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A Thousand Horses(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesBack To Me2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesFirst Time2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesHeaven Is Close2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesHell On My Heart2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesLandslide2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesSmoke2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesSouthernality2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesSunday Morning2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesTennessee Whiskey2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesTrailer Trashed2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesTravelin' Man2015Producer
A Thousand HorsesWhere I'm Going2015Producer
All Them Witches3-5-72017Producer
All Them WitchesAlabaster2017Producer
All Them WitchesAm I Going Up?2017Producer
All Them WitchesBruce Lee2017Producer
All Them WitchesBulls2017Producer
All Them WitchesCowboy Kirk2017Producer
All Them WitchesDon't Bring Me Coffee2017Producer
All Them WitchesInternet2017Producer
Anderson EastAll I'll Ever Need2016Producer
Anderson EastAll On My Mind2017Producer
Anderson EastCabinet Door2018Producer
Anderson EastDevil In Me2016Producer
Anderson EastFind 'Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em2016Producer
Anderson EastGirlfriend2018Music/Lyrics
Anderson EastHouse Is A Building2018Producer
Anderson EastIf You Keep Leaving Me2018Producer
Anderson EastKeep The Fire Burning2016Producer
Anderson EastKing For A Day2018Producer
Anderson EastLonely2016Producer
Anderson EastLying In Her Arms2016Producer
Anderson EastOnly You2016Producer
Anderson EastQuit You2016Producer
Anderson EastSatisfy Me2016Producer
Anderson EastSomebody Pick Up My Pieces2018Producer
Anderson EastSorry You're Sick2018Producer
Anderson EastSurrender2018Producer
Anderson EastThis Too Shall Last2018Producer
Anderson EastWhat A Woman Wants To Hear2016Producer
Anderson EastWithout You2018Producer
Ashley MonroeDaddy I Told You2018Producer
Ashley MonroeHands On You2018Producer
Ashley MonroeHard On A Heart2018Producer
Ashley MonroeI'm Trying To2018Producer
Ashley MonroeKeys To The Kingdom2018Producer
Ashley MonroeMother's Daughter2018Producer
Ashley MonroeOrphan2018Producer
Ashley MonroePaying Attention2018Producer
Ashley MonroeRita2018Producer
Ashley MonroeShe Wakes Me Up2018Producer
Ashley MonroeThis Heaven2018Producer
Ashley MonroeWild Love2018Producer
Brandi CarlileEvery Time I Hear That Song2018Producer
Brandi CarlileFulton County Jane Doe2018Producer
Brandi CarlileHarder To Forgive2018Producer
Brandi CarlileHold Out Your Hand2018Producer
Brandi CarlileMost Of All2018Producer
Brandi CarlileParty Of One2018Producer
Brandi CarlileSugartooth2018Producer
Brandi CarlileThe Joke2018Music/Lyrics
Brandi CarlileThe Mother2018Producer
Brandi CarlileWhatever You Do2018Producer
Brent Cobb.30-062018Producer
Brent CobbAin't A Road Too Long2018Producer
Brent CobbCome Home Soon2018Producer
Brent CobbHigh In The Country2018Producer
Brent CobbIf I Don't See Ya2018Producer
Brent CobbKing Of Alabama2018Producer
Brent CobbLorene2018Producer
Brent CobbMornin's Gonna Come2018Producer
Brent CobbProvidence Canyon2018Producer
Brent CobbSucker For A Good Time2018Producer
Brent CobbWhen The Dust Settles2018Producer
Brett DennenAnother Life2016Producer
Brett DennenBonfire2016Producer
Brett DennenBurning Spirit2016Producer
Brett DennenCassidy2016Producer
Brett DennenI'll Be On Your Side2016Producer
Brett DennenStand Up For It2016Producer
Brett DennenStrawberry Road2016Producer
Brett DennenTengboche2016Producer
Brett DennenWhat's The Secret?2016Producer
Brett DennenWhere We Left Off2016Producer
Brooke WhiteBe Careful2009Producer
Brooke WhiteCalifornia Song2009Producer
Brooke WhiteHigh Hopes & Heartbreak2009Music/Lyrics
Brooke WhiteHold Up My Heart2009Music/Lyrics
