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Alice CooperBeautiful Flyaway1970Producer
Alice CooperBelow Your Means1970Producer
Alice CooperLaughing At Me1970Producer
Alice CooperLay Down And Die, Goodbye1970Producer
Alice CooperMr. And Misdemeanor1970Producer
Alice CooperRefrigerator Heaven1969Producer
Alice CooperReturn Of The Spiders1970Producer
Alice CooperShoe Salesman1970Producer
Alice CooperStill No Air1970Producer
Amie ComeauxBlue1994Producer
Amie ComeauxI Heard It From My Heart1994Producer
Amie ComeauxI Want The First To Last1994Producer
Amie ComeauxMoving Out1994Producer
Amie ComeauxOh No, Not Love Again1994Producer
Amie ComeauxOne Step Ahead Of You1994Producer
Amie ComeauxTakin' It Back1994Producer
Amie ComeauxWho's She To You1994Producer
Amie ComeauxWritten In The Stars1994Producer
Amie ComeauxYou Belong To Me1994Producer
Area Code 615Judy1970Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Katy Hill1970Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Lil' Maggie1969Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Nashville 9 - New York 11969Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Southern Comfort1969Music/Lyrics
Australian CrawlBeautiful People1979Producer
Australian CrawlBig Fish1981Producer
Australian CrawlBoot Hill1980Producer
Australian CrawlDownhearted1980Producer
Australian CrawlHoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama1980Music/Lyrics
Australian CrawlIndisposed1980Producer
Australian CrawlMan Crazy1979Producer
Australian CrawlThe Boys Light Up1980Producer
Australian CrawlWay I've Been1980Producer
Brenda LeeMy Dreams1964Music/Lyrics
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungOhio1970Producer
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungThrough My Sails1975Producer
Elvis PresleyHow The Web Was Woven1970Producer
Fun Lovin' CriminalsLoco2001Music/Lyrics
Gail KellyWho Do You Think You're Fooling1966Music/Lyrics
Grin18 Faced Lover1971Producer
GrinAin't For Free1973Producer
GrinAin't Love Nice1972Producer
GrinAll Out1972Producer
GrinBeggar's Day1973Producer
GrinBoy And Girl1973Producer
GrinDon't Be Long1972Producer
GrinEverybody's Missin' The Sun1971Producer
GrinEverybody's Missing The Sun1971Producer
GrinHeart On Fire1972Producer
GrinHeavy Chevy1972Producer
GrinI Had Too Much (Miss Dazi)1971Producer
GrinIf I Were A Song1971Producer
GrinJust To Have You1971Producer
GrinLike Rain1971Producer
GrinLove Again1972Producer
GrinLove Or Else1972Producer
GrinOne More Time1973Producer
GrinOpen Wide1971Producer
GrinPioneer Mary1971Producer
GrinRusty Gun1972Producer
GrinSad Letter1972Producer
GrinSee What A Love Can Do1970Producer
GrinShe Ain't Right1972Producer
GrinSing For Happiness1970Producer
GrinSoft Fun1971Producer
GrinTake You To The Movies Tonight1971Producer
GrinTrue Thrill1973Producer
GrinWe All Sung Together1970Producer
GrinWhat About Me1973Producer
GrinWhite Lies1971Producer
GrinYou're The Weight1973Producer
Jerry ReedBayou Woman1981Producer
Jerry ReedDixie Dreams1981Producer
Jerry ReedDreaming Fairytales1981Producer
Jerry ReedGood Friends Make Good Lovers1981Producer
Jerry ReedHooray For Chuck Berry1981Producer
Jerry ReedLove Me Tonight1981Producer
Jerry ReedOne Way Rider1981Producer
Jerry ReedRhythm And Blues1981Producer
Jerry ReedThe Devil Went Down To Georgia1981Producer
Jerry ReedThe Testimony Of Soddy Hoe1981Producer
Kathi McDonaldBogart To Bowie1974Producer
Kathi McDonaldFreak Lover1974Producer
Kathi McDonaldSomethin' Else1974Producer
Kathi McDonaldThrew My Love Away1974Producer
Kenny RogersOur Perfect Song1985Music/Lyrics
Little River BandBy My Side1979Producer
Little River BandChanged and Different1977Producer
Little River BandCool Change1979Producer
Little River BandDon't Let The Needle Win1981Music/Lyrics
Little River BandHappy Anniversary1976Music/Lyrics
Little River BandHard Life1979Producer
Little River BandHelp Is On Its Way1976Producer
Little River BandHome On Monday1976Producer
Little River BandIt's A Long Way There1975Producer
