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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Björn K. Ulvaeus, Bjørn Ulvaeus
A*TeensDancing Queen1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensHappy New Year1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensLay All Your Love On Me1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensMamma Mia1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensOne Night In Bangkok2003Music/Lyrics
A*TeensOne Of Us1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensOur Last Summer1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensSuper Trouper1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensTake A Chance On Me1999Music/Lyrics
A*TeensThe Name Of The Game1999Music/Lyrics
ABBAAl andar1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAAndante, Andante1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAAndante, andante [espaņol]1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAAs Good As New1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAChiquitita [espaņol]1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAConociéndome, conociéndote1980Music/Lyrics
ABBACrazy World1976Music/Lyrics
ABBADame! Dame! Dame!1980Music/Lyrics
ABBADance (While The Music Still Goes On)1974Music/Lyrics
ABBADancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
ABBADoes Your Mother Know1979Music/Lyrics
ABBADon't Shut Me Down2021Music/Lyrics
ABBADream World1978Music/Lyrics
ABBADum Dum Diddle1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAEstoy soņando1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAFernando [espaņol]1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAGonna Sing You My Lovesong1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAGracias por la música1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAHappy Hawaii1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAHappy New Year1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAHasta maņana [espaņol]1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAHead Over Heels1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAHey, Hey Helen1975Music/Lyrics
ABBAHole In Your Soul1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAHoney Honey1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAHoney, Honey [svensk version]1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAHovas vittne1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Am The City1993Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Can Be That Woman2021Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1975Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Have A Dream1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Let The Music Speak1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Still Have Faith In You2021Music/Lyrics
ABBAI Wonder (Departure)1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAIf It Wasn't For The Nights1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAI'm A Marionette1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAIntermezzo No. 11975Music/Lyrics
ABBAI've Been Waiting For You1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAJust A Notion1978Music/Lyrics
ABBAKeep An Eye On Dan2021Music/Lyrics
ABBAKing Kong Song1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAKisses Of Fire1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You1976Music/Lyrics
ABBALa reina del baile [Reina danzante]1980Music/Lyrics
ABBALay All Your Love On Me1980Music/Lyrics
ABBALike An Angel Passing Through My Room1981Music/Lyrics
ABBALittle Things2021Music/Lyrics
ABBALovers (Live A Little Longer)1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAMamma Mia1975Music/Lyrics
ABBAMamma mia [espaņol]1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAMan In The Middle1975Music/Lyrics
ABBAMe And I1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAMedley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton * On Top Of Old Smokey * Midnight Special1975Producer
ABBAMoney, Money, Money1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAMove On1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAMy Love, My Life1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAMy Mama Said1974Music/Lyrics
ABBANo Doubt About It2021Music/Lyrics
ABBANo hay a quien culpar1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAOde To Freedom2021Music/Lyrics
ABBAOn And On And On1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAOne Man, One Woman1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAOne Of Us1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAOur Last Summer1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAPut On Your White Sombrero1994Music/Lyrics
ABBARing ring [espaņol]1993Music/Lyrics
ABBARock Me1975Music/Lyrics
ABBASe me está escapando1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAShould I Laugh Or Cry1981Music/Lyrics
ABBASitting In The Palmtree1974Music/Lyrics
ABBASlipping Through My Fingers1981Music/Lyrics
ABBASo Long1974Music/Lyrics
ABBASummer Night City1978Music/Lyrics
ABBASuper Trouper1980Music/Lyrics
ABBATake A Chance On Me1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAThank You For The Music1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAThat's Me1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Day Before You Came1982Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe King Has Lost His Crown1979Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Name Of The Game1977Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Piper1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Visitors (Crackin' Up)1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Way Old Friends Do1980Music/Lyrics
ABBAThe Winner Takes It All1980Music/Lyrics
ABBATropical Loveland1975Music/Lyrics
ABBATwo For The Price Of One1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAUnder Attack1982Music/Lyrics
ABBAWatch Out1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAWaterloo [deutsch]1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAWaterloo [franįais / svenska]1994Music/Lyrics
ABBAWaterloo [franįais]1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAWaterloo [svensk version]1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAWhat About Livingstone1974Music/Lyrics
ABBAWhen All Is Said And Done1981Music/Lyrics
ABBAWhen I Kissed The Teacher1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAWhen You Danced With Me2021Music/Lyrics
ABBAWhy Did It Have To Be Me1976Music/Lyrics
ABBAYou Owe Me One1982Music/Lyrics
ABBA ManiaThank You For The Music2005Music/Lyrics
ABBA ManiaVoulez-Vous2005Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandChiquitita1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandDancing Queen1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandFernando1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandHoney Honey1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandI Do I Do I Do1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandKnowing Me, Knowing You1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandMamma Mia1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandMoney Money Money1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandS.O.S.1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandSuper Trouper1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandTake A Chance On Me1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandThank You For The Music1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandThe Winner Takes It All1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandVoulez-Vous1992Music/Lyrics
ABBA Revival BandWaterloo1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraDancing Queen1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraKnowing Me, Knowing You1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraLay All Your Love On Me1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraOne Of Us1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraThe Day Before You Came1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraThe Visitors (Crackin' Up)1992Music/Lyrics
AbbacadabraThe Winner Takes It All1992Music/Lyrics
ABC CompanyHoney, Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Ad van Hoorn & KarinIk heb een droom1984Music/Lyrics
Adam und die Micky'sWasserkopp1974Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogDå finns du hos mig1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogDröm är dröm, och saga saga1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogHan lämnar mig för att komma till dig1971Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogHjärtats saga1970Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogI'm Still Alive1979Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogJag skall inte fälla några tårar1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogJag vill att du skall bli lyckig1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogKanske var min kind lite het1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogKungens vaktparad1971Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogMånga gånger än1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogMitt sommarland1971Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogNya ord1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogSå glad som dina ögon1972Producer
Agnetha FältskogSången föder dig tillbaka1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogTågen kan gå igen1971Producer
Agnetha FältskogTio mil kvar till Korpilombolo1972Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogVart ska min kärlek föra1972Producer
Agnetha Fältskog med Björn UlvaeusSå här börjar kärlek1970Producer
Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anni-FridÅh, vilka tider1973Music/Lyrics
AīssaI Have A Dream2017Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoI Have A Dream2001Music/Lyrics
Alan Byers, Vernon Midgley, Peter Bambo, Leslie FysonEmbassy Lament1984Music/Lyrics
Albert WestSitting In A Palmtree1974Music/Lyrics
AlcazarFunky Feet2003Music/Lyrics
Alexander HoffmannWhere I Want To Be1994Music/Lyrics
Alexandra RubinS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Alfa [1970s]Mamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
AlfonsI Have A Dream1981Music/Lyrics
AlfonsSuper Trouper1981Music/Lyrics
Alice & RitaHokus Pokus1974Music/Lyrics
AlrightMamma mia2009Music/Lyrics
Amaia MonteroChiquitita2010Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Amaia MonteroChiquitita (English Version)2010Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Amanda Holden & Sheridan SmithI Know Him So Well2020Music/Lyrics
Amanda SeyfriedI Have A Dream2008Music/Lyrics
Amanda SeyfriedThank You For The Music2008Music/Lyrics
Amanda SeyfriedThe Name Of The Game2008Music/Lyrics
Amanda Seyfried & Dominic CooperOne Of Us2018Music/Lyrics
Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Lilley & Rachel McDowallGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2008Music/Lyrics
Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Lilley & Rachel McDowallHoney, Honey2008Music/Lyrics
Amanda Seyfried, Christine Baranski & Julie WaltersI've Been Waiting For You2018Music/Lyrics
Amberian DawnLay All Your Love On Me2020Music/Lyrics
