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Forum - Allmänt - Who'll win the EurovisionSongcontest2005?

The Eurovision Songcontest2005 is coming near. But who will win this great competition? Do you really think, that the Switzerland will win, how it looks like on www.swisscharts.com? I don't think so, maybe a country will win wich isn't so famous in european music.
As nice as Vanilla Ninja and Gracia are, they sure won't win. In the vote, there is a big chance for Greece, but why? I will vote for France, because I like France...... And you?

Der Eurovision Songcontest2005 steht direkt vor der Türe. Doch wer wird das Rennen machen? Meint ihr wirklich, das es die Schweiz wird, so wie auf www.swisscharts.com bisher aussieht? Ich glaube das eher nicht, wahrscheinlich gewinnt wieder so ein Staat, mit dem man nicht unbedingt rechnen würde.
So nett Vanilla Ninja und Gracia sind, gewinnen werden sie sicher nicht. In der Abstimmung sieht es ja gut für Griechenland aus, warum nur? Ich tippe für Frankreich, denn ich finde Frankreich super..... Und ihr?

L'Eurovision Songcontest2005 va être dans la prochain semaine, mais qui va gagner? Est-ce que tu pense que la Suisse va gagner en realité, comment on le peut voir sur www.suisscharts.com? Je pense que non, peut-être un pay va gangner, quel ne pas très popular avec la musique?
Vanilla Ninja et Gracia sont très sympa, mais elles ne vont pas gagner surement. Mais sûr la site, il regarde bien pour la Grèce, mais porquoi? Moi, je suis pour la France, parce que j'aime ce pais..... Et qu'est-ce que avec vous?
I think this year's contest will be a close call between a few countries. Bosnia-Herzogovina's entry ("Call me" by Feminnem) with its Abba-esque video and cheesy lyrics may do well. Laura & The Lovers - "Little by little" (Lithuania) may tempt a few people to vote and even Javine - "Touch my fire" (United Kingdom) may be in the mix somewhere, however my money is on Iceland's entry "If I had your love" by Selma Björnsdóttir.
I hope that the winning country this year will be Norway, Portugal, Greece, Sweden or The Netherlands. Why, well, because it´s good songs, and I like all of them. Portugal´s 2B has a good song and their voices are good . But one of the worst songs this year is Ukraine.
What a f**k does politic has to doing with Eurovision?! Thats stupid!!
What do you think about the German song by Gracia? Do you like it? Well, I can tell you who won't win: The UK will not win, because the song is one of the badest the Songcontest has ever seen, and Germany and Switzerland have no good chances, because of the manager of Gracia (Germany) and Vanilla Ninja (Switzerland). He bought many CDs of these artists to be good in the charts...... What do you think?
Why does Max think, that the Eurovision has somethink to do with political topics??????
The song of Norway is ugly! I hope it won't win! The song of Spain is great!
This thread already exists here...


please look at the older threads before opening a new thread. Thank you!
Well, Claude, I'm really sorry opening new threads, but for instance in the Switzerland it would be really difficult to look, if there was something anout the ESC yet. And I can't understand that you have to explain it everybody. You can see, that a new thread makes more people looking to it. I really wunder.........
Don't you have other problems
I Don't Think So. I Would Say That Britan Will Win This Year. The Song Is Great. But Our Song "Las Vegas" Is Also Great!
I like the song of Malta and the great voice of Ciara. Apart from that Norway is really bad, and so is Turkey - what is this Rimi rimi what ? anyway. Also Greece is really the best - Helena is the singer from Antique , right? I show the rehersal - it was great , and a great show. One of the dancers becomes a live music organ that Hlena plays on stage. Very smart. Anyway, i also like Martin Vucic (i think it is his name) and make my day. But i will surely vote for Greece, Great song , great performance and i like Antique
Wow i saw the rehearsal of the Swedish - Greek Helena Paparisou. We may not win with Las Vegas but we will win with Helena. Go Helena - Go Sweden - Go Greece.
Go Malta-you have deserved to win for years- just no european political or logistic buddies- we should float you up to scandinavia- from aussie
Go Malta-you have deserved to win for years- just no european political or logistic buddies- we should float you up to scandinavia- from aussie
NORWAY was so so bad....´,but sweden very nice...!
Sweden rules!!!! (I'm swedish )
Thanks sweden for giving 12 points to Helena! (I'm greek)

For some reason (I don't know why ,mabye cause we greek people in general are a big bunch of greedy wacos) we wanted to win this contest SO MUCH, all these years we've been a HUGE failure... and you've been very helpful... we are deeply greatful and of course...we love you all ...

