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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Carol King
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadThe Porpoise Song2004Music/Lyrics
A Fair SetHoney And Wine1965Music/Lyrics
Adam FaithTake Good Care Of My Baby1963Music/Lyrics
a-haCrying In The Rain1990Music/Lyrics
Al HirtHalfway To Paradise1968Music/Lyrics
Alan & JohnTake Good Care Of My Baby1976Music/Lyrics
Alan PriceNot Born To Follow1970Music/Lyrics
Alan Price SetOn This Side Of Goodbye1967Music/Lyrics
Alan Price SetYours Until Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
Albert WestCryin' In The Rain1988Music/Lyrics
Amanda Brecker(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerIt's Too Late2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerSo Far Away2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerWill You Love Me Tomorrow2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerYou've Got A Friend2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallJust Love Me1999Music/Lyrics
Amanda MarshallRight Here All Along1999Music/Lyrics
Amy WinehouseWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow?2004Music/Lyrics
Andy Gibb & Pat ArnoldWill You Love Me Tomorrow1979Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsHelp Me1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Angel [BE]Ik was zo graag bij jou gebleven2016Music/Lyrics
Anita HarrisUp On The Roof1969Music/Lyrics
Anna BookNatural Woman2006Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayBeautiful1972Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayChild Of Mine1970Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayTime Don't Run Out On Me1984Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Anne-KarinDamals, als der Regen kam1981Music/Lyrics
Annick ThoumazeauMon ami, Bisounours1986Music/Lyrics
Anni-Frid LyngstadKom och sjung en sång1972Music/Lyrics
Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1967Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinOh No Not My Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Aretha Franklin with Bonnie Raitt and Gloria Estefan(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1994Music/Lyrics
ArkadeWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
ArpeggioJust Once In My Life1980Music/Lyrics
Art Garfunkel & James TaylorCrying In The Rain1993Music/Lyrics
Atomic KittenLocomotion2001Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasA Fine Way To Go1972Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasDon't Go Out On Me1985Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasEarly Morning Hush1973Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasHey Girl1966Music/Lyrics
B.W. StevensonHome Again1971Music/Lyrics
Barbara DexYou've Got A Friend2012Music/Lyrics
Barbara DicksonWill You Love Me Tomorrow1981Music/Lyrics
Barbara LewisDon't Forget About Me1965Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandBeautiful1971Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandBeing At War With Each Other1974Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandNo Easy Way Down1971Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandSweet Inspiration / Where You Lead1972Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Barefoot And The ShoesI Feel The Earth Move2012Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow with Melissa ManchesterYou've Got A Friend2007Music/Lyrics
Barry St. JohnHey Boy1965Music/Lyrics
Bart & VanessaCrying In The Rain2001Music/Lyrics
Bass Culture feat. Kate CeberanoYou've Got A Friend1993Music/Lyrics
Ben CramerMy Girl1970Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingShow Me The Way1962Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingSo Much Love1966Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingTell Daddy1962Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1962Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierLaß dein little Girl nie weinen1971Music/Lyrics
Berry LipmanHey Girl1974Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraHi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)1971Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerOne Fine Day2014Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerUptown / Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) / Da Doo Run Run1973Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2014Music/Lyrics
Betty EverettI Can't Hear You1964Music/Lyrics
Big Dee & Little EvaI Wish You A Merry Christmas1963Music/Lyrics
Big Dee IrwinAnother Night With The Boys1963Music/Lyrics
Big FunI Feel The Earth Move1989Music/Lyrics
Bill Deal And The RhondelsIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
Bill MedleyHey Girl1981Music/Lyrics
Bill MedleyHung On You1972Music/Lyrics
Bill MedleyI Can't Make It Alone1968Music/Lyrics
Billie DavisWasn't It You1967Music/Lyrics
Billy FuryHalfway To Paradise1961Music/Lyrics
Billy FuryI'd Never Find Another You1961Music/Lyrics
Billy FuryOld Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1970Music/Lyrics
Billy FuryWhy Are You Leaving1970Music/Lyrics
Billy Joe RoyalChild Of Mine1972Music/Lyrics
Billy Joe RoyalUp On The Roof1968Music/Lyrics
Billy JoelHey Girl1997Music/Lyrics
Billy PaulIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
Billy Ray Cyrus feat. Emily OsmentYou've Got A Friend2007Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnGo Away Little Girl1962Music/Lyrics
Black LaceThe Locomotion1984Music/Lyrics
BlissThe Divas' Sing-Off2016Music/Lyrics
Blood, Sweat & TearsHi-De-Ho1969Music/Lyrics
Blood, Sweat & TearsSnow Queen1972Music/Lyrics
Blood, Sweat & TearsSo Much Love / Underture1968Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsOne Fine Day1972Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman ChorStand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman ChorYou've Got A Friend1999Music/Lyrics
Bobby CurtolaWalkin' With My Angel1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby GoldsboroA Long Way To Be Happy1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby GoldsboroGo Away Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby GoldsboroThe Time For Us1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby KimballYou've Got A Friend1994Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeCan't Get Used To Losing You / Spanish Harlem / Hey Girl / Blue On Blue / Everybody's Somebody's Fool1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeDon't Ever Take Her For Granted1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeFerguson Road1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeGo Away Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeHow Many Tears1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeI Can't Hear You1968Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeI Can't Say Goodbye1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeIf She Were My Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeIn My Baby's Eyes1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeIt Might As Well Rain Until September1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeJust One More Time1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMoon River / Crying In The Rain / Sukiyaki / Sealed With A Kiss / My Dad1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMy Girl / Hey Girl1968Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMy Golden Chance1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeSharing You1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeSweet Sweetheart1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeTears Wash Her Away1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeThe Idol1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeWalkin' With My Angel1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeWhat About Me1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeWill You Love Me Tomorrow1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonHalfway To Paradise1968Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonSome Kind Of Wonderful1972Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonTake Good Care Of My Baby1968Music/Lyrics
BongwaterThe Porpoise Song1988Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Bonnie Tyler(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1978Music/Lyrics
Boyz II MenUp On The Roof2017Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeWill You Love Me Tomorrow1961Music/Lyrics
Brenda RussellMove The Moon2000Music/Lyrics
Brian HylandWill You Love Me Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Devil Woman / Roses Are Red (My Love) / Halfway To Paradise1962Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDon't Ever Change / Let's Twist Again / The Loco-Motion1962Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHey Baby / Sherry / It Might As Well Rain Until September / I Can't Stop Loving You1962Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHey Girl1966Music/Lyrics
