Feeling1977Producer
BusterDance With Me1977Producer
BusterDon't Stop The Music1977Producer
BusterGoodbye Paradise1977Producer
BusterI Was Born To Sing Your Song1977Producer
BusterIf It's Love1977Producer
BusterI'm A Fool1977Producer
BusterLike A Lover1977Producer
BusterListen To What The Man Said1977Producer
BusterLove Rules1976Producer
BusterNo Girl1977Producer
BusterPretty Legs1977Producer
BusterSalt Lake City - Silver Gun1976Producer
BusterSaturday Night1977Producer
BusterShe's My Girl1977Producer
BusterThe Mill1977Producer
BusterToo Good To Last1977Producer
BusterWe Love Girls1977Producer
BusterWho Told You1975Producer
Catrina LeeBorn Too Late1986Producer
Catrina LeeFell Into Love1986Producer
Cilla BlackBaby We Can't Go Wrong1973Producer
Cilla BlackDaydreamer1974Producer
Cilla BlackEverything I Own1974Producer
Cilla BlackFantasy1975Producer
Cilla BlackFlashback1974Producer
Cilla BlackFollow1976Producer
Cilla BlackFrom The Inside1974Producer
Cilla BlackHeartbeat1975Producer
Cilla BlackI Believed It All1974Producer
Cilla BlackI Know Him So Well1985Producer
Cilla BlackI See Forever In Your Eyes1985Producer
Cilla BlackIf I Could Put You In My Song1977Producer
Cilla BlackI'll Have To Say I Love You, In A Song1974Producer
Cilla BlackI'll Still Love You (When Every Song Is Sung)1975Producer
Cilla BlackI'll Take A Tango1975Producer
Cilla BlackIn My Life1974Producer
Cilla BlackIt Makes Me Feel Good1975Producer
Cilla BlackLay It All Down1976Producer
Cilla BlackLay The Music Down1975Producer
Cilla BlackLet Him In1974Producer
Cilla BlackLike A Song1974Producer
Cilla BlackLovin' Land1976Producer
Cilla BlackNever Run Out (Of You)1974Producer
Cilla BlackOne More Night1985Producer
Cilla BlackOne Step From Your Arms1975Producer
Cilla BlackPut Your Heart Where Your Love Is1985Producer
Cilla BlackRunning Out Of World1976Producer
Cilla BlackSan Diego Serenade1976Producer
Cilla BlackSeptember Love Affair1975Producer
Cilla BlackSlow Dance1976Producer
Cilla BlackSomeone1974Producer
Cilla BlackSomething About You1975Producer
Cilla BlackSurprise! Surprise!1985Producer
Cilla BlackThat's Already Taken1985Producer
Cilla BlackThe Air That I Breathe1974Producer
Cilla BlackThere's A Need In Me1985Producer
Cilla BlackThis Time I'm In For Love1977Producer
Cilla BlackTo Know Him Is To Love Him1975Producer
Cilla BlackWe're In This Love Together1985Producer
Cilla BlackWhen You Walk In The Room1977Producer
Claude FrançoisRêveries1969Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard(You Keep Me) Hanging On1974Producer
Cliff RichardA Brand New Song1972Producer
Cliff RichardAshes To Ashes1973Producer
Cliff RichardBromburger Finale1973Producer
Cliff RichardCome Back Billie Joe1973Producer
Cliff RichardDriving1973Producer
Cliff RichardHelp It Along1973Producer
Cliff RichardIl faut chanter la vie1973Producer
Cliff RichardIt's Only Money1973Producer
Cliff RichardJoin The Band1973Producer
Cliff RichardLife1973Producer
Cliff RichardLove Is Here1974Producer
Cliff RichardMidnight Blue1973Producer
Cliff RichardPower To All Our Friends1973Producer
Cliff RichardTake Me High1973Producer
Cliff RichardThe Anti-Brotherhood Of Man1973Producer
Cliff RichardThe Days Of Love1973Producer
Cliff RichardThe Game1973Producer
Cliff RichardThe Word Is Love1973Producer
Cliff RichardTodo el poder a los amigos1973Producer
Cliff RichardTomorrow Is Rising1973Producer
Cliff RichardWinning1973Producer
Cliff Richard & Anthony AndrewsWhy1973Producer
Cliff Richard & Debbie WatlingBrumburger Duet1973Producer
Demis RoussosCanción de boda1980Producer
Demis RoussosCredo1980Producer
(David McKay)
Demis RoussosHad To Run1980Producer
Demis RoussosHighway Home1980Producer
Demis RoussosHow Glad I Am You Came1980Producer
Demis RoussosI Need You1980Producer
Demis RoussosI'd Give My Life1980Producer
Demis RoussosLittle Girl1980Producer
Demis RoussosLongtemps je t'aimerai1979Producer
(Dave Mackay)
Demis RoussosLost In Love1980Producer
Demis RoussosLove Is The Answer1980Producer
Demis RoussosLove It Away1980Producer
