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Cappella Move On Baby 1994 1994-03-04 9 8
Cappella Turn It Up And Down 1996 1996-10-18 54 1
Cappella U & Me 1994 1994-06-17 15 11
Cappella U Got 2 Let The Music 1993 1993-11-24 14 11
Cappella Ain't No Sunshine 1998      
Cappella Angel 2004      
Cappella Another You 1996      
Cappella Back In Your Life 1996      
Cappella Bauhaus 1988      
Cappella Be Master In One's Own House        
Cappella Be My Baby 1997      
Cappella Big Beat 1994      
Cappella Busted Up 1998      
Cappella Can U Feel It Babe 1998      
Cappella Cappella Gigamix 1995      
Cappella Cappella Mega-Mix 1998      
Cappella Come On Up And Dance 1998      
Cappella Do You Run Away Now 1996      
Cappella Don't Be Proud 1994      
Cappella Enough Is Enough 1998      
Cappella Everybody 1991      
Cappella Everybody Listen To It 1990      
Cappella Festival Megamix 1996      
Cappella Get Out Of My Case        
Cappella Gimme The Power 1998      
Cappella Helyom Halib 1988      
Cappella Hey Paluppa 1998      
Cappella House Energy Revenge 1989      
Cappella House of Al-Kali        
Cappella I Need Your Love 1996      
Cappella Leave It        
Cappella Megamix        
Cappella Move It Up 1994      
Cappella Music And Harmony 1996      
Cappella Push The Beat 1988      
Cappella Shake Your Body 1994      
Cappella Stay With Me 1996      
Cappella Tell Me The Way 1995      
Cappella The Big Beat 1994      
Cappella The Rotation Of The House        
Cappella Throwin' Away 1998      
Cappella U Got 2 Know 1993      
Cappella U Got 2 Know 2002 2002      
Cappella U Got 2 Know 2010 2010      
Cappella U R The Power Of Love 1998      
Cappella U Tore My World Apart 1997      
Cappella U Turn Me On 1997      
Cappella Walkin' Away 1998      
Cappella War In Heaven 1996      
Cappella What I Gotta Do 1994      
Cappella You Took My Heart 1996      
Cappella feat. Loleatta Holloway Take Me Away 1991      
Cappella Gabetta Chamber Concerto in D Major, RV 93, Arr. for Trumpet, Lute, Strings and Continuo in C Major: II. Largo 2017      
Cappella vs. DJ Shog U Got 2 Let The Music 2004        
Joe Jackson Is She Really Going Out With Him? (A Cappella Version) 1983      
Miriam Bryant A Cappella Song 2013      
Restated A Cappella Ordinary World        
Rolf Zuckowski ... und ganz doll a cappella 2000      
Wise Guys A cappella 2015      
Wise Guys Ich will keine a cappella 1997      

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