My very first and BEST friend is anyway half Swedish and she's simply the coolest girl I've ever met...

Ah, few words about our Helena, YOUR Helena...It's just that I want you to feel she's actually your sweet little kid and she deserves that (it's her honour to be Swedish) , I mean we love her, but she's having trouble with the greek language...She has Swedish education, she can make a serious and confident conversation ONLY in her mother language (Swedish) and her english is even better than her greek...But we love her and we're happy that you've loved her and you still do...

Did you know that even though she was successful with "Die For You" in the eurovision contest of 2001, greek media treated her badly for again, some unknown reason (greek ingratitude is well known to people who have lived in Greece)?

Helena said many times, that she would like to represent Sweden, her home country this time in the eurovision...But for some lucky reason we proposed first and...SHE DID IT...

So thank you again Sweden, we invite you in Athens...
We love u!!!
I have to say sorry for don't beeing here a lot time, I can see that my topic about the Eurovision Song Contest2005 was really interisting for you, wasn't it?

Well, Germany was really bad, Gracia sung like she has never heared the song before this night. :-) But the song from Sweden was great, I'm loving "Las Vegas"! It's a great song!

I wanted to ask you (the swedish people), if there are CDs by Sarah Connor in Sweden (new CDs) and if you like her and her songs? So thank you, see you soon! ;-) Bye, Funny
@Mario: Why don't you say "Thank you" to the Germans, too? We gave Greece 12points, too, and it's a nice thing that you won! :-) The last year was really successful for Greece, wasn't it?
You won the Eurovison Championchip of football with a trainer from Germany, you won the Eurovision Song Conest with a nice women from Sweden.... You can be lucky! :-)

Do you know the grek casting-show "Super Idol"? Can you tell me about it? It would be realy important for me! Can I write you a mail about this? Mail back! Funny
I'm Swedish and I think it was great that greece won this, it was a SO much better song than the swedish entry. In my opinion Greece And Denmark's Entry were the best this year.

I don't want Sweden to win for the 5th time if they don't have a good song. And this years entry was bad. The artist is great indeed but the song.. no thanks..

Ja för att bevisa att jag är svensk och att man inte behöver heja på sitt land varje gång skriver jag på svenska. Men kom igen Sverige tills nästa år.. om vi har en bra låt så då jävlar!
Yes of course @Funny...THANKS GERMANY!!! I just thought that I would mainly find Swedish people in here...But as you said, after Otto, apreciation for Germans is anyway really high here...

Ah, my sister lives in Germany, Bielefeld, she's works in the univercity of Bielefeld...Germany is like home for me...

Do you really care about greek Super Idol? We had a Greek Cypriot winning that here...but he wasn't that good...I think that the best I've seen as far as concerning the World Idol, is Petter Evard from Belgium...What a rocking voice...

Anyway, I also want to say that we thank Turkey, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Uk, I don't know, I might forget someone...Anyway thank u all for helping Helena win!!! (god I watched her in an interview today, she must be the most down to earth singer in Greece, definately, and this must certainly have to do with the fact that she's got Swedish education and not Greek...)
Hey Mario!

I'm a bif fan of shows like "Super Idol", that means I'm interested in all the shows from all the countrys all over the world, for instance "Pop Idol" (UK), American Idol" (USA), "Canadian Idol" (Canada) and so on. I collect the CDs of the cadidates, do you know what I mean?
Ansd so I'm looking for a grek person, wich would send me the CD of the final 10singers of the show "Super Idol"! Would you do this for me, please? I would send you the German CD for the CD from Greece, or I would send you the money..... But I would like to get the CD. DO you have any ideas? Can you help me please? It would be really nice! PLease write back here or send me an e-mail! Bye, Funny
I think Germany was the best! Run&Hide is really great song!!!!!!!!!!! But only place 24! I don´t know why!! Other good country´s at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005: Estonia, UK, Turkey, Albania, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Ukraine and maybe France,too. The worst country´s were Malta,Cyprus, Denmark,Greece and Latvia! Great Gracia 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-

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