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Forum - Allmänt - help with a song, please

hy, I was in Bulgaria last month. There was one song. It sound like "Somatide He He somatide". I think this song is from Sweden. What's the name of this song?
hej hej ! har ni inga bilder från ludvika festivalen ? från drängarna asso ? snälla svara har letat överallt....kram bella
To Chrigo:
The song you are searching for is "Gyllene Tider - Sommartider", a typical Swedish Summer Hit-song
Sommartider is great song! I´ve just come from Turkey - Alanya and every night, they were playing this song many many times !
i´m looking for a song that we here this summer all time in radio sveden and i´ll think the name of this song " perfect".
please help me.
thanks a lot
Hi, I´m looking for the lyric of the song Har star jag Please I love that song.
I was in alanya too and they also played a song where they sing something that means in front in back left right up and down... does someone knows the name of this song?

Moniek, i think you mean the danish song by Nik & Jay "Hot" ..
the song al-faris & andrew wooden - killerschlicken
"Sommartider" is always in Swedish radio in June, July, August ("which is "Juni, juli, augusti", another Gyllene Tider song).
In the spring of 2007 I was studying in Uppsala.
On the radio was everyday a swedish hiphop song. a part in swedish and a verse in the english language. I only knows they are singing ' And everybody knows there is no place like home'....
Is there maybe someone who recognize this song?
For johan i think the song is. AHMIR - "No Place Like Home"
i hope it helped you
Gyllene Tider - Sommartider
David Coverdale - Last Note Of Freedom -Instrumental
Gyllene Tider - Sommartider i was searching for its name since last summer in Alanya!!!
Hey hey,
I was in sweden last week and i m looking for the name of a song that was often played on the radio. The chorus goes as follows: come a little closer, come a little closer, come a little closer to me. I always loved you, but you. Were to blind to see.
It is sung by a woman. Can anyone help me?
Many thanks
Probably Frida Amundsen, she is Norwegian and the song is actually called "Come a little closer" (same title used by other artists before).
Sonny: Ps Sorry ich hatte vergessen die E-Mail Adresse ein zu geben,habe ich so mit nach geholt.Sondermann Wolfgang geb.1956 Bob Arnz

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