Demis RoussosMan Of The World1980Producer
Demis RoussosMiss You Nights1980Producer
Demis RoussosNascera' (Highway Home)1980Producer
Demis RoussosNo Love Today1980Producer
Demis RoussosSan Pedros Children1980Producer
Demis RoussosShlacham Dance1980Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosSorry1980Producer
Demis RoussosThe Wedding Song1979Producer
Demis RoussosWe're Over1980Producer
Demis RoussosWinter In America1999Producer
Denis LawsonUltra Fantastico1984Music/Lyrics
Digby RichardsDallas1977Producer
Digby RichardsFalling1978Producer
Digby RichardsHymn For Rosie1978Producer
Digby RichardsIn His Song1978Producer
Digby RichardsLosing You1978Producer
Digby RichardsLouise1978Producer
Digby RichardsPlay Mama Play1977Producer
Digby RichardsSamantha1978Producer
Digby RichardsSuzanne1978Producer
Digby RichardsTime To Go To Bed1979Producer
Digby RichardsToo Long Gone1978Producer
Digby RichardsWhere There's Smoke1978Producer
Digby RichardsWhiskey Sundown1978Producer
Dusty SpringfieldYour Love Still Brings Me To My Knees1980Producer
(David McKay)
Felicity Burski4 O'Clock In America1981Producer
(Dave Mackay)
Felicity BurskiKnife In The Heart1981Producer
(Dave Mackay)
Florence WarnerAll In One Night1981Producer
Florence WarnerHello Love1980Producer
Florence WarnerHold Me Once1980Producer
Florence WarnerI Miss Your Heartbeat1981Producer
Florence WarnerWhy Do You Pick (The People You Pick)1981Producer
Ford TheatreAt The Station1969Producer
Ford TheatreWake Up In The Morning1969Producer
Fourth HouseWild World1970Producer
Frankie MillerA Woman To Love1978Producer
Frankie MillerAnd It's Your Love1978Producer
Frankie MillerDarlin'1978Producer
Frankie MillerDrunken Nights In The City1975Producer
Frankie MillerEvery Time A Teardrop Falls1978Producer
Frankie MillerFalling In Love With You1978Producer
Frankie MillerGood To See You1978Producer
Frankie MillerIf I Can Love Somebody1978Producer
Frankie MillerIs This Love1978Producer
Frankie MillerPapa Don't Know1978Producer
Frankie MillerWhen I'm Away From You1978Producer
Gene PitneyCalifornia Free1975Producer
Gene PitneyHold On1976Producer
Gene PitneyHow Can You Love Somebody1975Producer
Gene PitneyI'll Be Still In Love With You1975Producer
Gene PitneyImage1975Producer
Gene PitneyLet Go1975Producer
Gene PitneyRunning Away From Love1976Producer
Gene PitneyTrain Of Thought1975Producer
Gene PitneyTrans Canada Highway1975Producer
Gene PitneyTryin' To Get The Feelin' Again1975Producer
Gene PitneyWaking Up Alone1975Producer
Glenn MillerBlue Skies1939Producer
Glenn MillerI've Got A Girl In Kalamazoo1974Producer
Glenn MillerJuke Box Saturday Night1942Producer
Glenn MillerStardust1940Producer
Glenn MillerSunrise Serenade1939Producer
Glenn MillerTchaikovsky's Piano Concert1974Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraA String Of Pearls1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraAmerican Patrol1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraDanny Boy1940Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraEverything I Love1974Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraIn The Mood1939Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraJack And Jill1974Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraJingle Bells1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraLittle Brown Jug1939Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraMoonlight Cocktail1942Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraMoonlight Serenade1939Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraRug Cutter's Swing1940Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSentimental Me1974Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSo You're The One1974Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSong Of The Volga Boatmen1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSt. Louis Blues March1940Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSun Valley Jump1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSunrise Serenade1939Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraTake The 'A' Train1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraTiger Rag1940Producer
