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The Police Don't Stand So Close To Me 1980 1980-10-31 14 3
The Police Every Breath You Take 1983 1983-06-28 2 11
The Police Message In A Bottle 1979 1979-11-30 20 1
3 Steps Ahead Fuk The Police 1998      
Alexandre Desplat The Lutz Police Militia 2014      
Anti-Flag Police State In The U.S.A. 1996      
Audioweb Policeman Skank... (The Story Of My Life) 1998      
B. Dolan feat. Toki Wright & Jasiri X Film The Police        
Billy Connolly The Short Haired Police Cadet 1973      
Bob C. Smith, The Singing Policeman One In A Million 1963      
Bob C. Smith, The Singing Policeman There's No Reason (For The Baby To Cry) 1963      
Brain Police Beyond The Wasteland        
Brain Police Taste The Flower        
Brain Police The Baron        
Brain Police The Journey Is The Destination        
Brian Bonz The People Police        
Brooke Blair & Will Blair We Need The Police 2016      
Chaotic Youth Tip Off (The Police) 1982      
Charles Penrose The Laughing Policeman 1926      
Chicks On Speed with Hecker & D. Carretta Post Police Razzia In The LeCorbusier Lounge Marseille        
City Of Edinburgh Police Pipe Band Marching With The Pipes 1961      
Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern Bad Policewoman        
Dave Teig The Little Fat Policeman        
David Byrne The Dream Police        
David Peel & The Lower East Side Thought Police And Doublethink 1983      
David Sardy I Am The Police 2012      
Dick Powell The Girl On The Police Gazette 2010      
Different Gear vs. The Police When The World Is Running Down (You Can't Go Wrong) 2000      
Dream Police [NO] When The Sun Goes Down 1990      
Edgar Froese Police Therapy Center 1982      
Family Variation On A Theme Of A Policeman 1968      
Fischer-Z Billy And The Motorway Police 1979      
Frankie Davidson Jeff The Smiling Policeman        
G Girls Call the Police        
Gangster Run For The Police 1978      
Garry McDonald & The Policemen (The Pirate Movie) Tarantara 1982      
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis The Life Of A Policeman 1973      
Hearts Of Soul & Shampoo We Love The Policeman 1974      
Hot Chocolate Call The Police 1975      
Ini Kamoze Call The Police 1995      
Ivi Adamou Call The Police        
James Morrison Call The Police 2006      
Jethro Tull And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps 1978      
Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra Call The Police        
Joan As Police Woman Feed The Light 2006      
Joan As Police Woman Kiss The Specifics 2011      
Joan As Police Woman The Action Man 2011      
Joan As Police Woman The Classic 2014      
Joan As Police Woman The Magic 2010      
Joan As Police Woman The Ride 2006      
Joan As Police Woman The Silence 2018      
John Wayne Call The Police        
Kalles Kaviar Police In The Car 2010      
KRS One The Sound Of The Police        
LCD Soundsystem Call The Police 2017      
Lisa Stansfield The Thought Police 1981      
Marvin Gaye The Breakin' (Police Shoot Big) 1972      
Matthews Southern Comfort The Thought Police 2018      
Metric The Police And The Private 2005      
Morrissey Who Will Protect Us From The Police? 2017      
Mudhoney Hate The Police 1990      
Mudhoney I Hate The Police        
Of Montreal Dustin Hoffman's Tongue Taken To Police Lab Where It Is Used As Toilet Paper And Reading Material While On The Toilet (Naughty) 2000      
Open Season Where Is The Police? 2009      
Progressive Maniacs Fuck The Police 2001      
Rage Against The Machine Fuck Tha Police        
Ray Conniff Theme From Police Story 1976      
Ray Noble And His Orchestra Girl On The Police Gazette        
Reuben Scared Of The Police        
Scooter 999 (Call The Police) 2014      
Sergio Fertitta feat. Larissa Evans Call The Police 2014      
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra The Girl On The Police Gazette 1937      
Snow Patrol vs. The Police Every Car You Chase 2007      
Sodom Fuck The Police        
Sting & The Police Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy Remix) 1997      
Sting And The Police Walking On The Moon 1997      
Techno Cop feat. Homeboy Stop The Police 1992      
The Alarm MMVI The Thought Police 2006      
The Automatic Secret Police 2008      
The Bad Plus Karma Police 2006      
The Belfast Gypsies Secret Police 1966      
The Bellrays Dream Police 2016      
The Bellrays The Dream Police 2002      
The Brunning Band The Dream Police 1982      
The Cause [UK] Metro Police 1980      
The Cheaters I Wanna Be A Policeman 1980      
The Chevalier Brothers Call The Police        
The Clash Police And Thieves 1977      
The Clash Police On My Back 1980      
The Clash The Police Walked In 4 Jazz 2004      
The Clientele Policeman Getting Lost 2004      
The Copenhagen Police Band Mexican Hat Dance 1960      
The Copenhagen Police Band The Crazy Composer 1960      
The Deadly Gentlemen Police        
The Dresden Dolls Karma Police        
The Driven Secret Police 1997      
The Editors The Thought Police 1981      
The Elvis Brothers Somebody Call The Police        
The Equals Police On My Back 1967      
The Exploited Police Informer 1987      
The Exploited Police Shit 1990      
The Exploited Police TV        
The Fiery Furnaces Police Sweater Blood Vow        

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