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Rodriguez Cold Fact 1970 2012-08-31 10 30
Rodriguez Coming From Reality 1971 2012-09-07 16 18
Soundtrack / Rodriguez Searching For Sugar Man 2012 2012-08-31 1 83
Adrián Rodriguez Van der Spoel Música temprana - Bailes, Tonadas & Cachuas 2013      
Alfredo Rodriguez The Invasion Parade 2014      
Alfredo Rodriguez Tocoroco 2016      
Alfredo Rodríguez The Little Dream 2018      
Alfredo Rodríguez / Pedrito Martinez Duologue        
Arabella Rodriguez Strange Blue Breakfast 2007      
Arantza Ezenarro / Juan Carlos Rodriguez Canciones vascas 2016      
Arsenio Rodríguez Como se goza el barrio 2016      
Carlos Cuevas & César Rodríguez BolerOpera        
Carrie Rodriguez Give Me All You Got 2013      
Carrie Rodriguez Love And Circumstance 2011      
Carrie Rodriguez Seven Angels On A Bicycle 2006      
Carrie Rodriguez She Ain't Me 2008      
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Angel Of The Morning 2004      
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Let's Leave This Town 2002      
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Live From The Ruhr Triennale 2007      
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Red Dog Tracks 2005      
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez The Trouble With Humans 2003      
Dirty Rodriguez Starting From Scratch 2013      
El Trío de Omar Rodriguez Lopez Ciencie de los inútiles 2010      
Fabrizio Cassol / Serge Kakudji / Rodriguez Vangama Coup fatal 2015      
Faust & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Live At Clouds Hill 2013      
Flavio Rodriguez Ego        
Javier Camarena / Ángel Rodríguez Recitales 2014      
Johnny Rodriguez After The Rain 1981      
Johnny Rodriguez All I Ever Meant To Do Was Sing 1973      
Johnny Rodriguez Coming Home 1990      
Johnny Rodriguez Desperado 1987      
Johnny Rodriguez Foolin' With Fire 1984      
Johnny Rodriguez For Every Rose... 1983      
Johnny Rodriguez Full Circle 1986      
Johnny Rodriguez Gracias 1988      
Johnny Rodriguez Gypsy 1980      
Johnny Rodriguez Introducing 1972      
Johnny Rodriguez Introducing Johnny Rodriguez / All I Ever Meant To Do Was Sing 2011      
Johnny Rodriguez Just For You 1977      
Johnny Rodriguez Just Get Up And Close The Door 1975      
Johnny Rodriguez Love Me With All Your Heart 1978      
Johnny Rodriguez Love Put A Song In My Heart 1975      
Johnny Rodriguez My Third Album 1974      
Johnny Rodriguez My Third Album / Songs About Ladies & Love 2016      
Johnny Rodriguez Practice Makes Perfect 1977      
Johnny Rodriguez Reflecting 1976      
Johnny Rodriguez Rodriguez 1979      
Johnny Rodriguez Rodriguez / Through My Eyes 2015      
Johnny Rodriguez Run For The Border 1993      
Johnny Rodriguez Sketches 1979      
Johnny Rodriguez Songs About Ladies And Love 1974      
Johnny Rodriguez The Definitive Collection - The Mercury Years 2014      
Johnny Rodriguez The Greatest Hits Of Johnny Rodriguez 1976      
Johnny Rodriguez Through My Eyes 1980      
José Luis Rodriguez Señor corazón 1990      
José Rodriguez & His Mambo Sound Orchester Mambo Dancing '89 1988      
Josep Maria Roger Felipe Rodríguez 2008      
Juan Carlo Rodríguez Clementi: Keyboard Sonatas 2017      
Los Hermanos Rodriguez Bolero Forever 2009      
Los Rodriguez Sin Documentos        
Magan & Rodriguez Suave        
Mala Rodríguez Alevosía        
Mala Rodríguez Bruja 2013      
Mala Rodríguez Dirty bailarina        
Mala Rodríguez Lujo ibérico 2000      
Mala Rodríguez Malamarismo        
Martirio / Raúl Rodríguez De un mundo raro (Cantes por chavela)        
Miguel Rodríguez Miguel Rodríguez 2013      
Miriam Rodríguez Cicatrices        
Miriam Rodríguez Sus canciones [Operación Triunfo 2017]        
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Abscence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus 2008      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Cryptomnesia 2009      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Minor Cuts And Scrapes 2008      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Octopus Kool Aid 2012      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Old Money 2009      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Sepulcros de miel 2010      
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Tychozorente 2010      
Raulin Rodriguez Parece mentira 2008      
Regurgitator Eduardo And Rodriguez Wage War On T-Wrecks        
Roberto Rodriguez Dawn 2012      
Rodriguez Coffret Rodriguez        
Rodriguez Cold Fact [iTunes Edition]        
Rodriguez Jr. Baobab 2017      
Rodriguez Jr. Bittersweet 2011      
Santiago Rodriguez Rachmaninov 1996      
Santiago Rodriguez Santiago Rodriguez Plays Ginasteza 2014      
Santiago Rodriguez Spanish Album 2014      
Silvio Rodríguez Al final de este viaje 1978      
Silvio Rodríguez Amorios        
Silvio Rodríguez Amoríos 2016      
Silvio Rodríguez Canciones urgentes - los grandes éxitos 2016      
Silvio Rodríguez Érase que se era        
Silvio Rodríguez Segunda cita        
Soundtrack / Robert Rodriguez Planet Terror        

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