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Arcade FireBrazil2005Producer
Arcade FireCold Wind2005Producer
BadfingerAndy Norris1974Producer
BadfingerApple Of My Eye1973Producer
BadfingerBlind Owl1973Producer
BadfingerGet Away1973Producer
BadfingerGive It Up1974Producer
BadfingerGotta Get Out Of Here1974Producer
BadfingerI Miss You1974Producer
BadfingerIn The Meantime / Some Other Time1974Producer
BadfingerJust A Chance1974Producer
BadfingerKing Of The Load1974Producer
BadfingerKnow One Knows1974Producer
BadfingerLonely You1974Producer
BadfingerLove Is Easy1973Producer
BadfingerLove Time1974Producer
BadfingerMattered Spam1974Producer
BadfingerMeanwhile Back At The Ranch / Should I Smoke1974Producer
BadfingerMy Heart Goes On1973Producer
BadfingerShine On1974Producer
BadfingerSong For A Lost Friend1974Producer
BadfingerThe Winner1973Producer
BadfingerWhen I Say1973Producer
BadfingerWhere Do We Go From Here?1974Producer
BadfingerWhy Don't We Talk?1974Producer
BadfingerYou're So Fine1974Producer
Big CountryBalcony1982Producer
Big CountryFlag Of Nations (Swimming)1982Producer
Big CountryHarvest Home1982Producer
Bread And Beer BandBreakdown Blues1969Producer
Bread And Beer BandDick Barton Theme (Devil's Gallop)1969Producer
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, StingAll For Love1993Producer
Bryan Ferry2 H.B.1973Producer
Bryan FerryCasanova1976Producer
Bryan FerryChance Meeting1974Producer
Bryan FerryHeart On My Sleeve1976Producer
Bryan FerryIt's Only Love1976Producer
Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together1976Producer
Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together (Westside '88 Remix)1988Producer
Bryan FerryRe-Make / Re-Model1975Producer
Bryan FerryRock Of Ages1977Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerrySea Breezes1976Producer
Bryan FerryShame, Shame, Shame1976Producer
Bryan FerryThe Price Of Love1976Producer
Bryan FerryYou Go To My Head1975Producer
Chris SpeddingAin't Superstitious1977Producer
Chris SpeddingGet Outa My Pagoda1977Producer
Chris SpeddingHey Miss Betty1977Producer
Chris SpeddingHurt By Love1977Producer
Chris SpeddingLone Rider1977Producer
Chris SpeddingRoad Runner1977Producer
Chris SpeddingSilver Bullet1977Producer
Chris SpeddingStay Dumb1977Producer
Chris SpeddingWild In The Street1977Producer
Chris SpeddingWild Wild Women1977Producer
Chris SpeddingWoman Trouble1977Producer
Chris Thomas21CB1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasAll Nite Long1990Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasBlues From Da 'Hood1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasDa Gambler1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasHelp Us Somebody1990Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasHomesick Blues1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasKickin' True Blue1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasKill Somebody Tonight1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasKkkrossroads1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasMy Pain, Your Pleasure1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasStop1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasTime Bomb1994Music/Lyrics
Chris ThomasUp From Da Underground1994Music/Lyrics
Climax Blues BandA Stranger In Your Town1969Producer
Climax Blues BandAlright Blue1970Producer
Climax Blues BandAnd Lonely1969Producer
Climax Blues BandBide My Time1972Producer
Climax Blues BandBriefcase1970Producer
Climax Blues BandCome On In My Kitchen1972Producer
Climax Blues BandCountry Hat1970Producer
Climax Blues BandCut You Lose1970Producer
Climax Blues BandDon't Start Me Talking1968Producer
Climax Blues BandEveryday1970Producer
Climax Blues BandGoing Down This Road1969Producer
