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Weezer Buddy Holly 1994 1995-06-23 14 14
Weezer El scorcho 1996 1996-09-13 10 4
Ben Lee feat. Weezer Butterfly        
Logistics Weezer        
Vic Mensa feat. Weezer Homewrecker 2017      
Weezer (Girl We Got A) Good Thing 2016      
Weezer (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 2009      
Weezer Across The Sea 1996      
Weezer Africa 2018      
Weezer Ain't Got Nobody 2014      
Weezer All My Friends Are Insects 2010      
Weezer Always 2001      
Weezer American Gigolo 2002      
Weezer Annie's Song        
Weezer Anonymous 2014      
Weezer Any Friend Of Diane's 2017      
Weezer Are Friends Electric 2008      
Weezer Automatic 2008      
Weezer Autopilot 2010      
Weezer Back To The Shack 2014      
Weezer Beach Boys 2017      
Weezer Beverly Hills 2005      
Weezer Billie Jean 2019      
Weezer Blowin' My Stack 2010      
Weezer Brave New World 2010      
Weezer Brown Eyed Girl        
Weezer Burndt Jamb 2002      
Weezer Butterfly 1996      
Weezer California        
Weezer California Kids 2016      
Weezer California Snow        
Weezer Can't Knock The Hustle        
Weezer Christmas Celebration 2000      
Weezer Cleopatra 2014      
Weezer Cold Dark World 2008      
Weezer Crab 2001      
Weezer Da Vinci 2014      
Weezer Death And Destruction 2002      
Weezer December 2002      
Weezer Devotion 1996      
Weezer Do You Wanna Get High? 2015      
Weezer Don't Let Go 2001      
Weezer Dope Nose 2002      
Weezer Dreamin' 2008      
Weezer Endless Bummer 2016      
Weezer Eulogy For A Rock Band 2014      
Weezer Everybody Get Dangerous 2008      
Weezer Everybody Needs Salvation 2015      
Weezer Everybody Wants To Rule The World 2019      
Weezer Everyone 2010      
Weezer Fall Together 2002      
Weezer Falling For You 1996      
Weezer Feels Like Summer 2017      
Weezer Foolish Father 2014      
Weezer Freak Me Out 2005      
Weezer Get Me Some 2009      
Weezer Get Right 2017      
Weezer Getchoo 1996      
Weezer Getting Up And Leaving 2010      
Weezer Glorious Day 2001      
Weezer Go Away 2014      
Weezer Hang On 2010      
Weezer Happy Hour 2017      
Weezer Happy Together 2019      
Weezer Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 2008      
Weezer Hash Pipe 2001      
Weezer Haunt You Every Day 2005      
Weezer Heart Songs 2008      
Weezer High As A Kite        
Weezer Hold Me 2005      
Weezer Holiday 1994      
Weezer I Don't Want To Let You Go 2009      
Weezer I Don't Want Your Loving 2010      
Weezer I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams 1996      
Weezer I Love The USA 2016      
Weezer I Swear It's True 2010      
Weezer I Want To Be Something 2010      
Weezer I Woke Up In Love This Morning 2009      
Weezer I'm A Robot 2010      
Weezer I'm Your Daddy 2009      
Weezer In The Garage 1994      
Weezer In The Mall 2009      
Weezer Island In The Sun 2001      
Weezer I've Had It Up To Here 2014      
Weezer Jacked Up 2016      
Weezer Keep Fishin' 2002      
Weezer King 2008      
Weezer King Of The World 2016      
Weezer Knock-down Drag-out 2001      
Weezer L.A. Girlz 2016      
Weezer La Mancha Screwjob 2017      
Weezer Let It All Hang Out 2009      
Weezer Lonely Girl 2014      
Weezer Long Time Sunshine 2010      
Weezer Losing My Mind 2010      
Weezer Love Explosion 2002      
Weezer Love Is The Answer 2009      
Weezer Love My Way 2008      
Weezer Memories 2010      
Weezer Mexican Fender 2017      
Weezer Miss Sweeney 2008      
Weezer Mr. Blue Sky 2019      

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