Brinsley SchwarzDon't Ever Change1973Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1962Music/Lyrics
Brotherhood Of ManWill You Love Me Tomorrow1980Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerryDon't Ever Change1973Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerryWill You Love Me Tomorrow1993Music/Lyrics
Buffy Sainte-MarieEventually1973Music/Lyrics
Buffy Sainte-MarieSmack Water Jack1971Music/Lyrics
Bunny SiglerWill You Love Me Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Carl WayneSweet Seasons1972Music/Lyrics
Carla Thomas(I'm Going Back To) Living In The City1969Music/Lyrics
Carla ThomasHi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)1970Music/Lyrics
Carla ThomasWill You Love Me Tomorrow1965Music/Lyrics
Carola [DE]Nur ein Glas zuviel1978Music/Lyrics
Carola and Jahn TeigenMedley1984Music/Lyrics
Carole King(Love Is Like A) Boomerang1982Music/Lyrics
Carole King(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingA Night This Side Of Dying1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingA Quiet Place To Live1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingA Road To Nowhere1966Music/Lyrics
Carole KingA Very Special Boy1959Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAin't That The Way1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAlabaster Lady1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAlligators All Around1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAmbrosia1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAn Uncommon Love1998Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAnyone At All1999Music/Lyrics
Carole KingAve. P1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBaby Sittin'1959Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBack To California1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBeautiful1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBeen To Canaan1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBeing At War With Each Other1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBelieve In Humanity1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBirthday Song2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBitter With The Sweet1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBrighter1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingBrother, Brother1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCan't You Be Real1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCarry Your Load1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChains1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChalice Borealis1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChange Of Mind, Change Of Heart1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChanges1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChicken Soup With Rice1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingChild Of Mine1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCity Streets1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingColour Of Your Dreams1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCome Down Easy1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingComputer Eyes1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCorazón1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCrazy1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingCrying In The Rain1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDancin' With Tears In My Eyes1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDancing1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDaughter Of Light1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDirections1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDisco Tech1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDo You Feel Love1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDown To The Darkness1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingDreamlike I Wander1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingEagle1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingEventually1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingEverybody's Got The Spirit1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingFantasy Beginning1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingFantasy End1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingFeeling Sad Tonight1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingFerguson Road1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingFriday's Tie-Dye Nightmare1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGoat Annie1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGod Only Knows1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGoin' Back1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGoin' Wild1958Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGolden Man1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGood Mountain People1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGoodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGotta Get Through Another Day1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingGrowing Away From Me1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHard Rock Cafe1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHaywood1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHe's A Bad Boy1963Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHey Girl1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHi De Ho1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHigh Out Of Time1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHold On1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHold Out For Love1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHome Again1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingHomeless Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Can't Hear You No More1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Can't Stop Thinking About You1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Didn't Have Any Summer Romance1962Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Don't Know2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Feel The Earth Move1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Think I Can Hear You1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI Wasn't Gonna Fall In Love1999Music/Lyrics
Carole KingI'd Like To Know You Better1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIn The Name Of Love1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt Could Have Been Anyone1999Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt Might As Well Rain Until September1962Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt's A War1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt's Going To Take Some Time1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt's Gonna Work Out Fine1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt's Never Too Late1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingJazzman1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingJust One Thing1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLabyrinth1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLay Down My Life1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLegacy1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLife Without Love1982Producer
Carole KingLittle Prince1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLo que tú eres para mí2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLocomotion1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLooking Out For Number One1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLove For Christmas2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLove Makes The World2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingLovelight1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMain Street Saturday Night1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMidnight Flyer1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMonday Without You2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMorning Sun1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMove Lightly1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMusic1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMy Lovin' Eyes1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMy My She Cries1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingMy Simple Humble Neighborhood1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingNightingale1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingNo Easy Way Down1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingNobody's Perfect1962Music/Lyrics