Ambros SeelosMoney Money / Sunny / Siverbird1977Music/Lyrics
Ami AspelundWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Amina [HK]Hasta maņana1977Music/Lyrics
Ana DiazFait accompli2020Music/Lyrics
Anders EkborgVem ser ett barn2002Music/Lyrics
Anders Ekborg, Helen SjöholmFlorence lämnar Freddie2002Music/Lyrics
Anders Ekborg, Helen Sjöholm, Kör & OrkesterMerano2002Music/Lyrics
Anders Ekborg, Tommy Körberg, Helen Sjöholm, Kör & OrkesterVem kunde ana2002Music/Lyrics
André HazesMet kerst ben ik alleen1982Music/Lyrics
André HazesMet kerst ben ik alleen (2004 versie)2004Music/Lyrics
André Hazes Jr.Met kerst ben ik alleen2018Music/Lyrics
André RieuArrival2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuChiquitita2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuDancing Queen2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuFernando2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuI Have A Dream2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuMamma mia2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuMoney, Money, Money2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuThank You ABBA2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuThank You For The Music2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuThe Way Old Friends Do2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuThe Winner Takes It All2013Music/Lyrics
André RieuWaterloo2013Music/Lyrics
Andrea WilkeIch war zu lang allein1983Music/Lyrics
Andreas MartinIch brauch' deine Liebe1981Music/Lyrics
Andrew Langtree, Lisa Stokke & CompanyLay All Your Love On Me1999Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterDer Sieger hat die Wahl2019Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterEinfach so1986Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterJeder gegen Jeden: Allein1985Music/Lyrics
Angelika Milster & Dagmar HellbergIch kann ihn versteh'n1985Music/Lyrics
Ann ChristyIn rook vergaan1977Music/Lyrics
Ann ChristyMy Love My Life1977Music/Lyrics
Ann ChristyToen ik de leraar kuste1977Music/Lyrics
Ann ChristyWhen I Kissed The Teacher1977Music/Lyrics
Anna Maria KaufmannDer Sieger hat die Wahl2011Music/Lyrics
Anna-Lotta LarssonInte jag2004Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterButterfly Wings2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterHeaven Help My Heart2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterI Am Just A Girl2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterI Let The Music Speak2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterI Walk With You, Mama2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterLjusa kvällar om varen2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterThank You For The Music2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterThe Day Before You Came2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterThe Winner Takes It All2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterUt mot ett hav2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von OtterWhen All Is Said And Done2006Music/Lyrics
Anne Sofie von Otter & Elvis CostelloLike An Angel Passing Through My Room2001Music/Lyrics
Annegret BehrendWie ein Vogel auf dem Wind1977Music/Lyrics
Anneke DoumaIk haw in dream1990Music/Lyrics
Annette Wimmer, Annika Bruhns & Carolin FortenbacherChiquitita2004Music/Lyrics
Annette Wimmer, Annika Bruhns & Carolin FortenbacherDancing Queen2004Music/Lyrics
Annette Wimmer, Kevin Schröder & EnsembleWenn das Mami wüsst2004Music/Lyrics
Anni-Frid LyngstadLycka1971Music/Lyrics
Anni-Frid LyngstadPeter Pan1969Music/Lyrics
Anni-Frid LyngstadVi är alla bara barn i början1972Music/Lyrics
Annika Bruhns & Ulrich AllroggenKomm und wag's mit mir2004Music/Lyrics
Antonella FerriMamma Mia1989Music/Lyrics
Any TroubleThe Name Of The Game1980Music/Lyrics
Army Of LoversHasta maņana1992Music/Lyrics
ArnoKnowing Me Knowing You2004Music/Lyrics
Arrival [SE]Hey Hey Helen1999Music/Lyrics
Arrival [SE]Just A Notion1999Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeDance (While The Music Still Goes On)1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeDancing Queen1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeFernando1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeHasta Maņana1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeHoney Honey1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeI'm Just A Girl1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeI've Been Waiting For You1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeMamma Mia1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeMy Love, My Life1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeRing Ring1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeS.O.S.1977Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeSo Long1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeTo Live With You1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeWaterloo1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeWhat About Livingstone1975Music/Lyrics
Arthur GreensladeWhen I Kissed The Teacher1977Music/Lyrics
AshDoes Your Mother Know1996Music/Lyrics
AshLay All Your Love On Me2012Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersFernando1990Music/Lyrics
Avicii, B & B And ChoirWe Write The Story2013Music/Lyrics
Axel F.The Winner Takes It All '921992Music/Lyrics
B*Witched feat. Ladysmith Black MambazoDoes Your Mother Know1999Music/Lyrics
B.A. RobertsonI Am The Seeker1983Music/Lyrics
B.E.F. feat. MaximThe Day Before You Came2013Music/Lyrics
BaggioDoes Your Mother Know2019Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Balavoine & FridaBelle1983Music/Lyrics
Barbara DicksonSoldiers1985Music/Lyrics
Barbara Jo AnneS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Barbara Schöneberger & Dirk BachFernando2005Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandI Know Him So Well1991Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleDancing Queen2005Music/Lyrics
Bengt Bauler, Gunilla BackmanSista sommarn2005Music/Lyrics
Bengt Bauler, Nina Lundseie, Bill Hugg, Reuben SallmanderTack för alla sånger2005Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonAldrig2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonAnthem2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonChess2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonEmbassy Lament2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonFödelsedagsvals till Mona1987Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonHappy New Year2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonI gott bevar2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonI Let The Music Speak2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonI Wonder (Departure)2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonKlinga mina klockor1987Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonLottis schottis1987Producer
Benny AnderssonMidnattsdans2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonMountain Duet2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonMy Love, My Life2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonSomeone Else's Story2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonThank You For The Music2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonThe Day Before You Came2017Music/Lyrics
Benny AnderssonTrolkskan1987Producer
Benny AnderssonYou And I2017Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson & Björn UlvaeusTänk om jorden vore ung1970Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson & Björn UlvaeusTräskofolket1971Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson Band(If This Is) Our Last Dance2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandBed Of Roses2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandBirthday Waltz For Mona2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandCirkus Finemang2001Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandFait accompli [english]2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandGlasgow Boogie2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandP.S.2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandSommaren du fick2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandSong From The Second Floor2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandStory Of A Heart2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandThe Stars2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandTrolska2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandTyrolean Schottische2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Andersson BandYou Are My Man2009Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons OrkesterJehu2004Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmDu är min man2004Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmDu frälste mig i sista stund2007Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmLätt som en sommarfjäril2001Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmUpp till dig2007Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmVår sista dans2001Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen SjöholmVinterhamn2012Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm, Kalle MoraeusMidnattsdans2004Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergCrush On You2007Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergDet är vi ändå2006Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergFör dig2006Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergTomten har åkt hem2012Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Tommy KörbergBonde söker fru2007Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Tommy KörbergFait accompli [svensk]2007Music/Lyrics
Benny NeymanKind van de wind2006Music/Lyrics
Benny Neyman & Marga ScheideGeef die banden terug1984Music/Lyrics
Benny Neyman, Bianca Folkers, Bonnie St. Claire, José Hoebee, Marga Scheide, Nancy Dubbeldam, Nico Haak, Ron Brandsteder, Werner Duijn & Willem DuijnLaat het feest beginnen1984Music/Lyrics
Benny Neyman, Bonnie St. Claire & Werner DuijnBij mij1984Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisDon't Play That Song / So You Win Again / Take A Chance On Me1978Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisKnowing Me Knowing You / Tears In Your Eyes / Chanson d'amour /1977Music/Lyrics
Beverley CravenThe Winner Takes It All1993Music/Lyrics
Bianca Folkers, Joost Timp & Nancy DubbeldamABBAcadabra1984Music/Lyrics
Bianca Folkers, José Hoebee, Nancy Dubbeldam, Nico Haak & Willem DuijnWij zijn vrij1984Music/Lyrics
Biba's GroupMamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
Billy G-sonI Saw It In The Mirror1970Music/Lyrics
Billy G-sonThere's A Little Man1970Music/Lyrics
Billy Vaughn OrchestraFernando1979Music/Lyrics
Birgitta Wollgård & SalutOm och om och om igen1975Music/Lyrics
Björn & BennyHey, Musikant1971Music/Lyrics
Björn & BennyInga Theme1969Music/Lyrics
Björn & BennyMerry-Go-Round1972Music/Lyrics
Björn & BennyShe's My Kind Of Girl1970Music/Lyrics
Björn & BennyWas die Liebe sagt1971Music/Lyrics
Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-FridHe Is Your Brother1972Music/Lyrics
Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-FridPeople Need Love1972Music/Lyrics
Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-FridSanta Rosa1972Music/Lyrics
