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Forum - Allmänt - Superstars Weltweit! / Idols worldwide!

Thanks Claude, I've writte my text in English, so that everbody can read it:

Please help me! :-)

I'm a big fan of the "Idol" - Shows from all the world, that means I don't only like the German show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" / "German Idol", I'm also interested in the international show from every country, for instance "Pop Idol" from Britan or "Canadian Idol" from Canada. I collect the CDs of this shows from all over the world, but there are a lot I need encore. Upto now I have the CDs from this countrys:

"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" / "German Idol" - Germany
"Nouvelle Star" / "New Idol" - France
"Narodnuy Artist" / "Traditional Idol" - Russia
"NZ Idol" - New Zealand
"Idol" - Poland
"Cesko hleda Superstar" / "Czech Idol" - Czech Republik

So I have this CDs yet. I know that the show with the oval, blue sign and write letters is also famous in the following countrys: USA, Canada, Britan, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, India, Australia, Arabia (Arabic Emirates), Norway, Greece, Denmark, Finland und South Africa.

Because I don't come to this countrys, I can't get this CDs. But I'm a big fan of the show, and would like you to help me. Maybe you have bought such a CD as music.fan in one of this countrys yet, and now you don't like the CD no more and don't need it. Or you go to one of this countrys in the next time and you can look for such CDs for me please? Of cause I pay the CDs, if it works I would like to get Single-CDs (they are cheeper) or CDs to 10Euro. The Album-CD of the russian Idols was cheeper then 4Euro, for instance. But if you have CDs wich are more expensive, please tell me about it! If you're a fan of all this too, I can't give you any CDs. I only have the possibility (only three weeks encore), some russian CDs to get, because I can get the original CDs. I also only search original CDs, because the cover is also important for me.

If you have any videos of the shows from other countrys, please write me about it, too! Or tell me please, where to get such CDs from. So please send me a mail if you know anything or write something down here. I would be very happy because I search this CDs and want to have them. Thank you.

www.idolmedia.tv has all the American videos of this season, and also videos of some worldwide stars.
Thank you very much! :-)
for the dutch idols you can visit www.idols.nl . Here you can find everything you would like to know about the dutch idols finalists of 2005/ 2006

The websites of the finalist of the netherlands are :

idols 1 (2003)
jamai www.jamaimusic.nl
jim www.jimmusic.nl
hind www.hind.nl
dewi www.dewimusic.nl

idols 2 (2004)
boris www.borismusic.nl
maud www.maudmusic.nl
ron www.ronlink.nl
meike www.kus.nl

idols3 (2005/ 2006)
raffaela www.raffaela-music.nl

This guy is the runner 2010 up from the german version of Idol.
Check it out! http://www.clipfish.de/musikvideos/video/3702411/menowin-waiting-for-christmas/
The Dutch version of it already stopped in 2006 and is not popular anymore. You better check out our Voice of Holland, similar to Idol but much more talent and a much better and more interesting format. You can also check out X-Factor Nederland.

Let's support this italian group from the italian format of The X Factor!
Buy this single on iTunes

Thanks for watching!

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