Carole KingNow And Forever1992Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOh No Not My Baby1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOne1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOne Fine Day1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOne Small Voice1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOne To One1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOne Was Johnny1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOnly Love Is Real1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingOut In The Cold1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingPassing Of The Days1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingPeace In The Valley1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingPierre1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingPocket Money1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingQueen Of The Beach1959Music/Lyrics
Carole KingRaspberry Jam1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingRead Between The Lines1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingReally Rosie1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingRecipients Of History1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingRide The Music1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingRulers Of This World1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSacred Heart Of Stone1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSafe Again1999Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSchool Bells Are Ringing1962Music/Lyrics
Carole KingScreaming And Yelling1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSeeing Red1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingShort Mort1959Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSimple Things1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSmackwater Jack1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSnow Queen1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSo Far Away1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSo Many Ways1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSo Ready For Love1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSome Kind Of Wonderful1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSome Of Your Lovin'1966Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSomeone Who Believes In You1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSomeone You Never Met Before1982Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSong Of Long Ago1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSpaceship Races1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSpeeding Time1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingStand Behind Me1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingStandin' On The Borderline1983Music/Lyrics
Carole KingStanding In The Rain1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingStill Here Thinking Of You1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSuch Sufferin'1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSunbird1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSurely1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSweet Adonis1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSweet Life1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSweet Seasons1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSweet Sweetheart1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTapestry1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTe daria la vida (Amor)1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTears Falling Down On Me1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThat's How Things Go Down1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe Awful Truth1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe Ballad Of Chicken Soup1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe Best Is Yet To Come1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe First Day In August1972Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe Reason1997Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThe Right Girl1958Music/Lyrics
Carole KingThis Time2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTime Alone1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTime Gone By1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTime Heals All Wounds1989Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTo Know That I Love You1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTo Love1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingToo Much Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingTwo Hearts2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingUnder The Stars1959Music/Lyrics
Carole KingUp On The Roof1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingVenusian Diamond1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWalk With Me (I'll Be Your Companion)1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWasn't Born To Follow1980Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWay Over Yonder1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWe All Have To Be Alone1975Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWe Are All in This Together1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWe Grew Up Together1963Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWeekdays1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWelcome Home1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWelfare Symphony1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWhat Have You Got To Lose1970Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWhere You Lead I Will Follow [2001]2001Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWhiskey1979Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWill You Love Me Tomorrow?1971Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWings Of Love1978Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWishful Thinking1993Music/Lyrics
Carole KingWrap Around Joy1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Can Do Anything1999Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Gentle Me1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Light Up My Life1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Still Want Her1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou Will Find Me There1997Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou're Something New1974Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou're The One Who Knows1977Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou've Been Around Too Long1973Music/Lyrics
Carole KingYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Carole King & Louise GoffinWhere You Lead I Will Follow2000Music/Lyrics
Carole King / James TaylorThere's A Space Between Us1975Music/Lyrics
Carole King / James TaylorYou've Got A Friend (Live)2010Music/Lyrics
CarpentersIt's Going To Take Some Time1972Music/Lyrics
CarpentersOne Fine Day1973Music/Lyrics
Catherine PorterSome Of Your Lovin'2002Music/Lyrics
CelebrationYou've Got A Friend / You're All I Need To Get By1972Music/Lyrics
Celia PaveyWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2013Music/Lyrics
Céline Dion(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1996Music/Lyrics
Céline DionThe Reason1997Music/Lyrics
Céline Dion & Carole KingThe Reason1998Music/Lyrics
CherOh No Not My Baby1992Music/Lyrics
CherWill You Love Me Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
CherYours Until Tomorrow1969Music/Lyrics
ChildIt Might As Well Rain Until September1978Music/Lyrics
ChildTake Good Care Of My Baby1979Music/Lyrics
China CrisisIt's Too Late2015Music/Lyrics
Chris DenningCrying In The Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Chuck JacksonI Need You1964Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackChild Of Mine1970Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackWill You Love Me Tomorrow1993Music/Lyrics
Cissy HoustonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1972Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisJe veux rester seul avec toi1963Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisUn jardin dans mon cœur1971Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1999Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineMusic1973Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardWill You Love Me Tomorrow1969Music/Lyrics
Clodagh RodgersNatural Woman1972Music/Lyrics
Clodagh RodgersParadise Alley1969Music/Lyrics
