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Londonbeat I've Been Thinking About You 1990 1990-09-12 1 8
Londonbeat Lover You Send Me Colours 1992 1992-08-19 40 1
Londonbeat You Bring On The Sun 1992 1992-05-27 9 8
Damae feat. Londonbeat I've Been Thinking About You 2004      
Daniela Pedali & Londonbeat Words 2009      
Eumir Deodato feat. Londonbeat No Getting Over You 2010      
Eumir Deodato feat. Londonbeat & Paco Sery The Crossing 2010      
Liz Kershaw, Bruno Brookes, And Jive Bunny With Londonbeat It Takes Two, Baby        
Londonbeat 9AM 1988      
Londonbeat A Better Love 1990      
Londonbeat A Better Love (The Umberto Mix) 1991      
Londonbeat A World Without You (Brothers And Sisters) 2004      
Londonbeat About You 2004      
Londonbeat All Born Equal 1992      
Londonbeat All Eyes On You 2007      
Londonbeat Back In The Hi-Life 2004      
Londonbeat Be There For Me 1994      
Londonbeat Beat Patrol 1988      
Londonbeat Being With You 1994      
Londonbeat Black 2004      
Londonbeat Bribe The Bride 1988      
Londonbeat Brother Trouble! 1994      
Londonbeat Build It With Love 1994      
Londonbeat Busker McGee 2004      
Londonbeat Bustin' Free 2004      
Londonbeat Can't Help Wishing Back Yesterday 1994      
Londonbeat Come Back 1994      
Londonbeat Crying In The Rain 1990      
Londonbeat Dreaming Of You 1992      
Londonbeat Drop!! 1988      
Londonbeat Failing In Love Again 1988      
Londonbeat Fame 2004      
Londonbeat Get Wet 1988      
Londonbeat Getcha Ya Ya 1990      
Londonbeat Give A Gift To Yourself 1992      
Londonbeat Harmony 1992      
Londonbeat Heaven 2004      
Londonbeat Hero In My Eyes 1994      
Londonbeat I Believe 2004      
Londonbeat I Want To Change All This 1994      
Londonbeat If Jesus Sang The Blues 1994      
Londonbeat I'm Just Your Puppet On A... (String!) 1995      
Londonbeat In An I Love You Mood 1990      
Londonbeat It's In The Blood 1990      
Londonbeat Jerk 1988      
Londonbeat Jump In My Ride 2004      
Londonbeat K.I.S.S. 1990      
Londonbeat Katey 1988      
Londonbeat Keeping The Memories Alive 1992      
Londonbeat Kiss Of Life 2004      
Londonbeat Nice Here When It's Nice 1988      
Londonbeat No Woman No Cry 1990      
Londonbeat One Blink 1988      
Londonbeat Ordinary Summer 2007      
Londonbeat Perfect Skin 1994      
Londonbeat Please Baby (Can I Have My Heart Back Please?) 1988      
Londonbeat Rainbow Ride 1992      
Londonbeat Rhythm Of My Song 2007      
Londonbeat Secret Garden 1992      
Londonbeat She Broke My Heart (In 36 Places) 1990      
Londonbeat She Said She Loves Me 1990      
Londonbeat Some Lucky Guy 1992      
Londonbeat Step Inside My Shoes 1990      
Londonbeat Talent On The Make 1988      
Londonbeat That's How I Feel About You 1992      
Londonbeat The Air 2004      
Londonbeat The Sea Of Tranquility 1992      
Londonbeat There's A Beat Going On... 1988      
Londonbeat This Is Your Life 1990      
Londonbeat Unnecessary 1995      
Londonbeat Walls Of Love 2004      
Londonbeat Where Are U 2003      
Londonbeat You Love And Learn 1990      
Londonbeat You Make Me Do Things 1994      
New Londonbeat Eve Of The Millenium        
New Londonbeat I've Been Thinking About You        
New Londonbeat Read Between Your Eyes        
Silver Screen vs. Londonbeat I've Been Thinking About You 2010 2010      

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