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraTuxedo Junction1940Producer
Glenn Miller & His Orchestra / Tex Beneke with Paula Kelly & The ModernairesChattanooga Choo Choo1941Producer
Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, Ray Eberle & The ModernairesElmer's Tune1941Producer
Glenn Miller / Ray EberleBlueberry Hill1940Producer
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraAt Last1942Producer
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraPennsylvania Six-Five Thousand1940Producer
Glenn Miller Army Air Force OrchestraMy Blue Heaven1943Producer
Glenn Miller Army Air Force OrchestraMy Melancholy Baby1940Producer
Glenn ShorrockDaydream Sunday1975Producer
Glenn ShorrockI Have Seen The Universe1975Producer
Glenn ShorrockRock And Roll Lullaby1972Producer
I MonsterDaydream In Blue2001Music/Lyrics
Jeff Turner, Ulrike FrankDown South Medley1994Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginAnnie1983Producer
Joe FaginBack With The Boys Again Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginBreaking Away1983Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginCry For No One1982Producer
Joe FaginDo You Give A Damn1983Producer
Joe FaginDo You Know What I Mean1983Producer
Joe FaginFor Now (Let's Take The Night)1983Producer
Joe FaginGet It Right1986Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginMidnight Cruisin'1983Producer
Joe FaginStowaway1983Producer
Joe FaginThat's Livin' Alright1983Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginTonight's The Night Music/Lyrics
Joe FaginWhy Don't We Spend The Night1982Producer
Joe FaginYounger Days1983Producer
John FarnhamSadie (The Cleaning Lady)1967Producer
John ParrIt Ain't The Size Of The Boat1996Producer
(David McKay)
John ParrWe All Make Mistakes1996Producer
(David McKay)
Johnny FarnhamRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head1969Producer
Johnny FarnhamRose Coloured Glasses1968Producer
Johnny FarnhamTwo1969Producer
Johnny HallydayBats-toi pour l'amour1981Producer
Johnny HallydayC'est pas facile1981Producer
Johnny HallydayComme une femme1981Producer
Johnny HallydayIl ne faut pas me ressembler1981Producer
Johnny HallydayIl n'y a plus de géant à l'est d'Eden1981Producer
Johnny HallydayJe ne pourrai jamais l'oublier1981Producer
Johnny HallydayJe t'ai aimée1981Producer
Johnny HallydayJ'en ai marre1981Producer
Johnny HallydayLa ville1981Producer
Johnny HallydayLe cœur fermé1981Producer
Johnny HallydayLe rock'n'roll c'est comme ça1981Producer
Johnny HallydayToujours le même1981Producer
Johnny LoganGive A Little Bit More1980Producer
Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill ScottDaydreamin'2006Music/Lyrics
Lyn PaulBetter Late Than Never1975Producer
Lyn PaulFinally Freedom1975Producer
Lyn PaulGive Me Time1975Producer
Lyn PaulHe's Got A Way1975Producer
Lyn PaulI Could Get Arrested1975Producer
Lyn PaulIt Must Be Love1975Producer
Lyn PaulIt Oughta Sell A Million1975Producer
Lyn PaulJust In Case1975Producer
Lyn PaulLay Me Down1974Producer
Lyn PaulLlewellyn1975Producer
Lyn PaulLove1975Producer
Lyn PaulMellow Down1975Producer
Lyn PaulSail The Summer Winds1974Producer
Lyn PaulSong Without End1975Producer
Lyn PaulSweet Lovin' Ways1974Producer
Lyn PaulWho's Sorry Now1974Producer
MalCiao, felicità1970Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannLiving Without You1971Producer
Manfred MannTribute1971Producer
Manfred Mann's Earth BandCalifornia Coastline1971Producer
Manfred Mann's Earth BandJump Sturdy1971Producer
Manfred Mann's Earth BandPart Time Man1971Producer
Manfred Mann's Earth BandPrayer1971Producer
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSloth1971Producer
Marcia HinesAll The Things We Do When We're Lonely1981Producer
Marcia HinesBaby Blue1983Producer
(David McKay)
Marcia HinesLavender Mountain1983Producer
(David McKay)
Marcia HinesYour Love Still Brings Me To My Knees1981Producer