Little River BandIt's Not A Wonder1979Producer
Little River BandL.A. In The Sunshine1977Music/Lyrics
Little River BandLady1978Producer
Little River BandLet's Dance1980Music/Lyrics
Little River BandLonesome Loser1979Music/Lyrics
Little River BandLove Will Survive1981Music/Lyrics
Little River BandMan On The Run1979Producer
Little River BandMiddle Man1979Producer
Little River BandMistress Of Mine1979Producer
Little River BandReminiscing1978Producer
Little River BandStatue Of Liberty1975Producer
Little River BandThe Other Guy1982Producer
Little River BandThe Rumor1979Producer
Lonnie RayDiamonds1965Music/Lyrics
Neil YoungAfter The Gold Rush1970Producer
Neil YoungAlbuquerque1975Producer
Neil YoungAround The World1987Producer
Neil YoungBarstool Blues1975Producer
Neil YoungBirds1970Producer
Neil YoungBite The Bullet1977Producer
Neil YoungBorrowed Tune1975Producer
Neil YoungCaptain Kennedy1980Producer
Neil YoungCoastline1980Producer
Neil YoungCome On Baby Let's Go Downtown1975Producer
Neil YoungComin' Apart At Every Nail1980Producer
Neil YoungComputer Age1982Producer
Neil YoungComputer Cowboy1982Producer
Neil YoungCortez The Killer1975Producer
Neil YoungCripple Creek Ferry1970Producer
Neil YoungDanger Bird1975Producer
Neil YoungDon't Cry No Tears1975Producer
Neil YoungDon't Let It Bring You Down1970Producer
Neil YoungDrive Back1975Producer
Neil YoungFor The Turnstiles1974Producer
Neil YoungGive Me Strength2017Producer
Neil YoungHawaii2017Producer
Neil YoungHawks & Doves1980Producer
Neil YoungHelpless1971Producer
Neil YoungHere We Are In The Years1969Producer
Neil YoungHey Babe1977Producer
Neil YoungHold Back The Tears1977Producer
Neil YoungHold On To Your Love1982Producer
Neil YoungHomegrown1977Producer
Neil YoungI Believe In You1970Producer
Neil YoungIf I Could Have Her Tonight1969Producer
Neil YoungInca Queen1987Producer
Neil YoungI've Been Waiting For You1969Producer
Neil YoungLike A Hurricane1977Producer
Neil YoungLike An Inca1982Producer
Neil YoungLittle Thing Called Love1982Producer
Neil YoungLittle Wing1980Producer
Neil YoungLook Out For My Love1978Producer
Neil YoungLookout Joe1975Producer
Neil YoungLost In Space1980Producer
Neil YoungLotta Love1978Producer
Neil YoungMellow My Mind1975Producer
Neil YoungMideast Vacation1987Producer
Neil YoungMr. Soul1982Producer
Neil YoungMy My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)1979Producer
Neil YoungNew Mama1975Producer
Neil YoungOh, Lonesome Me1970Producer
Neil YoungOn The Way Home1971Producer
Neil YoungOnly Love Can Break Your Heart1970Producer
Neil YoungPeace Of Mind1978Producer
Neil YoungPocahontas1979Producer
Neil YoungPowderfinger2017Producer
Neil YoungRide My Llama1979Producer
Neil YoungRoll Another Number (For The Road)1975Producer
Neil YoungSaddle Up The Palomino1977Producer
Neil YoungSail Away1979Producer
Neil YoungSample And Hold1982Producer
Neil YoungSouthern Man1970Producer
Neil YoungSpeakin' Out1975Producer
Neil YoungStar Of Bethlehem1977Producer
Neil YoungStayin' Power1980Producer
Neil YoungStupid Girl1975Producer
Neil YoungTell Me Why1970Producer
Neil YoungThe Emperor Of Wyoming1969Producer
Neil YoungThe Loner1969Producer
Neil YoungThe Old Country Waltz1977Producer
Neil YoungThe Old Homestead1980Producer
Neil YoungThrasher1979Producer
Neil YoungTill The Morning Comes1970Producer
Neil YoungTired Eyes1975Producer
Neil YoungTonight's The Night1975Producer
Neil YoungTonight's The Night - Part II1975Producer
Neil YoungTransformer Man1982Producer
Neil YoungUnion Man1980Producer
Neil YoungWalk On1974Producer
Neil YoungWe R In Control1982Producer
Neil YoungWhat Did You Do To My Life?1969Producer
Neil YoungWhen You Dance I Can Really Love1970Producer
Neil YoungWill To Love1977Producer
Neil YoungWonderin'1983Producer