Brooke WhiteLittle Bird2009Music/Lyrics
Brooke WhiteOut Of The Ashes2009Producer
Brooke WhitePhoenix2009Music/Lyrics
Brooke WhiteRadio Radio2009Music/Lyrics
Brooke WhiteSmile2009Producer
Brooke WhiteSometimes Love2009Producer
Brooke WhiteUse Somebody2009Producer
Brooke WhiteWhen We Were One2009Producer
California BreedAll Falls Down2014Producer
California BreedBreathe2014Producer
California BreedChemical Rain2014Producer
California BreedDays They Come2014Producer
California BreedInvisible2014Producer
California BreedMidnight Oil2014Producer
California BreedScars2014Producer
California BreedSpit You Out2014Producer
California BreedStrong2014Producer
California BreedSweet Tea2014Producer
California BreedThe Grey2014Producer
California BreedThe Way2014Producer
Chris IsaakLove The Way You Kiss Me2015Producer
Chris IsaakRunning Down The Road2015Producer
Chris IsaakSome Days Are Harder Than The Rest2015Producer
Chris IsaakThe Way Things Really Are2015Producer
Chris ShiflettBlow Out The Candles2017Producer
Chris ShiflettCherry2017Producer
Chris ShiflettGoodnight Little Rock2017Producer
Chris ShiflettI'm Still Drunk2017Producer
Chris ShiflettRoom 1022017Producer
Chris ShiflettSticks & Stones2017Producer
Chris ShiflettStill Better Days2017Producer
Chris ShiflettThe Girl's Already Gone2017Producer
Chris ShiflettTonight's Not Over2017Producer
Chris ShiflettWest Coast Town2017Producer
Chris StapletonA Simple Song2017Producer
Chris StapletonBroken Halos2017Producer
Chris StapletonDaddy Doesn't Pray Anymore2015Producer
Chris StapletonDeath Row2017Producer
Chris StapletonDrunkard's Prayer2017Producer
Chris StapletonEither Way2017Producer
Chris StapletonFire Away2015Producer
Chris StapletonFriendship2017Producer
Chris StapletonHard Livin'2017Producer
Chris StapletonI Want Love2018Producer
Chris StapletonI Was Wrong2017Producer
Chris StapletonLast Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning2017Producer
Chris StapletonMidnight Train To Memphis2017Producer
Chris StapletonMight As Well Get Stoned2015Producer
Chris StapletonMillionaire2017Producer
Chris StapletonMore Of You2015Producer
Chris StapletonNobody To Blame2015Producer
Chris StapletonNobody's Lonely Tonight2017Producer
Chris StapletonOutlaw State Of Mind2015Producer
Chris StapletonParachute2015Producer
Chris StapletonScarecrow In The Garden2017Producer
Chris StapletonSecond One To Know2017Producer
Chris StapletonSometimes I Cry2015Producer
Chris StapletonTennessee Whiskey2015Producer
Chris StapletonThe Devil Named Music2015Producer
Chris StapletonThem Stems2017Producer
Chris StapletonTraveller2015Producer
Chris StapletonTryin' To Untangle My Mind2017Producer
Chris StapletonUp To No Good Livin'2017Producer
Chris StapletonWas It 262015Producer
Chris StapletonWhen The Stars Come Out2015Producer
Chris StapletonWhiskey And You2015Producer
Chris StapletonWithout Your Love2017Producer
Colter WallBald Butte2017Producer
Colter WallCalgary Round-Up2018Producer
Colter WallCodeine Dream2017Producer
Colter WallFraulein2017Producer
Colter WallJohn Beyers (Camaro Song)2018Producer
Colter WallKate McCannon2017Producer
Colter WallManitoba Man2018Producer
Colter WallMe And Big Dave2017Producer
Colter WallMotorcycle2017Producer
Colter WallNight Herding Song2018Producer
Colter WallPlain To See Plainsman2018Producer
Colter WallSaskatchewan In 18812018Producer
Colter WallSnake Mountain Blues2017Producer
Colter WallThe Trains Are Gone2018Producer
Colter WallThinkin' On A Woman2018Producer
Colter WallThirteen Silver Dollars2017Producer
Colter WallTranscendent Ramblin' Railroad Blues2017Producer
Colter WallTying Knots In The Devil's Tail2018Producer
Colter WallW.B.'s Talkin2017Producer
Colter WallWild Bill Hickock2018Producer
Colter WallWild Dogs2018Producer
Colter WallYou Look To Yours2017Producer
Corb LundAlice Eyes2015Producer
Corb LundAlt Berliner Blues2015Producer
Corb LundGoodbye Colorado2015Producer
Corb LundRun This Town2015Producer
Corb LundS Lazy H2015Producer