Björn & Benny, Anna & FridaI Am Just A Girl1973Music/Lyrics
Björn & Benny, Anna & FridaNina, Pretty Ballerina1973Music/Lyrics
Björn + Benny + Anna + FriedaRing Ring1973Music/Lyrics
Björn + Benny + Anna + FriedaRock'N Roll Band1973Music/Lyrics
Björn Benny & Anna FridaRing Ring [deutsch]1973Music/Lyrics
Björn Benny & Anna FridaWer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht1973Music/Lyrics
Björn SkifsThe Arbiter1984Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonAtt finnas till1972Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonDet där med kärlek1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonDet kan ingen doktor hjälpa1971Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonEn karusell1972Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonGe oss en chans1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonHej gamle man!1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonKalles visa1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonKära gamla sol1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonLilla du, lilla vän1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonLiselott1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonLivet går sin gäng1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonLove Has Its Ways1972Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonLycka1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonNånting är på väg1970Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonPå bröllop1971Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonRock'n Roll Band1972Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonTo Live With You2006Music/Lyrics
Björn Ulvaeus & Benny AnderssonVälkommen in i gänget1970Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaAnother Town, Another Train1973Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaDisillusion1973Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaI Saw It In The Mirror1973Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaLove Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)1973Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaMe And Bobby And Bobby's Brother1973Music/Lyrics
Björn, Benny & Agnetha, FridaRing Ring (bara du slog en signal)1973Music/Lyrics
Black SwedenThe Winner Takes It All2000Music/Lyrics
BlancmangeThe Day Before You Came1984Music/Lyrics
Blandine AggeryThe Winner Takes It All2012Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Blaskapelle GloriaArrival2007Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman ChorI Have A Dream2011Music/Lyrics
Bob LaneseLay All Your Love On Me1981Music/Lyrics
Bob LaneseThe Winner Takes It All1980Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséCassandra1984Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséChiquitita1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséDe flierefluiter1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséEen man1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséHart voor een kind2021Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséHerinnering1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséIs 't zo bedoeld1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséLigt dat nou aan jou of aan mij1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséVriendschap1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséWeet wel wat je doet1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséZoals vrienden doen1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & JoséZonder hem1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie & José met Ron BrandstederWaarom1985Music/Lyrics
BrendonRock Me1977Music/Lyrics
Brita BorgLjuva sextital1969Music/Lyrics
Brødrene OlsenFernando2003Music/Lyrics
Brotherhood Of ManDancing Queen1979Music/Lyrics
Brotherhood Of ManLay All Your Love On Me1981Music/Lyrics
BullitHoney Honey1976Music/Lyrics
Camera ObscuraSuper Trouper2007Music/Lyrics
Cantus-ChorGimme, Gimme, Gimme...(A Man After Midnight)1979Music/Lyrics
Cantus-ChorLay All Your Love On Me1982Music/Lyrics
CaravelliDancing Queen1980Music/Lyrics
CaravelliGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)1980Music/Lyrics
CaravelliI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1980Music/Lyrics
CaravelliI've Been Waiting For You1980Music/Lyrics
CaravelliMoney, Money, Money1980Music/Lyrics
CaravelliSummer Night City1980Music/Lyrics
Carene CherylOh! Mama mia1976Music/Lyrics
Carla BruniThe Winner Takes It All2017Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Carlo BrunnerChiquitita2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerFernando2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerHoney Honey2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerI Do I Do I Do I Do I Do2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerI Have A Dream2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerMamma Mia2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerMoney Money Money2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerS.O.S.2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerSuper Trouper2006Music/Lyrics
Carlo BrunnerWaterloo2006Music/Lyrics
Carol DouglasDancing Queen1977Music/Lyrics
Carolin FortenbacherDer Sieger hat die Wahl2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin FortenbacherEiner von uns2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin Fortenbacher & EnsembleMamma Mia2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin Fortenbacher & Frank LogemannS.O.S.2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin Fortenbacher & Peggy PollowDurch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin Fortenbacher, Annette Wimmer, Annika Bruhns & EnsembleMoney, Money, Money2004Music/Lyrics
Carolin Fortenbacher, Annika Bruhns, Annette Wimmer & EnsembleSuper Trouper2004Music/Lyrics
CashmereOn And On And On1980Music/Lyrics
Cast "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again"Super Trouper2018Music/Lyrics
Catherine FerryAbbacadabra1983Music/Lyrics
Celtic WomanLike An Angel Passing Through My Room2015Music/Lyrics
CenterfoldBitch When I See Red1987Music/Lyrics
Change OneGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)2009Music/Lyrics
Change OneVoulez vous Music/Lyrics
Charlott Strandberg, Mamma Mia! Stockholm CastVäntar inte mamma på dig2005Music/Lyrics
Charlott Strandberg, Sussie Eriksson, Gunilla BackmanDancing Queen2005Music/Lyrics
Charlotte Jaconelli & Kerry EllisI Know Him So Well2014Music/Lyrics
Checkmate [1980s]One Night In Bangkok1985Music/Lyrics
CherChiquitita (Spanish Version)2020Music/Lyrics
CherDancing Queen2018Music/Lyrics
CherGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2018Music/Lyrics
CherMamma Mia2018Music/Lyrics
CherOne Of Us2018Music/Lyrics
CherThe Name Of The Game2018Music/Lyrics
CherThe Winner Takes It All2018Music/Lyrics
Cher & Andy GarciaFernando2018Music/Lyrics
Chico & The GypsiesChiquitita2013Music/Lyrics
Children Of The World & Andy WilliamsIf We Only Had The Time1980Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghS.O.S.2011Music/Lyrics
Christina [GR]Waterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Christina HarrisonS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Christine Baranski & Philip MichaelDoes Your Mother Know2008Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackI Know Him So Well1985Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackKnowing Me, Knowing You1980Music/Lyrics
Cissy & Whitney HoustonI Know Him So Well1987Music/Lyrics
Claire GuyotLa loi du plus fort2011Music/Lyrics
Claire Richards with Andy BellSummer Night City2023Music/Lyrics
Clara LucianiBravo tu as gagné2022Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Claudia & PeggyFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Claudia CaluweEn net als vroeger1993Music/Lyrics
Claudia JungDer Sieger hat die Wahl2015Music/Lyrics
Claudia JungDurch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit2014Music/Lyrics
Cliff Rilly & Luc Van MeeuwenJa altijd1999Music/Lyrics
CoCo LeeDancing Queen1996Music/Lyrics
Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård, Amanda Seyfried & Meryl StreepOur Last Summer2008Music/Lyrics
Colin ThackeryThank You For The Music2019Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Cristy LaneI Have A Dream1980Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubVoulez Vous1999Music/Lyrics
Cusch Jung & Carolin FortenbacherUnser Sommer2004Music/Lyrics
Da BuzzOne Of Us2002Music/Lyrics
Dan Menasche, Gaëlle Gauthier & Les GarįonsLaisse-moi l'amour aussi2011Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerABBA Medley2002Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerPut On Your White Sombrero1997Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerThe Winner Takes It All2001Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerZwoele zomer1997Music/Lyrics
Daniel Balavoine & Marie-France RousselLâchez mes cassettes1983Music/Lyrics
Daniel BeaufixeTęte d'allumette1983Music/Lyrics
Daniel Beaufixe & Plastic BertrandMon nez mon nez1983Music/Lyrics
Dante Connelly's Accordeon SoundI Have A Dream1980Music/Lyrics
Dario FarinaOne Night in Bangkok1990Music/Lyrics
Das Traumstern-OrchesterDancing Queen2011Music/Lyrics
Das Traumstern-OrchesterSuper Trouper2011Music/Lyrics
Das Traumstern-OrchesterTake A Chance On Me2011Music/Lyrics
Dave MalineS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
David CarrollAnthem1988Music/Lyrics
David CarrollWhere I Want To Be1988Music/Lyrics
David Carroll and Judy KuhnYou And I (Reprise)1988Music/Lyrics
David Carroll, Philip Casnoff, The Record Plant New York CompanyEndgame1988Music/Lyrics
DaylightDancing Queen1978Music/Lyrics
DCXKnowing Me, Knowing You2007Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesChiquitita1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesDe discotheek zit vol1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesDromen1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesFeest bij mij1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesFernando1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesGoeiemorgen1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesIk ben bang1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesKijk 'es, daar zit-ie!1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesPony, pony, pony1981Music/Lyrics
De Leidse SleuteltjesWeet je moeder dat?1981Music/Lyrics
De StrangersDanke menselief1979Music/Lyrics
De Strangers't Jaar van 't kind1979Music/Lyrics
Debby BooneHasta Maņana1977Music/Lyrics
Deborah SassonFernando2012Music/Lyrics
Declan McKennaSlipping Through My Fingers2023Music/Lyrics
Def SyndicateThe A Project1990Music/Lyrics
Denis Quilley, Elaine Paige, Björn Skifs & Tommy KörbergQuartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity)1984Music/Lyrics
Denis Quilley, Murray Head, Elaine Paige, Tommy Körberg & Barbara DicksonEndgame1984Music/Lyrics
Denise Van OutenGimme! Gimme! Gimme!1999Music/Lyrics
Dennis DeYoungSomeone Else Story1994Music/Lyrics
Dennis DeYoungWhere I Want To Be1994Music/Lyrics
Denny WrightMoney Money Money2010Music/Lyrics
DiabloDancing Queen2003Music/Lyrics
Die fidelen LimburgerTränen lügen nicht / Frag' nicht die Wolken / Fernando1976Music/Lyrics