Clodagh RodgersWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1972Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisRegen in der Nacht1978Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensDon't You Want To Love Me1966Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensI Couldn't Say No1962Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensThey're Jealous Of Me1964Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensWhy'd You Wanna Make Me Cry1962Music/Lyrics
Cotton, Lloyd & ChristianCrying In The Rain1976Music/Lyrics
Craig DouglasWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1962Music/Lyrics
Creative SourceCorazon1974Music/Lyrics
CrusadersSo Far Away1974Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleCrying In The Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Culture BeatIt's Too Late1991Music/Lyrics
Curtis LeeJust Another Fool1962Music/Lyrics
Daffi von CramerLocomotion1972Music/Lyrics
Daliah LaviEs ist spät, zu spät für uns1972Music/Lyrics
Daliah LaviIch bin Dein Freund1972Music/Lyrics
DalidaChez moi1963Music/Lyrics
Dami ImWill You Love Me Tomorrow2017Music/Lyrics
Dan The Banjo ManThe Locomotion1974Music/Lyrics
Dan The Banjo ManWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1974Music/Lyrics
Daniel DanieliLocomotion1978Music/Lyrics
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleCorazon1974Music/Lyrics
Daryl BraithwaiteUp On The Roof2017Music/Lyrics
Dave BerrySo Goes Love1965Music/Lyrics
Dave MasonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1978Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & Barbara GaskinThe Locomotion1986Music/Lyrics
David GarrickSo Much Love1967Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffGo Away Little Girl1987Music/Lyrics
David Jones [1960s]The Girl From Chelsea1965Music/Lyrics
DawnUp On The Roof1970Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinDown Home [1970]1970Music/Lyrics
Debbie GibsonWill You Love Me Tomorrow?1995Music/Lyrics
Debby BooneOh, No, Not My Baby1978Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee WarwickYours Until Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
Del ShannonGo Away Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Denis KingI Feel The Earth Move1976Music/Lyrics
Dennis CoffeyIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
Deva MahalTake A Giant Step2017Music/Lyrics
Devendra BanhartTaking A Page2019Music/Lyrics
Diana RossGoin' Back2001Music/Lyrics
Dick Brave & The BackbeatsTake Good Care Of My Baby2003Music/Lyrics
Die Fun-KidsKaputtgeschmustes Kuscheltier1991Music/Lyrics
DionGo Away Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
DionTake Good Care Of My Baby1961Music/Lyrics
DionThis Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickMake The Night A Little Longer1964Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1983Music/Lyrics
DishwallaIt's Going To Take Some Time1994Music/Lyrics
Dolly PartonI've Known You All My Life1965Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsCrying In The Rain1995Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsYou've Got A Friend1995Music/Lyrics
Donna LorenJust A Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
Donnie ElbertWill You Love Me Tomorrow1977Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondBleib' bei mir, Little Girl1971Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondGo Away Little Girl1971Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondHey Girl1971Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondI'm Into Something Good1971Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondTake Good Care Of My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
Dov SabatoWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
Dreams [70]I Can Hear You1971Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldDon't Forget About Me1968Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldGoin' Back1966Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldI Can't Hear You1965Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldI Can't Make It Alone1968Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldI Want To Stay Here1990Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldI'll Love You For A While1965Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldNo Easy Way Down1968Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldOh No! Not My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldSo Much Love1968Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldSome Of Your Lovin'1965Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1969Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldWill You Love Me Tomorrow?1964Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Earl-JeanI'm Into Something Good1964Music/Lyrics
Earl-JeanThey're Jealous Of Me1964Music/Lyrics
Earl-JeanWe Love And Learn1964Music/Lyrics
EbonyThe Locomotion1979Music/Lyrics
Eleanor BodelJag önskar att det alltid vore sommar1969Music/Lyrics
Eleanor TomlinsonTapestry2018Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksGoing Back1982Music/Lyrics
Elvis CostelloPoint Of No Return1989Music/Lyrics
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersBurnt Sugar Is So Bitter2018Music/Lyrics
Emerson, Lake & PowellThe Locomotion1986Music/Lyrics
Emma DaumasThe Locomotion2004Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckYours Until Tomorrow1967Music/Lyrics
Eric BurdonSo Much Love1980Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & The AnimalsThis Side Of Goodbye1967Music/Lyrics
Erika FrankLoco-Motion1972Music/Lyrics
Erin BrooksI'm Into Something Good1981Music/Lyrics
Erma FranklinThe Right To Cry1968Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Esther HannafordBeautiful2017Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesChanges1980Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherGo Away Little Girl1972Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherThe Best Is Yet To Come1975Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Flash Cadillac & The Continental KidsCrying In The Rain1972Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerHi-De-Ho1970Music/Lyrics
Four Jacks And A JillRock And Roll Medley [Yesterday Once More / Sixteen Candles / That'll Be The Day / Locomotion / Young Love / Who Put The Bomp / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Rock And Roll Music]1975Music/Lyrics
Four PrepsI've Known You All My Life1964Music/Lyrics
Fran CooperDon't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)1963Music/Lyrics
Fran CooperOne Fine Day1963Music/Lyrics
Françoise HardyWill You Love Me Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
Frank AlamoNe dis pas du mal de mon amour1963Music/Lyrics
Frankie FordHalfway To Paradise1976Music/Lyrics
Fred BananaHalfway To Paradise1988Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersHow's About Trying Your Luck With Me1965Music/Lyrics
Freddie ScottHey Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Freddie ScottThe Slide1963Music/Lyrics
Freddie ScottWhere Does Love Go1964Music/Lyrics
Freddie StarrHalfway To Paradise1978Music/Lyrics
Freddie StarrWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1980Music/Lyrics
Friends Of Akers Way & Pete LewisYou've Got A Friend1991Music/Lyrics
FumbleIt Might As Well Rain Until September1972Music/Lyrics
FumbleTake Good Care Of My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
Gabor SzaboIt's Going To Take Some Time Music/Lyrics
Gary & DaveIt Might As Well Rain Until September1974Music/Lyrics
Gene McDanielsPoint Of No Return1962Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyEvery Breath I Take1961Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyOh Cora1963Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyYours Until Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
George BensonHey Girl1979Music/Lyrics
George BensonYou Make Me Feel Like A Natural Man1968Music/Lyrics
George Walker & CompanyCrying In the Rain1969Music/Lyrics
Georgie FamePoint Of No Return1964Music/Lyrics
Gerd Böttcher & Detlef EngelDenn mein Zuhause, das bist du1962Music/Lyrics
Gidea ParkSeasons Of Gold1981Music/Lyrics
Ginny ArnellLook Who's Talkin'1960Music/Lyrics
Girls To GirlsLoco-Motion2001Music/Lyrics
Gladys HaggardIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Glass HammerPorpoise Song2014Music/Lyrics
Glenn YarbroughHoney And Wine1967Music/Lyrics
Glo MacariHe Knows I Love Him Too Much1965Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanIt's Too Late1994Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan feat. Carole KingNatural Woman2013Music/Lyrics
Goldie [1960s]Going Back1966Music/Lyrics
Goldie [UK]Remember The Everly's1981Music/Lyrics
Graham BonnetWill You Love Me Tomorrow1977Music/Lyrics
Graham LyleThe Younger Man2003Music/Lyrics
Grand FunkThe Loco-Motion1974Music/Lyrics
GregorianCrying In The Rain2007Music/Lyrics
