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Is there anny radio Channel, which is broadcasting the official swedish Charts?
How is this Channel called, and when are the charts broadcasted?
Thank you
Yes there is. P3 is counting down the 40 most sold singles by the week every sunday at 12, and also tracks (on the same channel 12 on saturdays) which is a top 20 chart which started 1984, where everyone can vote.
Thank you verry much.
Weblink is http://www.sr.se/p3/

Thank you, i will listen this sunday from Switzerland!
Last edited: 01.04.2005 08:54
remember, it's at 12 swedish time. I Don't know the time difference from Switzerland to Sweden, but maybe you already thought about that. Dunno.
There is no time difference. I will listen in Austria, and Austria, Switzerland and Sweden have all the same time.
ok, i've heard the "hitlistan" at P3

very cool show, but it's very different than in Switzerland. You have in 2 hours the Top40-countdown with most of the time just music. In Switzerland we have in 4 hours the Top40-countdown, but it's with games for the listener, new music and a 5 minute charts-history (looking back to the charts of 1980 per example; officially powered by swisscharts.com )
Yeah,, but there are a little bit history hidden in hitlistan too. For example before they played the number one song "Håll om mig" they played 3 earlier songs of the same artist very quickly though. Ell Well,, Which song did you enjoy most,,? -,-
@ Sane

oh, so i didn't understood this history at the end, because i don't speak swedish. What i forgot to say: The songs were really short. I don't know if they play the song in full lenght...

There are some songs i knew before from the swiss charts like Gwen Stefani "Rich Girl" or Green Day "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams". But from the new (swedish) songs for me i liked the most Amy Diamond "What's In It For Me".

But i didn't liked most of the Melodienfestivalen-songs... ("Las Vegas" is one of them, sorry) "our" song (Switzerland) for the Song Contest 05 is better
Last edited: 03.04.2005 19:14
I have to answer that, I Don't Like the Las Vegas Song either. Actually i hate the damned song,,
Thank You

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