Climax Blues BandHey Mama1972Producer
Climax Blues BandHow Many More Years1969Producer
Climax Blues BandInsurance1969Producer
Climax Blues BandLike Uncle Charlie1970Producer
Climax Blues BandLittle Link1972Producer
Climax Blues BandLong Lovin' Man1970Producer
Climax Blues BandLooking For My Baby1969Producer
Climax Blues BandLouisiana Blues1970Producer
Climax Blues BandMean Old World1969Producer
Climax Blues BandMorning Noon And Night1970Producer
Climax Blues BandPlease Don't Help Me1970Producer
Climax Blues BandReap What I've Sowed1970Producer
Climax Blues BandSeventh Son1970Producer
Climax Blues BandShoot Her If She Runs1971Producer
Climax Blues BandSt. Michael's Blues1972Producer
Climax Blues BandThat's All1971Producer
Climax Blues BandThe Entertainer1969Producer
Climax Blues BandTowards The Sun1972Producer
Climax Blues BandTwenty Past One1969Producer
Climax Blues BandWee Baby Blues1968Producer
Climax Blues BandWho Killed McSwiggin1972Producer
Climax Blues BandYou've Been Drinking1969Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysCry Baby1991Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysHey Johnny1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysKings Of The Hypocrites1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysLove Shines1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysMr. Reed1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysOn Fire1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysParty Town1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysSoul Years1990Producer
Dave Stewart and The Spiritual CowboysSuicidal Sid1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysThis Little Town1990Producer
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysVictims To Fame1990Producer
David GilmourA Pocket Full Of Stones2006Producer
David GilmourCastellorizon2006Producer
David GilmourOn An Island2006Producer
David GilmourRed Sky At Night2006Producer
David GilmourSmile2006Producer
David GilmourTake A Breath2006Producer
David GilmourThe Blue2006Producer
David GilmourThen I Close My Eyes2006Producer
David GilmourThis Heaven2006Producer
David GilmourWhere We Start2006Producer
David GrayDestroyer2007Producer
David GrayYou're The World To Me2007Producer
Dick ScottImmer wieder komme ich zu dir zurück1966Music/Lyrics
Elton JohnA Simple Man1984Producer
Elton JohnA Word In Spanish1988Producer
Elton JohnAll Quiet On The Western Front1982Producer
Elton JohnAmazes Me1989Producer
Elton JohnBall & Chain1982Producer
Elton JohnBig Man In A Little Suit1997Producer
Elton JohnBlue Avenue1989Producer
Elton JohnBlue Eyes1982Producer
Elton JohnBreaking Down Barriers1981Producer
Elton JohnBreaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)1984Producer
Elton JohnBurning Buildings1984Producer
Elton JohnCan You Feel The Love Tonight1994Producer
Elton JohnChloe1981Producer
Elton JohnCircle Of Life1994Producer
Elton JohnClub At The End Of The Street1989Producer
Elton JohnCold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)1983Producer
Elton JohnCrystal1983Producer
Elton JohnDancing In The End Zone1989Producer
Elton JohnDear John1982Producer
Elton JohnDid He Shoot Her?1984Producer
Elton JohnDurban Deep1989Producer
Elton JohnEmily1992Producer
Elton JohnEmpty Garden1982Producer
Elton JohnFascist Faces1981Producer
Elton JohnFat Boys And Ugly Girls1992Producer
Elton JohnGive Peace A Chance1988Producer
Elton JohnGoodbye Marlon Brando1988Producer
Elton JohnHealing Hands1989Producer
Elton JohnHeartache All Over The World1986Producer
Elton JohnHeavy Traffic1988Producer
Elton JohnHeels Of The Wind1981Producer
Elton JohnI Am Your Robot1982Producer
Elton JohnI Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You1997Producer