Dieter HallervordenSuper Dudler1980Music/Lyrics
DingetjeEen nacht in Mokum1985Music/Lyrics
Dinu RaduFernando1996Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)1979Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraI Have A Dream1980Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleGimme, Gimme, Gimme2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleKnowing Me Knowing You2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleLay All Your Love On Me2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleLove Light2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleMamma Mia2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleMegamix2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleS.O.S.2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleSummer Night City2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleThe Winner Takes It All2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleVoulez-vous2005Music/Lyrics
DJ EnsambleWhen All Is Said And Done2005Music/Lyrics
DJ Ensamble feat. AlanMorrisOne Man One Woman2005Music/Lyrics
DJ Ensamble feat. Päivi LepistöDancing Queen2005Music/Lyrics
Doctor & The Medics With Roy WoodWaterloo1986Music/Lyrics
Dominic Cooper & Amanda SeyfriedLay All Your Love On Me2008Music/Lyrics
Doro Pesch & Dirk BachGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2005Music/Lyrics
DortheVelkommen til verden1971Music/Lyrics
Dune & The London Session OrchestraOne Of Us1998Music/Lyrics
EddaHoney, Honey1974Music/Lyrics
EdelweissBring Me Edelweiss1988Music/Lyrics
EdurneDame! Dame! Dame!2008Music/Lyrics
Eija KantolaWaterloo1997Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeHeaven Help My Heart1984Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeLike An Image Passing By1983Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeNobody's Side1984Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeOne Night In Bangkok1991Music/Lyrics
Elaine Paige & Tommy KörbergArgument1984Music/Lyrics
Elaine Paige & Tommy KörbergMountain Duet1984Music/Lyrics
Elaine Paige and Barbara DicksonI Know Him So Well1984Music/Lyrics
Electronic SystemWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Eliza Lumley & Lisa StokkeHoney Honey2005Music/Lyrics
EloquentLay All Your Love On Me2018Music/Lyrics
Elvira VoćaWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
ErasureGimme! Gimme! Gimme!1986Music/Lyrics
ErasureLay All Your Love On Me1992Music/Lyrics
ErasureTake A Chance On Me1992Music/Lyrics
ErasureVoulez vous1992Music/Lyrics
ErazorOne Night in Bangkok2002Music/Lyrics
Eric Flanders & Garry HaggerIk ken haar te goed2012Music/Lyrics
Eric Flanders & Margriet HermansZoals vrienden doen2008Music/Lyrics
E-RoticAngel Eyes1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticDancing Queen1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticLay All Your Love On Me1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticMoney, Money, Money1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticOne Of Us1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticRock Me1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticThank You For The Music1997Music/Lyrics
E-RoticThe Winner Takes It All1997Music/Lyrics
Eugén TajmerSig det med en sang1972Music/Lyrics
Eva KostolányiováWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Eva RydbergPartaj-aj-aj1970Music/Lyrics
Evan DandoKnowing Me, Knowing You1992Music/Lyrics
Fabienne ThibeaultImagine-moi1983Music/Lyrics
Faryl SmithThe Way Old Friends Do2009Music/Lyrics
Filet d'AnversHartendam1992Music/Lyrics
Fischer ChöreFernando1978Music/Lyrics
FloodHoney Honey1974Music/Lyrics
FloodMamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
FlootMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Four Jacks And A JillHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
Four Jacks And A JillHoney Honey1975Music/Lyrics
Francine Jordi & Semino Rossi & Simone & Karel Gott & Wencke MyhreLet's Swing-Medley2005Music/Lyrics
Franck PourcelDancing Queen1978Music/Lyrics
Franck PourcelLay All Your Love On Me1981Music/Lyrics
Frank LogemannIch bin ich, du bist du2004Music/Lyrics
Frank Logemann, Carolin Fortenbacher & EnsembleIch will, ich will, ich will, ich will, ich will2004Music/Lyrics
Frank TurnerDancing Queen2008Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertA Walk In The Park / Does Your Mother Know1979Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertBorn To Be Alive / Voulez-Vous / How Could This Go Wrong1979Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertLieber Gott / One Of Us1982Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertSummer Night City1979Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertSuper Trooper1981Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertWeil du ein zärtlicher Mann bist / Wem / Head Over Heels1982Music/Lyrics
Free SouffriauIn rook vergaan2009Music/Lyrics
Frida & B.A. RobertsonTime1983Music/Lyrics
Frida & Dan DaniellI Have A Dream2003Music/Lyrics
FrosttideOne Night In Bangkok2015Music/Lyrics
FugeesRumble In The Jungle1996Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Full Cast, Philip Michael, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters & Stellan SkarsgårdVoulez-vous2008Music/Lyrics
Gaëlle GauthierJe garde un ręve2011Music/Lyrics
Gaëlle GauthierPrologue2011Music/Lyrics
Gaëlle Gauthier & Chœur CauchemardesqueComme une attaque2011Music/Lyrics
Gaëlle Gauthier & Francis BoulogneDis-moi ā quoi tu joues2011Music/Lyrics
Gaëlle Gauthier, Jérôme Pradon, Patrick Mazet & Francis BoulogneMa vie c’est la musique2011Music/Lyrics
Gamper & DadoniGimme! Gimme! Gimme!2019Music/Lyrics
Gebroeders BrouwerFernando1976Music/Lyrics
GeminiAnother You, Another Me1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiBeat The Heat1987Producer
GeminiCopy Love1986Music/Lyrics
GeminiDen som sa det var det2005Music/Lyrics
GeminiGhost Town1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiHave Mercy1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiI Am The Universe1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiI'm A Bitch When I See Red1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiIn The Middle Of Nowhere1985Producer
GeminiJust Like That1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiLive On The Love1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiMio min Mio1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiMio My Mio1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiNearly There1987Music/Lyrics
GeminiSlow Emotion1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiSniffin' Out The Snakes1987Producer
GeminiThere's No Way To Fool A Heart1987Producer
GeminiToo Much Love Is Wasted1985Music/Lyrics
GeminiWhen I Close My Eyes2005Music/Lyrics
GeminiWild About That Girl1987Music/Lyrics
Gerd Michaelis-ChorHoney, Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Gerd Michaelis-ChorWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
GhostI'm A Marionette2013Music/Lyrics
Giovanni ZarrellaAllora prendi e vai2022Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Girls' GenerationDancing Queen2012Music/Lyrics
GitteAt The End1976Producer
GitteHappy End1976Producer
Glee CastDancing Queen2011Music/Lyrics
Glee CastMamma Mia2013Music/Lyrics
Global KrynerAristo Kryner Music/Lyrics
Go WestOne Of Us1992Music/Lyrics
Gottfried BöttgerArrival1977Music/Lyrics
Gottfried BöttgerMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Gottfried BöttgerThat's Me1977Music/Lyrics
GotthardS.O.S. [2020]2020Music/Lyrics
Grethe SønckDet var vel tider1969Music/Lyrics
Gunilla BackmanEn av oss2005Music/Lyrics
Gunilla BackmanMamma Mia2005Music/Lyrics
Gunilla BackmanMoney, Money, Money2005Music/Lyrics
Gunilla BackmanVinnaren tar allt2005Music/Lyrics
Gunilla Backman, Nina LundseieKan man ha en solkatt i en bur2005Music/Lyrics
Gunilla Backman, Sussie Eriksson, Charlott StrandbergSuper Trouper2005Music/Lyrics
Günter NorisKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
H & ClaireAnother You Another Me2002Music/Lyrics
Hana ZagorováAsi, asi1974Music/Lyrics
Hana ZagorováŽízeň1976Music/Lyrics
Hana Zagorová & Petra JanůJá o něm vím své2021Music/Lyrics
Hank MarvinOne Night In Bangkok / Variations1997Music/Lyrics
Harry Goz, Judy Kuhn, Paul Harman, David CarrollQuartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)1988Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanAndante Andante1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanI Wonder1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanIf It Wasn't For The Nights1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanKnowing Me Knowing You1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanLike An Angel Passing Through My Room1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanMamma Mia1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanMy Love My Life1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanOne Of Us1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanOur Last Summer1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanS.O.S.1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanThe King Has Lost His Crown1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanThe Way Old Friends Do1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanThe Winner Takes It All1996Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanWhen All Is Said And Done1996Music/Lyrics
Headless ChickensSuper Trouper1995Music/Lyrics
Helen SjöholmInte jag2002Music/Lyrics
Helen SjöholmOm han var här2002Music/Lyrics
Helen Sjöholm, Josefin NilssonJag vet vad han vill2002Music/Lyrics
Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergDrömmar av glas / Historien om schack2002Music/Lyrics
Helen Sjöholm, Tommy KörbergMöte på en bro2002Music/Lyrics
Helena VondráčkováA ty se ptáš, co já1980Music/Lyrics
HelloweenLay All Your Love On Me1999Music/Lyrics
Henk Poort, Ernst Daniel Smid & Marco BakkerAnthem From 'Chess'2009Music/Lyrics
Hilton McRaeKnowing Me, Knowing You1999Music/Lyrics
Hilton McRae, Siobhán McCarthy & CompanyI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1999Music/Lyrics
Holger FrankHeu Gras Kirschen1979Music/Lyrics
HolstuonarmusigbigbandclubTake A Chance On Me2008Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersAdjö, farväl1967Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersBaby Those Are The Rules1967Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersBjörkens visa1964Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersCalle schewens vals1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersDär björkana susa1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersDarlin'1964Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersDé é någé visst mé dé1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersDu eller ingen1967Music/Lyrics
(Bjørn Ulvaeus)
