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Forum - Allmänt - Who's the moderator?

I'd like to know who is the person who adds songs? Because some of the years for certain songs are wrong. For example, Chicane - Don't Give Up is from 2000 not 1999.
I have only been a member here for a couple of weeks, so I don't know how everything works around here yet, but once you have reviewed 500 songs you can add songs yourself.
I know that, but this is about editing topics to post the correct information.
Hello, just write here if things needs to be changed.
ok, the year of the Chicane - Don't Give Up release is 2000 not 1999.
If you go to the Perry Como's song "If", you will find something strange. He recorded 2 totally different songs by the name of "If". The first one was a US-no1 for Perry in the 50:s, the second one was a cover he did of the old Bread song from the 70:s - the one Telly Savalas had a UK-no1 with. To prevent further confusion I added the second "If- song" and put in brackets that it was written by David Gates. It seemed to be working fine until I had a look just now.
Hi there Skizzo,

I hate to give you a bit of "humble pie", but the single Don't Give Up" by Chicane / Bryan Adams was indeed released in 1999.

The same year as the UK release for the track.
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Hello, i have found some spelling errors in the discography for artist "Peps Blodsband"

*On the record "Spelar för livet" it stands "Peps Blobsband", that should be changed to Blodsband
*On the record "Spår" it stands "Peps Bloodsband", should be "Blodsband" here as well
*On the record "Den ensamma människan" with Ronny Åström and Peps Blodsband, Blodsband is also spelled wrong ("Bloodsband")
*The record "Hög standard" is wrong spelled as "Häg standard" for one week, and these two list positions should be merged.

These errors makes it diffucult to get a full overview when you're searching for "Peps Blodsband". Hope someone can change it!
More errors found...

*The record "Jag är som jag är" by Monica Törnell, stands under artist Monica Tornell without umlaut
*An album by the Streaplers "Buggo" stands under artist "Streoplers", and the title is also wrong, should be "Bugga"

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