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Sonique I Put A Spell On You 1998 2001-02-22 28 5
Sonique It Feels So Good 1998 2000-06-15 3 18
Sonique Sky 2000 2000-09-21 13 13
Arcangel Soniquete de caí        
Fly Pan Am Jeunesse sonique, tu dors (en cage)        
Lua Sonique Visions        
Paul Morrell feat. Sonique Only You 2010      
Sex-O-Sonique Funk It Up 1998      
Sex-O-Sonique Get Loose        
Sex-O-Sonique I Thought It Was You 1997      
Sex-O-Sonique You        
Sonique ...On Cosmo        
Sonique Alive 2003      
Sonique Alone 2005      
Sonique Another Moment 2005      
Sonique Another World 2005      
Sonique Are You Ready? 2000      
Sonique Better Than That 2010      
Sonique Born To Be Free 2003      
Sonique Cannot Let You Go 2010      
Sonique Can't Get Enough 2000      
Sonique Can't Make Up My Mind 2003      
Sonique Cockney 2010      
Sonique Cold And Lonely 2000      
Sonique Don't Give A Damn 2010      
Sonique Don't Put Me Down        
Sonique Empty (Hideaway) 2000      
Sonique Freefalling (Mum's Favourite) 2003      
Sonique Hear My Cry 2000      
Sonique Hold Me Now 2003      
Sonique I Can't Wait 2005      
Sonique I Don't Even Know 2005      
Sonique I'm Gonna Love You 2003      
Sonique It Feels So Good [Remix]        
Sonique Learn To Forget 2000      
Sonique Love Is On Our Side 2000      
Sonique Love Washes Away 2003      
Sonique Magic 2003      
Sonique Move Closer 2000      
Sonique My Dream 2005      
Sonique Nana 2010      
Sonique No 2010      
Sonique Over 2005      
Sonique Please 2003      
Sonique Put A Spell On You 1998      
Sonique Right Here You An' I 2003      
Sonique Running Away 2010      
Sonique Save Myself 2005      
Sonique Say A Little Prayer 2010      
Sonique Secrets 2010      
Sonique Seriously 2003      
Sonique Sleezy 2005      
Sonique Sweet Vibrations 2010      
Sonique Take Control 2010      
Sonique Take You For A Ride 2005      
Sonique Thank You 2005      
Sonique Together 2010      
Sonique Tonight 2006      
Sonique Why 2005      
Sonique Will You Want Me 2003      
Sonique World Of Change 2009      
Sonique You And Me 2010      
Sonique You're The Reason 2003      
Sonique Zanarkand        
Sonique Dee I Need Somebody        
Sonique feat. Calvin Richardson Drama 2000      
Sonique on Tomcraft Another World 2004      

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