Hootenanny SingersEn balad om franske kungens spelmän1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersFåfängans marknad1969Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersFår jag lämna några blommor1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersFinns det liv så finns det hopp1965Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersFlicka från backafall1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersI lunden den gröna1964Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersJust The Way That You Are1967Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersKullerullvisan1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersLängtan till Italien1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersMarianne1966Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersMårten gås1967Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersMrs. O'Grady1969Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersNimm dein Banjo dir zur Hand1965Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersNo Time1965Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersOmkring tiggarn från Luossa1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersSmå nära ting1965Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersSvarte Rudolf1972Producer
Hootenanny SingersTime To Move Along1965Music/Lyrics
Hootenanny SingersVisa i molom1972Producer
Hugh Skinner & Lily JamesWaterloo2018Music/Lyrics
Il DivoThe Winner Takes It All (Va todo al ganador)2008Music/Lyrics
Indiana [BE]One Of Us2001Music/Lyrics
Information SocietyLay All Your Love On Me1988Music/Lyrics
Inga LiseHoney, Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Inger LiseWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Inger Lise RypdalS.O.S.1976Music/Lyrics
Ireen IndraWie ein Engel ohne Flügel1983Music/Lyrics
IrmaThe Name Of The Game1992Music/Lyrics
Isabella Hübner / Dirk Gabula / Joachim Lätsch / Michael N. Kuehl / Antje Hagen & Sepp Schauer / Mona Seefried / Moritz TittelDas Jubiläums-Medley2015Music/Lyrics
JakarandaJust Like That1998Music/Lyrics
JamaliKnowing Me Knowing You2008Music/Lyrics
James LastDancing Queen2001Music/Lyrics
James LastFernando2001Music/Lyrics
James LastGimme, Gimme, Gimme2001Music/Lyrics
James LastKnowing Me, Knowing You2001Music/Lyrics
James LastLay All Your Love On Me2001Music/Lyrics
James LastLjuva sextital / Pål sine höner / Sönnavind-Valsen1971Music/Lyrics
James LastMamma Mia2001Music/Lyrics
James LastMoney, Money, Money2001Music/Lyrics
James LastOne Of Us Is Crying2001Music/Lyrics
James LastS.O.S.2001Music/Lyrics
James LastSuper Trouper2001Music/Lyrics
James LastTake A Chance On Me2001Music/Lyrics
James LastThe Name Of The Game2001Music/Lyrics
James LastThe Winner Takes It All2001Music/Lyrics
James LastWaterloo2001Music/Lyrics
Jane & HerondyA melhor noite do mundo1977Music/Lyrics
Jane & HerondyVolte pra mim1977Music/Lyrics
Jarl KulleJag är blott en man1972Music/Lyrics
Jawadde'k Heb prijs, Mina, schuune ballerina1979Music/Lyrics
Jean-Claude BorellyArrival1978Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Love HewittDancing Queen1991Music/Lyrics
Jenny Galloway & Nicolas ColicosTake A Chance On Me1999Music/Lyrics
Jeremy Irvine, Lily James, Pierce Brosnan & Amanda SeyfriedKnowing Me, Knowing You2018Music/Lyrics
Jerry HadleyAnthem2016Music/Lyrics
Jessy K.S.O.S.1993Music/Lyrics
Jiří KornJak se člověk mũlí1977Music/Lyrics
Joan EllisI Don't Love You Anyway1977Music/Lyrics
Joan EllisI've Been Waiting For You1976Music/Lyrics
Joan's FamilySpillemand1969Music/Lyrics
Joe HarrisAls je het een keer hebt gedaan1971Music/Lyrics
Joe HarrisDenk niet te veel1971Music/Lyrics
Joe HarrisZeg het mij met een lied1972Music/Lyrics
John Anderson BandAbba Medley1986Music/Lyrics
John BarrowmanI Know Him So Well2008Music/Lyrics
John BarrowmanThe Winner Takes It All2010Music/Lyrics
John Barrowman & Daniel BoysI Know Him So Well2008Music/Lyrics
John PetersenFernando1976Music/Lyrics
John PetersenMamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
John Petersen & SkylinerKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny CarverS.O.S.1980Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathiesenBang a boomerang1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraThe Winner Takes it All1980Music/Lyrics
Joost Timp & Ron BrandstederMe neus, me neus1984Music/Lyrics
Joost Timp, Ron Brandsteder & Werner DuijnToen ik een wolfje was1984Music/Lyrics
Jörg Neubauer, Peggy Pollow & EnsembleLeg dein Herz an eine Leine2004Music/Lyrics
Jørgen IngmannMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
José [NL]Spiegel1984Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonHan är en man han är ett barn2002Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonHeaven And Hell1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonHigh Hopes And Heartaches1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonLeave It To Love1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonMidnight Dancer1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonNow You See Him, Now You Don't1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonSurprise, Surprise1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonThe Film I'd Like To See1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonWe Won't Be Going Anywhere1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonWhen I Watched You In Your Sleep1993Music/Lyrics
Josefin NilssonWhere The Whales Have Ceased To Sing1993Music/Lyrics
Josh Dylan, Lily James & Hugh SkinnerWhy Did It Have To Be Me?2018Music/Lyrics
Josh GrobanAnthem2015Music/Lyrics
Josh GrobanGold Can Turn To Sand2015Music/Lyrics
Judy KuhnHeaven Help My Heart1988Music/Lyrics
Judy KuhnNobody's Side1988Music/Lyrics
Judy KuhnSomeone Else's Story1988Music/Lyrics
Judy Kuhn and David CarrollTerrace Duet1988Music/Lyrics
Judy Kuhn and Marcia MitzmanI Know Him So Well1988Music/Lyrics
Judy Kuhn and Philip CasnoffHow Many Women1988Music/Lyrics
Judy Kuhn and Philip CasnoffYou Want To Lose Your Only Friend?1988Music/Lyrics
Judy Kuhn, David Carroll and Marcia MitzmanYou And I1988Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmDancing Queen2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmDanke für die Lieder2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmDer Sieger hat die Wahl2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmFernando (...und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah)2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmIch bin ich, du bist du2017Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Julia LindholmIch leb' im Traum2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmIch sah deine Tränen2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmKomm und wag's mit mir2017Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Julia LindholmLeg dein Herz an eine Leine2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmMamma mia2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmMamma mia (DJ Herzbeat & Marc Kiss Remix)2021Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmMoney Money Money2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmS.O.S.2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmSuper Trouper2016Music/Lyrics
Julia LindholmWaterloo2016Music/Lyrics
Julie Walters, Christine Baranski & Amanda SeyfriedAngel Eyes2018Music/Lyrics
Julie Walters, Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth, Philip Michael & Christine BaranskiTake A Chance On Me2008Music/Lyrics
Jürgen DrewsBei Nacht in Bangkok1985Music/Lyrics
Just FriendsOne Of Us1997Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner SingersFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Kalomira & Giķrgos ChristouDancing Queen2004Music/Lyrics
Karen Gluck & Francis BoulogneViens tenter ta chance2011Music/Lyrics
Karen SmithDancing Queen Music/Lyrics
Karin & Anders GlenmarkFlyga fri1984Producer
Karin & Anders GlenmarkKall som is1984Producer
Kate HallMamma Mia2005Music/Lyrics
Katherine JenkinsAnthem2014Music/Lyrics
Kerry EllisAnthem2010Music/Lyrics
Kerry EllisYou Have To Be There2010Music/Lyrics
Kerststerren ZingenHappy New Year1999Music/Lyrics
Kicki MobergHär är mitt liv1981Music/Lyrics
Kids United Nouvelle GénérationSuper Trouper2019Music/Lyrics
Kikki DanielssonEn annan stad, en annan vän1991Music/Lyrics
Kikki DanielssonPlease Change Your Mind1978Music/Lyrics
Kikki Danielsson & Kjell RoosDet var det ingenting på1990Music/Lyrics
KimmikHej, gamle mand1971Music/Lyrics
Klaus Florian Vogt / Münchner Rundfunkorchester / Gerrit PriessnitzAnthem2014Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichDancing Queen / I Love To Love1978Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichHoney Honey / Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies / Sugar Baby Love1975Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichMoney, Money, Money / Sunny / Tante Emma1977Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichThe Disco "Beathoven" / Taka A Chance On Me / You're The One That I Want1978Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichWaterloo / Teenage Rampage / Devil Gate Drive1974Music/Lyrics
Kör & OrkesterCapablanca2002Music/Lyrics
Kör & OrkesterChess2002Music/Lyrics
Kör & OrkesterOuvertyr2002Music/Lyrics
Kör & Orkester, Anders Ekborg, Helen SjöholmUngern '562002Music/Lyrics
Kör & Orkester, Helen SjöholmLämna inga dörrar på glänt2002Music/Lyrics
Kristin RemptDanke für die Lieder2006Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Kristin RemptThank You For The Music2006Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Kristina BachTränen siehst du nicht1993Music/Lyrics
Kylie MinogueDancing Queen1998Music/Lyrics
La CostaFernando1976Music/Lyrics
La CostaS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Laura BraniganThe Winner Takes It All2004Music/Lyrics
Lecia & LuciennePenge, penge, penge1977Music/Lyrics
Lecia & LucienneWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Leif BlomsNär jag kysste lärarn1991Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonBarn1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonBetter To Have Loved1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonCecilia1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonCecilia [English]1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonEn vals för älvor och troll1972Producer
Lena AnderssonEn visa om arton svanar1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonFernando (... und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah)1976Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonFlickan och pastorn1972Producer
Lena AnderssonHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonHasta maņana (Svensk version)1974Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonHeute treffen sich die Leute1974Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonHimlasprång1972Producer
Lena AnderssonJag har väntat på dig1974Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonLanguage Of Love1971Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonNatt mot morgon1972Producer
Lena AnderssonNu kommer kvällen1972Producer
Lena AnderssonOch katten sprang bort med sommaren1972Producer
Lena AnderssonOm du nånsin kommer fram till Samarkand1972Producer
Lena AnderssonS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonSäg det med en sång1972Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonSöderjäntans söndag1972Producer
Lena AnderssonSol, vind och vatten1972Producer
Lena AnderssonVisa i citruslunden1972Producer
Lena MartellHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
Lena MartellI've Been Waiting For You1975Music/Lyrics
Les EnfoirésThe Winner Takes It All (Live)2018Music/Lyrics
Levin Goes LightlyKnowing Me, Knowing You2021Music/Lyrics