Corb LundSadr City2015Producer
Corb LundSunbeam2015Producer
Corb LundTalk Too Much2015Producer
Corb LundWashed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues2015Producer
Corb LundWeight Of The Gun2015Producer
Dolly PartonThe Story2017Producer
Dylan LeBlancRenegade2019Producer
EuropeAngels (With Broken Hearts)2015Music/Lyrics
EuropeCalifornia 4052015Producer
EuropeChildren Of The Mind2015Music/Lyrics
EuropeDays Of Rock'n'Roll2015Producer
EuropeElection Day2017Music/Lyrics
EuropeHole In My Pocket2015Producer
EuropeKingdom United2017Music/Lyrics
EuropeLight It Up2015Producer
EuropeNothin' To Ya2015Producer
EuropePraise You2015Music/Lyrics
EuropeRainbow Bridge2015Producer
EuropeThe Second Day2015Producer
EuropeThe Siege2017Music/Lyrics
EuropeTurn To Dust2017Producer
EuropeWalk The Earth2017Music/Lyrics
EuropeWar Of Kings2015Music/Lyrics
EuropeWhenever You're Ready2017Music/Lyrics
Jason Isbell24 Frames2015Producer
Jason IsbellChildren Of Children2015Producer
Jason IsbellCover Me Up2013Producer
Jason IsbellDifferent Days2013Producer
Jason IsbellElephant2013Producer
Jason IsbellFlagship2015Producer
Jason IsbellFlying Over Water2013Producer
Jason IsbellHow To Forget2015Producer
Jason IsbellHudson Commodore2015Producer
Jason IsbellIf It Takes A Lifetime2015Producer
Jason IsbellLive Oak2013Producer
Jason IsbellNew South Wales2013Producer
Jason IsbellNow That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings2014Producer
Jason IsbellPalmetto Rose2015Producer
Jason IsbellRelatively Easy2013Producer
Jason IsbellSomething More Than Free2015Producer
Jason IsbellSongs That She Sang In The Shower2013Producer
Jason IsbellSpeed Trap Town2015Producer
Jason IsbellStockholm2013Producer
Jason IsbellSuper 82013Producer
Jason IsbellThe Life You Chose2015Producer
Jason IsbellTo A Band That I Loved2015Producer
Jason IsbellTraveling Alone2013Producer
Jason IsbellYvette2013Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitAnxiety2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitChaos And Clothes2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitCumberland Gap2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitHope The High Road2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitIf We Were Vampires2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitLast Of My Kind2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitMolotov2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitSomething To Love2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitTupelo2017Producer
Jason Isbell And The 400 UnitWhite Man's World2017Producer
Judah & The LionAll I Want Is You2016Producer
Judah & The LionBetter Man2016Producer
Judah & The LionFolk-Hop Sound2016Producer
Judah & The LionForever, Always2016Producer
Judah & The LionGraffiti Dreams2016Producer
Judah & The LionInsane2016Producer
Judah & The LionReputation2016Producer
Judah & The LionUh-Huh, Yeah!2016Producer
Judah & The LionWe Own The Night2016Producer
Kris KristoffersonTurpentine2017Producer
Lady GagaAlways Remember Us This Way2018Producer
Lake Street DiveCall Off Your Dogs2016Producer
Lake Street DiveCan't Stop2016Producer
Lake Street DiveClose To Me2016Producer
Lake Street DiveGodawful Things2016Producer
Lake Street DiveHell Yeah2016Producer
Lake Street DiveHow Good It Feels2016Producer
Lake Street DiveI Don't Care About You2016Producer
Lake Street DiveMistakes2016Producer
Lake Street DiveSaving All My Sinning2016Producer
Lake Street DiveSide Pony2016Producer
Lake Street DiveSo Long2016Producer
Lake Street DiveSpectacular Failure2016Producer
Lindi OrtegaI Ain't The Girl2015Producer
Lindi OrtegaRun Amuck2015Producer
Lindi OrtegaRun-down Neighborhood2015Producer
Margo PriceDownpour2017Producer
Nikki LaneBlue Star In The Sky2011Producer
Nikki LaneCome Away Joe2011Producer
Nikki LaneHard Livin'2011Producer
Nikki LaneI Can't Be Satisfied2011Producer
Nikki LaneSave You2011Producer