Michael NesmithCapsule (Hello People A Hundred Years From Now)1979Music/Lyrics
Nicola ConteHere2011Music/Lyrics
(Dave Mackay)
Noosha FoxMiss You1979Producer
Noosha FoxMore Than Molecules1980Producer
Noosha FoxOdd, Peculiar, Strange1980Producer
Noosha FoxSkin Tight1979Producer
Noosha FoxSome Enchanted Evening1979Producer
Noosha FoxThe Heat Is On1979Producer
Ornella MutiTheme For Ornella1988Music/Lyrics
Ornella MutiThen There Was You1988Producer
Paul MichielsDaydream2001Music/Lyrics
Peter & AlexBig Heat On The Loose1971Producer
Peter & AlexSunny1971Producer
Peter SarstedtOther Peoples' Lives (An Everyday Story)1984Producer
Plain SailingEasy1980Producer
Plain SailingNorthbound Train1980Producer
Rachel SweetI Go To Pieces1978Producer
Steve HarleyHeartbeat Like Thunder1986Music/Lyrics
Steve HarleyWarm My Cold Heart1986Music/Lyrics
Syndicate Of L.A.W.Sunshine2005Music/Lyrics
TacoDestination Love1985Producer
T-ConnectionAt Midnight1978Music/Lyrics
The Beta BandSquares2001Music/Lyrics
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirDaydream1969Music/Lyrics
The MixturesCall Me Do1970Producer
The MixturesDon't Play Games With The Moon1970Producer
The MixturesGotta Be A Free Man1970Producer
The MixturesHenry Ford1971Producer
The MixturesHillbilly Fever1970Producer
The MixturesHit Me On The Head1970Producer
The MixturesHome Away From Home1971Producer
The MixturesI Wanna Go Home1971Producer
The MixturesIn The Summertime1970Producer
The MixturesLove Is Life1970Producer
The MixturesNever Be Untrue1970Producer
The MixturesShe's Gone Away1971Producer
The MixturesTen Thousand Children1970Producer
The MixturesThe Pushbike Song1970Producer
The MixturesWhere Are You1970Producer
The MixturesWho Loves Ya?1970Producer
The New SeekersAin't Love Easy1971Producer
The New SeekersAlright My Love1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersAnthem1978Producer
The New SeekersAnything You Might Say1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersBeautiful1972Producer
The New SeekersBeautiful People1970Producer
The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow1972Producer
The New SeekersBlackberry Way1971Producer
The New SeekersBlowin' In The Wind1972Producer
The New SeekersBoom Town1971Producer
The New SeekersCaptain Stormy1970Producer
The New SeekersChanges IV1972Producer
The New SeekersChild Of Mine1971Producer
The New SeekersCincinnati1971Producer
The New SeekersCircles1972Producer
The New SeekersCome Softly To Me1972Producer
The New SeekersDance, Dance, Dance1972Producer
The New SeekersDay By Day1972Producer
The New SeekersDo You Wanna Make Love1978Producer
The New SeekersDoggone My Soul (How I Love Them Old Songs)1971Producer
The New SeekersDon't Want To Lose You1972Producer
The New SeekersDown By The River1972Producer
The New SeekersEighteen Carat Friend1971Producer
The New SeekersEvenings Make Me Blue1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersEvergreen1971Producer
The New SeekersEverything's Changing1973Producer
The New SeekersFlashback1977Producer
The New SeekersFollow The Wind1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersFor You We Sing1972Producer
The New SeekersFriends Of Jesus1970Producer
The New SeekersGentle On My Mind1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersGeorgie Girl / Ticket To Ride1972Producer
The New SeekersGoin' Back1972Producer
The New SeekersGood Old Fashioned Music1971Producer
The New SeekersHere, There And Everywhere1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersHigh In A Single Bar1978Producer
The New SeekersHoly Rolling1972Producer
The New SeekersHow I Love Them Old Songs1972Producer
The New SeekersI Can Say You're Beautiful1972Producer
The New SeekersI Saw The Light1972Producer
The New SeekersI Wanna Be The Star Of The Show1974Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)1971Producer
The New SeekersIdaho1972Producer
The New SeekersI'll Be Home1971Producer
The New SeekersI'll Be Your Song1972Producer