Neil YoungWorld On A String1975Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseCryin' Eyes1987Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseHey Hey, My My (Into The Black)1979Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseLong Walk Home1987Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorsePowderfinger1979Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorsePrisoners Of Rock 'N' Roll1987Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseRust Never Sleeps1979Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseSedan Delivery1979Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseToo Lonely1987Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseWe Never Danced1987Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseWelfare Mothers1979Producer
Neil Young & Crazy HorseWhen Your Lonely Heart Breaks1987Producer
Neil Young / Crazy HorseMotor City1981Producer
Neil Young / Crazy HorseSouthern Pacific1981Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseA Dream That Can Last1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseBlue Eden1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseChange Your Mind1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseCountry Home1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseDays That Used To Be1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseDriveby1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseFarmer John1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseFuckin' Up1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseLove And Only Love1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseLove To Burn1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseMansion On The Hill1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseMother Earth (Natural Anthem)1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseMy Heart1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseOver And Over1990Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorsePiece Of Crap1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorsePrime Of Life1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseSafeway Cart1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseSleeps With Angels1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseTrain Of Love1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseTrans Am1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseWestern Hero1994Producer
Neil Young and Crazy HorseWhite Line1990Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseCinnamon Girl1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseCowgirl In The Sand1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseDown By The River1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseRound & Round (It Won't Be Long)1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseRunning Dry (Requiem For The Rockets)1969Producer
Neil Young with Crazy HorseThe Losing End (When You're On)1969Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBrother, My Cup Is Empty1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsChristina The Astonishing1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsI Had A Dream, Joe1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJack The Ripper1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJohn Finn's Wife1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLoom Of The Land1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPapa Won't Leave You, Henry1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsStraight To You1992Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsWhen I First Came To Town1992Producer
Nils LofgrenCan't Get Closer1976Producer
Nils LofgrenIncidentally...It's Over1976Producer
Nils LofgrenMud In Your Eye1976Producer
Nils LofgrenShare A Little1976Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinEnd Unkind1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinHi, Hello Home1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinJust A Poem1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinLost A Number1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinMoon Tears1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinPlease, Don't Hide1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinSlippery Fingers1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinSoft Sun1971Producer
