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Falco Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, ein Jahr danach) 1986 1986-11-19 11 3
Falco Der Kommissar 1981 1982-06-15 4 9
Falco Jeanny Part I 1985 1986-04-02 7 4
Falco Rock Me Amadeus 1985 1985-09-06 1 8
Falco Vienna Calling 1985 1985-12-13 11 3
3Plusss x Falco Emotional 2018      
9th Wonder feat. Terrace Martin, Phonte, Bird & The Midnight Falcons One Night        
Action Bronson feat. Meyhem Lauren & Big Body Bes Falconry 2015      
Adolph Deutsch Orchestra The Maltese Falcon (Main Theme)        
Ali As x Falco Jeanny 2018      
Alí Primera Falconía 1984      
Amanda Bergman Falcons        
Angelo Branduardi The Lady And The Falconer 1986      
Anthony [IT] Il falco e la colomba 2009      
Antonello Venditti L'uomo falco 1978      
Big Mojo feat. Claudio Falcone Deep Passion 2008      
Bill Conti Theme From Falcon Crest 1982      
Billy Falcon Dance With A Stranger 1988      
Billy Falcon Good Cry 1987      
Billy Falcon Haunted Guitar 1988      
Billy Falcon Oh Boy 1991      
Billy Falcon Power Windows 1991      
Billy Falcon What Kind Of Love Is This? 1987      
Bitch Falcon Of Heart        
Bitch Falcon Prime Number        
Bitch Falcon Syncope        
Brad Mehldau The Falcon Will Fly Again 2010      
Breathe Carolina & Robert Falcon My Love        
Carta & Robert Falcon Love Shouldn't Be So Hard 2017      
Cate Le Bon Falcon Eyed        
Celo & Abdi x Falco feat. Niqo Nuevo Vienna Calling 2018      
Charelle & Franky Falcon Blijf bij mij 2017      
Charelle & Franky Falcon Verboden liefde 2016      
Cissi Forss feat. Falcor The Way        
Claudio Baglioni Naso di falco 1990      
Curt Cress / Falco Welcome To Japan 1987      
Cyphermaischter feat. Greis & Pamela Falcon Tag für Tag 2013      
Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons Four O'Clock Baby 1958      
Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons Four O'Clock Baby / Prayer Of A Boy In Love 1958      
Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons Prayer Of A Boy In Love 1958      
Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons Runnin' And Chasin' 1959      
Donny vd Roest & Jordi Falcon Love Me, Baby 2015      
Drahdiwaberl mit Falco Die Galeere 1983      
Étienne Daho Cap Falcon 2007      
Falco ...Rides Again 1988      
Falco Alles im Liegen 1990      
Falco America 1985      
Falco Anaconda 'Mour        
Falco Auf der Flucht 1982      
Falco Bar Minor 7/11 (Jeanny Dry) 1990      
Falco Brillantin' Brutal' 1984      
Falco Cadillac Hotel 1992      
Falco Chance To Dance 2007      
Falco Charisma Kommando 1990      
Falco Cowboyz And Indianz 1986      
Falco Crime Time 1986      
Falco Cyberlove 1998      
Falco Dada Love 2009      
Falco Dance Mephisto 1992      
Falco Data De Groove 1990      
Falco Der Kommissar (Mousse T. Remix) 2018      
Falco Der Kommissar [Jason Nevins And Club 69 Remixes] 1998      
Falco Der Kommissar [Part II] 1991      
Falco Die Königin von Eschnapur 1995      
Falco Do It Again 1988      
Falco Ecce machina 1999      
Falco Egoist 1998      
Falco Einzelhaft 1982      
Falco Emotional 1986      
Falco Europa 1995      
Falco Expocityvisions 1990      
Falco Falco Megamix 1991      
Falco FALCOs 1. 2007      
Falco Fascinating Man 1999      
Falco Forever 2009      
Falco From The North To The South 1999      
Falco Ganz Wien 1981      
Falco Garbo 1988      
Falco Geld 1998      
Falco Genie Und Partisan (A Fascinating Man) 1991      
Falco Helden von heute 1982      
Falco Helden von heute [Remix] 1982      
Falco Her Side Of The Story 1986      
Falco Hinter uns die Sintflut 1982      
Falco Hit Me 1998      
Falco Hoch wie nie 1984      
Falco Ihre Tochter 1984      
Falco It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 1985      
Falco Jeanny [English Language Version "Girl Is Missing"] 1986      
Falco Junge Roemer 1984      
Falco Kamikaze Cappa 1986      
Falco Kann es Liebe sein? 1984      
Falco Kissing In The Kremlin 2009      
Falco Krise 1997      
Falco Les nouveaux riches 1986      
Falco Macho Macho 1985      
Falco Männer des Westens 1985      
Falco Männer des Westens [T. Börger Version 2007] 2007      
Falco Maschine brennt 1982      
Falco Megamix        
Falco Metamorphic Rocks 1991      
Falco Midnight Train To Vienna 1985      
Falco Monarchy Now 1992      
Falco Munich Girls 1985      
Falco Nachtflug 1992      

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