Grizzly BearHe Hit Me2007Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsCrying In The Rain1999Music/Lyrics
Guy DarrellAt The Club1973Music/Lyrics
Guy SebastianYou've Got A Friend2017Music/Lyrics
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsBridge Over Troubled Water /You've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DThe Locomotion2013Music/Lyrics
Hanoi RocksWalking With My Angel1981Music/Lyrics
Harlem VoicesYou've Got A Friend1996Music/Lyrics
Helen ReddyI Can't Hear You No More1976Music/Lyrics
Helen ReddyNo Sad Song1971Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroI Was Only Kidding1964Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroIt Might As Well Rain Until September1964Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroWill You Love Me Tomorrow1962Music/Lyrics
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1989Music/Lyrics
Herman's HermitsHerman's Hermits On 452016Music/Lyrics
Herman's HermitsI'm Into Something Good1964Music/Lyrics
Herman's HermitsShow Me Girl1964Music/Lyrics
Hermes House BandYou've Got A Friend2001Music/Lyrics
High SouthCrying In The Rain2014Music/Lyrics
Human NatureOne Fine Day2017Music/Lyrics
Ian Mitchell BandGoing Back1979Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerThe Locomotion1992Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerUp On The Roof1973Music/Lyrics
Ilona KnopflerSome Kind Of Wonderful2003Music/Lyrics
Irene Grandi(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman1994Music/Lyrics
Irene ReidHi-De-Ho1970Music/Lyrics
Iris WilliamsWhere You Lead1976Music/Lyrics
Irma ThomasYours Until Tomorrow1986Music/Lyrics
Isaac HayesHey Girl1986Music/Lyrics
Ivo RobićLaß' dein little Girl nie weinen1964Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesNo Easy Way Down2017Music/Lyrics
Jackie De ShannonHeaven Is Being With You1961Music/Lyrics
Jackie DeShannonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
Jackie TrentSo Did I1963Music/Lyrics
Jackson 5Up On The Roof2012Music/Lyrics
James DarrenHer Royal Majesty1961Music/Lyrics
James DarrenThey Should Have Given You The Oscar1963Music/Lyrics
James LastIt's Going To Take Some Time1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorUp On The Roof1979Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
James TaylorYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanThe Best Friend I Ever Had1963Music/Lyrics
Janis IanGo Away Little Girl1967Music/Lyrics
Jason DonovanHalfway To Paradise2008Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansSome Kind A Wonderful1970Music/Lyrics
Jean CampbellWill You Love Me Tomorrow1961Music/Lyrics
Jean-Claude BorellyRockollection1978Music/Lyrics
Jeanne PruettSweet Sweetheart1972Music/Lyrics
Jimmy FontanaUna sola1963Music/Lyrics
Jimmy JusticeQuand un air vous possède1962Music/Lyrics
Jimmy JusticeWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1962Music/Lyrics
Jimmy RuffinHalfway To Paradise1967Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnySwing The 60s1991Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnyThe Lovers' Mix1989Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersHopping Mad1989Music/Lyrics
Jo Ann CampbellBobby, Bobby, Bobby1960Music/Lyrics
Jò Squillo(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2012Music/Lyrics
JocelyneJ'ai oublié1966Music/Lyrics
JocelyneReviendra-t-il encore?1966Music/Lyrics
Jochen Brauer SextettHi-De-Ho1971Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerHe Hit Me1965Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerLet Me Get Close To You1965Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerNatural Woman1974Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerWill You Love Me Tomorrow?1975Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Joe WalshWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1992Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayChance1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayQuand un air vous possède1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayTake Good Care Of My Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny HammondIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny LoganCryin' In The Rain1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI Was There1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSoul And Inspiration / Just Once In My Life1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashHalfway To Paradise1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraYou've Got A Friend1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny RodriguezWill You Love Me Tomorrow1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonHey Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandTake Good Care Of My Baby1976Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingYou've Got A Friend1976Music/Lyrics
Joy MarshallI'm Into Something Good1965Music/Lyrics
Judy Collins & T. G. SheppardHome Again1984Music/Lyrics
Judy ThomasWelcome Home1962Music/Lyrics
JulieOne Fine Day1975Music/Lyrics
Julie GrantUp On The Roof1962Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner, Chor und OrchesterStanding In The Rain / Hard Rock Café /Sunflower1977Music/Lyrics
KamahlYou've Got A Friend1975Music/Lyrics
Kamasi WashingtonWill You Love Me Tomorrow2018Music/Lyrics
Kanye West feat. Rick RossDevil In A New Dress2010Music/Lyrics
Karel GottDu sollst die Tränen niemals seh'n1991Music/Lyrics
KarinaQuerrás amarme mañana1974Music/Lyrics
Kate CeberanoWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2004Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorHome Again1970Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
Kathy KirbyGolden Days1967Music/Lyrics
Katja EbsteinIch bin dein Freund1980Music/Lyrics
Kelly MarieHalfway To Paradise1987Music/Lyrics
Kenny KarenThe Light In Your Window1962Music/Lyrics
Kenny LynchHey Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Kenny LynchUp On The Roof1962Music/Lyrics
Kenny RankinUp On The Roof1969Music/Lyrics
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionIt's A Crazy Afternoon1970Music/Lyrics
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionWhat Am I Gonna Do1971Music/Lyrics
Kiki DeeI Was Only Kidding1963Music/Lyrics
Kim CarnesTo Love1971Music/Lyrics
Kirsty MacCollKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1981Music/Lyrics
Kjell RoosTake Good Care Of My Baby1992Music/Lyrics
Kjerstin DellertLivets väv1972Music/Lyrics
K's Choice(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2016Music/Lyrics
Kylie MinogueThe Loco-Motion1987Music/Lyrics
LabelleYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Lani HallPeace In The Valley1974Music/Lyrics
Larry LurexGoin' Back1973Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1984Music/Lyrics
Laura FygiGo Away Little Boy1991Music/Lyrics
Laura NyroUp On The Roof1970Music/Lyrics
Laura NyroWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1994Music/Lyrics
Laurent DanielsYou've Got A Friend1999Music/Lyrics
Laurent VoulzyRockollection (Live)1995Music/Lyrics
Laurent VoulzyRockollection Part I1977Music/Lyrics
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatNatural Woman1969Music/Lyrics
Len BarryWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1965Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonDu har en vän1971Music/Lyrics
Leroy Van DykeGo Away Little Girl1978Music/Lyrics
Les Gam'sNe dis pas du mal de mon amour1963Music/Lyrics
Les MissilesJe ne veux plus t'aimer1964Music/Lyrics
Les Petites CanaillesThe Loco-Motion2019Music/Lyrics
Les Pirates avec Dany LoganLe loco-motion1962Music/Lyrics
Lesley DuncanA Road To Nowhere1969Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreThe Old Crowd1963Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreWill You Love Me Tomorrow1965Music/Lyrics
Lill LindforsDu har en vän1971Music/Lyrics
Linda G. ThompsonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1977Music/Lyrics
Linda JonesI Can't Make It Alone1971Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtOh No, Not My Baby1993Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtWill You Love Me Tomorrow1970Music/Lyrics
Lisa Bund(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2007Music/Lyrics
Little EvaDown Home1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaJust A Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Little EvaKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaLet's Start The Party Again1963Music/Lyrics
Little EvaOld Smokey Locomotion1963Music/Lyrics
Little EvaPlease Hurt Me1963Music/Lyrics
Little EvaSharing You1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaSome Kinda Wonderful1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaThe Loco-Motion1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaUp On The Roof1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaWhat I Gotta Do (To Make You Jealous)1963Music/Lyrics