Lill-BabsVälkommen till världen1971Music/Lyrics
Lill-BabsWillkommen auf Erden1976Music/Lyrics
Lily JamesAndante, Andante2018Music/Lyrics
Lily JamesI Have A Dream2018Music/Lyrics
Lily JamesThe Name Of The Game2018Music/Lyrics
Lily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn & Alexa DaviesI Wonder (Departure)2018Music/Lyrics
Lily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn & Alexa DaviesMamma Mia2018Music/Lyrics
Lily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Alexa Davies & Celia ImrieWhen I Kissed The Teacher2018Music/Lyrics
Lily James, Meryl Streep & Amanda SeyfriedMy Love, My Life2018Music/Lyrics
Lina MalyMio, mein Mio2020Music/Lyrics
Lisa StokkeI Have A Dream1999Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stokke & CompanyUnder Attack1999Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stokke & Nicolas ColicosThe Name Of The Game1999Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stokke, Eliza Lumley & Melissa GibsonHoney, Honey1999Music/Lyrics
Lisa Stokke, Hilton McRae, Paul Clarkson & Nicolas ColicosThank You For The Music1999Music/Lyrics
Lizot & Amfree & AmprisBoom Boom Boom Boom2020Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
London Symphony Orchestra With The Ambrosian Singers feat. Murray HeadMerano1984Music/Lyrics
Long LineMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Lotta EngbergBang en Boomerang2000Music/Lyrics
Lotta EngbergFernando1997Music/Lyrics
Louis Clark & The London Philharmonic OrchestraDancing Queen1989Music/Lyrics
Louise Plowright, Jenny Galloway & Siobhán McCarthyChiquitita1999Music/Lyrics
Louise Plowright, Jenny Galloway & Siobhán McCarthyDancing Queen1999Music/Lyrics
Louise Plowright, Neal Wright & CompanyDoes Your Mother Know1999Music/Lyrics
Loves Ugly ChildrenHoney Honey1995Music/Lyrics
Lucy DiakovskaChiquitita2005Music/Lyrics
Luka BloomDancing Queen2000Music/Lyrics
Mad CaddiesS.O.S.2001Music/Lyrics
MadnessMoney Money Money1999Music/Lyrics
MadonnaHung Up2005Music/Lyrics
Mambo TaxiSupertrooper1994Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! EnsembleEntr'acte1999Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! EnsembleGimme! Gimme! Gimme!1999Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! EnsembleVoulez-Vous1999Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Ensemble [DE]Dancing Queen2010Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Ensemble [DE]Entr'acte2004Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Ensemble [DE]Gib mir, gib mir, gib mir2004Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Ensemble [DE]Voulez-Vous2004Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Stockholm CastVoulez-Vous2005Music/Lyrics
Mamma Mia! Stockholm CastWaterloo2005Music/Lyrics
ManuelaHappy Hawaii1980Music/Lyrics
Marga BultHappy New Year1997Music/Lyrics
Marga Scheide & Peter KoelewijnDe kokende spoken show1984Music/Lyrics
Marga Scheide, Ron Brandsteder & kinderenAls ik later groot ben1984Music/Lyrics
Marianne RosenbergIch sah deine Tränen1982Music/Lyrics
Marie-France RousselCarabosse Super Show1983Music/Lyrics
Marie-France Roussel, Stéphane & les enfants d'AsničresQu'est-ce que j'vais faire plus tard1983Music/Lyrics
Mariella AhrensMoney Money Money2005Music/Lyrics
MarillionMoney Money Money2007Music/Lyrics
Marion Posta, Karen Gluck, Claire Guyot & EnsembleDancing Queen2011Music/Lyrics
Marion Posta, Tristan Chaelais & TroupeSi maman permet2011Music/Lyrics
Marion RungPrinsessa1977Music/Lyrics
MarjorieKorttitalo vaan1992Music/Lyrics
Martine McCutcheonMamma Mia1999Music/Lyrics
Martine McCutcheonThe Winner Takes It All2002Music/Lyrics
Master FatmanSOS1991Music/Lyrics
Maurice Barrier & Marie FramboiseEnvoyez le générique1983Music/Lyrics
Maurice Barrier & Marie FramboisePareils et męmes1983Music/Lyrics
Maurice Barrier, Plastic Bertrand, Marie Framboise & Fabienne ThibeaultDélivrés1983Music/Lyrics
Max GregerHoney Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Max GregerI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1975Music/Lyrics
Max GregerKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
Max GregerSugar Baby Love / Honey Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Max GregerWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterSuper Trouper2000Music/Lyrics
Melanie C feat. Emma BuntonI Know Him So Well2012Music/Lyrics
Melanie PayerRing, Ring2022Music/Lyrics
Men Without HatsS.O.S.1989Music/Lyrics
Meryl StreepMamma Mia2008Music/Lyrics
Meryl StreepThe Day Before You Came2018Music/Lyrics
Meryl StreepThe Winner Takes It All2008Music/Lyrics
Meryl Streep & Amanda SeyfriedSlipping Through My Fingers2008Music/Lyrics
Meryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine BaranskiDancing Queen2008Music/Lyrics
Meryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine BaranskiMoney, Money, Money2008Music/Lyrics
Meryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine BaranskiSuper Trouper2008Music/Lyrics
MetteSmil og få selv et smil igen1974Music/Lyrics
MGT feat. Ville ValoKnowing Me Knowing You2016Music/Lyrics
Mia MartinaVoulez-vous2015Music/Lyrics
Micha MarahHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
Michael BallAnthem1996Music/Lyrics
Michael BallHappy New Year1999Music/Lyrics
Michael BallThe Winner Takes It All2001Music/Lyrics
Michael Ball & Alfie BoeAnthem2016Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteI Have A Dream2015Music/Lyrics
Michael MichailoffLay All Your Love On Me2002Music/Lyrics
Michčle TorrJ'aime1977Music/Lyrics
Michelle HunzikerS.O.S.2005Music/Lyrics
Mike LoveOn And On And On1981Music/Lyrics
Mike OldfieldArrival1980Music/Lyrics
Mike TysonOne Night In Bangkok2011Music/Lyrics
Milan, Paul & ElaDas ist okay (S.O.S.)1975Music/Lyrics
Milan, Paul & ElaGeh' an den Rosen nicht vorbei1975Music/Lyrics
Milan, Paul & ElaSing, wenn du mal traurig bist1975Music/Lyrics
Milk & Honey [NL]Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)1975Music/Lyrics
Milo PavlovicWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Mireille MathieuBravo tu as gagné1981Music/Lyrics
Munich Symphonic Sound OrchestraFernando1989Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadOne Night In Bangkok1984Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadPity The Child1984Music/Lyrics
Murray Head and Elaine PaigeFlorence Quits1984Music/Lyrics
Murray Head and Elaine PaigeThe American And Florence / Nobody's Side1984Music/Lyrics
Murray Head, Tommy Körberg, Denis Quilley and Elaine PaigeThe Deal (No Deal)1984Music/Lyrics
MysticaSuper Trouper2017Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Nana MouskouriChanter la vie1983Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriChiquitita (Dis-moi pourquoi)1984Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriI Have A Dream [1985]1985Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriIch leb' im Traum1983Music/Lyrics
Nashville TrainPlease Change Your Mind1977Music/Lyrics
Nashville TrainRing Ring1977Music/Lyrics
Neal Ben-AriThe Story Of Chess1988Music/Lyrics
Neal Ben-Ari and Judy KuhnLullaby (Apukád erös kezén)1988Music/Lyrics
NewkidDu måste finnas2020Music/Lyrics
Nico Gomez And His Top OrchestraRing Ring1973Music/Lyrics
NicoleWaterloo [englisch]2017Music/Lyrics
Nigel Brooks SingersWaterloo1976Music/Lyrics
Niklas AnderssonAnthem2008Music/Lyrics
Niklas Riesebeck, Nina LundseieI tryggt förvar hos mig2005Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenDancing Queen2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenMoney, Money, Money2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenS.O.S.2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenSuper Trouper2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenTake A Chance On Me2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenThank You For The Music2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenThe Name Of The Game2004Music/Lyrics
Nils LandgrenWhen All Is Sais And Done2004Music/Lyrics
Nils Landgren / Sharon DyallGimme! Gimme! Gimme!2004Music/Lyrics
Nils Landgren / Sharon DyallVoulez-vous2003Music/Lyrics
Nils Landgren / Till BrönnerKnowing Me, Knowing You2004Music/Lyrics
Nils Landgren / Viktoria TolstoySummer Night City2003Music/Lyrics
Nina LundseieJag har en dröm2005Music/Lyrics
Nina Lundseie, Bill HuggSäg OK eller nej2005Music/Lyrics
Nina Lundseie, Jenny Miia, Lisa ÖstbergHoney, Honey2005Music/Lyrics
Noah StewartI Have A Dream2012Music/Lyrics
NoiceBang en boomerang1981Music/Lyrics
Norman GunstonSalute To ABBA1976Music/Lyrics
OdinODancing Queen2014Music/Lyrics
Olivia Ruiz, Jenifer & Carine HaddadouGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2001Music/Lyrics
Olsen BrothersBang-A-Boomerang2011Music/Lyrics
Olsen BrothersWaterloo2011Music/Lyrics
Orchester Anthony VenturaI Have A Dream1981Music/Lyrics
Orchester Cliff CarpenterMoney, Money, Money1976Music/Lyrics
Orchester Paul MauriatKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Roy RobbinsKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Roy RobbinsThe Name Of The Game1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonTake A Chance On Me1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonThe Name Of The Game1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelHoney, Honey1974Music/Lyrics
Orkester [Mamma Mia! Stockholm Cast]Overture2005Music/Lyrics
Orkester [Mamma Mia! Stockholm Cast] / Nina LundseieEntracte / Under Attack2005Music/Lyrics
PandoraOne Of Us1996Music/Lyrics
Panos Mouzourakis, Jessica Keenan Wynn & Alexa DaviesKisses Of Fire2018Music/Lyrics
PanpipesDancing Queen1999Music/Lyrics
PanpipesKnowing Me, Knowing You1999Music/Lyrics
PanpipesMoney, Money, Money1999Music/Lyrics
PanpipesSuper Trouper1999Music/Lyrics
PanpipesTake A Chance On Me1999Music/Lyrics
PanpipesThe Name Of The Game1999Music/Lyrics
Party All StarsABBA-Medley1995Music/Lyrics
Patricia DahlquistBang A Boomerang1975Music/Lyrics
Paul Clarkson & Siobhán McCarthyOur Last Summer1999Music/Lyrics
PeenoiseLay All Your Love On Me2020Music/Lyrics
Peggy PollowMich trägt mein Traum2004Music/Lyrics
Peggy Pollow & EnsembleUnter Beschuss2004Music/Lyrics
Peggy Pollow & Ulrich AllroggenWas ist das für ein Spiel?2004Music/Lyrics
Peggy Pollow, Anna-Katharina Meier & Ekaterini TsapanidouHoney, Honey2004Music/Lyrics
Peggy Pollow, Frank Logemann, Cusch Jung & Ulrich AllroggenDanke für die Lieder2004Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard OrchestraHung Up2006Music/Lyrics
Per MyrbergGlöm mig om du kan2002Music/Lyrics
Per Myrberg, Kör & Orkester, Tommy KörbergAnatolij och Molokov2002Music/Lyrics
Peter Cetera & Ronna ReevesS.O.S.1995Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackGold Can Turn To Sand2013Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackGuldet blev till sand1996Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackPity The Child2013Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackUt mot ett hav1996Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackVem ser ett barn1997Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkLa vallée1977Music/Lyrics
Philip CasnoffPity The Child1988Music/Lyrics
Philip Casnoff and Dennis ParlatoNo Contest1988Music/Lyrics
Philip Casnoff and The Record Plant New York CompanyOne Night In Bangkok1988Music/Lyrics
Pierce Brosnan & Meryl StreepS.O.S.2008Music/Lyrics