Elton JohnI Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That1988Producer
Elton JohnI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues1983Producer
Elton JohnI Just Can't Wait To Be King1994Producer
Elton JohnI Know Why I'm In Love1997Producer
Elton JohnI Never Knew Her Name1989Producer
Elton JohnIf The River Can Bend1997Producer
Elton JohnI'm Still Standing1983Producer
Elton JohnIn Neon1984Producer
Elton JohnJanuary1997Producer
Elton JohnJapanese Hands1988Producer
Elton JohnJust Like Belgium1981Producer
Elton JohnKiss The Bride1983Producer
Elton JohnLegal Boys1982Producer
Elton JohnLi'l 'Frigerator1984Producer
Elton JohnLive Like Horses1996Producer
Elton JohnLong Way From Happiness1997Producer
Elton JohnLove Is A Cannibal1989Producer
Elton JohnLove's Got A Lot To Answer For1997Producer
Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two)1988Producer
Elton JohnMy Baby's A Saint1988Producer
Elton JohnNobody Wins1981Producer
Elton JohnOn Dark Street1992Producer
Elton JohnOne More Arrow1983Producer
Elton JohnPassengers1984Producer
Elton JohnPoor Cow1988Producer
Elton JohnPrincess1982Producer
Elton JohnRecover Your Soul1997Producer
Elton JohnReligion1983Producer
Elton JohnRestless1984Producer
Elton JohnRope Around A Fool1988Producer
Elton JohnSacrifice1989Producer
Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)1984Producer
Elton JohnSaint1983Producer
Elton JohnSimple Life1992Producer
Elton JohnSince God Invented Girls1988Producer
Elton JohnSleeping With The Past1989Producer
Elton JohnSlow Down Georgie (She's Poison)1984Producer
Elton JohnSomething About The Way You Look Tonight1997Producer
Elton JohnSpiteful Child1982Producer
Elton JohnStones Throw From Hurtin'1989Producer
Elton JohnSuit Of Wolves1992Producer
Elton JohnSweat It Out1992Producer
Elton JohnThe Big Picture1997Producer
Elton JohnThe Camera Never Lies1988Producer
Elton JohnThe End Will Come1997Producer
Elton JohnThe Fox1981Producer
Elton JohnThe Last Song1992Producer
Elton JohnThe North1992Producer
Elton JohnThe One1992Producer
Elton JohnToo Low For Zero1983Producer
Elton JohnTown Of Plenty1988Producer
Elton JohnUnderstanding Women1992Producer
Elton JohnWhen A Woman Doesn't Want You1992Producer
Elton JohnWhere Have All The Good Times Gone?1982Producer
Elton JohnWhipping Boy1983Producer
Elton JohnWhispers1989Producer
Elton JohnWhitewash County1992Producer
Elton JohnWho Wears These Shoes?1984Producer
Elton JohnWicked Dreams1997Producer
Elton JohnYou Can Make History (Young Again)1997Producer
Elton John & Cliff RichardSlow Rivers1986Producer
Elton John & Eric ClaptonRunaway Train1992Producer
Elton John & Luciano PavarottiLive Like Horses1996Producer
Frankie Miller(I'll Never) Live In Vain1977Producer
Frankie MillerBe Good To Yourself1977Producer
Frankie MillerDown The Honky Tonk1977Producer
Frankie MillerJealous Guy1977Producer
Frankie MillerLet The Candlelight Shine1977Producer
Frankie MillerLive In Vain1977Producer
Frankie MillerLove Letters1977Producer
Frankie MillerSearching1977Producer
Frankie MillerTake Good Care Of Yourself1977Producer
Frankie MillerThe Doodle Song1977Producer
Frankie MillerThis Love Of Mine1977Producer
Fuckin' ForeverAn Appreciation For Three German SerialKkillers (Honka, Bartsch & Kroll)1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverAt The Employment Office1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverBoredom Without End1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverCigarettes, Beer And Fucking Is All I Need1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverCome Over Here1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverCommunists And Fascists1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverCopulating With My New