Little EvaWhere Do I Go1962Music/Lyrics
Little EvaWill You Love Me Tomorrow?1962Music/Lyrics
Liverpool ExpressSharing You1979Music/Lyrics
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressWhere You Lead1971Music/Lyrics
Lorrie MorganWill You Love Me Tomorrow1997Music/Lyrics
Lotta EngbergJag önskar att det alltid vore sommar1997Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsWalk On In1972Music/Lyrics
Louis Clark & The London Philharmonic OrchestraWill You Love Me Tomorrow1989Music/Lyrics
Louis Neefs & Jo LeemansHier in ons huis1964Music/Lyrics
Love And TearsI Feel The Earth Move1972Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Mandy MooreI Feel The Earth Move2003Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannOh No Not My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
Marco MendozaYou Got A Friend2010Music/Lyrics
Maren Kroymann & die Jo Roloff BandSome Of Your Lovin'2013Music/Lyrics
Margie JosephAfter All This Time1975Music/Lyrics
Margie JosephBelieve In Humanity1975Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyIf It's Over1991Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyIf It's Over (Unplugged)1992Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullGoin' Back2011Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullI'm Into Something Good2002Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullIs This What I Get For Loving You?1966Music/Lyrics
Mark LindsayIt's Too Late1971Music/Lyrics
Mark WynterGo Away, Little Girl1962Music/Lyrics
Marlena ShawGo Away Little Boy1966Music/Lyrics
Marlena ShawYu-Ma/Go Away Little Boy1977Music/Lyrics
Marquis Of KensingtonIt Might As Well Rain Until September1968Music/Lyrics
Martha ReevesDixie Highway1974Music/Lyrics
Martha WashSomeone Who Believes In You1992Music/Lyrics
MartikaI Feel The Earth Move1988Music/Lyrics
MartikaSiento temblar la tierra1988Music/Lyrics
Martin LauerLaß mich geh'n Madeleine1963Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsSong Of The Island1957Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song1963Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeSome Kind Of Wonderful1968Music/Lyrics
Mary J Blige(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman1994Music/Lyrics
Mary TraversGoin' Back1974Music/Lyrics
Matthews' Southern ComfortTo Love1970Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2008Music/Lyrics
Maxine BrownOh No Not My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
McFlyYou've Got A Friend2005Music/Lyrics
Me First And The Gimme GimmesWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2001Music/Lyrics
Me First And The Gimme GimmesYou've Got A Friend2008Music/Lyrics
Megan McDonoughWhat Am I Gonna Do1971Music/Lyrics
MelanieWill You Love Me Tomorrow1973Music/Lyrics
Merrilee RushChild Of Mine1971Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonAfter All This Time1971Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonOh No, Not My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonSame Old Story1971Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonWalk On In1971Music/Lyrics
Michael BallGoin' Back2019Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléSome Kind Of Wonderful2009Music/Lyrics
Michael JacksonYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Michael NesmithBonaparte Retreat1971Music/Lyrics
Michel DelpechT'as un ami1979Music/Lyrics
Mike BerryCrying In The Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Mike BerryDon't Ever Change1978Music/Lyrics
Mike BerryWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1961Music/Lyrics
Mike KennedyCrying In The Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Mike KennedyLlorando bajo la lluvia1971Music/Lyrics
Mike RiosLocomotion1962Music/Lyrics
Mike Sheridan And The Night RidersWhat A Sweet Thing That Was1964Music/Lyrics
Miki HowardGo Away Little Boy2006Music/Lyrics
Millie JacksonWill You Love Me Tomorrow1989Music/Lyrics
MinaIo ti amavo quando1972Music/Lyrics
M-KidsLeve de vakantie!2004Music/Lyrics
MudDon't Ever Change1982Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow2005Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriTapestry1975Music/Lyrics
NazarethRoad To Nowhere1984Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondUp On The Roof1993Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondWill You Love Me Tomorrow1993Music/Lyrics
Neil InnesRe-cycled Vinyl Blues1974Music/Lyrics
Nick LoweHalfway To Paradise1977Music/Lyrics
Nick Lowe & Dave EdmundsCrying In The Rain1980Music/Lyrics
Nikka CostaGo Away Little Boy1981Music/Lyrics
Nils LofgrenGoin' Back1975Music/Lyrics
Nina HagenGiant Step1996Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Nina HagenRiesenschritt1995Music/Lyrics
Nina LizellDitt leende är som solsken1971Music/Lyrics
Normie RoweDon't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby1966Music/Lyrics
Normie RoweSo Much Love1966Music/Lyrics
OdysseyOh No Not My Baby1981Music/Lyrics
Ofra HazaYou've Got A Friend1997Music/Lyrics
Ol' 55This Little Girl1976Music/Lyrics
Olivia MolinaHard Rock Café1977Music/Lyrics
Osmond BoysHey Girl1990Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyDon't Forget About Me1966Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyI Can't Make It Alone1966Music/Lyrics
Paloma San BasilioPor amistad1999Music/Lyrics
Panama [UK]Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Stand By Me1982Music/Lyrics
Pat CarrollOne Fine Day1965Music/Lyrics
Patrick Riguelle & John TerraI Feel The Earth Move2011Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaHappy Tears1964Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaI Was There1969Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaI'd Never Find Another You1962Music/Lyrics
Paul BradyBelieve In Me2000Music/Lyrics
Paul CarrackWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling2012Music/Lyrics
Paul DavisWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1971Music/Lyrics
Paul JonesWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1966Music/Lyrics
Peaches & HerbI Want To Stay Here1967Music/Lyrics
Peaches & HerbWill You Love Me Tomorrow1966Music/Lyrics
Peggy Lee(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman1969Music/Lyrics
Peggy LiptonIt Might As Well Rain Until September1968Music/Lyrics
Peggy LiptonLady Of The Lake1968Music/Lyrics
Peggy LiptonNatural Woman1968Music/Lyrics
Peggy LiptonWasn't It You1968Music/Lyrics
Peggy LiptonWho Need It1968Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithCorazón1973Music/Lyrics
Percy SledgeSo Much Love1966Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonCrying In The Rain1965Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroGo Away Little Girl1972Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroJazzman1975Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
Peter NooneI'm Into Something Good1988Music/Lyrics
Peter StrakerThe Right To Cry1969Music/Lyrics
Peters & LeeCryin' In The Rain1973Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkBeautiful1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkWasn't It You1966Music/Lyrics
Phil CollinsGoing Back2010Music/Lyrics
Phil CollinsSome Of Your Lovin'2010Music/Lyrics
Piet Veerman And The New CatsHalfway To Paradise1980Music/Lyrics
Q-TipsSome Kinda Wonderful1980Music/Lyrics
Quartz introducing Dina CarrollIt's Too Late1991Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesSmackwater Jack1971Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneOne Fine Day2012Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneUp On The Roof2012Music/Lyrics
Rachael SageSo Far Away2016Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles with Michael McDonaldHey Girl2004Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersGo Away Little Girl1971Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersHey Girl1971Music/Lyrics
Ray GarnettGo Away Little Girl1962Music/Lyrics
Ray GarnettWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1962Music/Lyrics
Renate KernLocomotion1973Music/Lyrics
Rene Froger & FriendsYou've Got A Friend1995Music/Lyrics
Rex AllenCrying In The Rain1976Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoHast du alles vergessen1961Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoUnd eines Tages kehrst du zurück1975Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyAttends1963Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyCrying In The Rain1965Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyEt quelque chose me dit1964Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyJ'irai pleurer sous la pluie1962Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonySur le toit1963Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyVeille bien sur mon amour1961Music/Lyrics
