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Attack Ooa hela natten 1981 1981-10-23 1 10
Attack Tokyo   1982-06-01 18 2
Attack, Magnum Bonum, Factory Ooa hela natten   1992-07-08 26 1
Bad Cash Quartet Heart Attack   2001-07-05 52 2
Demi Lovato Heart Attack 2013 2013-05-31 52 1
Device Hanging On A Heart Attack 1986 1986-08-27 8 6
Jerry Goldsmith Mulan's Attack   1998-12-10 22 6
Massive Attack Risingson 1997 1997-07-18 17 4
Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy 1991 1991-04-24 40 1
Rymbdimperiet Alltid attack   1982-08-03 14 1
S.P.O.C.K. Alien Attack   1997-02-07 33 2
"Weird Al" Yankovic Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars 1989      
Σtella Made To Attack        
... A Toys Orchestra Panic Attack #3 2008      
1-8-7 feat. Shaquille Rhyme Attack 1994      
20 Fingers I'm On The Attack 1995      
Abattoir Vicious Attack (Maniac)        
ABBA Under Attack 1982      
Abigail Mead Attack 1987      
Abrasive Wheels Attack 1982      
Accept Hard Attack 1995      
Adolescents Word Attack        
After Hours [UK] Love Attack        
Agnostic Front Attack! 2015      
Airbourne Jack Attack 2013      
Alan Connor Under Attack 2015      
Alan Menken Castle Under Attack 2017      
Alan Menken Wolves Attack Belle 2017      
Albert Hammond, Jr. Set To Attack        
Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis Panic Attack 2015      
Alexandre Desplat Second Crash-Landing + Bath House + Beach Attack 2018      
Alternative Attack No Turning Back 1987      
Alternative Attack Oppressor 1987      
Alternative Attack Wheels Wheels 1987      
America Red Bull Attacks 1982      
Anemones Vicious Attacks        
Angelus Apatrida Thrash Attack 2007      
Animus Anvisieren attackieren 2016      
Anonymous [US] Snake Attack 1980      
Arch Enemy City Baby Attacked By Rats 2017      
Area 51 Imminent Attack 2004      
Attack Dag och natt 1982      
Attack Drive Me Crazy        
Attack Grönt ljus 1982      
Attack Kom fram 1981      
Attack Up In The Sky        
Attack [NL] Can't Stop 1987      
Attack [NL] Crazy For Your Love        
Attack [NL] Make Up Your Mind 1989      
Attack [NL] Special Love 1987      
Attack Attack! Smokahontas        
Attack Attack! The Abduction 2012      
Attack Attack! The Betrayal 2012      
Attack Attack! The Confrontation 2012      
Attack Attack! The Eradication 2012      
Attack Attack! The Family 2012      
Attack Attack! The Hopeless 2012      
Attack Attack! The Motivation 2012      
Attack Attack! The Reality 2012      
Attack Attack! The Revolution 2012      
Attack Attack! The Wretched 2012      
Attack Attack! This Is A Test 2008      
Attack Decay This Is The New Wave        
Attack of Dizziness A.I.D.S. 1993      
Attack Vertical Single 2005      
Attack! Attack! "I Swear I'll Change" 2009      
Attack! Attack! A For Andrew 2009      
Attack! Attack! AC-120 2009      
Attack! Attack! All Alone 2009      
Attack! Attack! Criminal 2009      
Attack! Attack! Fumbles O'Brian 2009      
Attack! Attack! Last Breath 2009      
Attack! Attack! Lonely 2009      
Attack! Attack! Pick A Side 2009      
Attack! Attack! Renob, Nevada 2009      
Attack! Attack! Sexual Man Chocolate 2009      
Attack! Attack! Shut Your Mouth 2009      
Attack! Attack! Smokahontas 2009      
Attack! Attack! Turbo Swag 2009      
Attack! Attack! You And Me        
Aya Kamiki To-The-Attack 2010      
Bad Company Love Attack 1988      
Bang Tango Attack Of Life 1989      
Bangalore Choir Heart Attack And Vine 2010      
Barb Wire Dolls Heart Attack 2016      
Base Attack Nobody Listens To Techno        
Base Attack Techno Rocker        
Based On Bass Global Attack 2001      
Bassomatic Attack Of The 50 Foot Drum Demon 1991      
Battlelore Attack Of The Orcs        
Beastie Boys Heart Attack Man 1994      
Beatsteaks Attack And Decay 2017      
Beatsteaks Big Attack 2004      
Beenie Man Heart Attack 2006      
Ben Watt Attack, Attack, Attack        
Bert Heerink Panic Attack 2009      
Beware Of Darkness Heart Attack 2013      
Big Stick Crack Attack 1989      
Big Zap! Zap Attack 1987      
Biohazard Panic Attack        
Birdbone Unlimited Heart Attack 2016      
Black Affair Tack! Attack!        
Black Attack Bang Bang (2 Shots In The Head!) 1997      
Black Attack Dirty Money 1998      
Black Attack Heartless 1998      
Black Attack It's A Shame 1997      
Black Attack Living In Blindness 1998      
Black Attack On The Edge 1998      
Black Attack Survival        
Black Attack Threat 1997      
Black Attack Watch Ya Brotha 1998      

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