Girlfriend1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverDrowning1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverGirl, Pull Your Pants Down And Show Me Your Moist Cunt1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverHer Big Tits Are My Tidbits1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverHose Down1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverI Go Back Home1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverI Impregnated My Girlfriend Earlier1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverI Only Fuck Extremely Overweight Women1980Music/Lyrics
Fuckin' ForeverI'm Drunk Again1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverKiss My Ass1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverLet Me All Alone1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverMasturbation Free1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverNo Future For Boring Old Farts1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverNo Idea1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverNo Small Fuck In Honor No One Can Deny M1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverObese And Lovestarved Women In Search Of A Potent Man1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverPlug It In1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverPregnant Girlfriend1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverProve It1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverStreetfight1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverThe International Championships In Freestyle Masturbation1980Producer
Fuckin' ForeverThe Prowler1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverThe Rockin' Pope And The Dead Ayatollah1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverThere Is Hope For Me When The Future Starts1978Producer
Fuckin' ForeverThere Was Nothing Going On Saturday Night1979Producer
Fuckin' ForeverTop Of The Bill1979Producer
INXSBiting Bullets1985Producer
INXSBitter Tears1990Producer
INXSBy My Side1990Music/Lyrics
INXSCalling All Nations1987Producer
INXSDark Of Night Producer
INXSDeepest Red1990Producer
INXSDeliver Me1994Producer
INXSDevil Inside1987Producer
INXSDo Wot You Do1986Producer
INXSEverybody Wants U Tonight1990Producer
INXSFaith In Each Other1990Producer
INXSGood+Bad Times1985Producer
INXSGuns In The Sky1987Producer
INXSHear That Sound1990Producer
INXSI'm Coming (Home)1987Producer
INXSJesus Was A Man1988Producer
INXSKiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)1985Producer
INXSKnow The Difference1990Producer
INXSListen Like Thieves1985Producer
INXSMove On1989Producer
INXSNeed You Tonight1987Producer
INXSNever Tear Us Apart1987Producer
INXSNever Tear Us Apart [Soul Version]2012Producer
INXSNew Sensation1987Producer
INXSOn My Way1990Producer
INXSOne X One1985Producer
INXSRed Red Sun1985Producer
INXSSalvation Jane1990Producer
INXSSame Direction1985Producer
INXSShine Like It Does1985Producer
INXSSuicide Blonde1990Producer
INXSThe Loved One1981Producer
INXSThe Stairs1990Producer
INXSThe Strangest Party (These Are The Times)1994Producer
INXSThe Trap1988Producer
INXSThis Time1985Producer
INXSThree Sisters1985Producer
INXSTiny Daggers1987Producer
INXSWaiting To Be Free1990Producer
INXSWhat You Need1985Producer
INXSWho Pays The Price1990Producer
INXSWild Life1987Producer
Joe Louis WalkerLover's Holiday2008Music/Lyrics
John CaleAndalucia1973Producer
John CaleAntarctica Starts Here1973Producer
John CaleChild's Christmas In Wales1973Producer
John CaleGraham Greene1973Producer
John CaleHalf Past France1973Producer
John CaleHanky Panky Nohow1973Producer
John CaleMacbeth1973Producer
John CaleParis 19191973Producer
John CaleThe Endless Plain Of Fortune1973Producer