Rick PriceIt's Too Late2017Music/Lyrics
Riki MaiocchiNon buttarmi giù1966Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeOne Fine Day1979Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeWalk On In1981Music/Lyrics
Robert Thomas VellineTake Good Care Of My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
Roberta FlackWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1971Music/Lyrics
Roberta Flack & Donny HathawayYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Robson & JeromeUp On The Roof1995Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Man1974Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartOh No! Not My Baby1973Music/Lyrics
Roger KimGib sie frei, denn sie liebt mich1980Music/Lyrics
Roger Nichols TrioSnow Queen1966Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
Rondo ClassicoCrying In The Rain2005Music/Lyrics
Rudolf Rock & die SchockerSchwing dich auf'n Ofen1978Music/Lyrics
Rudy MeynsIk wil niet dat jij m'n tranen ziet1995Music/Lyrics
Russell HitchcockSomeone Who Believes In You1988Music/Lyrics
Russell HitchcockThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore1988Music/Lyrics
Samantha JadeI Feel The Earth Move2017Music/Lyrics
Samantha JonesYou Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman1970Music/Lyrics
Sandie ShawRight To Cry1968Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyHalfway To Paradise1967Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyOne Fine Day1973Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyWill You Love Me Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyDo Wah Diddy Diddy / The Locomotion / Baby Come Back2018Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerNo Easy Way Down1973Music/Lyrics
SeatrainSally Goodin'1970Music/Lyrics
SemisonicOne True Love2001Music/Lyrics
SéverineRien qu'une fille1968Music/Lyrics
Shaun CassidyTake Good Care Of My Baby1976Music/Lyrics
She & HimOh No, Not My Baby2014Music/Lyrics
SheilaPlus de chansons tristes1972Music/Lyrics
Shelley FabaresLocomotion1962Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyDancing Party1976Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyDon't Bring Me Down1982Music/Lyrics
Simone [UK]It's Too Late1983Music/Lyrics
Simone WhiteI Didn't Have Any Summer Romance2003Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisEasy To Love So Hard To Find1964Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Skeeter DavisI Can't Stay Mad At You1963Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisLet Me Get Close To You1964Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
SmithWhat Am I Gonna Do1970Music/Lyrics
Smokey RobinsonWill You Love Me Tomorrow1973Music/Lyrics
SmokieTake Good Care Of My Baby1980Music/Lyrics
SnowmenWalkin' With My Angel1981Music/Lyrics
Sofia Essaïdi & Morganne MatisThe Loco-Motion2003Music/Lyrics
SorayaWall Of Smiles1997Music/Lyrics
Spanky And Our GangWasn't It You1970Music/Lyrics
Stan WalkerWay Over Yonder2017Music/Lyrics
Status QuoMr. Mind Detector1969Music/Lyrics
Status QuoVelvet Curtains1969Music/Lyrics
Status QuoYou're Just What I Was Looking For Today1969Music/Lyrics
Steve AlaimoSo Much Love1966Music/Lyrics
Steve AlaimoWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1971Music/Lyrics
Steve And EydieI Want To Stay Here1963Music/Lyrics
Steve LawrenceGo Away Little Girl1962Music/Lyrics
Strawberry Alarm ClockBlues For A Young Girl Gone1968Music/Lyrics
Strawberry Alarm ClockLady Of The Lake1968Music/Lyrics
Su KramerNehmt euch doch einmal in die Arme1978Music/Lyrics
Susan CadoganWill You Love Me Tomorrow1975Music/Lyrics
Susan ShirleyGolden Days1972Music/Lyrics
Susi DoréeLocomotion1963Music/Lyrics
Sweet DreamsI Just Want To Stay Here1976Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanChance1963Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanLe Loco-motion1962Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanMon ami1963Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanTu amigo fiel1971Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanUn jardin dans mon cœur1971Music/Lyrics
Taj MahalTake A Giant Step1969Music/Lyrics
Tam WhiteThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1969Music/Lyrics
Tammi TerrellMake The Night Just A Little Longer1967Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteCrying In The Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Tanzorchester Felix Gary mit Kristina BachLocomotion1990Music/Lyrics
Terry Knight & The PackHe's A Bad Boy1967Music/Lyrics
The American BreedDon't Forget About Me1966Music/Lyrics
The American BreedI Don't Think You Know Me1966Music/Lyrics
The American BreedNo Easy Way Down1967Music/Lyrics
The American BreedSometime Into Morning1967Music/Lyrics
The American BreedThe Right To Cry1968Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsDon't Bring Me Down1966Music/Lyrics
The ArborsWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1977Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysJust Once In My Life1976Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesChains1963Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesDon't Ever Change1994Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1994Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesTake Good Care Of My Baby1962Music/Lyrics
The BellsChild Of Mine1973Music/Lyrics
The Beta BandHuman Being2001Music/Lyrics
The Bird And The BeeI'm Into Something Good2008Music/Lyrics
The Brand New HeaviesYou've Got A Friend1997Music/Lyrics
The ByrdsGoin' Back1968Music/Lyrics
The ByrdsWasn't Born To Follow1968Music/Lyrics
The Chanter SistersHalfway To Paradise1975Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsEasy To Love (So Hard To Get)1964Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsOne Fine Day1963Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsThe First And Last1970Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsThe Loco-Motion1963Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsWill You Love Me Tomorrow1963Music/Lyrics
The ChurchThe Porpoise Song1999Music/Lyrics
The CityThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1968Music/Lyrics
The CongregationWill You Love Me Tomorrow1972Music/Lyrics
The CookiesChains1962Music/Lyrics
The CookiesDon't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby)1963Music/Lyrics
The CookiesI'm Into Something Good1964Music/Lyrics
The CookiesRandy1964Music/Lyrics
The CookiesSoftly In The Night1963Music/Lyrics
The CookiesStranger In My Arms1962Music/Lyrics
The CookiesThe Old Crowd1964Music/Lyrics
The CookiesThey're Jealous Of Me1964Music/Lyrics
The CookiesWe Love And Learn1964Music/Lyrics
The CookiesWill Power1963Music/Lyrics
The CricketsDon't Ever Change1962Music/Lyrics
The Cryan' ShamesUp On The Roof1967Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsHe Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)1962Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsNo One Ever Tells You1962Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsPlease Hurt Me1962Music/Lyrics
The DriftersAnother Night With The Boys1962Music/Lyrics
The DriftersAt The Club1964Music/Lyrics
The DriftersSome Kind Of Wonderful1961Music/Lyrics
The DriftersUp On The Roof1962Music/Lyrics
The DriftersWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1961Music/Lyrics
The Electric PrunesI Happen To Love You1967Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersCrying In The Rain1961Music/Lyrics
The FantasticsYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
The FleetwoodsGo Away Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
The Four SeasonsWill You Love Me Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
The FourmostSome Kind Of Wonderful1965Music/Lyrics
The GermzNo Easy Way Down1967Music/Lyrics
The Grass RootsLady Pleasure1968Music/Lyrics
The Grass RootsUp On The Roof1975Music/Lyrics
The HagersYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
The HappeningsGo Away Little Girl1966Music/Lyrics
The HitmakersWalking With My Angel1965Music/Lyrics
The HolliesHoney And Wine1965Music/Lyrics
The HondellsShow Me Girl1966Music/Lyrics
The Honey BeesOne Wonderful Night1964Music/Lyrics
The Honey BeesSome Of Your Lovin'1965Music/Lyrics
The Honey BeesYou Turn Me On Boy1965Music/Lyrics
The HornettesOne Fine Day1994Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSweet Season1972Music/Lyrics
The Late ShowChains1979Music/Lyrics
The Lemon PipersI Was Not Born To Follow1968Music/Lyrics
The Lettermen(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Man1970Music/Lyrics
The LettermenBridge Over Troubled Water / You've Got A Friend1973Music/Lyrics
The LettermenGo Away Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
