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Duran & Mollan Drömjul   2011-12-09 49 1
Duran Duran Arena 1984 1984-11-23 16 9
Duran Duran Astronaut 2004 2004-10-22 41 1
Duran Duran Big Thing 1988 1988-11-02 27 2
Duran Duran Duran Duran 1981 1981-08-28 3 15
Duran Duran Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) 1993 1993-03-10 21 8
Duran Duran Greatest 1998 2000-03-16 38 2
Duran Duran Notorious 1986 1986-12-03 8 6
Duran Duran Rio 1982 1982-06-01 9 6
Duran Duran Seven And The Ragged Tiger 1983 1983-12-13 19 5
Angčle Durand Rendezvous mit Angčle Durand        
Bora Duran İnsan        
Carl Durant Last Place [EP] 2011      
Chris Durán Chris Durán 1997      
Duran Duran ˇConoce a! Duran Duran 1984      
Duran Duran 12" Collection        
Duran Duran 4 Albums 2011      
Duran Duran All You Need Is Now 2011      
Duran Duran Carnival Mini-LP        
Duran Duran Decade 1989      
Duran Duran DMM Mega Mixes 1983      
Duran Duran Duran Duran / Rio / Seven And The Ragged Tiger 2008      
Duran Duran Duran Duran Sampler        
Duran Duran Duran Duran Story        
Duran Duran Duran Goes Dutch        
Duran Duran Essential Duran Duran - Night Versions 1998      
Duran Duran Girls On Film "The Collection"        
Duran Duran Girls On Film 1979 Demo 2016      
Duran Duran I Don't Want Your Love (Special D.J.Copy)        
Duran Duran Khanada        
Duran Duran La dolce vita        
Duran Duran Liberty 1990      
Duran Duran Live - A Diamond In The Mind 2014      
Duran Duran Live 2011 - A Diamond In The Mind 2012      
Duran Duran Live From London        
Duran Duran Master Mixes        
Duran Duran Medazzaland 1997      
Duran Duran Mixing EP        
Duran Duran Paper Gods 2015      
Duran Duran Pop Trash 2000      
Duran Duran Red Carpet Massacre 2007      
Duran Duran Sight & Sound 2012      
Duran Duran Special D.J. Copy        
Duran Duran Strange Behaviour 1999      
Duran Duran Strange Behaviour Mini-LP        
Duran Duran Thank You 1995      
Duran Duran Thanksgiving Live 2019      
Duran Duran The Biggest And The Best 2012      
Duran Duran The Essential Collection        
Duran Duran The Singles 81-85 2009      
Duran Duran Tiger! Tiger! EP        
Duran Duran Duran Over Hard 2010      
Durand Jones & The Indications American Love Call 2019      
Durand Jones & The Indications Durand Jones & The Indications 2018      
Durango Loi du Miel        
Elliott Murphy with Olivier Durand Elliott Murphy Is Alive! 2018      
Ensemble Imaginaire / Cristina Corrieri Durante: Concertos For Strings 2017      
Francesco Durante Lamentaciones Jeremiae Prophetae        
Grupo Montéz de Durango Agárrese!        
Hörbuch Sophie Bonnet: Provenzalische Verwicklungen Ein Fall für Pierre Durand 2014      
Hörbuch / Meira Durand Isabel Abedi: Und hier kommt Tante Lisbeth! 2014      
Jimmy Durante Emi Comedy Classics 2008      
Jimmy Durante Inka Dinka Doo 2007      
Los Horóscopos de Durango La historia        
Los Primos de Durango Voy a convencerte        
Paul Durand et son grand orchestre Souvenirs de Paris 1965      
Richard Durand Always The Sun 2009      
Richard Durand In Search Of Sunrise 10 - Australia 2012      
Richard Durand In Search Of Sunrise 8 (South Africa) 2010      
Richard Durand In Search Of Sunrise 9 - India 2011      
Richard Durand Versus The World - The Album 2012      
Richard Durand Wide Awake 2011      
Richard Durand with BT In Search Of Sunrise 13.5 - Amsterdam 2015      
Richard Durand with Lange In Search Of Sunrise '12 - Dubai 2014      
Richard Durand with Myon & Shane 54 In Search Of Sunrise 11 - Las Vegas 2013      
Sam Ashley / Werner Durand I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good 2019      
Sun Club The Dongo Durango 2015      
The Durango Riot Backwards Over Midnight 2012      
The Durango Riot Face 2014      
The Durango Riot Telemission 2007      
Thomas Duran / Nicolas Mallarte La naissance d'un nouveau monde 2014      

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