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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Sean Henriques, Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques
Beenie Man feat. Lady Saw & Sean PaulBossman2002Music/Lyrics
Beyoncé feat. Sean PaulBaby Boy2003Music/Lyrics
Bob Sinclar feat. Sean PaulTik Tok2010Music/Lyrics
Borgeous, Rvssian & M.R.I. feat. Sean PaulRide It2016Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye2016Music/Lyrics
Congorock and Stereo Massive feat. Sean PaulBless Di Nation2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
De SmurfenWeekend2017Music/Lyrics
DMX feat. Sean Paul & VegasTop Shotter2003Music/Lyrics
Erick Sermon feat. Sy ScottFeel It2004Music/Lyrics
Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul & Lil JonDo You Remember2009Music/Lyrics
Little Mix feat. Sean PaulHair2016Music/Lyrics
Lucenzo feat. Sean PaulWine It Up2012Music/Lyrics
Machel Montano & Sean Paul feat. Major LazerOne Wine2015Music/Lyrics
Magic! feat. Sean PaulLay You Down Easy2016Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. Sean PaulAh Leke2014Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul & LudacrisShake Senora2011Music/Lyrics
Rihanna & Sean PaulBreak It Off2006Music/Lyrics
Sak Noel & Salvi feat. Sean PaulTrumpets2016Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. Sean Paul and Joss StoneCry Baby Cry2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulAnyday2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulBirthday Suit2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulBody2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulBounce It Right There2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulBreakout2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulBruk Out2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulConcrete2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulDaddy's Home2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulDon't Tease Me2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulDream Girl2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulEvening Ride2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulEver Blazin'2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulEye Deh A Mi Knee2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulFeel Alright2006Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulGet Busy2002Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulGet With It Girl2006Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulGimme The Light2002Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulGive It Up To Me2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulHead In The Zone2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulHead To Toe2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulHey Baby2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulHold My Hand2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulHold On2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulI Know U Like It2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulIgnite It2002Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulI'll Take You There2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulIt's Your Life2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulJukin' Punny2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulLace It2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulLately2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulLegacy2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulLights On2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulLike Glue2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulMy Life2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulMy Name2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulNever Gonna Be The Same2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulNow That I've Got Your Love2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPepperpot2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPress It Up2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPrivate Party2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPunkie2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPunkie (español)2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulPut It On You2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulReady Fi Dis2011Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulRoll Wid Di Don2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulRunning Out Of Time2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulSend It On2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulShake That Thing2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulShe Doesn't Mind2011Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulShe Wanna Be Down2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulShe Want Me2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulShout (Street Respect)2003Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulSo Fine2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulStraight From My Heart2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulStraight Up2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulTake It Low2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulTemperature2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulThe Trinity2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulTurn It Up2013Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulU A Pro2006Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulWe Be Burnin'2005Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulWedding Crashers2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulWhat I Want2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean PaulWine Baby Wine2009Music/Lyrics
Sean PaulWont Stop (Turn Me Out)2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean Paul feat. Alexis JordanGot 2 Luv U2011Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean Paul feat. Ce'cileCan You Do The Work2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Chi Ching ChingCrick Neck2016Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. ChicoGanja Breed2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Damian Jr. Gong MarleyRiot2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Debbie NovaInternational Affair2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. DJ AmmoTouch The Sky2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean Paul feat. Dua LipaNo Lie2016Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. FahrenheitBubble2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Fatman Scoop And Crooklyn ClanGet Busy2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Iggy AzaleaWickedest Style2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Juicy J, 2 Chainz and Nicki MinajEntertainment 2.02013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Kelly RowlandHow Deep Is Your Love2012Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Sean Paul feat. Keyshia Cole(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me2006Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. KonshensWant Dem All2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Looga Man and Kid KurupChange The Game2005Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Nina SkyConnection2005Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. NylaPornstar2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Prince RoyceDangerous Ground2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. SashaI'm Still In Love With You2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Tami ChynnAll On Me2005Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.Esa Loca2003Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Wayne MarshallYardie Bone2005Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul feat. Yolanda Be Cool & Mayra VeronicaOutta Control2016Music/Lyrics
Sia feat. Sean PaulCheap Thrills2016Music/Lyrics
SpongeBob SchwammkopfDer Meister grillt2017Music/Lyrics
Tal feat. Sean PaulWaya Waya2011Music/Lyrics
The Saturdays feat. Sean PaulWhat About Us2013Music/Lyrics
(Sean Henriques)
Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q2 On2014Music/Lyrics
Wisin feat. Sean PaulBaby Danger2014Music/Lyrics
(Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques)

Gimme The Light (Sean Paul)2003-02-20345
Get Busy (Sean Paul)2003-06-05427
Like Glue (Sean Paul)2003-10-031314
Baby Boy (Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul)2003-10-24519
I'm Still In Love With You (Sean Paul feat. Sasha)2004-01-30384
We Be Burnin' (Sean Paul)2005-09-221420
Ever Blazin' (Sean Paul)2006-01-26177
Temperature (Sean Paul)2006-05-042411
So Fine (Sean Paul)2009-06-12361
She Doesn't Mind (Sean Paul)2011-12-162225
Cheap Thrills (Sia feat. Sean Paul)2016-02-19154
Rockabye (Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie)2016-11-11124
Put It On You (Sean Paul)65.17
International Affair (Sean Paul feat. Debbie Nova)134.92
Can You Do The Work (Sean Paul feat. Ce'cile)124.67
Shout (Street Respect) (Sean Paul)114.64
Punkie (español) (Sean Paul)144.57
Lace It (Sean Paul)74.57
Esa Loca (Sean Paul feat. Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.)104.5
Get Busy (Sean Paul feat. Fatman Scoop And Crooklyn Clan)144.43
Punkie (Sean Paul)144.43
Ganja Breed (Sean Paul feat. Chico)94.33
Dream Girl (Sean Paul)94.22
Concrete (Sean Paul)104.2
I Know U Like It (Sean Paul)54.2
Pepperpot (Sean Paul)54.2
Wont Stop (Turn Me Out) (Sean Paul)64.17
Cheap Thrills (Sia feat. Sean Paul)354.09
Head To Toe (Sean Paul)94
Top Shotter (DMX feat. Sean Paul & Vegas)64
My Name (Sean Paul)54
Rockabye (Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie)873.95
Get Busy (Sean Paul)2103.66
Baby Boy (Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul)1963.83
We Be Burnin' (Sean Paul)1923.48
Temperature (Sean Paul)1653.29
Got 2 Luv U (Sean Paul feat. Alexis Jordan)1443.61
She Doesn't Mind (Sean Paul)1353.42
I'm Still In Love With You (Sean Paul feat. Sasha)1313.69
Like Glue (Sean Paul)1213.19
(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me (Sean Paul feat. Keyshia Cole)1093.56
Ever Blazin' (Sean Paul)933.18
Cry Baby Cry (Santana feat. Sean Paul and Joss Stone)913.59
Rockabye (Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie)873.95
Break It Off (Rihanna & Sean Paul)863.65
Gimme The Light (Sean Paul)813.09
So Fine (Sean Paul)612.61
Do You Remember (Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)553.75
Never Gonna Be The Same (Sean Paul)553.35
Hold My Hand (Sean Paul)503.74
Tik Tok (Bob Sinclar feat. Sean Paul)442.18
No Lie (Sean Paul feat. Dua Lipa)373.92

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