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Forum - Allmänt - Swedish song?


I heard this song in Sweden. Maybe it is swedish. Can someone tell me the name of this song:

The song is called "Hon gör allt för att göra mig lycklig" (She does everything she can to make me happy) and is sung by the swedish superstar Tomas Ledin, born in 1952. He released his first album 35 years ago and has been a star ever since. The song you asked about is one of his great songs taken from his comeback album "Tillfälligheternas spel" from 1990. I had a quick look on You Tube; unfortunately, I couldn't find it there.
Tomas Ledin has released a couple of greatest hits albums that are well worth buying. I have one from a few years back called "Festen har börjat - Ett samlingsalbum 1972-2001" (The Party has begun - a compilation 1972-2001) a double-CD that you now can get quite cheaply. It does of course include "Hon gör allt för att göra mig lycklig."
Thanks so much for your response! I was surprised that the song is not on Youtube. The band played it among some current chart hits and the crowd loved it so I thought that it is a well known song in Sweden. But I found a piece of the song on his website www.tomasledin.net
Unfortunately I find the live version I recorded way better. I found out though that there is a 12" Vinyl from 1990 with some remixes on it. Hope I can find it somewhere.
Best of luck with your research, chef99. I'm sure you'll find it. I still can't quite believe the song isn't on You Tube, I might have to upload it myself one of these days, but it's probably best if somebody that has the video does it instead. It is a great song though, and has such an incredible chorus, perfect for live concerts. One of Tomas's best ever songs.
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Ake, very true, i really couldnt find this wonderful song anywhere in youtube...if u have time, may be u can upload the song.....no need for the video..or may someone out there have the video it will be good too.....
Hi, conman. I just had a look on You Tube and there it was - an audio-version of "Hon är Flickan." Heres the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfZsi1knbr8
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BTW, conman, if you havent heard it yet, you may like Tomas's "second version" of "Hon är Flickan" called, "Du kan lita på mig" which came out a couple of years later. "Du kan lita på mig" is very similar to "Hon är Flickan" and was also a big hit in Sweden. Hers a link to the You Tube clip (audio only):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHQfozuQBMA
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Anyone knows what's happened to the Hitlistan (http://www.hitlistan.se/) website?
I guess it has been closed: it's a week that has been shutted down..

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
the new album of per gessle is fantastic!!!! the top!
by from italy
Jack, seek topplistan instead - name changed
AC, thank you very much!

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