Kilburn And The High-Roads feat. Ian DuryBilly Bentley1974Producer
Kilburn And The High-Roads feat. Ian DuryHuffety Puff1974Producer
Kilburn And The High-Roads feat. Ian DuryRough Kids1974Producer
Kilburn And The High-Roads feat. Ian DuryYou're More Than Fair1974Producer
KokomoFeeling This Way1975Producer
KokomoI Can Understand It1975Producer
KokomoI'm Sorry Babe1975Producer
KokomoIt Ain't Cool (To Be Cool No More)1975Producer
KokomoKitty Sttin' Pretty1975Producer
KokomoOne Heart1975Producer
KokomoSweet Sugar Thing1975Producer
Krazy KatAlcatraz1976Producer
Krazy KatChile Wind1976Producer
Krazy KatChina Seas1976Producer
Krazy KatDundee Calling1976Producer
Krazy KatHow They Crossed The Pole1976Producer
Krazy KatIvor's Dive1976Producer
Krazy KatNo Smoke Without Fire1976Producer
Krazy KatSanta Fe1976Producer
Krazy KatThirty Love1976Producer
Marcella DetroitArt Of Melancholy1994Producer
Marcella DetroitBreak The Chain1994Producer
Marcella DetroitCool People1994Producer
Marcella DetroitDetroit1994Producer
Marcella DetroitI Believe1994Producer
Marcella DetroitI Want To Take You Higher1994Producer
Marcella DetroitI'm No Angel1994Producer
Marcella DetroitJames Brown1994Producer
Marcella DetroitJewel1994Producer
Marcella DetroitOut Of My Mind1994Producer
Marcella DetroitPerfect World1994Producer
Marcella DetroitPrima Donna1994Producer
Marcella DetroitYou Don't Tell Me Everything1994Producer
Marcella Detroit & Elton JohnAin't Nothing Like The Real Thing1993Producer
Nirvana [UK]Darling Darlene1969Producer
Nirvana [UK]Oh! What A Performance1969Producer
Paul McCartneyAll Shook Up1999Producer
Paul McCartneyBlue Jean Bop1999Producer
Paul McCartneyBrown Eyed Handsome Man1999Producer
Paul McCartneyCoquette1999Producer
Paul McCartneyHoney Hush1999Producer
Paul McCartneyI Got Stung1999Producer
Paul McCartneyLonesome Town1999Producer
Paul McCartneyMovie Magg1999Producer
Paul McCartneyNo Other Baby1999Producer
Paul McCartneyParty1999Producer
Paul McCartneyRun Devil Run1999Producer
Paul McCartneyShake A Hand1999Producer
Paul McCartneyShe Said Yeah1999Producer
Paul McCartneyTry Not To Cry1999Producer
Paul McCartneyWhat It Is1999Producer
Paul McCartney & WingsMama's Little Girl1973Producer
Paul McCartney & WingsSame Time Next Year1990Producer
Pete TownshendA Little Is Enough1980Producer
Pete TownshendAnd I Moved1980Producer
Pete TownshendBrilliant Blues1985Producer
Pete TownshendCat's In The Cupboard1980Producer
Pete TownshendClassified1980Producer
Pete TownshendCome To Mama1985Producer
Pete TownshendCommunication1982Producer
Pete TownshendCrashing By Design1985Producer
Pete TownshendEmpty Glass1980Producer
Pete TownshendExquisitely Bored1982Producer
Pete TownshendFace Dances Part Two1982Producer
Pete TownshendFace The Face1985Producer
Pete TownshendGive Blood1985Producer
Pete TownshendGonna Get Ya1980Producer
Pete TownshendGreyhound Girl1980Producer
Pete TownshendHiding Out1985Producer
Pete TownshendHiding Out [Remix]1986Producer
Pete TownshendI Am An Animal1980Producer
Pete TownshendI Am Secure1985Producer
Pete TownshendJools And Jim1980Producer
Pete TownshendKeep On Working1980Producer
Pete TownshendLet My Love Open The Door1980Producer
Pete TownshendMan Watching1982Producer
Pete TownshendNorth Country Girl1982Producer
Pete TownshendPrelude1982Producer
Pete TownshendRough Boys1980Producer
Pete TownshendSecondhand Love1985Producer
Pete TownshendSlit Skirts1982Producer
Pete TownshendSomebody Saved Me1982Producer
Pete TownshendStardom In Action1982Producer
Pete TownshendStop Hurting People1982Producer
Pete TownshendThe Sea Refuses No River1982Producer
Pete TownshendUniforms1982Producer
Pete TownshendWhite City Fighting1985Producer
PretendersI'm A Mother1994Producer
PretendersKid [Remix]1987Producer
