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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Billy Joe Walker, Jr.
Billy Ray CyrusAlways Sixteen2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusAmazing Grace2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusDid I Forget To Pray2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusFace Of God2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusHolding On To A Dream2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusI Love You This Much2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusI Need You Now2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusLove Has No Walls2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusThe Other Side2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusTip Of My Heart2003Producer
Billy Ray CyrusWouldn't You Do This For Me2003Producer
Bryan WhiteA Hundred And One1996Producer
Bryan WhiteBetween Now And Forever1996Producer
Bryan WhiteBlindhearted1996Producer
Bryan WhiteI'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore1996Producer
Bryan WhiteNickel In The Well1996Producer
Bryan WhiteOn Any Given Night1996Producer
Bryan WhiteSittin' On Go1996Producer
Bryan WhiteSo Much For Pretending1996Producer
Bryan WhiteStill Life1996Producer
Bryan WhiteThat's Another Song1996Producer
Chet Atkins, C.G.P.Up In My Treehouse1987Music/Lyrics
Collin RayeAll My Roads1998Producer
Collin RayeAnyone Else1998Producer
Collin RayeCold Cold Heart1998Producer
Collin RayeCorner Of The Heart1998Producer
Collin RayeI Can Still Feel You1998Producer
Collin RayeI Wish I Could1998Producer
Collin RayeMake Sure You've Got It All1998Producer
Collin RayeSomeone You Used To Know1998Producer
Collin RayeStart Over Georgia1998Producer
Collin RayeSurvivors1998Producer
Collin RayeThe Eleventh Commandment1998Producer
Collin RayeThe Walls Came Down1998Producer
Eddie RabbittAll My Life, All My Love1982Music/Lyrics
Jerrod NiemannHow Can I Be So Thirsty2010Music/Lyrics
Jim Brickman feat. Collin Raye and Susan AshtonThe Gift1997Producer
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersIf This Isn't Love1990Music/Lyrics
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttDon't Know Why I Do It2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttGood Night To Be Lonely2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttI Drew Me2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttI Want My Baby Back2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttI'm In Love With A Married Woman2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttJust Right For You2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttMy Dreams2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttPopulation Minus One2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttSacred As A Sunday2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttShe Was2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mark ChesnuttYou'd Be Wrong2002Producer
(Billy Joe Walker, Jr.)
Mindy McCreadyAll I Want Is Everything1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyHold Me1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyI Don't Want You To Go1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyI've Got A Feeling1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyOne In A Million1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyOver And Over1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyThunder And Roses1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyTumble And Roll1999Producer
Mindy McCreadyTwo Different Things1999Producer
Pam TillisAll The Good Ones Are Gone1997Producer
Pam TillisBe A Man2001Producer
Pam TillisI Smile2001Producer
Pam TillisIf I Didn't Love You2001Producer
Pam TillisIt Isn't Just Raining2001Producer
Pam TillisLand Of The Living1997Producer
Pam TillisPlease2001Producer
Pam TillisWhich Five Years2001Producer
Skip EwingAll That Matters To Me1997Producer
Skip EwingAnswer To My Prayer1997Producer
Skip EwingHalf Life Of A Heart1997Producer
Skip EwingI Got A Job To Do1997Producer
Skip EwingMake Time1997Producer
Skip EwingMary Go 'Round1997Producer
Skip EwingSliver Of The Moon1997Producer
Skip EwingSome Fools1997Producer
Skip EwingThe Hole1997Producer
Skip EwingUntil I Found You1997Producer
Suzanne KleeIf You Love Me Right1990Music/Lyrics
Tammy CochranAll In How You Look At Things2002Producer
Tammy CochranDead Of The Night2002Producer
Tammy CochranGo Slow2002Producer
Tammy CochranI Used To Be That Woman2002Producer