Nikki LaneWalk Of Shame2011Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowA World Away2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowChild Of The Mississippi2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowDixie Avenue2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowElzick's Farewell2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowFlicker & Shine2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowHomecoming Party2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowLook Away2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowOld Hickory2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowShout Mountain Music2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowThe Good Stuff2018Producer
Old Crow Medicine ShowWhirlwind2018Producer
Philip SayceA Mystic2012Producer
Philip SayceAberstwyth2012Producer
Philip SayceArianrhod2007Music/Lyrics
Philip SayceBeautiful2012Producer
Philip SayceBetter Days2014Producer
Philip SayceBlack Train2012Producer
Philip SayceBlues Ain't Nothin' But A Good Woman On Your Mind2014Producer
Philip SayceEasy On The Eyes2014Producer
Philip SayceEvil Woman2014Producer
Philip SayceFade Into You2014Producer
Philip SayceGreen Power2014Producer
Philip SayceHolding On2012Producer
Philip SayceI'm Going Home2014Producer
Philip SayceLight Em Up2014Producer
Philip SayceMarigold2012Producer
Philip SayceOut Of My Mind2014Producer
Philip SaycePeace In The Valley2014Producer
Philip SayceRhythm And Truth2012Producer
Philip SayceSailin' Shoes2014Producer
Philip SayceSteamroller2012Producer
Philip SayceStung By A Woman2012Producer
Philip SayceThe Bull2012Producer
Philip SayceTom Devil2014Producer
Philip SayceTriumph2014Producer
Rival SonsAll Directions2019Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsAll Over The Road2011Producer
Rival SonsAll That I Want2016Producer
Rival SonsAll The Way2012Producer
Rival SonsAngel2009Producer
Rival SonsBaby Boy2016Producer
Rival SonsBack In The Woods2019Producer
Rival SonsBelle Starr2014Producer
Rival SonsBlack Coffee2015Producer
Rival SonsBurn Down Los Angeles2011Producer
Rival SonsCompany Man2012Producer
Rival SonsDestination On Course2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsDo Your Worst2018Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsElectric Man2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsEnd Of Forever2019Producer
Rival SonsFace Of Light2011Producer
Rival SonsFade Out2016Producer
Rival SonsFeral Roots2018Producer
Rival SonsFlames Of Lanka2009Producer
Rival SonsGet Mine2011Producer
Rival SonsGood Luck2014Producer
Rival SonsGood Things2014Producer
Rival SonsGypsy Heart2011Producer
Rival SonsHollow Bones2016Producer
Rival SonsI Want More2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsImperial Joy2019Producer
Rival SonsJordan2012Producer
Rival SonsKeep On Swinging2012Producer
Rival SonsLook Away2019Producer
Rival SonsLucky Girl2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsManifest Destiny2012Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsManifest Destiny Part One [Live]2013Producer
Rival SonsMemphis Sun2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsMy Nature2015Producer
Rival SonsNanda-Nandana2009Producer
Rival SonsNava2012Producer
Rival SonsOn My Way2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsOnly One2011Producer
Rival SonsOpen My Eyes2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsPlay The Fool2014Producer
Rival SonsPleasant Return2009Producer
Rival SonsPocketful Of Stones2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsPressure And Time2011Producer
Rival SonsPretty Face2016Producer
Rival SonsRich And The Poor2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsRun From Revelation2012Producer
Rival SonsSave Me2011Producer
Rival SonsSecret2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsShooting Stars2019Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsStood By Me2019Producer
Rival SonsSugar On The Bone2019Producer
Rival SonsTell Me Something2009Producer