Procol HarumA Rum Tale1973Producer
Procol HarumA Souvenir Of London1973Producer
Procol HarumAbout To Die1970Producer
Procol HarumAs Strong As Samson1974Producer
Procol HarumBarnyard Stories1970Producer
Procol HarumBringing Home The Bacon1973Producer
Procol HarumBroken Barricades1971Producer
Procol HarumConquistador1967Producer
Procol HarumDrunk Again1974Producer
Procol HarumFires (Which Burnt Brightly)1973Producer
Procol HarumFor Liquorice John1973Producer
Procol HarumGrand Hotel1973Producer
Procol HarumLuskus Delph1971Producer
Procol HarumMemorial Drive1971Producer
Procol HarumNothing But The Truth1974Producer
Procol HarumNothing That I Didn't Know1970Producer
Procol HarumPiggy Pig Pig1970Producer
Procol HarumPlaymate Of The Mouth1971Producer
Procol HarumPoor Mohammed1971Producer
Procol HarumPower Failure1971Producer
Procol HarumRobert's Box1973Producer
Procol HarumSimple Sister1971Producer
Procol HarumSixpence1998Producer
Procol HarumSong For A Dreamer1971Producer
Procol HarumStill There'll Be More1970Producer
Procol HarumT.V. Ceasar1973Producer
Procol HarumThe Dead Man's Dream1970Producer
Procol HarumToujours L'amour1973Producer
Procol HarumWhaling Stories1970Producer
Procol HarumWhiskey Train1970Producer
Procol HarumYour Own Choice1970Producer
Procol Harum With The Edmonton Symphony OrchestraA Salty Dog (Live)1972Producer
Procol Harum With The Edmonton Symphony OrchestraConquistador1972Producer
PulpA Little Soul1998Producer
PulpBar Italia1995Producer
PulpCommon People1995Producer
PulpDisco 20001995Producer
PulpGlory Days1998Producer
PulpHelp The Aged1997Producer
PulpI Spy1995Producer
PulpI'm A Man1998Producer
PulpLive Bed Show1995Producer
PulpMonday Morning1995Producer
PulpParty Hard1998Producer
PulpPencil Skirt1995Producer
PulpSeductive Barry1998Producer
PulpSomething Changed1995Producer
PulpSorted For E's & Wizz1995Producer
PulpThe Day After the Revolution1998Producer
PulpThe Fear1998Producer
PulpThis Is Hardcore1998Producer
PulpTV Movie1998Producer
RazorlightBack To The Start2006Producer
RazorlightBefore I Fall To Pieces2006Producer
RazorlightBlack Jeans2006Producer
RazorlightGet It And Go2019Producer
RazorlightHold On2006Producer
RazorlightI Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got2006Producer
RazorlightIn The Morning2006Producer
RazorlightKirby's House2006Producer
RazorlightLos Angeles Waltz2006Producer
RazorlightPop Song 20062006Producer
RazorlightWho Needs Love?2006Producer
Robbie BalmerBy My Side2014Music/Lyrics
Rogue Traders vs. INXSOne Of My Kind2003Producer
Roxy MusicA Song For Europe1973Producer
Roxy MusicAmazona1973Producer
Roxy MusicBeauty Queen1973Producer
Roxy MusicBoth Ends Burning1975Producer
Roxy MusicCould It Happen To Me?1975Producer
Roxy MusicDo The Strand1973Producer
Roxy MusicEditions Of You1973Producer
Roxy MusicEnd Of The Line1975Producer
Roxy MusicIn Every Dream Home A Heartache1973Producer
Roxy MusicJust Another High1975Producer
Roxy MusicJust Like You1973Producer
Roxy MusicLove Is The Drug1975Producer
Roxy MusicMother Of Pearl1973Producer
Roxy MusicNightingale1975Producer
Roxy MusicPsalm1973Producer
Roxy MusicPyjamarama1973Producer
Roxy MusicSentimental Fool1975Producer
Roxy MusicSerenade1973Producer
Roxy MusicShe Sells1975Producer
Roxy MusicStreet Life1973Producer
Roxy MusicStrictly Confidential1973Producer
Roxy MusicSultanesque1975Producer
Roxy MusicSunset1973Producer
Roxy MusicThe Pride And The Pain1972Producer
Roxy MusicWhirlwind1975Producer
Sex PistolsBodies1977Producer
Sex PistolsDid You No Wrong1977Producer
Sex PistolsEMI1977Producer
Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen1977Producer
Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen (Symphony)1977Producer
Sex PistolsHolidays In The Sun1977Producer