Tammy CochranIf You Can2001Producer
Tammy CochranI'm Getting There2002Producer
Tammy CochranLife Happened2002Producer
Tammy CochranLove Won't Let Me2002Producer
Tammy CochranWanted2002Producer
Tammy CochranWhat Kind Of Woman Would I Be2002Producer
Tammy CochranWhite Lies And Picket Fences2002Producer
Tracy ByrdA Little Love1999Producer
Tracy ByrdAin't It Just Like A Woman1999Producer
Tracy ByrdBaby Put Your Clothes On2003Producer
Tracy ByrdCan't Have One Without The Other1999Producer
Tracy ByrdCrazy Every Time2001Producer
Tracy ByrdDrinkin' Bone2003Producer
Tracy ByrdEvery Time I Do1999Producer
Tracy ByrdHow Much Does The World Weigh2001Producer
Tracy ByrdHow'd I Wind Up In Jamaica2003Producer
Tracy ByrdIt's About Time1999Producer
Tracy ByrdJohnny Cash2005Producer
Tracy ByrdJust Let Me Be In Love2001Producer
Tracy ByrdLa Grange2002Producer
Tracy ByrdLove, You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me1999Producer
Tracy ByrdMaking Memories Of Us2003Producer
Tracy ByrdNeeded2001Producer
Tracy ByrdNever Gonna Break Again2001Producer
Tracy ByrdProud Of Me1999Producer
Tracy ByrdPut Your Hand In Mine1999Producer
Tracy ByrdRevenge Of A Middle-Aged Woman2005Producer
Tracy ByrdSomebody's Dream2001Producer
Tracy ByrdSomething To Brag About1999Producer
Tracy ByrdSomewhere I Wanna Go2003Producer
Tracy ByrdSummertime Fever2001Producer
Tracy ByrdTake Me With You When You Go1999Producer
Tracy ByrdTen Rounds With Josť Cuervo2001Producer
Tracy ByrdThat's What Keeps Her Getting By2003Producer
Tracy ByrdThe Truth About Men2003Producer
Tracy ByrdTiny Town2003Producer
Tracy ByrdTryin' Not To Love You2001Producer
Tracy ByrdUndo The Right1999Producer
Tracy ByrdWhen You Go2003Producer
Tracy ByrdWildfire2001Producer
Tracy ByrdYou Feel Good2003Producer
Tracy Byrd with Mark ChesnuttA Good Way To Get On My Bad Side2001Producer
Travis TrittBest Of Intentions2000Producer
Travis TrittCan't Tell Me Nothin'2002Producer
Travis TrittCircus Leaving Town2004Producer
Travis TrittCountry Ain't Country2002Producer
Travis TrittDoesn't Anyone Hurt Anymore2002Producer
Travis TrittDown The Road I Go2000Producer
Travis TrittFor You1998Producer
Travis TrittGirls Like That1998Producer
Travis TrittGod Must Be A Woman2002Producer
Travis TrittHonky-Tonk History2004Producer
Travis TrittI Can't Seem To Get Over You2002Producer
Travis TrittI Don't Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again2002Producer
Travis TrittI See Me2004Producer
Travis TrittI Wish I Was Wrong2000Producer
Travis TrittIf I Lost You1998Producer
Travis TrittIf The Fall Don't Kill You2000Producer
Travis TrittIf You're Gonna Straighten Up (Brother Now's The Time)2002Producer
Travis TrittI'm All The Man1998Producer
Travis TrittIt's A Great Day To Be Alive2000Producer
Travis TrittIt's All About The Money2004Producer
Travis TrittJust Too Tired To Fight It2000Producer
Travis TrittLivin' On Borrowed Time2000Producer
Travis TrittLove Of A Woman2000Producer
Travis TrittMission Of Love1998Producer
Travis TrittModern Day Bonnie And Clyde2000Producer
Travis TrittMonkey Around2004Producer
Travis TrittNever Get Away From Me2000Producer
Travis TrittNo More Looking Over My Shoulder1998Producer
Travis TrittNow I've Seen It All2002Producer
Travis TrittRough Around The Edges1998Producer
Travis TrittSmall Doses2004Producer
Travis TrittSouthbound Train2000Producer
Travis TrittStart The Car1998Producer
Travis TrittStrong Enough To Be Your Man2002Producer
Travis TrittThe Girl's Gone Wild2004Producer
Travis TrittThe Road To You1998Producer
Travis TrittTime To Get Crazy2002Producer
Travis TrittToo Far To Turn Around2004Producer
Travis TrittTougher Than The Rest1998Producer
Travis TrittWe've Had It All2004Producer
Travis TrittWhen Good Ol' Boys Go Bad2004Producer
Travis TrittWhen In Rome2004Producer
Travis TrittYou Can't Count Me Out Yet2002Producer
Travis TrittYou Really Wouldn't Want Me That Way2002Producer
Travis Tritt with John MellencampWhat Say You2004Producer
Van ZantTakin' Up Space2005Music/Lyrics
I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore (Bryan White)64.83
All The Good Ones Are Gone (Pam Tillis)54.8
So Much For Pretending (Bryan White)54.2
It's A Great Day To Be Alive (Travis Tritt)64
One In A Million (Mindy McCready)53.8
I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore (Bryan White)64.83
It's A Great Day To Be Alive (Travis Tritt)64
All The Good Ones Are Gone (Pam Tillis)54.8
So Much For Pretending (Bryan White)54.2
One In A Million (Mindy McCready)53.8

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