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Forum - Allmänt - Swedish Bands& Stars!

Which one did you like?
Gyllene Tider are the best!!!
what kind of music didi they make?
Gyllene Tider Forever!!!!!!
Roxette and Marie Fredriksson!
The Hives
Per Gessle (Roxette, Gyllene Tider And Solo Stuff)

They are great!!!!
Jill Johnson, Lisa Nilsson, Carola and ABBA!!!
Europe, Secret Service
alright dudes (and dudettes). i need some info from all of yous. what i need is the baddest, the fastest, and the best metal bands you got. i'm talking european metal. i'm not talkin american or any other country. get back to me at...berserk_wolvie@yahoo.com
Best swedish acts sre, Caro;a, Charlote nilsson, Roxette,
Ace of base, Jan johansen, Christer bjorkman, niklas stramstedt (and G.E.S), Tone norum, ABBA and Tommy nilsson.
you know amy diamond. moon I fin those fully sweetly and fully prettily

I´m 14 years old and i'm from german
Roxette, Gyllene Tider, Per Gessle (Solo)...
Wonderland are the best http://www.wonderland.cd -- great songs and so cute!
ABBA forever!!!
A-teens forever.
What about Nanne?
What kind of music she made?
Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, Markus Naslund, and Daniel Alfredsson are the best
amy deasismont, i lisen to your new number, its great and you buitifull, i'm a fan of you bye
I love September!
I like Abba the most and also Ace of Base, Nanne, Charlotte Nilsson, Alcazar, Tommy körber, A*Teens & Linda Bengtzing
Hallå alla som har apberget ska komentera mina bilder! puss&kjam
A*Teens A*Teens A*Teens
A*Teens are the greatest Band worldwide
Amy are best
ni vet inte vad jag ska säga jo rock e det bästa som finns fatta!!!!!!!!!!freddy i qeen brain i guns n roses okmycke mer fatta att rock och punk äger dom bästa punkarna e greenday fatta men han elvis e lite c ya

A*Teens are Super Trouper
NONONO HOW the fuck.. can you say that Roxette and Pergessle is the BEST??????????? thats for KIDDS Aight!! its onley NERDS who listen to Gyllene tider,Roxette, Per Gessle, a teens.

Thats not fat. its not cool belive me... i am a dj.. and i know a lot..
myself i like hiphop. for example there is Infinite mass theyre good.

Kent (the old stuff) thts more pop...

Peace out
The best band worldwide is McFly.
Yakko - you talk a lot of crap. Firstly nobody cares what you
think is "cool" or not. Secondly look at per's success with roxette + GT, that speaks for itself.

Peace out
@the rock man-> Det är tragiskt att du kallar greenday för punkare. Ok dem var ju någorlunda punk back in the days men nu är dem ju bara överhypade och söndersminkade. Kanske så passar de in under kategorin "pop punk".
Seems like Yakko thinks everybody just listen to music because it's "in". Yes I know hiphop is for people who really doesn't like music and cannot understand the beauty in it. They just want to fit in.

"i am a dj.. and i know a lot" Right? No, no one will ever be able to tell someone else what they think is good.
Hi. I'd like to know how this song about Slatan Ibrahimovic is called. I only know that a little boy sings it - and it's totally cute.
PER, ROXETTE and GYLLENE TIDER are the Best from all over the World. PER FOREVER!!!!

They are GEAT!!!!!
21.10.2006 11:43
ABBA forever!!!!
-pippi langstrumpf
siw malmkvist, abba, roxette (in the late 80's early 90's) europe! and also poulary in sweden >KISS! greetings from vienna to all KISSer's..
Rydell & Quick är ett riktigt grymt live-band och deras album som är döpt till R.O.C.K.O.H.O.L.I.C är också en grymt bra rockplatta.
Marie Fredriksson, Patrik Isaksson, Roxette and so many more
Ana Johnsson is great as well, and Brolle Jr of course
Lisa Nilsson, ABBA, Raymond & Maria, Gyllene Tider, Kent, helen Sjöholm, BAO, Roxette.
...and The Cardigans!
Köp singeln "Whatever" med CLARK i julklapp till dina vänner! Garanterat en bra present, för fy FAAAAAAN vilken bra låt och vilket bra band!
Kolla in CLARK om ni inte redan vet vem de är!

Check it.
Gyllene Tider and Roxette, who otherwise?
The song with Zlatan is "zlatan e jag" by the malmö sockerclub.
does anyone know some good swedish rockbands?i just know The hellacopter and that stuff.
I Love Vanessa !!!!!!They are great.



Check: Memories in the soil

Swedish music 4-ever!!!
Lisa Nilsson, Björn Skifs, Tomas Ledin, Jill Johnson, Tommy Nilsson, Lena Ph, Patrik Isaksson, Nanne...
No e-type is the greatest band worldwide!!!!
a french fan and VIVA SWEDEN!!!
klart att man gillar roxette o en del andra av den gamla skolan ..

Ett band som är på G just nu är annars VINDRA från Linköping!

Dreamer har legat på listan och albumet kommer 12 juni ,, går o förboka på ginza .

USA loves The Boppers!
i think the majority of good music comes from sweden honestly

my favorite act right now is the Legends, anybody else here into them?

they have a new album coming out June 16th. it's called "over and over". i've been listening to the song "seconds away" on repeat until the album is released in like a week. you can listen to it on their myspace: http://tr.im/ssmyspace

you love it?! so good.

you should pre-order the album too. then youll have it right when it comes out: http://tr.im/graffitieyesitunes

what do you think of them?
EMD is a fantastic band !!!
Greetings from Poland !
The sounds have a great new album out called "crossing the rubicon"

anyone hear it yet?

i think it's brilliant

check out their stuff on myspace: http://tr.im/mHa2
ABBA, Lena Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog, Annifrid Lyngstad are the best singers and also songwriters
Also Secret Service and Svenne & Lotta - I like them very much!
In Flames!!!!!!!!!
Amy Diamond
Eric Prydz
Måns Zelmerlöw

ABBA forever!!!! Just also roxette was great...greetings from Italy..
best Swedish music??? Ofcourse Abba but there are a lot more great Swedish artists like Nanne, BAO, Helen Sjöholm, Roxette,Ace of base and so many more. Sweden is a great country for music.
Europe are the best band ever!!!!!!!!!
The best group are Europe.
I'm very much into Swedish music however, I'm from Ukraine.
Obviously for me that Per Gessle, Alexander Bard (all of his projects), September, Europe, Secret Service - all of them are remarkable. And of course ABBA - they are simply gods of pop music!
Sweden has lots of talent that doesn't get promoted outside of scandinavia. Abba of course are just legends who will go down in history for creating the finest crafted pop songs ever. BWO are so under rated, just wish one of their hits would go global, Marie Fredriksson - her voice is so full of heart felt soul. I saw Abba in London 1979 - and Tomas Ledin was part of the backing band. Tomas is also a Swedish legend.

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