Sex PistolsLiar1977Producer
Sex PistolsNew York1977Producer
Sex PistolsNo Feelings1977Producer
Sex PistolsNo Fun1977Producer
Sex PistolsPretty Vacant1977Producer
Sex PistolsProblems1977Producer
Sex PistolsSatellite1976Producer
Sex PistolsSeventeen1977Producer
Sex PistolsSubmission1976Producer
Shakespears SisterGoodbye Cruel World1992Producer
Shakespears SisterStay1991Producer
SolangeDancing In The Dark2008Music/Lyrics
Street AngelsWho's Fooling Who1983Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesStep Inside Love / Los Paranoias1996Producer
The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)1967Producer
The Human LeagueBetrayed1984Producer
The Human LeagueDon't You Know I Want You1984Producer
The Human LeagueI Love You Too Much1983Producer
The Human LeagueI'm Coming Back1984Producer
The Human LeagueLife On Your Own1984Producer
The Human LeagueLouise1984Producer
The Human LeagueRock Me Again + Again + Again + Again1984Producer
The Human LeagueSo Hurt1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe Lebanon1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe Sign1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe World Tonight1984Producer
The Human LeagueThirteen1983Producer
The Pretenders2000 Miles1983Producer
The PretendersBack On The Chain Gang1982Producer
The PretendersBad Boys Get Spanked1981Producer
The PretendersBirds Of Paradise1981Producer
The PretendersBrass In Pocket1979Producer
The PretendersCuban Slide1980Producer
The PretendersDay After Day1981Producer
The PretendersFast Or Slow The Law's The Law1983Producer
The PretendersI Go To Sleep1981Producer
The PretendersI Hurt You1984Producer
The PretendersIn The Sticks1981Producer
The PretendersJealous Dogs1981Producer
The PretendersKid1979Producer
The PretendersLouie Louie1981Producer
The PretendersLovers Of Today1980Producer
The PretendersMessage Of Love1981Producer
The PretendersMiddle Of The Road1983Producer
The PretendersMy City Was Gone1982Producer
The PretendersMystery Achievement1980Producer
The PretendersNervous But Shy1979Producer
The PretendersPack It Up1981Producer
The PretendersPorcelain1981Producer
The PretendersPrecious1980Producer
The PretendersPrivate Life1980Producer
The PretendersShow Me1984Producer
The PretendersSpace Invader1980Producer
The PretendersSwinging London1979Producer
The PretendersTalk Of The Town1980Producer
The PretendersTattooed Love Boys1980Producer
The PretendersThe Adultress1981Producer
The PretendersThe English Roses1981Producer
The PretendersThe Phone Call1980Producer
The PretendersThe Wait1978Producer
The PretendersThin Line Between Love And Hate1984Producer
The PretendersThumbelina1984Producer
The PretendersTime The Avenger1984Producer
The PretendersUp The Neck1980Producer
The PretendersWaste Not Want Not1981Producer
The PretendersWatching The Clothes1983Producer
The StrypesAngel Eyes2013Producer
The StrypesBeautiful Delilah2013Producer
The StrypesBlue Collar Jane2013Producer
The StrypesHeart Of The City2013Producer
The StrypesHometown Girls2013Producer
The StrypesI Can Tell2013Producer
The StrypesI'm A Hog For You Baby2013Producer
The StrypesMystery Man2013Producer
The StrypesPerfect Storm2013Producer
The StrypesRollin' & Tumblin'2013Producer
The StrypesShe's So Fine2013Producer
The StrypesWhat A Shame2013Producer
The StrypesWhat The People Don't See2013Producer
Tom Robinson BandAin't Gonna Take It1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandBetter Decide Which Side You're On1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandDon't Take No For An Answer1977Producer
Tom Robinson BandGlad To Be Gay1977Producer