The New SeekersI'm A Train1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersIt's A Beautiful Day1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersI've Got Your Number1978Producer
The New SeekersJust An Old Fashioned Love Song1972Producer
The New SeekersLay Me Down1971Producer
The New SeekersLook What They've Done To My Song, Ma1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersLook What You've Done1971Producer
The New SeekersLook, Look1973Producer
The New SeekersMe And My Guitar1973Producer
The New SeekersMorning Has Broken1972Producer
The New SeekersMove Me Lord1971Producer
The New SeekersMrs. Robinson1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersMystic Queen1972Producer
The New SeekersNever Ending Song Of Love1971Producer
The New SeekersNever Ending Song Of Love [japanisch]1971Producer
The New SeekersNickel Song1971Producer
The New SeekersNo Man's Land1971Producer
The New SeekersOh, ich will betteln, ich will stehlen1972Producer
The New SeekersOne1971Producer
The New SeekersOne By One1972Producer
The New SeekersOut Of Love With Love1978Producer
The New SeekersOut On The Edge Of Beyond1972Producer
The New SeekersPerfect Love1974Producer
The New SeekersRain1972Producer
The New SeekersRay Of Sunshine1978Producer
The New SeekersReap What You Saw1972Producer
The New SeekersRoundelay1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersShine, People, Shine1970Producer
(David McKay)
The New SeekersSing Out1972Producer
The New SeekersSomething In The Way He Moves1971Producer
The New SeekersSong Sung Blue1972Producer
The New SeekersSongs Of Praise1972Producer
The New SeekersSweet Louise1971Producer
The New SeekersThe Singer1977Producer
The New SeekersThe World I Wish For You1972Producer
The New SeekersThere's A Light1971Producer
The New SeekersTonight1971Producer
The New SeekersToo Many Trips To Nowhere1971Producer
The New SeekersUnwithered Rose1972Producer
The New SeekersWanderer's Song1971Producer
The New SeekersWe Grew Up On Rock 'N' Roll1978Producer
The New SeekersWhen I Was Small1974Producer
The New SeekersWhen There's No Love Left1970Producer
The New SeekersWhy Can't We All Get Together1972Producer
The New SeekersYou Got Me Runnin'1978Producer
The New SeekersYour Song1971Producer
Tony ColeAll I Meant To Do1971Producer
Tony ColeAnother Crack At Glory1973Producer
Tony ColeDomino1973Producer
Tony ColeEverybody Wants To Be Someone Else1973Producer
Tony ColeGoodbye Gemini1972Producer
Tony ColeGot To Get Through To You1972Producer
Tony ColeHang On Magdalen1973Producer
Tony ColeIf The Music Stops1972Producer
Tony ColeLife Goes On1973Producer
Tony ColeLike A Rock And Roll Band1972Producer
Tony ColeLong Live Love1973Producer
Tony ColeMagnificently Mad1973Producer
Tony ColeMermaid1973Producer
Tony ColeNapoleon And Josephine1972Producer
Tony ColeNothing More Than You1972Producer
Tony ColeRuby1972Producer
Tony ColeScorpio1973Producer
Tony ColeSuite: Man And Woman1972Producer
Tony ColeTalk About Tomorrow1972Producer
Tony ColeThe Hook1973Producer
Tony ColeThe King Is Dead1972Producer
Tony ColeTroubled World1974Producer
Tony ColeWe1973Producer
Vicky LeandrosCaught By A Lying Smile1981Producer
(David McKay)
Vicky LeandrosIch weiss, dass Liebe lebt1981Producer
Vicky LeandrosLove's Alive1981Producer
(David McKay)
Vicky LeandrosToo Many Women1981Producer
(David McKay)
Vince HillDon't Throw It All Away1975Producer
Vince HillFeelings1975Producer
Vince HillSailing1975Producer
Vince HillSweet Dream Woman1975Producer
Wallace CollectionAdagio1975Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionBaby I Don't Mind1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionBruxelles1970Producer
Wallace CollectionDaydream1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionDear Beloved Secretary1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionFly Me To The Earth1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionGet Back1969Producer
Wallace CollectionGet That Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionHocus Pocus1970Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionLaughing Cavalier1969Producer