Pierce Brosnan & Meryl StreepWhen All Is Said And Done2008Music/Lyrics
Pierce Brosnan, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper & Amanda SeyfriedDancing Queen2018Music/Lyrics
Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg / Toni SchollThank You For The Music2008Music/Lyrics
Pretty Maid CompanyNina, Pretty Ballerina1977Music/Lyrics
Ramin KarimlooAnthem2019Music/Lyrics
Ray ConniffFernando1987Music/Lyrics
Rebecca StormI Know Him So Well2003Music/Lyrics
RendezvousIch sah Deine Tränen1997Music/Lyrics
Reuben SallmanderJag är jag, du är du2005Music/Lyrics
Reuben SallmanderJag vill, jag vill, jag vill2005Music/Lyrics
Reuben Sallmander, Gunilla BackmanS.O.S.2005Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoDanke für die Lieder1981Music/Lyrics
Ric GertyHappy Hawaii1977Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteDancing Queen1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteFernando1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteGimme, Gimme, Gimme A Man After Midnight1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteHoney Honey1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteKnowing Me, Knowing You1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteMamma Mia1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteMoney, Money, Money1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteRing Ring1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteS.O.S.1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteSo Long1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteSuper Trouper1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteTake A Chance On Me1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteThank You For The Music1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteWaterloo1998Music/Lyrics
Ricardo CalienteWhen I Kissed The Teacher1998Music/Lyrics
Richard & AdamThe Winner Takes It All2014Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Richard ClaydermanDancing Queen1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanI Have A Dream1984Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanI Know Him So Well1987Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanKnowing Me, Knowing You1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanMoney Money Money1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanSuper Trouper1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanThe Name Of The Game1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanThe Winner Takes It All1993Music/Lyrics
Right Said FredKnowing Me Knowing You2005Music/Lyrics
Roberto DelgadoDancing Queen1977Music/Lyrics
Roberto DelgadoFernando1978Music/Lyrics
Roberto DelgadoKnowing Me, Knowing You1978Music/Lyrics
RobeyOne Night In Bangkok1984Music/Lyrics
Rob'n'Raz DLCDancing Queen1992Music/Lyrics
Roland Kaiser & Maite KellyKlinget hell ihr Glocken2019Music/Lyrics
Rolf Skoglund, Josefin Nilsson, Helen Sjöholm, Kör & orkester, Tommy KörbergKvartett (En förebild för dygd och högsta ambition)2002Music/Lyrics
Rolf Skoglund, Kör & OrkesterJag vill se schack2002Music/Lyrics
Ron BrandstederNaar huis toe1984Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Aldrich, His Pianos And OrchestraDancing Queen1977Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelS.O.S.1976Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Royal Philharmonic OrchestraDancing Queen2008Music/Lyrics
Russell Watson feat. Helen SjöholmHere I Am Again2010Music/Lyrics
Rye RyeBoom Boom2012Music/Lyrics
S Club 7Dancing Queen1999Music/Lyrics
S.I.L.KOne Night In Bangkok2007Music/Lyrics
Sabine SauvantMamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
Samantha FoxThe Winner Takes It All2005Music/Lyrics
Samantha JadeDancing Queen2018Music/Lyrics
Sarah BrightmanArrival2008Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyHappy New Year2019Music/Lyrics
Saskia & SergeSpeelman1972Music/Lyrics
Schatteman & CouvreurI Know Him So Well1998Music/Lyrics
Seija SimolaFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Seija SimolaRing ring1973Music/Lyrics
Seija SimolaWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
Sexbomb GirlsDancing Queen2002Music/Lyrics
Sha-NaDoes Your Mother Know?1999Music/Lyrics
Sha-NaHasta maņana1996Music/Lyrics
Shana VanguardeDancing Queen2005Music/Lyrics
Shana VanguardeGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)2004Music/Lyrics
Shana VanguardeMamma Mia2005Music/Lyrics
ShirleyThe Way Old Friends Do1983Music/Lyrics
Sinéad O'ConnorChiquitita1998Music/Lyrics
Siobhan McCarthyWinner Takes It All1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthyOne Of Us1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthyThe Winner Takes It All1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthy & CompanyMamma Mia1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthy & Hilton McRaeS.O.S.1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthy & Lisa StokkeSlipping Through My Fingers1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthy, Jenny Galloway, Louise Plowright & Female EnsembleSuper Trouper1999Music/Lyrics
Siobhán McCarthy, Louise Plowright, Jenny Galloway, Neal Wright & CompanyMoney, Money, Money1999Music/Lyrics
SisselLike An Angel Passing Through My Room2005Music/Lyrics
Siw IngerWas ist mit Livingstone1974Music/Lyrics
Sixpence None The RicherDancing Queen2004Music/Lyrics
Sofia & Michael B. TretowHoney, Honey1991Music/Lyrics
Sofia KällgrenBeatrice1992Music/Lyrics
Solveig SlettahjellThe Winner Takes It All2011Music/Lyrics
Sonya Yoncheva / Cappella MediterraneaLike An Angel Passing Through My Room2021Music/Lyrics
SpidersWatch Out2015Music/Lyrics
Stanley Black, His Piano And OrchestraChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics
Star Duell StarsThank You For The Music2004Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Vol. 21981Music/Lyrics
Stefan Bockelmann & Kai NollDoes Your Mother Know2005Music/Lyrics
Stefanie Hertel & Stefan MrossFernando (... und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah)2003Music/Lyrics
Stefanie Hertel mit Stefan MrossDuett-Hit-Medley 20092010Music/Lyrics
Stéphane & les enfants d'AsničresL'enfant do1983Music/Lyrics
Stephen GatelyChiquitita1999Music/Lyrics
StepsDancing Queen2011Music/Lyrics
StepsI Know Him So Well1999Music/Lyrics
StepsLay All Your Love On Me1999Music/Lyrics
StepsStory Of A Heart2017Music/Lyrics
Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra, B*Witched & BillieThank ABBA For The Music1999Music/Lyrics
Stereoact feat. Julia LindholmGib mir, gib mir, gib mir!2021Music/Lyrics
Steven WilsonThe Day Before You Came2004Music/Lyrics
Stimmen der BergeDanke für die Lieder2023Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Stockholm UndergroundGimme Gimme Gimme1992Music/Lyrics
Stoppy MarkusDancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
Sugar CaneMamma Mia1975Music/Lyrics
Sunny SunshineVan jou en van mij2019Music/Lyrics
Super Grup ElectrecordFernando1977Music/Lyrics
Superländlerkapelle Carlo Brunner / Maja Brunner / Eveline Suter / Fabienne Louves / Patrick von Castelberg / Joschi-CloschiFernando2014Music/Lyrics
Susan BoyleI Have A Dream2016Music/Lyrics
Susan BoyleThe Winner Takes It All2012Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Susan BoyleYou Have To Be There2011Music/Lyrics
Susan Boyle & Geraldine McQueenI Know Him So Well2011Music/Lyrics
Susanne LanaEr det kun en drøm1975Music/Lyrics
(Bjørn Ulvaeus)
Susanne LanaHasta maņana1974Music/Lyrics
Sussie Eriksson, Bill HuggTänk, det känns som vi2005Music/Lyrics
Sussie Eriksson, Charlott StrandbergChiquitita2005Music/Lyrics
Sven & CharlotteDance (While The Music Still Goes On)1974Music/Lyrics
Sven & CharlotteHe Is Your Brother1974Music/Lyrics
Sven MüllerI Have A Dream2011Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaBang en boomerang1975Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaBang-A-Boomerang1975Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaChapel Of Love1975Producer
Svenne & LottaFunky Feet1976Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaIf We Only Had The Time1976Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaKom ta en sista dans med mej1975Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaRoly-Poly Girl1975Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaSvenne & Lotta Medley1994Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaTell Laura I Love Her1975Producer
Sweet DreamsHoney Honey1974Music/Lyrics
SweetboxThe Winner Takes It All2006Music/Lyrics
SwoonsDoes Your Mother Know1993Music/Lyrics
SwoonsKnowing Me, Knowing You1993Music/Lyrics
SwoonsSuper Trouper1993Music/Lyrics
Swoop [BE]ABBA Medley2019Music/Lyrics
Sydney YoungbloodThe Name Of The Game2005Music/Lyrics
Sydney Youngblood & Barbara SchönebergerI Have A Dream2005Music/Lyrics
SylverLay All Your Love On Me2006Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanĮa va mal1981Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Angel Eyes1979Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.I Have A Dream1979Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Knowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Mamma Mia1977Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Name Of The Game1978Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Summer Night City1978Music/Lyrics
Tammy JonesThank You For The Music1981Music/Lyrics
Tanita TikaramThe Day Before You Came1998Music/Lyrics
Teresa CarpioFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Teris ChrysosChríma, chríma2008Music/Lyrics
Teris ChrysosPoú iste fíli mou1976Music/Lyrics
Teris ChrysosTha s'agapķ giá pánda1978Music/Lyrics
Texas LightningDancing Queen2005Music/Lyrics
Texas LightningWaterloo2006Music/Lyrics
Th' Faith HealersS.O.S.1994Music/Lyrics
The Air MailWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
The AlbaniesWaterloo1974Music/Lyrics
The Ambrosian SingersMerchandisers1984Music/Lyrics
The Ambrosian Singers and Björn SkifsOpening Ceremony1984Music/Lyrics
The BankLay All Your Love On Me1981Music/Lyrics
The BaseballsSuper Trouper2021Music/Lyrics
The BeaglesFernando1976Music/Lyrics
The BoonesHasta Maņana1977Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesDancing Queen1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesFernando1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesHoney Honey1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesKnowing Me, Knowing You1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesMamma Mia1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesMoney, Money, Money1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesS.O.S.1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesSummer Night City1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesTake A Chance On Me1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesThe Name Of The Game1979Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesWaterloo1979Music/Lyrics
The CorrsThe Winner Takes It All1999Music/Lyrics
The CzarsAngel Eyes2004Music/Lyrics