The LettermenHey, Girl1970Music/Lyrics
The LettermenIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
The LettermenTake Good Care Of My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The LettermenUp On The Roof1970Music/Lyrics
The Lewisham And Greenwich NHS ChoirYou've Got A Friend2016Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsOh No Not My Baby1966Music/Lyrics
The MachinesI'm Into Something Good1982Music/Lyrics
The MachinesWill You Love Me Tomorrow1982Music/Lyrics
The Mad LadsMy Inspiration1967Music/Lyrics
The MaudsMan Without A Dream1971Music/Lyrics
The McCrarysYou've Got A Friend1973Music/Lyrics
The MindbendersOne Fine Day1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesA Man Without A Dream1969Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesAs We Go Along1968Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesI Won't Be The Same Without Her1969Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesLook Down1968Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesPleasant Valley Sunday1967Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesPorpoise Song (Theme From "Head")1968Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSo Goes Love1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSometime In The Morning1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesStar Collector1967Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSwami - Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.1968Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSweet Young Thing1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesTake A Giant Step1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesWasn't Born To Follow2016Music/Lyrics
The MotelsHe Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)1982Music/Lyrics
The Myddle ClassI Happen To Love You1966Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersBeautiful1972Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersChild Of Mine1971Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersGoin' Back1972Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsI Can't Hear You No More1965Music/Lyrics
The Partridge FamilyOh No! Not My Baby1973Music/Lyrics
The PlaybackYou Light Up My Life1973Music/Lyrics
The PretendersGoin' Back1997Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersA Man Without A Dream1966Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersHung On You1965Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersJust Once In My Life1965Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersOn This Side Of Goodbye1966Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersThe Angels Listened In1965Music/Lyrics
The Rising SonsTake A Giant Step1992Music/Lyrics
The Rockin' BerriesHe's In Town1964Music/Lyrics
The Rockin' BerriesI Need You1965Music/Lyrics
The Rocky FellersWill You Love Me Tomorrow1963Music/Lyrics
The RonettesIs This What I Get For Loving You?1965Music/Lyrics
The RonettesYou Bet I Would1962Music/Lyrics
The RubettesHe's In Town1995Music/Lyrics
The ShirellesMake The Night A Little Longer1962Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
The ShirellesOh No, Not My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The ShirellesWill You Love Me Tomorrow1960Music/Lyrics
The SpectrumJust What I Was Looking For Today1968Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsIt's Too Late1972Music/Lyrics
The SurfarisI'm Into Something Good1965Music/Lyrics
The Sweet InspirationsCrying In The Rain1969Music/Lyrics
The SymbolsYou're My Girl1965Music/Lyrics
The TamsGo Away Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsHey Girl1969Music/Lyrics
The TonicsLocomotion1968Music/Lyrics
The UniquesDon't Bring Me Down1967Music/Lyrics
The VenturesIt's Going To Take Some Time1974Music/Lyrics
The VenturesLoco-Motion1962Music/Lyrics
The Vernons GirlsThe Loco-Motion1962Music/Lyrics
The VibratorsHalfway To Paradise1990Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersI Need You1966Music/Lyrics
The WilsonsMonday Without You1997Music/Lyrics
The Young GenerationWhere You Lead1974Music/Lyrics
ThemI Happen To Love You1967Music/Lyrics
ThemYou're Just What I Was Looking For Today1968Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 21981Music/Lyrics
Tim ReynoldsThis Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Timex Social ClubGo Away Little Girl1986Music/Lyrics
Tina ArenaSo Far Away2007Music/Lyrics
Tina CharlesA Natural Woman2008Music/Lyrics
Tina CharlesHalfway To Paradise1976Music/Lyrics
Tom ForsterPaß gut auf auf mein Mädchen1980Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesYou've Got A Friend1972Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieOn Broadway1972Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieYou've Got A Friend2006Music/Lyrics
Tony MonopolyWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1976Music/Lyrics
Tony MonopolyYou've Got A Friend1976Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoAm I The Guy1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoHalfway To Paradise1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoHappy Times (Are Here To Stay)1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoI'd Never Find Another You1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoSome Kind-A-Wonderful1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoTalkin' About You1961Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoWill You Love Me Tomorrow1961Music/Lyrics
TrashRoad To Nowhere1968Music/Lyrics
TroublePorpoise Song1995Music/Lyrics
Tuck & PattiUp On The Roof2003Music/Lyrics
Turley RichardsChild Of Mine1971Music/Lyrics
Twice As MuchIs This What I Get For Loving You Baby?1966Music/Lyrics
Valérie PascaleDemain tu peux changer1966Music/Lyrics
Vanilla FudgeI Can't Make It Alone1969Music/Lyrics
Vanity FareOne Fine Day1994Music/Lyrics
Vanity FareWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1994Music/Lyrics
(Carol King)
Vika and Linda BullThe Loco-Motion2017Music/Lyrics
Vika Bull(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman2017Music/Lyrics
Vikki CarrSo Far Away1971Music/Lyrics
Vince HillAnother Night With The Boys1966Music/Lyrics
Vince HillI Can't Make It Alone1968Music/Lyrics
Viola WillsUp On The Roof1980Music/Lyrics
Vivian ReedI Feel The Earth Move1971Music/Lyrics
Vonda ShepardHome Again2001Music/Lyrics
Walter JacksonNo Easy Way Down1972Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersHoney And Wine1965Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersTalkin' About You1964Music/Lyrics
Wilma ReadingI Feel The Earth Move1972Music/Lyrics
Wolf!You've Got A Friend1990Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang SauerHeidiho1971Music/Lyrics
YasmineIk was zo graag bij jou gebleven1995Music/Lyrics
Yvonne MooreNatural Woman1994Music/Lyrics

Rockollection Part I (Laurent Voulzy)1977-09-09612
Locomotion (Ritz)1979-08-10181
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Bobby Vee)615.18
Es ist spät, zu spät für uns (Daliah Lavi)65.17
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin)1025.12
Ik was zo graag bij jou gebleven (Yasmine)105.1
Way Over Yonder (Carole King)115.09
You've Got A Friend (Carole King)745.07
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles)725.06
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Roberta Flack)205.05
Wasn't Born To Follow (The Byrds)285
Home Again (Carole King)145
The Loco-Motion (Little Eva)904.9
Crying In The Rain (The Everly Brothers)574.89
Beautiful (Carole King)154.87
Up On The Roof (James Taylor)144.86
At The Club (The Drifters)124.83
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Dusty Springfield)64.83
I Can't Make It Alone (Dusty Springfield)114.82
One Fine Day (The Chiffons)374.81
Goin' Back (The Byrds)154.8
Take A Giant Step (Taj Mahal)104.8
The Loco-Motion (Kylie Minogue)1974.08
Crying In The Rain (a-ha)1674.69
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin)1025.12
The Loco-Motion (Little Eva)904.9
I Feel The Earth Move (Martika)824.28
Hard Rock Cafe (Carole King)754.37
You've Got A Friend (Carole King)745.07
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles)725.06
I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)624.74
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Bobby Vee)615.18
Rockollection Part I (Laurent Voulzy)583.95
Crying In The Rain (The Everly Brothers)574.89
It's Too Late (Carole King)484.69
You've Got A Friend (James Taylor)484.65
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Dick Brave & The Backbeats)484.29
I Feel The Earth Move (Carole King)474.6
Going Back (Phil Collins)453.96
Oh No Not My Baby (Cher)434.14
The Loco-Motion (Grand Funk)424.71
Dancing Party (Showaddywaddy)394.46

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