Nils Lofgren / GrinSometimes1971Producer
Percy SledgeHigh Cost Of Leaving1968Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonWild Hearts (...Time)1985Producer
Russell Morris And The RubesHush1980Producer
Russell Morris And The RubesIn The Heat Of The Night1980Producer
SpiritAnimal Zoo1970Producer
SpiritApple Orchard1969Producer
SpiritCadillac Cowboys1972Producer
SpiritChelsea Girls1972Producer
SpiritCold Wind1969Producer
SpiritDark-Eyed Woman1969Producer
SpiritEarth Shaker1972Producer
SpiritGive A Life, Take A Life1969Producer
SpiritGround Hog1969Producer
SpiritI'm Truckin'1969Producer
SpiritLife Has Just Begun1970Producer
SpiritLove Has Found A Way1970Producer
SpiritMellow Morning1972Producer
SpiritMorning Will Come1970Producer
SpiritMr. Skin1970Producer
SpiritNew Dope In Town1969Producer
SpiritPoliceman's Ball1969Producer
SpiritPrelude - Nothin' To Hide1970Producer
SpiritPuesta del scam1972Producer
SpiritRed Light Roll On1970Producer
SpiritRight On Time1972Producer
SpiritRipe And Ready1972Producer
SpiritSo Little Time To Fly1969Producer
SpiritSpace Child1970Producer
SpiritStreet Worm1970Producer
SpiritTrancas Fog-Out1972Producer
SpiritWhen I Touch You1970Producer
SpiritWhy Can't I Be Free1970Producer
Tom RushBiloxi1970Producer
Tom RushCame To See Me Yesterday (In The Merry Month Of)1970Producer
Tom RushGnostic Serenade1970Producer
Tom RushJazzman1970Producer
Tom RushMerrimack County1970Producer
Tom RushPaddy West1970Producer
Tom RushRiding On A Railroad1970Producer
Tom RushRotunda1970Producer
Tom RushStarlight1970Producer
Tom RushSweet Baby James1970Producer
Tom RushWrong End Of The Rainbow1970Producer
Willie NelsonA Song For You1973Producer
Willie NelsonBubbles In My Beer1973Producer
Willie NelsonDevil In A Sleepin' Bag1973Producer
Willie NelsonLocal Memory1973Producer
Willie NelsonSad Songs And Waltzes1973Producer
Willie NelsonShe's Not For You1965Producer
Willie NelsonShotgun Willie1973Producer
Willie NelsonSlow Down Old World1973Producer
Willie NelsonStay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)1973Producer
Willie NelsonWhiskey River1973Producer
Willie NelsonYou Look Like The Devil1973Producer
Thrasher (Neil Young)115.09
Down By The River (Neil Young with Crazy Horse)325.03
Cowgirl In The Sand (Neil Young with Crazy Horse)355.03
Birds (Neil Young)145
Pocahontas (Neil Young)115
Powderfinger (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)105
Danger Bird (Neil Young)105
Look Out For My Love (Neil Young)85
Saddle Up The Palomino (Neil Young)65
After The Gold Rush (Neil Young)434.98
Cortez The Killer (Neil Young)394.97
Like A Hurricane (Neil Young)684.93
Peace Of Mind (Neil Young)104.9
Like An Inca (Neil Young)104.9
Tell Me Why (Neil Young)184.89
Speakin' Out (Neil Young)84.88
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)214.86
Sedan Delivery (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)74.86
Hey Babe (Neil Young)74.86
World On A String (Neil Young)74.86
Like A Hurricane (Neil Young)684.93
Lonesome Loser (Little River Band)664.74
Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)504.6
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)444.77
After The Gold Rush (Neil Young)434.98
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young with Crazy Horse)434.58
Help Is On Its Way (Little River Band)414.78
It's A Long Way There (Little River Band)404.62
Cortez The Killer (Neil Young)394.97
Southern Man (Neil Young)394.69
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)394.36
Cowgirl In The Sand (Neil Young with Crazy Horse)355.03
Reminiscing (Little River Band)354.57
Cool Change (Little River Band)344.47
Down By The River (Neil Young with Crazy Horse)325.03
My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) (Neil Young)264.85
Home On Monday (Little River Band)244.46
The Other Guy (Little River Band)224.27
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)214.86
Walk On (Neil Young)214.52

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