Rival SonsThe Heist2012Producer
Rival SonsThe Man Who Wasn't There2009Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsThree Fingers2012Producer
Rival SonsThundering Voices2016Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsTied Up2016Producer
Rival SonsToo Bad2019Producer
Rival SonsToo Much Love2015Producer
Rival SonsTorture2011Producer
Rival SonsTrue2012Producer
Rival SonsUntil The Sun Comes2012Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsWhere I've Been2014Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsWhite Noise2011Producer
Rival SonsWild Animal2012Producer
Rival SonsYou Want To2012Music/Lyrics
Rival SonsYoung Love2011Producer
Shooter JenningsBound Ta Git Down2018Producer
Shooter JenningsD.R.U.N.K.2018Producer
Shooter JenningsDenim & Diamonds2018Music/Lyrics
Shooter JenningsDo You Love Texas?2018Music/Lyrics
Shooter JenningsFast Horses & Good Hideouts2018Music/Lyrics
Shooter JenningsI'm Wild & My Woman Is Crazy2018Music/Lyrics
Shooter JenningsLiving In A Minor Key2018Producer
Shooter JenningsRhinestone Eyes2018Producer
Shooter JenningsShades & Hues2018Producer
Sturgill SimpsonA Little Light2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonHero2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonI'd Have To Be Crazy2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonIt Ain't All Flowers2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonJust Let Go2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonLife Ain't Fair And The World Is Mean2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonLife Of Sin2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonLiving The Dream2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonLong White Line2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonOld King Coal2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonPanbowl2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonPoor Rambler2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonRailroad Of Sin2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonSitting Here Without You2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonSome Days2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonThe Promise2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonThe Storm2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonTime After All2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonTurtles All The Way Down2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonVoices2014Producer
Sturgill SimpsonWater In A Well2013Producer
Sturgill SimpsonYou Can Have The Crown2013Producer
The Cadillac ThreeTennessee Mojo2013Producer
The Cadillac ThreeWhiskey Soaked Redemption2013Producer
The HighwomenCocktail And A Song2019Producer
The HighwomenCrowded Table2019Producer
The HighwomenDon't Call Me2019Producer
The HighwomenHeaven Is A Honky Tonk2019Producer
The HighwomenHighwomen2019Producer
The HighwomenIf She Ever Leaves Me2019Producer
The HighwomenLoose Change2019Producer
The HighwomenMy Name Can't Be Mama2019Producer
The HighwomenMy Only Child2019Producer
The HighwomenOld Soul2019Producer
The HighwomenRedesigning Women2019Producer
The HighwomenWheels Of Laredo2019Producer
The Lone BellowBetween The Lines2017Producer
The Lone BellowCan't Be Happy For Long2017Producer
The Lone BellowCome Break My Heart Again2017Producer
The Lone BellowDeeper In The Water2017Producer
The Lone BellowFeather2017Producer
The Lone BellowIs It Ever Gonna Be Easy2017Producer
The Lone BellowLong Way To Go2017Producer
The Lone BellowMay You Be Well2017Producer
The Lone BellowTime's Always Leaving2017Producer
The Lone BellowWalk Into A Storm2017Producer
The Marcus King Band8 A.M.2018Producer
The Marcus King BandAutumn Rains2018Producer
The Marcus King BandConfessions2018Producer
The Marcus King BandGoodbye Carolina2018Producer
The Marcus King BandHomesick2018Producer
The Marcus King BandHow Long2018Producer
The Marcus King BandRemember2018Producer