Tom Robinson BandGrey Cortina1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandI'm All Right Jack1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandLong Hot Summer1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandMan You Never Saw1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandMartin1977Producer
Tom Robinson BandPower In The Darkness1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandRight On Sister1977Producer
Tom Robinson BandThe Winter Of '791978Producer
Tom Robinson BandToo Good To Be True1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandUp Against The Wall1978Producer
Tom Robinson BandYou Gotta Survive1978Producer
U2One Step Closer2004Producer
U2Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own2004Producer
WingsAfter The Ball/Million Miles1979Producer
WingsAgain And Again And Again1979Producer
WingsArrow Through Me1979Producer
WingsBaby's Request1979Producer
WingsDaytime Nightime Suffering1979Producer
WingsGetting Closer1979Producer
WingsOld Siam, Sir1979Producer
WingsRockestra Theme1979Producer
WingsSo Glad To See You Here1979Producer
WingsSpin It On1979Producer
WingsThe Broadcast1979Producer
WingsTo You1979Producer
WingsWe're Open Tonight1979Producer
WingsWinter Rose/Love Awake1979Producer

Let's Stick Together (Bryan Ferry)1976-09-21155
God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols)1977-07-15211
Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols)1977-07-29107
Holidays In The Sun (Sex Pistols)1977-11-04133
Up Against The Wall (Tom Robinson Band)1978-06-02163
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders)1980-03-07111
Face The Face (Pete Townshend)1986-01-2284
Suicide Blonde (INXS)1990-10-10161
Disappear (INXS)1991-02-13201
Stay (Shakespears Sister)1992-03-1819
The One (Elton John)1992-06-10294
All For Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting)1993-12-22123
I Believe (Marcella Detroit)1994-04-01189
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)1994-08-05233
Circle Of Life (Elton John)1994-11-18317
Common People (Pulp)1995-06-30416
Mis-Shapes (Pulp)1995-10-13253
Disco 2000 (Pulp)1996-01-12418
Help The Aged (Pulp)1997-11-21561
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (U2)2005-02-24245
Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) (Procol Harum)75.43
Barnyard Stories (Procol Harum)75.29
A Rum Tale (Procol Harum)65.17
Nothing But The Truth (Procol Harum)135.08
Sacrifice (Elton John)1845.08
I Spy (Pulp)145.07
By My Side (INXS)1015.07
I'm Still Standing (Elton John)2345.06
On An Island (David Gilmour)195.05
A Song For Europe (Roxy Music)185
Nothing That I Didn't Know (Procol Harum)115
Winter Rose/Love Awake (Wings)85
Bringing Home The Bacon (Procol Harum)75
Paris 1919 (John Cale)75
Cold Wind (Arcade Fire)65
Dennis (Badfinger)55
Macbeth (John Cale)55
Stay (Shakespears Sister)1804.97
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)2384.96
The Last Song (Elton John)454.96
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)2384.96
I'm Still Standing (Elton John)2345.06
All For Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting)2184.23
Circle Of Life (Elton John)2044.95
Sacrifice (Elton John)1845.08
Stay (Shakespears Sister)1804.97
Need You Tonight (INXS)1714.95
Blue Eyes (Elton John)1634.54
Sad Songs (Say So Much) (Elton John)1554.63
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John)1534.8
Suicide Blonde (INXS)1324.67
Never Tear Us Apart (INXS)1234.8
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Elton John)1184.86
Disco 2000 (Pulp)1174.91
The One (Elton John)1124.82
Mystify (INXS)1084.56
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (U2)1044.31
Let's Stick Together (Bryan Ferry)1034.88
By My Side (INXS)1015.07
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders)1004.7

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