The Diamond OrchestraThe Winner Takes It All1981Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsA Flower In My Garden1968Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsIsn't It Easy To Say1966Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsNo Time1966Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsPrecis som alla andra1969Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsSpeleman1969Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesDancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesFernando1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesHoney Honey1974Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesLay All Your Love On Me1981Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesMamma Mia1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesMoney, Money, Money1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesS.O.S.1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Abba-Medley]1982Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesTake A Chance On Me1978Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesThe Name Of The Game1977Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesWaterloo1975Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesWhen I Kissed The Teacher1976Music/Lyrics
The HornettesSuper Trouper1994Music/Lyrics
The KikTring Tring2022Music/Lyrics
The KikWaterloo2022Music/Lyrics
The King's SingersMoney, Money, Money / Summer Nights1980Music/Lyrics
The Leather NunGimme Gimme Gimme1986Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraDancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
The London Symphony OrchestraChess1984Music/Lyrics
The Moonlight OrchestraChiquitita1995Music/Lyrics
The Moonlight OrchestraKnowing Me, Knowing You1995Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraChiquitita1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraDance (While The Music Still Goes On)1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraDancing Queen1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraFernando1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraHasta maņana1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraHoney, Honey1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraKnowing Me, Knowing You1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraMoney, Money, Money1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraOne Of Us1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraS.O.S.1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraThank You For The Music1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraThe Winner Takes It All1991Music/Lyrics
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraWaterloo1991Music/Lyrics
The Nolan SistersMoney, Money, Money1978Music/Lyrics
The NolansThank You For The Music1979Music/Lyrics
The PonysKnowing Me, Knowing You1977Music/Lyrics
The RasmusS.O.S.2006Music/Lyrics
The Real Group with FridaDancing Queen1994Music/Lyrics
The Record Plant New York CompanyChess Hymn1988Music/Lyrics
The Record Plant New York CompanyHungarian Folk Song1988Music/Lyrics
The Record Plant New York OrchestraPrologue1988Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraAbbature1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraChiquitita1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraDoes Your Mother Know1991Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraEagle1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraFinale1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraGimme Gimme Gimme/Summer Night City1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraI Have A Dream1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraKnowing Me, Knowing You1986Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraMamma Mia1986Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraMoney Money Money1999Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraS.O.S.1986Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsI Know Him So Well1986Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsThe Winner Takes It All1981Music/Lyrics
The StudsFunky Feet1977Music/Lyrics
The Swinging Blue JeansRing Ring1973Music/Lyrics
The Ten TenorsDancing Queen2002Music/Lyrics
The Top SystemDancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
The VolebeatsKnowing Me, Knowing You1992Music/Lyrics
The Wedding BandBridal Dancing Queen1994Music/Lyrics
Therapy?Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)2001Music/Lyrics
(Björn K. Ulvaeus)
Tina YorkMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Tineke SchoutenDe eerste schooldag1989Music/Lyrics
Titti SjöblomKära gamla sol1974Music/Lyrics
Tobias Sammet's AvantasiaLay All Your Love On Me2007Music/Lyrics
Tom Dot KomOne Night In Bangkok2015Music/Lyrics
Tommy KörbergAnthem1984Music/Lyrics
Tommy KörbergHistorien om schack2002Music/Lyrics
Tommy KörbergI mitt hjärtas land2002Music/Lyrics
Tommy KörbergThe Winner Takes It All1998Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg & VärldsungdomskörenThe Conducator1989Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg and Denis QuilleyWhere I Want To Be1984Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg, Elaine Paige and The Ambrosian SingersYou And I / The Story Of Chess1984Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg, Helen SjöholmDrömmar av glas2002Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg, Kör & OrkesterDär jag ville vara2002Music/Lyrics
Tommy Körberg, Kör & Orkester, Josefin NilssonNi dömer mig2002Music/Lyrics
Tony MarshallDa kommt José, der Straßenmusikant / Money, Money, Money / Die Uhr geht vor, du kannst noch bleiben1977Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersDancing Queen1976Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersMama Mia1976Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersS.O.S.1975Music/Lyrics
Tracy HuangS.O.S.1976Music/Lyrics
Two 4 GoodNur Sieger steh'n im Licht1999Music/Lyrics
Two 4 GoodThe Winner Takes It All1999Music/Lyrics
Ulla PiaSom en boomerang1975Music/Lyrics
US5One Of Us2005Music/Lyrics
Věra ŠpinarováFernando1976Music/Lyrics
Věra ŠpinarováSlunečné pobřeží1977Music/Lyrics
Václav NeckářSpěchám1969Music/Lyrics
VengaboysBoom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!1998Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnI Wonder1979Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnThank You For The Music1979Music/Lyrics
Vicky RostiRahaa, rahaa, rahaa1977Music/Lyrics
Vince HillMy Love, My Life2017Music/Lyrics
VinylshakerzOne Night In Bangkok2005Music/Lyrics
Viola Tami / Maja Brunner / Carlo Brunner's Superländlerkapelle / Silvio d'Anza / Nelly Patty / Joschi CloschiI Have A Dream2018Music/Lyrics
Voice MaleTake A Chance On Me1999Music/Lyrics
WasaHar du glömt1975Producer
WasaNär sommaren kommer1975Producer
Wencke MyhreDoes Your Mother Know2005Music/Lyrics
Wencke MyhreSuper Trouper2005Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenDe wereld draait maar door1994Music/Lyrics
WestlifeI Have A Dream1999Music/Lyrics
WestlifeI Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun1999Music/Lyrics
Westlife & SherinaI Have A Dream2001Music/Lyrics
WhitleyDancing Queen2009Music/Lyrics
Willeke Alberti & Simone KleinsmaIk ken hem te goed1989Music/Lyrics
Willem DuynHet liedje van Alladin1984Music/Lyrics
Wilma GoichAllora prendi e vai1981Music/Lyrics
WindFernando (...und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah)2000Music/Lyrics
WindIch leb' im Traum2001Music/Lyrics
WindNur Sieger steh'n im Licht2003Music/Lyrics
YolandaMoney, Money, Money1977Music/Lyrics
Zdenka VučkovićChiquitita1979Music/Lyrics

Om och om och om igen (Birgitta Wollgård & Salut)1975-11-1449
S.O.S. (Agnetha Fältskog)1975-11-14410
Fernando (ABBA)1976-04-12211
Dancing Queen (ABBA)1976-08-24124
The Name Of The Game (ABBA)1977-11-0429
Summer Night City (ABBA)1978-09-22110
Chiquitita (ABBA)1979-02-09213
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (ABBA)1979-12-14167
The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)1980-08-0829
Super Trouper (ABBA)1980-11-28114
Bravo tu as gagné (Mireille Mathieu)1981-08-14142
Stars On 45 Vol. 2 (Stars On 45)1981-08-28122
One Of Us (ABBA)1981-12-22131
The Day Before You Came (ABBA)1982-11-0935
One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head)1984-11-0939
Mio min Mio (Gemini)1987-11-1136
Bring Me Edelweiss (Edelweiss)1988-12-2816
ABBA-esque (Erasure)1992-06-24110
Dancing Queen (Rob'n'Raz DLC)1992-12-23312
Heaven And Hell (Josefin Nilsson)1993-03-10284
One Of Us (Pandora)1995-07-071312
Rumble In The Jungle (Fugees)1997-02-07368
Guldet blev till sand (Peter Jöback)1997-02-14240
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Vengaboys)1999-03-25119
Thank ABBA For The Music (Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra, B*Witched & Billie)1999-04-15817
Mamma Mia (A*Teens)1999-05-20124
Super Trouper (A*Teens)1999-08-12214
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (A*Teens)1999-11-041014
Happy New Year (A*Teens)1999-12-09411
Happy New Year (ABBA)1999-12-16423
I Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun (Westlife)2000-01-20159
Hung Up (Madonna)2005-11-17129
Mamma Mia (Meryl Streep)2008-07-24551
When I Kissed The Teacher (Lily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Alexa Davies & Celia Imrie)2018-07-27785
Fait accompli (Ana Diaz)2020-12-11861
Du måste finnas (Newkid)2020-12-11159
I Still Have Faith In You (ABBA)2021-09-1027
Don't Shut Me Down (ABBA)2021-09-10112
Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA)2021-09-10681
Mamma Mia (ABBA)2021-09-10641
Just A Notion (ABBA)2021-10-29222
I Can Be That Woman (ABBA)2021-11-12231
Keep An Eye On Dan (ABBA)2021-11-12191
Bumblebee (ABBA)2021-11-12251
No Doubt About It (ABBA)2021-11-12291
Ode To Freedom (ABBA)2021-11-12301
When You Danced With Me (ABBA)2021-11-1282
Little Things (ABBA)2021-11-12205
Opening Ceremony (The Ambrosian Singers and Björn Skifs)55.8
The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)4105.42
The Day Before You Came (Benny Andersson)85.38
Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA)3755.35
Lottis schottis (Benny Andersson)65.33
Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA)2705.32
Mio min Mio (Gemini)105.3
Move On (ABBA)1525.29
The Day Before You Came (ABBA)3195.28
S.O.S. (ABBA)3225.25
Chess (The London Symphony Orchestra)95.22
Me And I (ABBA)1195.22
One Of Us (ABBA)3085.21
Fernando (ABBA)3655.21
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (ABBA)3585.21
Don't Shut Me Down (ABBA)1505.2
The Arbiter (Björn Skifs)55.2
Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity) (Denis Quilley, Elaine Paige, Björn Skifs & Tommy Körberg)55.2
Arrival (ABBA)1425.2
Soldiers (ABBA)1275.2
Hung Up (Madonna)5414.37
Dancing Queen (ABBA)4845.08
The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)4105.42
Waterloo (ABBA)3814.85
Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA)3755.35
Fernando (ABBA)3655.21
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (ABBA)3585.21
Mamma Mia (ABBA)3414.99
Chiquitita (ABBA)3235.06
S.O.S. (ABBA)3225.25
The Day Before You Came (ABBA)3195.28
Super Trouper (ABBA)3184.85
Money, Money, Money (ABBA)3124.83
One Of Us (ABBA)3085.21
Take A Chance On Me (ABBA)3005.14
One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head)2844.98
I Have A Dream (ABBA)2814.72
Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA)2705.32
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (ABBA)2684.5
Eagle (ABBA)2615.14

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