The Marcus King BandSide Door2018Producer
The Marcus King BandWelcome 'Round Here2018Producer
The Marcus King BandWhere I'm Headed2018Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysBeautiful Bluebird2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysBoom Boom2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysGod's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysHold Me Closely2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysHold You In My Arms2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysLive With Jesus2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysMama's Table2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysSeven Nation Army2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysThe Boys Are Back2009Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysYou Ain't Gonna Blow My House Down2009Producer
The RevivalistsCelebration2018Producer
The RevivalistsChange2018Producer
The RevivalistsFuture2018Producer
The RevivalistsGot Love2018Producer
The RevivalistsHate To Love You2018Producer
The RevivalistsOh No2018Producer
The RevivalistsShoot You Down2018Producer
The RevivalistsWhen I'm With You2018Producer
The Secret SistersAll About You2010Producer
The Secret SistersDo You Love An Apple2010Producer
The Secret SistersHouse Of Gold2010Producer
The Secret SistersI've Got A Feeling2010Producer
The Secret SistersMy Heart Skips A Beat2010Producer
The Secret SistersSomething Stupid2010Producer
The Secret SistersTennessee Me2010Producer
The Secret SistersThe One I Love Is Gone2010Producer
The Secret SistersWaste The Day2010Producer
The Secret SistersWhy Baby2010Producer
The Secret SistersWhy Don't You Love Me2010Producer
The Sore LosersAll I Am2016Producer
The Sore LosersBlood Moon Shining2016Producer
The Sore LosersCan't You See Me Running2016Producer
The Sore LosersCherry Cherry2016Producer
The Sore LosersDirty Little Pretty Thing2016Producer
The Sore LosersDon't Want It Here2016Producer
The Sore LosersEmily2016Producer
The Sore LosersGot It Bad2016Producer
The Sore LosersNightcrawler2016Producer
The Sore LosersWhite Whale2016Producer
Whiskey MyersColloquy2016Producer
Whiskey MyersDogwood2016Producer
Whiskey MyersEarly Morning Shakes2016Producer
Whiskey MyersHard Row To Hoe2016Producer
Whiskey MyersHeadstone2016Producer
Whiskey MyersHome2016Producer
Whiskey MyersLightning2016Producer
Whiskey MyersNeed A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior2016Producer
Whiskey MyersReckoning2016Producer
Whiskey MyersShelter From The Rain2016Producer
Whiskey MyersWhere The Sun Don't Shine2016Producer
Whiskey MyersWild Baby Shake Me2016Producer
Zac Brown BandMy Old Man2017Producer

Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga)2018-10-191052
Party Of One (Brandi Carlile)75.29
The Joke (Brandi Carlile)55.2
Back In The Woods (Rival Sons)55.2
Feral Roots (Rival Sons)55.2
Open My Eyes (Rival Sons)64.83
Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga)594.83
Time's Always Leaving (The Lone Bellow)54.8
Parachute (Chris Stapleton)104.6
If We Were Vampires (Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit)54.6
Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton)164.56
Hands On You (Ashley Monroe)54.4
Redesigning Women (The Highwomen)64.17
All On My Mind (Anderson East)54
Keep On Swinging (Rival Sons)73.14
Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga)594.83
Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton)164.56
Parachute (Chris Stapleton)104.6
Party Of One (Brandi Carlile)75.29
Keep On Swinging (Rival Sons)73.14
Open My Eyes (Rival Sons)64.83
Redesigning Women (The Highwomen)64.17
The Joke (Brandi Carlile)55.2
Back In The Woods (Rival Sons)55.2
Feral Roots (Rival Sons)55.2
Time's Always Leaving (The Lone Bellow)54.8
If We Were Vampires (Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit)54.6
Hands On You (Ashley Monroe)54.4
All On My Mind (Anderson East)54

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