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Lady Gaga The Cure 2017 2017-04-21 51 6
Martin Stenmarck The Cure For You 2002 2002-10-03 38 4
The Cure A Letter To Elise 1992 1992-10-28 39 1
The Cure Friday I'm In Love 1992 1992-06-10 17 6
The Cure High 1992 1992-04-01 18 4
The Cure The 13th 1996 1996-05-03 20 3
Al Jolson / Sybil Jason / Edward Everett Morton / Allen Jenkins You're The Cure For All That Ails Me        
Alborosie meets The Wailers United feat. Jah Cure Mystical Reggae 2018      
Billy Talent Cure For The Enemy 2012      
Blue Ruin The Cure        
Boys Don't Cry The Cure 1987      
By The End Of Tonight We Are The Cure For Blinking Lights!        
Cab Calloway You're The Cure For What Ails Me 1936      
Catastrophe & Cure The Shore        
Ce'Loy feat. Bruno Sanchioni The Cure 2015      
Cinderella Sick For The Cure 1990      
Clawfinger The Cure & The Poison 2007      
Country Joe McDonald Sure Cure For The Blues 1979      
Dangerous Toys Cure The Sane 1995      
Dead Letter Circus The Cure 2013      
Dell Vaughn With The Fortune Aires A Cure For Love        
Eartha Kitt There Is No Cure For L'Amour 1956      
Eels Cancer For The Cure 1998      
El Pino & The Volunteers There's No Cure For Stupidity        
Emika What's The Cure 2015      
Entwine Bleeding For The Cure        
Explosions In The Sky Catastrophe And The Cure 2006      
Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K The Cure & The Cause 2006      
Fugazi Give Me The Cure 1988      
Gretchen Peters The Cure For The Pain        
Idle Cure Where Is The Love        
Ilanit The Cure 1991      
India.Arie feat. Sezen Aksu The Cure 2008      
Ironhorse There Ain't No Cure 1979      
Jah Cure Love Is The Solution        
Jah Cure feat. Sizzla King In The Jungle        
James & Susan Wells Love's The Cure For Me        
Jeff Angell's Staticland The Cure Or The Curse 2016      
Jordin Sparks The Cure 2009      
Korn feat. The Cure Make Me Bad / In Between Days 2006      
Lafayette And The LaSabres Cure For Love 1963      
Lights Year Of The Cure        
Linkin Park Cure For The Itch 2000      
Little Mix The Cure 2018      
Little Mix The Cure (Stripped) 2018      
Lulu Gainsbourg feat. Anne Hathaway The Cure 2015      
Made Up People The Cure        
Manes The Cure-All        
Megadeth Poison Was The Cure 1990      
Mekong Delta The Cure        
Michael Hurley Give Me The Cure        
Michael Sembello The Cure For Love 1992      
Midnight Oil I'm The Cure 1980      
Miro The Cure 2002      
More Rockers The Cure        
My Secret Safe The Cure        
Nadja No Cure For The Lonely        
Nate Evans The Cure 2017      
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band The Cure 1969      
Norther The Cure        
Robert Pollard I'll Take The Cure        
Rotana The Cure        
Sergey Lazarev feat. T-Pain Cure The Thunder        
Smoke Blow No Cure For The undead 2005      
Sonny James The Only Cure 1962      
Stevie Parker The Cure 2017      
Tegan And Sara The Cure 2009      
Terri Clark Cure For The Common Heartache 1998      
The Answer I Am Cured 2015      
The Bad Plus Radio Cure 2008      
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Rest Cure 1968      
The Cure (I Don't Know What's Going) On 2004      
The Cure 10:15 Saturday Night 1978      
The Cure 2 Late 1989      
The Cure 39 2000      
The Cure A Chain Of Flowers 1987      
The Cure A Few Hours After This... 1985      
The Cure A Foolish Arrangement 1992      
The Cure A Forest 1980      
The Cure A Japanese Dream 1987      
The Cure A Man Inside My Mouth 1985      
The Cure A Night Like This 1985      
The Cure A Pink Dream 1996      
The Cure A Reflection 1980      
The Cure A Short Term Effect 1982      
The Cure A Strange Day 1982      
The Cure A Thousand Hours 1987      
The Cure Accuracy 1979      
The Cure Adonais 1996      
The Cure All Cats Are Grey 1981      
The Cure All I Want 1987      
The Cure All Kinds Of Stuff 2008      
The Cure alt.end 2004      
The Cure Anniversary 2004      
The Cure Another Day 1979      
The Cure Another Journey By Train 1980      
The Cure Apart 1992      
The Cure At Night 1980      
The Cure Babble 1989      
The Cure Bananafishbones 1984      
The Cure Bare 1996      
The Cure Before Three 2004      
The Cure Bird Mad Girl 1984      
The Cure Bloodflowers 2000      
The Cure Boys Don't Cry 1979      
The Cure Boys Don't Cry (New Voice-New Mix) 1986      

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