Wallace CollectionLet Me Love Her1970Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionLove1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionMerry-Go-Round1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionMisery1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionNatacha1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionParlez-moi d'amour1970Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionPeru1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionPhil1970Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionPoor Old Sammy1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionRagtime Lily1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionSee The Man1970Producer
Wallace CollectionSerenade1969Producer
Wallace CollectionSince You're Gone For Evermore1970Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionSingle Man1970Producer
Wallace CollectionThe Sea Disappeared1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionTic-Toc1970Producer
Wallace CollectionWalk On Out1969Producer
Wallace CollectionWe Are Machines1970Producer
Wallace CollectionWe Gotta Do Something New1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionWhat's Goin' On1969Music/Lyrics
Wallace CollectionWhen1970Producer

Lost In France (Bonnie Tyler)1977-03-25131
It's A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler)1978-02-10112
Why Don't We Spend The Night (Joe Fagin)1983-12-1364
In The Mood (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)655.32
Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)475.23
Daydream (The Gunter Kallmann Choir)65
Tuxedo Junction (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)234.96
Chattanooga Choo Choo (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra / Tex Beneke with Paula Kelly & The Modernaires)384.92
Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand (Glenn Miller And His Orchestra)214.9
It's A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler)2014.9
Lost In France (Bonnie Tyler)1374.82
Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees (Marcia Hines)174.76
Daydream (Wallace Collection)314.74
Serenade (Wallace Collection)74.71
Good To See You (Frankie Miller)74.71
Song Of The Volga Boatmen (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)104.7
St. Louis Blues March (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)144.64
American Patrol (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)274.59
Power To All Our Friends (Cliff Richard)1064.57
Little Brown Jug (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)194.53
Darlin' (Frankie Miller)914.51
Beg, Steal Or Borrow (The New Seekers)1014.5
Love's Alive (Vicky Leandros)104.5
It's A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler)2014.9
Lost In France (Bonnie Tyler)1374.82
Power To All Our Friends (Cliff Richard)1064.57
Beg, Steal Or Borrow (The New Seekers)1014.5
Darlin' (Frankie Miller)914.51
In The Mood (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)655.32
Never Ending Song Of Love (The New Seekers)644.2
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) (The New Seekers)564.38
Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)475.23
Chattanooga Choo Choo (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra / Tex Beneke with Paula Kelly & The Modernaires)384.92
Daydreamin' (Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott)373.81
The Pushbike Song (The Mixtures)364.25
Here Am I (Bonnie Tyler)354.29
Daydream (Wallace Collection)314.74
More Than A Lover (Bonnie Tyler)314.19
American Patrol (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)274.59
A String Of Pearls (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)274.33
Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma (The New Seekers)243.96
Tuxedo Junction (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)234.96
Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand (Glenn Miller And His Orchestra)214.9

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